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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Gerimon-Impact

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                                 The Mystical Web Site of Goemon
                                        The Walkthrough for
                           Ganbare Goemon 2 - Kiteretsu Shôgun Magginesu!
                                  Brought to you by Gerimon Impact
                                    The Mystical Team of Goemon
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    1: Introduction
    2: Controls
    3: Characters
    4: Story
    5: Walkthrough
    6: Secrets, Cheats and Codes
    7: Special Thanks
    1: Introduction
    Welcome to my walkthrough for Ganbare Goemon 2 on the Super Famicom!
    This is what I regard as a GOD of Goemon games, because this game is so FUN! This game has a 
    huge amount of playability and replay value in it, so this Goemon will keep you going for AGES. 
    You don't need any knowledge of Japanese to complete the game, you only need it to understand 
    what the heck everyone is saying. Do not fret, for there is help at hand by the all-mighty 
    translator, Nat! Nat will be providing translations for this guide, so there YOU people reading 
    will now know the the heck is going on!
    So... without further ado! Let's plunge into ancient Japan and embark on one of the strangest
    adventures ever with!!
    2: Controls
    No adventurer can go out and not know how to move and attack, so for your convienience I've 
    listed all of the controls for you right here!
    Y : Makes your hero attack (Hold when you are using your projectile weapon to power it up!)
    B : Makes your hero jump
    X : NOT USED!
    A : NOT USED!
    L and R : Switches weapons!
    D-pad : Move!
    Y : Shoot!
    B : Jump
    D-pad : Move!
    The Fish Robot moves much faster in water, but on land it is very slow!
    Y : Shoot!
    B : Jump!
    D-pad : Move!
    The Mouse Robot is fast, so it's a good ride, but it doesn't appear often!
    Y : Shoot!
    B : Jump!
    D-pad : Move!
    It runs at medium speed and it has a cute little bubble gun weapon!
    Y : Slap!
    B : NOT USED
    D-pad : Move!
    Slow but formidable, but it appears rarely.
    Y : Slash with sword!
    B : Jump!
    D-pad : Move!
    Fairly slow, but very strong.
    Y : Attack using Pipe
    B and D-pad together: Jump
    D-pad on it's own: Move
    Y : Fast Jab
    B :-Fierce Straight Punch
    X : Pipe Bomb attack
    A : Nasal Medal Gun
    L and R : Guard (Depending which button, Impact blocks either left or Right!)
    D-pad : Move sights!
    3: Characters
    This section explain who the main cast are and what their purpose in the game is.
    Any other charcters will be covered later.
    Goemon is a renowned and respected hero, but he is a mischievous rascal at heart.He is very 
    short-tempered and is quick to get angry and attack his enemies in a rage. Goemon is decended 
    from a family of warriors and the treasure of his family has been handed down from generation to 
    generation in his family. Now he inherits the secret powers of his ancestors with the ability to 
    turn a coin in a blazing ball of fire, and also his family's prized, sacred weapon, the pipe! 
    Good Points: He's the all rounder and has the longest range projectile weapon out 
    of all three characters. His Pipe can be upgraded into a Whip-like weapon called 
    the "Chain Pipe" which burns enemies on contact. He starts the game with 100 Ryo.  
    Bad Points: An average rating means there's nothing special about him.
    Goemon's fat and incredibly greedy, egotistical best friend who boasts an severly exaggerated 
    view of his own sex appeal. Ebisumaru prefers to do things in his own way and in his own time, 
    and if pushed, Ebisumaru can be quite tough and doesn't take crap from anyone else. Most of 
    the time, he immediately cowers behind Goemon at the first sign of danger. However, Ebisumaru is 
    always there for Goemon and would never let him down. His weapon is a paper fan.
    Good Points: His extra bulk means he has the best attacking power, and he has a useful medium 
    range projectile, which when charged up can bounce off walls and fly around the screen! 
    He also starts with the most money; 150 Ryo.
    Bad Points: Can't jump to save his life, so don't use him for levels with huge jumps!
    The mysterious ninja who Goemon fought back in the Ninja castle stage in Legend of the 
    Mystical Ninja Has returned! Now that Sasuke knows that Goemon is not his enemy, he heads 
    out at the request of his mentor, The Wise Old Man of Iga, to find Goemon and join forces with  
    him. Sasuke is not human, he is a robot created by the Wise Old Man of Iga. Sasuke cares for 
    Wise Old Man, and is like a son to him. Sasuke protects Wise Man with his life and is reluctant 
    to let strangers near him. 
    Good Points: Moves very fast, and can jump very high, making him a good choice for 
    action stages.
    Bad Points: Has a very weak attack and starts with only 50 ryo, and he also has the shortest 
    range projectile, the firecracker bomb.
    -Goemon Impact
    Goemon Impact is a mighty giant robot fighting machine created by the Wise Old Man of Iga. 
    He has an odd smile on his face and never seems to STOP SMILING! For some reason Wise Man has 
    designed Impact to resemble Goemon through both body and mind. Impact dresses like Goemon, 
    he fights using similar weapons! He is summoned to battle using a magical sea shell called the 
    CONCH SHELL. Impact seems friendly enough but is very naive and will obey just about anyone who 
    has the Conch Shell!
    Goemon Impact turns up at the end of all of the odd-numbered worlds to do battle with an enemy 
    giant robot.
    -Magginesu (Bad Guy!)
    He is a mysterious western general who has come to invade and westernize Japan with his army of 
    4: Story
    After their last adventure, Goemon and Ebisumaru decide to go relax on vacation at a top 
    holiday spot, Ryukyu Resort. 
    Unfortunately the holiday is about to come to an abrupt end, as a mysterious figure watches 
    them at a distance. The unknown person confronts Goemon and Ebisumaru. Goemon and Ebisumaru come 
    to a screeching halt and look to see who this guy is... it's Sasuke the ninja! Sasuke says that 
    he has grave news from Wise Old Man. It seems the peace of Japan is about to be disturbed by the 
    threat of invasion. He then explains that the evil western warlord Maggenesu has sailed to Japan 
    with his hordes of Bunny-men to invade, conquer and worst of all, westerinize Japan! 
    5: The Walkthrough!!!!!
    WORLD 1: Coastal Area
    This is the introductory level, which eases you into the game, so take it easy and use this area 
    to practice your skills.
    Ryukyu Resort
    The first level of the game. You only have a few enemies to worry about mines, bunny-men and 
    bunny-men on Fish robots. If you duck and then hit an enemy they'll
    fall over, and then you can kick him into his mates, like how Mario kicks Koopa troopas around 
    in the Mario games! When the Bunny men on fish robots appear knock on off the robot then 
    jump on yourself. The water will rise and you will be able to move much faster, so just keep 
    shooting and watch out for other bunny-men on robots and the mines. Keep goimng right and then 
    you will come to the Goal Raccoon, so just whack it and lots of money will come out, and grab as 
    much as you can before it runs out.
    Satsuma Town
    Upon entering your character will automatically enter the first house to visit Wise Old Man!
    Wise Man will then explain that he wants to give you something, and he pulls out the Conch shell!
    After Wise Old Man gives you the shell, you can leave. This is basically your run of the mill 
    town. Go find the house with the red curtain and select the furthest right option to save. 
    Just keep going through and exit.
    Dusky Way
    It gets slightly harder here because you come across these annoying pogo-stick enemies which try 
    to jump on your head and sap your health. A new type of Bunnyman will turn up here. These 
    red colored bunnies are armed with a gun, and also tend to try and avoid your attacks. Just 
    whack them when they least expect it! Also, the Mouse Tank will make it's first appearance here!
    Make good use of it as the vehicle will take damage for you unil it loses all it's health and 
    is destroyed!
    Sumo Castle
    THIS IS WEIRD. At the start you will get Bunny Men with guns AND shields, and also some Bunny 
    men will burst through the glass windows to attack, leap from abacus to abacus and beware of the 
    bullet-spitting severed Samurai heads on Sticks!
    Watch out for the BIG sumo robot. You can knock it's head off and then jump in to pilot it! Just 
    before the end of this area remember to DISMOUNT from the robot. If you take it into the boss 
    fight, the boss is VERY hard to beat!
    Boss 1: Bunny Minion with Robo-Sumo Suit!
    If you ditched the robot then this boss is a sinch! Just keep hitting him and jump over him when 
    he charges at you. HOWEVER, if you didn't ditch the robot, just keep using the slap attack and 
    as soon as he crouchs to charge at you, walk towards him to keep from being pushed off the side 
    of the arena!!!!
    Town destruction sequence!
    Basically you have to kill, maim and above all, DESTROY!!! Jump over gaps and ridges to make sure 
    Impact doesn't get crushed between the screen and ridge! If you score well enough then you get a 
    Pipe Bomb bonus which gives Impact a pipe bomb to shoot during battle!
    Impact Boss 1: The Sumo Robot!
    Watch out when he backs away as it means he is about to use his nasty Body Torpedo.
    When he starts moving side to side across the screen and then vanishes, he will suddenly appear 
    in close to do the hand slap, so just punch him as soon as he enters your sights. If you feel 
    uncomfortable, just use a pipe bomb! Also, when he starts sliding to the side he will shoot 
    balls at you, so just quick punch or shoot them, or even just block! As his health wears down he 
    will introduce a new attack where he goes berzerk shoots LOADS of the little balls. Just block 
    on the side where the most balls are coming from, when he has lost his arms and head he will 
    start repeatedly charging at you, just strong punch him away and he should fall soon.
    WORLD 2: Forest Area
    This is where the difficulty level rises up a bit, as things start getting quite hard here.
    Log Bridge Road
    This Level is one of those really annoying forced-scrolling levels, so keep up with the screen
    and don't fall off the logs! Watch out for the Hannyas that try to saw the logs, so if you see 
    one immediately kill it!!! Also you will eventually come to a part where you are crossing a
    very long section and this ugly cyclops guy appears under the bridge. As he pops up, jump over 
    him to protect from him smashing the log platform! Keep going until the goal!
    THE OTHER! You can either go to Goofy Woods or Log Lake.
    Goofy Woods
    This has one of the best pieces of music in the entire game playing in the background. Also 
    some brand new enemies turn up here like the green bunny men with moustaches, big burly robot
    guys and the flying blue bunny men!  This level has multiple paths through it so I'll cover 
    one of them! Just keep going straight, you'll come across many moving platforms. Also, if you 
    stay on the top of the tree stumps you can grab some neat little power-ups. Watch out for 
    the flying bunny men trying to drop rocks on you, and beware of the mechanical fish that jump 
    out of certain jumps! You'll come to a long stretch and then the goal raccoon won't be far away!
    Log Lake
    Before I tell you how to beat this level, I suggest if you are not playing as Sasuke, 
    go back to a town, save your game, reset and then load up your file and choose Sasuke, because 
    this level is VERY HARD AND REQUIRES ALOT OF JUMPING!!!!! The platforms are set out like 
    see-saws. When you step on one end it lowers, and the other rise, the problem is that there 
    are spikes between each end! You have to jump a few times on one end and then leap over the 
    spikes onto the other! Make your way through and you'll come to the goal.
    Konami Town
    When you enter make sure you have 480 ryo, go into the shop and buy the pass, then go right and 
    you'll come to a pair of guards. Talk to them and they'll let you through. Go right across the
    town and you'll come to the exit. If you go up at the first upwards turn before the guards 
    however, you should come to a temple area. Look for the wide barrel type thing, and hit it. It 
    should smash and reveal an underground passage and then you will go back to the map and open up 
    a hidden level!
    HIDDEN STAGE: Bunny Valley!
    This is tricky, all I can say is that you will find this level easier with Sasuke! This stage
    requires LOADS of jumping, watch out for Darumanyos and other baddies who will try and knock you 
    off the moving platforms. 
    HIDDEN STAGE: Circo Puerto:- The Amusement park!
    Welcome to the hidden amusment park! here is the home of some great sub-games such as.....
    This stage is just here for fun, you can leave any time you like! Here I'll give you the conrols 
    for these subgames
    D-pad: Move
    Y: Unleash probe weapon
    B or A: Shoot!
    This is some weird shoot'em up, keep firing at everything!
    D-pad: Move left or right
    B: Fire!
    The aim of this is to shoot the other devil and try not to get hit too much yourself!
    Floor Sweeper
    D-pad: steer
    Y: Accelerate
    X: Stop!
    B: Jump!
    This is a rip-off of Mario Kart, your aim is to wipe out as many of the foot-prints as possible!
    Goemon Memory Game
    D-pad: Move cursor
    B: Turn over cards
    It's the old memory game. Match the cards together, before your opponent does!
    Also, Sparkster the Rocket knight and Simon Belmont are hidden in this stage!
    Scary Hair-Cut Castle
    A castle with enemies that literally "Wig Out" at you. Okay, fight your way past the 
    Bunny-wig-men and you'l come to some drums suspended in mid-air. jump  onto the drums and HOLD 
    THE B BUTTON, you should bounce higher, and then start bouncing realy high. Bounce across onto 
    the next Drum and repeat to get across. You will come to a section where you must only make 
    medium bounces or otherwise you'll impale yourself on the bammo spikes above the drums. 
    Go from platform to platform until go get to the top! Then you'll come to a section with 
    umbrellas, drums and bamboo spikes. The umbrellas rotate, so keep jumping to retain your footing,
    make your way across. Then you'll come to a part with lanterns hanging from the ceiling, spikes 
    on the floor and chikens on barrels chucking bombs, knock a chicken off the barrel and leap onto
    cross safely over the spikes, beware of the lanterns as some of them fall down. Use this tactic 
    to get across the room. Then you'll find the boss!
    Boss 2: Kabuki
    Hey it's that guy from Goemon's Great Adventure! Well he doesn't like Goemon and co. whatsoever,
    so be prepared. He rises to the top of the room and shoots energy bolts at you. Jump and run to 
    avoid getting hit. Then he comes down and tries to hop on you. Run under him when he hops, and
    he will turn around. Start hitting him with your projectile like crazy, and jump when he 
    shoots his brains at you! Then he uses his energy bolt attack again, just jump and run to avoid.
    Keep repeating until Kabuki is defeated. I reccommed Goemon for this boss.
    Then the castle will fall and you will get to chat to Yae before she journeys on her own 
    way again.
    WORLD 3: Izumo
    This is where it gets HARD!
    Dragon Lake
    Has the best tune in the game, but is one of the hardest levels as well. You must basically 
    jump onto the dragon and jump upwards off his head when he ducks off-screen, otherwise you'll 
    die! Watch out for the flames and grab Mr. Elly Fant as soon as he appears and be prepared to 
    jump off the Dragon when needed!
    Lake Town
    If you want to just get to the next level, keep going right, down the hills and keep going
    right, until you find a hut, go in the hut and pay the money for the exit tunnel, then go through
    the tunnel for the next level. If you want the alternate hidden stage... 
    When you go down the hill, down between the two houses at the bottom of the screen then keep 
    going right for the hidden stage!
    Samurai woods
    Go right from the start and down the hill. Go across the platforms with Darumanyos circling 
    them, and next you should find Mr. Elly Fant. Grab him and be prepared for a long section with 
    moving platforms, demons, Bunny-men and samurai heads on sticks! Keep going and keep your 
    wits about until the exit!
    HIDDEN STAGE: Revenge of the Red Chef-blobs!
    Keep going right, and if you take the higher path you will get attacked by dolls, but if you take
    the lower path, it's time to slaughter some bunny-men! Next is a jumping section with lots of 
    darumanyos, just before the exit!
    Food Castle
    This is a REALLY annoying stage. Watch out for the food blobs that come at you from out of the 
    hot-plates. Also beware of the bunny-men hiding behind glass panes, just run past them. 
    Keep going, and watch out for the fat-slicer platforms! Wait until the fat drops in, THEN 
    jump on! Otherwise the fat-slicer will slice YOU up! Also take care not to fall into the 
    shrimp batter! The Samurai robot shows up here, so use it to combat the other samurai robots!
    Boss 3: Puppeteer
    You can't really hurt this evil robot! What you have to do is survive his evil shadow animals 
    that attack our heroes! Crouch in the corner and keep swiping away to keep the beasts at bay! 
    When the black candle runs out, walk up to the Puppeteer and hit him. That's it! Now onto 
    another town destruction sequence and the next Impact boss!
    Impact Boss: Slash and Spinning Disk
    First you have fight the spinning disk. When it charges at you, punch it! Then it blows up. 
    Slash will fight you, so watch out when he teleports, and use your radar to pinpoint where he's 
    coming from. If he charges up energy, he is about to use his tri-blaster, so either block, 
    or punch at it like a maniac! When he comes close, hard punch him before he slashes you. Pipe 
    bomb him if you don't feel comfortable!
    After Slash falls, relax and watch the cut-sequence!
    WORLD 4: Forest!
    This is a very tricky world, so use your knowledge of secret bits to get through the levels!
    Forest Town
    Go right and at the end go up, then go left until the you reach the temple entrance for an exit 
    tunnel to one stage (Lava Caves). To go to Lava Mine, go right then down, then head right 
    until the dead-end and go down again!
    The Lava Mine Car Stage
    I suggest you play as Goemon for this stage! Okay, walk right and you will come across Yae, 
    talk to her and then the ground will explode, you'll land on a cart and the cart will start 
    going along the track! Watch out for the Darumanyos, fireballs and the Hanyaas. When the cart 
    slows down get ready to jump to the next cart, and when the cart speeds up, start swiping with 
    your weapon like crazy! The raccoon will drop down on another cart at the end, smash it quick 
    before the carts get to the end of the track!
    Lava Caves
    Watch out for the darumanyos spinning around the platforms, and the fire-spitting lanterns that 
    fly around the stage! Also beware of Lava-dwelling enemies that try to damage you as you jump 
    over lava pits! The biggest danger however is the Dragon samurais that beat their drums and send 
    goblins to cling onto you. Waggle the D-pad left and right to shake them off! Destroy enemies as 
    soon as you see them.
    Festival Town
    Just keep heading up and then at the top, and then go right and you should come to the exit. 
    Hidden in this stage is Winbee from the popular Pop n' Twinbee series!
    Mouse Woods
    Jump into a mouse robot and get going! Shoot like crazy because pogo-monsters and chef blobs 
    attack you constantly throughout this level! Jump over the gaps and don't get so carried away 
    that you forget to shoot!
    Fish Lake
    This is the last time you'll need the fish-robot. Keep going until you find a fish-robot, 
    knock the rider off and jump in yourself. Then comes a water section, so shoot the mines to 
    knock them into the air, or jump over them. Then you'll come to a part with a wall too high 
    to jump over normally, jump using the fish-robot then jump off in mid-air. Then continue onwards 
    and get another fish robot. When you see the goal raccoon, ignore it and go up against the wall 
    and jump with the fish-robot, then jump off in mid-air, onto the top of the ledge. So go right 
    and then you'll come to the real raccoon!
    Toy Castle
    At the start you'll come across card men and swinging yo-yos, so just time your jumps carefully 
    with the yo-yos. Then you'll come to a spinning top section which you'll need to jump from 
    top-to-top to survive. Then you'll come across more yo-yos, and then a section with three 
    rising doll heads. Jump on and off the dolls to avoid the platforms that can crush you, and 
    watch for the pot. Smash it for a golden cat doll! Then onto the boss!
    Boss 4: The Masked Ninja
    This boss attacks in several ways, my best suggestion is to use Sasuke or Goemon.
    Then he is normal, he jumps around the screen trying to stamp on you.
    As a cat, he will throw axes and try to slash you.
    As a fox, he will use diving kicks, and as an octopus he breathes fire!
    Stay at a distance and use your distance weapon to take him out!
    WORLD 5: Mt Fear
    This world is VERY short and quite easy, except for the NIGHTMARE of an Impact boss at the end!
    Ski Resort
    This stage is really easy, jump onto the ski-lifts for an easy ride, but be careful as some 
    will fall when you step on them for too long. The next section involvles moving ski lifts that 
    you have to jump from and also moving lifts that break after standing on them for a few seconds! 
    Keep hanging on until the end!
    Runaway Snowman Head!
    The only thing you can really do on this level is RUN! Keep running away from the snowman head
    that is rolling after you. When it suddenly flies over your head and lands in the water, jump on 
    it and try to survive the waves of enemies that come at you. The snowman head will begin to 
    shrink, so when the enemies have stopped coming prepare to jump off when the head is so small 
    you can't move without being in danger of falling off. Then you will come to the exit!
    Snow Town
    Save your game when you get here, and just keep heading right you will meet the last Bunny 
    minion. Then you will be in a town destruction sequence and then onto The Grandfather 
    Thunder Mech!
    Impact Boss: Old Grandfather Robot
    This thing is so hard!. Grandfather has plenty of different attacks up his mechanical sleeves, 
    so be prepared! He attacks by launching headbutts, extending his tentacle arms to try and 
    electrocute you, and also by shooting, and charging. Hard Punch him when he comes close, and 
    block the balls he shoots. When you've warn his health down he will back away and send waves of 
    energy at you, so punch them or shoot them to destroy them. After a few waves you will now be 
    moving sideways and Grandfather will be keeping up behind a row of pillars. Punch him when he 
    charges and shoot when he is behind the pillars as you go past, Pipe bomb him if you feel 
    uncomfortable! (There is no room for error! You must take advantage of every attack opportunity 
    to defeat him! ~The Mystic Ninja~)
    WORLD 6: Sky Boat Castle!
    THE FINAL AREA! Get ready because the final fight is just around the corner!
    Sky Castle Gates
    This is probably one of the hardest levels in the game, because it consists of many annoying 
    mid-bosses that turn up when you don't want them to! After going right for a bit, you'll 
    be attacked by some weird parodius-style monster that shoots cannonballs and fireballs.
    Start attacking it's face, but back off when it shoots at you. Repeat until it dies, and when 
    you come to a blocked gate just use your powered-up projectile attack to bust it open!
    Then after going along a bit more, the parodius-monster-thing shows up again, this time 
    shooting Darumayos, fireballs and bombs! Whack the bombs BACK at the monster, and avoid 
    the Darumanyos keep repeating until it dies. Just pass through the rest of the level and you'll
    come to the goal!
    Sky Town
    You'll need to be very careful in this town because there are many thieves who will steal
    your money and these purple Ebisumaru look-a-likes who will downgrade your weapon if they 
    touch you! You'll need to make your way to the northeast of the town, and you'll come to what 
    looks like a fortress wall and you will see a barrel against it. Smash the barrel and an 
    underground pathway will appear. Go down the pathway and follow it around. You'll resurface 
    in the other side of town where you can exit. REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR GAME!!!!
    Sky Castle Wall
    The one level just before the final battle! This stage is tricky, so always go slowly because 
    tiles peel from the roof and will fall on you if you are not careful. You'll have to watch 
    out for the water valves between some platforms as they tend to open and let out a torrent of 
    water which will damage your character upon touch! You'll come across another section of falling
    roof tiles, and then sudddenly the large platform you are on will suddenly sink, so leap forwards 
    onto the next platform as fast as you can. Also on this level are gun turrets that aim at your 
    character and fire, so just throw your projectile weapon at them to destroy them. After a few 
    more platforms, you'll come to the goal raccoon.
    Sky Castle Showdown!
    This stage is set out like a town but there are alot of dangers, so beware of the spinning 
    servant girls and the weird octo-stickmen! in this area you have to find a gate to one of the
    revisions of the previous castles, and they are mega hard versions of the castles you have been 
    in! After that you will be in another area with lots of statues of Magginesu that shoot lasers, 
    and you have to do another revised castle. Do this castle and then you will be in an area with 
    a golden fortune doll and some money. Collect these and enter the gate above you for the 
    Final Boss: Magginesu
    It's time to teach this evil general a good lesson about trying to mess with the Goemon Gang!
    He'll start by throwing out two umbrellas. One will start moving from left to right, just 
    underneath him, and one will start movng left to right over your character's head, so stay 
    underneath the lower umbrella and keep following it, because Magginesu will use a laser. 
    When the laser is over jump up ON TOP of the first umbrella and then onto the second umbrella,
    and then throw your projectile weapon at Magginesu! When you've hit him, he will start 
    bouncing around the room, keep repeating this process to finish him off!!
    Suddenly when you defeat this guy, his head falls off. It was a robot double!!
    Then REAL Magginesu will appear on the huge monitor behind you! He laughs saying you'll fail.
    He has Omitsu, Yae, Lord and Princess Yuki, and then he says he has THE CONCH SHELL!  
    Then Magginesu uses the shell Summon Impact to battle! Magginesu now has Impact under his power! 
    Meaning you have no choice but the defeat Impact in Battle! 
    Ultimate Final Boss: Goemon Impact
    Impact is just so hard! This fight is very difficult because Impact has amazingly high defense, 
    meaning he only loses 1 Hp every time you score a hit on him! Impact will rise up in the 
    background, and his sights will appear on-screen to follow your every move! KEEP MOVING or 
    otherwise if Impact's sights lock on, he will shoot you! The ONLY way you can actually hurt 
    Impact is this. The Bunny Minions who you faced throughout the other areas will appear at the 
    sides and start chucking bombs at you, so what you have to do is to hit the bomb so that the bomb 
    goes into Impact's huge mouth! Be careful as Impact does not receive damage if the bomb goes 
    over his shoulder or hits his chin when his mouth is closed. Depending on what color the bomb is, 
    each bomb can do something pretty nasty if you don't hit it into Impact!
    BLACK BOMB: Explodes when it hits the floor.
    RED BOMB: Creates a flame which burns continuously for a little while.
    YELLOW BOMB: Bounces until it hits something or falls off the side.
    BLUE BOMB: Creats a wave of energy, so jump to avoid it!
    GREEN BOMB: Green bomb can't be swiped into Impact because they give you extra coins when hit, 
    otherwise they just explode when they hit the floor!
    If Impact looks angry, watch out for these attacks!
    Punch: Immediately run to one of the edges of the platform, and Impact should miss you 
    Blast Beam: If you see Impact holding his pipe close to his mouth, immediatly swipe a bomb into 
    his mouth or otherwise Impact will spit out a small ball of red energy which then causes a 
    GIGANTIC explosion! Sending you flying inyo the air, Impact's sight will then dramatically gain 
    speed and searches all over the screen to try to lock on so that Impact can shoot! Keep sweeping
    all over the screen to avoid the sights! 
    Just keep knocking bombs in Impact's mouth and eventually he will fall.
    6: Secrets, Cheats and Codes!
    Kills Impact boss Instantly
    If on During Town destruction Stages, Impact has no head!
    Infinite Time - 7E00AE ff 
    Infinite Health - 7E0446 06 
    1 Hit Death - 7E0446 ff 
    Infinite Money (to throw only) - 7E0474 ff 
    Infinite Lives - 7E0498 ff 
    Last stage: HELL!
    The final area you find in this lovely cutesy game is Hell? Well it suits, because this is the 
    hardest level in the entire game, and wait until you get a load of the boss at the end of this 
    level! Watch out for the blue zombies, they throw axes at you if you hang around for too long!
    The first area involves falling spikes that try to squash your cute little hero! Then next comes 
    a sea of fire which you must cross while avoiding bats and demons, and leaping from spinner to 
    spinner! Then it's a frantic climb up a castle before the fire floods the area and burns you 
    alive, then up some steps to the nasty boss at the end!
    Just like in the castlevania games, Dracula's only weak spot is his ugly blue head! He fights by 
    teleporting around the screen and upon rematerializing, he shoots a group of fiery bats at your 
    character! If you're too far away, use your throwing weapon, but it'll only do less damage, so 
    try to stay close so you can strike him in the face, as it does far more damage! When Dracula 
    dies Kabuki will appear and then you will have to fight him! He uses the same pattern that he 
    used in the main boss fight with him so refer back to those to defeat him.
    7: Special Thanks (and lots of Kudos go to......)
    THE MYSTIC NINJA!- For letting me work with his site to create the Goemon Imports 
    and also to write walkthroughs... also for posponing the hand-in dates for the walkthroughs god 
    knows how many times!! Very big kudos to him and his lovely big website!
    SASUKETEA!- For telling me about the hidden Hell stage.. if it weren't for him I would
    have never found it! Kudos dude!
    EBISUDUMPLINGS!- For joining the group and also for alot of support from him and his brother 
    SASUKETEA. Also for being a great bloke to know.
    SUPER SAIYAN GOEMON!- For helping me out with some other Goemon games and also for being a 
    really good friend!
    SHOCKWAVE!- For being a good sport by trying to help me finish Ganbare Goemon Tengu To No
    Gyakashu! Also for working with the Goemon Import strategies!
    NAT!- For translating stuff from the Japanese Goemon games which I would have never understood!
    DOCHUKI THE MIGHTY!- For Being my very, very close friend and supporting me. Also credit to
    him for trying to write a walkthrough for the incredibly difficult Soreyuke Ebisumaru!
    COOKIEMON IMPACT!- Who's Cookiemon I hear you all cry? she's my mother! Credit goes to her for 
    looking after me when I fell ill while writing this walkthrough and doing her best to nurse me 
    back to health! Also for being proud of my FAQs and congratulating me on getting my work onto 
    major websites. If it weren't for her getting me back on track. this walkthrough would have 
    never got finished!
    JAY DRIVE!- My older brother for helping me with my website and for looking after me all these 
    KONAMI!- For making the Goemon games of course!
    And no thanks to my computer, because it kept screwing up while I was trying to write this, and 
    delayingmy efforts to get it sent in!
    Thanks very much to everyone who helped with this including friends and family, and friends from 
    other places who I am friends with over the internet. Please stop by my website at 
    http://members.tripod.co.uk/Gerimon. I Might make a html version of this walkthrough with 
    screenshots and maybe even level maps. I also might make a SPC collection (SPC is SNES MUSIC 
    files which can be listened through win-amp providing that you have the Snes Amp Plug-in!) of 
    Ganbare Goemon 2.
    AUTHORED BY GERIMON IMPACT ( missimpact@harris1.eurobell.co.uk )
    EDITED BY THE MYSTIC NINJA ( the_mystic_ninja@goemon.8m.com )Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii; name="gn64.txt"

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