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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JUndaunted

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    Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun FAQ (Version 0.3)
    By Johnny Undaunted (jundaunted@hotmail.com)
    Disclaimer: Kunio-Kun, Riki and all characters in the Kunio-Kun series are
    copyrighted by Technos Japan Corp. This document was written J.Soler and it
    cannot be reproduced in anyway without his permission.
    Note: Keep in mind that this is my first FAQ ever. Having little experience in
    writing FAQs, there are sure to be lots of mistakes here. In this document, I
    will be using lots of Japanese terms in this FAQ, since this guide is based on
    the actual cartridge version of the game (and the translated ROM from Dark
    Mazda). All Japanese terms will be written in all caps, with a translation in
    Table of Contents:
    I:	History
    II:	Introduction
    III:	Product Info
    IV:	Pre-Story
    V:	Basic Gameplay
    VI:	Controls
    VII:	Start Button Menu
    VIII:	Status Screen
    IX:	Moves
    X:	KIRYUKU (Ki Powers)
    XI:	Weapons
    XII:	Items/Tools
    XIII:	Equipment
    	a. BUKI (Weapons, Hand Wear)
    	b. UROJI (Lining)
    	c. KUTSU (Shoes)
    XIV:	Key Items
    XV:	Osaka Guide
    XVI:	Walkthrough
    XVII:	Conclusion
    Ver. 0.1
     First release. The FAQ itself is pretty much new.
    Ver. 0.2
     Second release. Added a complete item list, removed repeated info and fixed a
    couple of typos.
    Expect another update soon.
    Ver. 0.3
     It's been a while. Besides changing my alias from the cheesy Godai-Kun to the
    not-as cheesy Johnny Undaunted, I updated the Weapons section, added the
    Pre-Story section and the first draft of the walkthrough. Check out my
    Kunio-kun site at:
    Q: What is Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun?
    A: Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun is the Super Famicom sequel to the
    arcade/Famicom game,
    Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun, which was the main inspiration for the Double Dragon
    series. It's
    a side-scrolling fighting game with RPG elements. You gain experience points,
    learn new moves,
    and wear equipment like gloves, shoes and linings to increase your status. Some
    people may had heard of this game under the generic title of Super Kunio-Kun or
    the somewhat misleading title, River City Ransom 2.
    Q: Isn't this the sequel to River City Ransom?
    A: Yes and No. Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari (the Japanese version of RCR) was a
    spinoff of
    Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun. This game cannot considered a sequel to RCR because
    none of the characters from Downtown appears in this game (with the exception
    of Kunio and Riki) and the gameplay is a bit different, even though it shares
    many of the traits from River City Ransom.
     Also, in Shodai, Kunio is a sophomore in this game (and Kunio-tachi no Banka),
    while he is a senior in Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari (and most of the SD
    games). Many people has been calling this game as "River City Ransom: The
    College Years" when this should be called "River City Ransom: The Sophomore
     There was Famicom/Game Boy game called Downtown Special - Kunio-Kun no
    Jidaigekidayo Zen'in Shuugou, which has the characters from Downtown Nekketsu
    in feudal Japan and was developed with the same engine. It's the closest thing
    you can get to a sequel of River City Ransom.
    Q: What's the story behind the game?
    A: The main character, Kunio and his classmates from Nekketsu High School take
    a field trip to Osaka and gets involve with the doings of a gang called the
    "Osaka Alliance" after Kunio's friend, Hiroshi, gets beaten.
    Q: Why did you decided to make an FAQ for this game?
    A: Why not? There are several FAQs for all those crappy and overrated Dragon
    Ball Z games, so why not make an FAQ for a game that truly deserves one.
    Q:How many Kunio-Kun games has been made so far?
    A: There have been two Arcade games, 11 Famicom (NES) games, 7 Game Boy games
    and 5 Super Famicom games. There have been also ports done for the PC Engine,
    Mega Drive and the X68000 (a 16-bit Japanese PC). Not to mention the Neo-Geo
    version of Super Dodgeball.
    Note: In this guide, I will be using the Japanese names for all the items and
    Ki power in the game, along with English translation in parentheses.
    Title: Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun
    Publisher/Developer: Technos Japan Corp.
    Product ID: SHVC-KN
    Release Date: 8/7/1992 (Japan Only)
    Original Price: 8,900 yen
    # Of Players: 1-2 Players simultaneously (Note: Each player must use their own
    Save Data)
    Genre: Fighting/RPG
    Save Feature: Battery Backup (six files)
    Alternative Titles: River City Ransom 2, Super Kunio-Kun
    Translated from the manual:
      A student-only electric train has departed from Tokyo Station and has passed
    throught Kyoto Station. A group of sophomore students from Nekketsu High School
    led by Kunio are aboard that train. Their destination is the city of laughter
    and defraud, Osaka. Kunio is sleepy and tired and that's when Hiroshi's voice
    wakes him up.
    "Kunio! Yoshihiro will guide us throught Osaka! Come with us!"
    (Yoshihiro is an exchange student who came from Osaka)
    Kunio has just learn that he is in Osaka.
    Q: How do I play?
    A: You must explore the various regions of Osaka and beat anyone who opposes
    Unlike other fighting games, you're not stuck on a linear path and you're free
    to explore Osaka to your liking and unlike most RPGs, some of the decisions you
    make affects the path the story takes. (Did you take Hiroshi to the subway? Did
    you decided to help Miho? ect.)
    Fighting is done through random (and not-so-random) encounters. Civilians can
    help you out, run away or team-up with the enemy. You can hurt innocent people
    and gain experience points, but you won't be able to make many friends that
    If your energy meter runs out, you will end-up in Kouji's apartment. You can
    recover your energy by drinking drinks, using Ki power or sleeping in your
    apartment (in Hotel Osaka, the center room on the 2nd floor).
     The game progresses in real-time. If you sleep by day, you will wake up in
    night and vice-versa. Some places or events aren't accessible during certain
    time periods.
    Q:How do I save my game?
    A: Go to Hotel Osaka and talk to Kouji (he's the guy on the 2nd floor to the
    room on the left) or talk to Kouji using the public phone when you're far away
    from him.
    D-Pad - Controls the movement of your character.
    Start - Pause the game and brings out a menu.
    Y - Attack/Accept
    B - Jump/Cancel
    A - Talk to people/Interact with the background
    Select/X/L/R - Unused
    KIRYOKU O MIRU - Use Ki Power (Same as using magic)
    DOUGU O TSUKAU - Use tools/belongings
    SOUBI O SURU - Change equipment
    SUTEETASU O MIRU - Check Status
    SUTERU - Throw away any item
    NAMAE (Name): Kunio (1P) or Riki (2P)
    REBERU (Level): Current Level
    SAIDAIKIRYOKU - Maximum Ki
    KEIKENCHI - Exp. Points
    BUKI   - Weapon/Arm Wear (Default:RISUDO BANDO [Wristband])
    UROJI -  Lining (Default:AKA NO UROJI [Red Lining])
    KUTSU - Shoes (Default:SETTA [a type of Leather Sandals])
    TAICHOU - Condition
    TAIRYOKU - Current HP
    KIRYOKU - Current Ki
    CHIKARA - Strength
    SUBAYASA - Speed
    KOUGEKIRYOKU - Attack Power
    SHUBIRYOKU - Defense
    UN'NOYOSA - Luck
    Punch: Just press Y while you're still.
    Kick: Press Y while your enemy is at a distance.
    Block: Press Y when the enemy punches at you.
    Neck Grab: Get very close to the opponent and press the Y button.
    Neck Grab Kick: Press the Y button while you're holding your enemy.
    Back Grab: Press Y while you're near the enemy's back or press Y and
       the the direction you're facing during a Neck grab.
    Stomp: When your enemy is lying on the ground, stand next to
                         him/her and press Y.
    Picking Up: Stand over your fallen enemy and press Y to pick him/her up.
    Strong Punch: A strong attack that knocks down enemy  to the floor. Press
    	         Y while he/she is stunned.
    (Requirement :Lv.2)
    Strong Kick: A kick that attacks stunned opponents from a distance. Similar
                       to the Strong Punch, only it has to be perform at a
    (Requirement: Lv.4)
    Jump Kick: Jump and press the Y button while holding the D-pad.
    (Requirement: Lv.6)
    Pin Attack: Stand over a fallen enemy and press down to pin your enemy and
    	      then press Y to attack.
    (Requirement: Lv.10)
    Throw Enemy: Grab your opponent and press Y and the opposite direction you're
    (Requirement: Lv.13)
    Dashing Punch: Press and hold the Y button.
    (Requirement: Lv.16)
    Drop Kick: Press the Y button when you're about to hit the ground.
    (Requirement: Lv.23)
    Maha Punch: Press the Y button repeatedly.
    (Requirement: Lv.27)
    Suplex: Perform a back grab and press Down and Y.
    (Requirement: Lv.32)
    X. KIRYUKU (Ki Powers)
    Name				Level		Ki used		Effects	
    KIAI  (Scream)			3		5		Recovers 7 HP
    TAERU (Endure)			5		10		Increase Defense
    HAYAARUKI (Fastwalk)		7		15		Increase Speed
    NAGURU (Strike)			8		10		Increase Attack Power
    BAKUSHIN (Dash)			12		15		Increase Speed
    FUN'BARU (Persist)		15		20		Increase Defense
    DOKYOU (Guts)			18		20		Recovers 25 HP
    SATORI (Enlightenment)		20		20		Exchanges HP/Ki
    NIRAMU (Glare)			21		25		Decreases Enemy's speed
    NERU (Sleep)			24		1		Slowly recovers HP & Ki
    BUN'NAGURU (Knock)		28		30		Increase Attack Power
    KONJOU (Temper)			30		45		Recovers 90 HP
    MIKIRU (Escape)			33		80		Increase Speed
    FUTTOBASU (Fullpower)		35		100		Increase Attack Power
    AINORI (Ride Together)		40		200		Increase Luck
      During the game you will find several items lying on the ground that can be
    use as weapons. You can pick then up by standing over then and pressing the Y
    button. You can either; use it against enemies at close-range or throw them at
     Pillows can be easily found at any room at Hotel Osaka. However, they don't do
    much damage and they break easily. It's still fun hitting people with a pillow
    at their heads. It's even more fun when 2 players pillow fight against each
     Megaphones can easily be found at Koushien. They have very short range, but
    they never break and does a small amount of damage.
    Bokutou (Wooden Sword)
     A Bokutou can be found at one of the rooms at Hotel Osaka. It does a decent
    amount of damage, but they break easily.
     Chains does a bit less damage than a Bokutou, but it's more durable.
    Thrash Can
     A Thrash Can does lots of damage and never breaks. Problem is that carrying it
    slows you down.
    Kanban (Sign)
     A Sign is a bit lighter than a Thrash Can, but does less damage.
     A stone can do a decent amount of damage, but breaks after a throw or two.
     A Briefcase breaks easily and does medium damage.
    Metal Pipe
     A Metal Pipe does lots of damage and only breaks after repeated use. Can
    easily be found at a sewer.
    Beer Bottles
     Does lots of damage but breaks easily.
    Stun Gun
     Really rare weapon that can only be found in the Subway Sewer between Shinsai
    and Nanba. Does a lot of damage, but doesn't last long. The only way to find
    them is to go to a one-screen room and try to move to the left or right.
     Here I will  describe every regular item that you will find in the game. These
    items can found
    by defeating random enemies or using a Pre-Paid Card at a Vending Machine.
    - Japanese Name (Translation)				Usage
    -HIYASHIAME (Cold Drink)				Recovers 15 HP.
    -SUKONBU						Recovers 10 Ki points
    -UIZUPAA (Wisper)					Recovers 50 HP.
    -ATARIMAE KURAKKAA (Ordinary Crackers)			Recovers 70 Ki Points.
    -GERORIN						Recovers 10 HP and 10 KP.
    -DOGGUMAN						Recovers 30 HP and 20 KP.
    -PURIPEIKAADO (Pre-Paid Card)				Allows you to use the Vending Machine.
    -TAKUSHII KAADO (Taxi Card)				Transport you to Hotel Osaka.
    -MAMUSHIKEN 50						Recovers 50 HP and 50 KP.
    -DAIGINJOU (Fine Wine)					Recovers 100 HP and KP. Really rare.
    -UMI NO SARU (Sea Monkeys)				None
    -AOIISHI PENDANTO (Blue Pendant)			Increase Luck
    -ABUNAI KUSURI (Dangerous Drug)				? (Increase Encounter)
    -IISUTOKISU (East Kiss)					Restores full HP
    -OKAMENOHACHINIGYOU (Wooden Puppet?)			?
    -GANGANKUESUTO5 (Gangan Quest 5)			Encounter Up
    -GOORUDO NEKKURESU (Gold Necklace)			Less Encounters
    -SAIGO NO FANTAJII 5 (Saigo's Fantasy 5)		More Encounter
    -SAIN SHIKISHI (Sign)					Unknown
    -SHIRUBAA NEKKURESU (Silver Necklace)			Less Encounters
    -SUISHOU PENDANTO (Crystal Pendant)			Increase Time
    -SUIMINYAKU (Sleeping Pills)				Unknown
    -CHIKETTO (Ticket)					None
    -TORATSUKII NO NUIGURUMI (Lucky Tiger Doll)		None
    -TORA NO GOFURURU (Tiger's Cup)				Recovers all Ki Points
    -TORI NO TSUKE PENDANTO (Birdnail Pendant)		Increase Time
    -HARINEZUMI NO NUIGURUMI (Hedgehog Doll)		Unknown
    -PURACHINA NEKKURESU (Platinum Necklace)		Numerous Encounters
     You will find most of the equipment by beating a random enemy or given to you
    by a certain character. Some of the rarer ones can be won at Game Centers.
    A.BUKI (Weapon, Hand Wear)
    - Japanese Name (Translation)			Offensive Power (Extra Effects)
    - GUNTE (Army Gloves)				 2
    - DORAIBAA GUROOBU (Driver's Glove)		 7
    - RIISUDOBANDO (Wristband)			12
    - HEBI NO YUBIWA (Snake Ring)			 8   (Defense +3)
    - SHIRUBAA BURESURETTO (Silver Bracelet)	10 (Less Encounters)
    - MERIKENSAKKU (Brass Knuckles)			15
    - DOKURO NO YUBIWA (Skull Ring)			20 (Defense -15, Cursed)
    - PANCHIN GURABU (Punching Gloves)		20
    - SASORI NO YUBIWA (Scorpion Ring)		14 (Defense +8)
    - NAKKURU PUROTEKUTAA (Knuckle Protector)	28
    - GOORUDO BURESURETTO (Gold Bracelet)	        14 (Medium Encounters)
    - AAMU SAPOOTA (Arm Supporter)			40
    - CHIZOME NO NAKKURU (Bloodstained Knuckles)	45 (Lose 20 HP for every
    successful punch)
    - BYAKKO NO YUBIWA (White Fox Ring)		50 (Defense +5)
    - AIAN NAKKURU (Iron Knuckle)			60
    - KOUKEN (Gauntlet)				70
    - DESU NAKKURU (Death Knuckle)			75 (Cursed, Lowers defense greatly)
    - RYUUJIN NO YUBIWA (Dragon God Ring)		75 (Defense +3)
    - PAWAA RISUTO (Power Wrist)			?? (Exp. Points obtained are doubled)
    - FUSHIGI NA YUBIWA (Mysterious Ring)		 5 (Summons Shagaan)
    - HOBITTO NO YUBIWA (Hobbit's Ring)		?? (Increases speed)
    - BAIAN NO BARI (Baian's Pointer)		 3
    - KAIZAA NAKKURU (Kaiser Knuckles)		95
    B. UROJI (Lining)
    - Japanese Name (Translation)			Defensive Points  (Extra Effects)
    - KURO NO UROJI (Black Lining)			 4
    - AKA NO UROJI (Red Lining)			 7
    - CHEKKU NO UROJI (Check Lining)		10
    - BOTAN NO UROJI (Tree Lining)			18
    - TSURU NO UROJI (Crane Lining			22
    - SAKURA NO UROJI (Sakura Lining)		25
    - TSUKI NO UROJI (Moon Lining)			30
    - KOI NO UROJI (Thick Lining)			35
    - IDATEN NO UROJI (Wei-To's Lining)		25 (Speed +5)
    - KARAJISHI NO UROJI (Karajishi's Lining)	40
    - SHINIGAMI NO UROJI (Shinigami's Lining)	45
    - BISHAMON NO UROJI (Bishamon's Lining)		50
    - FUUJIN NO UROJI (Fuujin's Lining)		70
    - RAIJIN NO UROJI (Raijin's Lining)		75
    - RYUU NO UROJI (Dragon's Lining)		80
    - OUKYO NO UROJI (Oukyo's Lining)		85 (Cursed, Lose 1 HP for every step)
    - ROTO NO UROJI (Roto's Lining)			20
    - SOURYUU NO UROJI (Twin Dragon's Lining)	15
    C. KUTSU (Shoes)
    - Japanese Name (Translation)			Speed (Extra Effects)
    - BENJO SURIPPA (Bathroom Slippers)		 4
    - SANDARU (Sandals)				 8
    - SETTA (Leather Sandals)			12
    - KYANBASU SHUUZU (Canvas Shoes)		15
    - ANAAKI NO KUTSU (Anaki's Shoes)		 ? (Cursed, Lowers attack)
    - DEKKI SHUUZU (Deck Shoes)			22
    - RABAAN URU (Rubber Shoes)			30
    - BUUSHI (Boots)				25 (Defense +5)
    - GETA (Wooden Clogs)				35
    - OBASAN SANDARU (Old Lady 's Sandals)		40
    - AKAI KUTSU (Red Shoes)			43 (Cursed, Punch for every steps)
    - BASUKETTO SHUUZU (Basket Shoes)		46
    - DEZAATO BUUSHI (Desert Boots)			55
    - ANZEN GUTSU (Safety Shoes)			60 (Attack +8)
    - ROOFAA (Loafers)				68
    - PUREENTO TU (Plain  Tu)			77
    - BANCHOU NO KUTSU (Banchou's Shoes)		95 (Cursed, Lose 5 HP for every step)
    - MAIKOO NO KUTSU (Michael's Shoes)		25 (Moonwalks, stardust comes for every
    - HAI HIIRU (High Heels)		      -120 (Kicks does twice the damage)
    - HIMITSU NO SHUUZU (Secret Shoes)		20 (?)
    - UINGU CHIPPU (Wing Tip)			85
    - TETSU GETA (Iron Geta)			 ? (Lowers speed, Increases kick power)
    - ENAMERU SHUUZU (Enamel Shoes)			 ?
     Items that are part of the storyline. They are given to you as part of the
    storyline or found after a certain battle.
    - NYUUJOUKEN (Admission Ticket)
    Allows you to enter the Checking Station. You get this item after defeating
    some punks at the East area of Umeda (after Hiroshi gets beaten).
    - 1 KUKANTEIKI (Section 1 Pass)
    Allows you to enter the Shinsai region. Given to you by Miho at Hotel Osaka
    after defeating the first boss.
    - 2 KUKANTEIKI (Section 2 Pass)
    Allows you to enter the Nanba region. Given to you after your first encounter
    with Rengou member, Wade (regardless if fought against him or not).
    - 3 KUKANTEIKI (Section 3 Pass)
    Allows you to enter the Ebisuchou region. Given to you by the Doumei at the
    Shinsai region or by the Rengou at the Nanba region (depends on which path you
    - TOREINKAADO (Train Card)
    Allows you to enter the Koushien Express.
    - KAADO ROKKU (Card Lock)
    Gives you access to the sewer between the Umeda and the Shinsai express.
    - MASTAA KII (Master Key)
    Gives you access to the sewer between the Shinsai and Nanba region.
    - TEREHON KAADO (Telephone Card)
    Allows you to save the game by using the public phone.
    - BAIKU NO KII (Bike Key)
    By using it, you can go virtually anywhere in the game. Does not work in some
    - HOTERU OOSAKA (Hotel Osaka)
     The main HQ in the game located at Umeda. Every time you load a save file or
    lose all your HP, you will restart in Kouji's room. You can also rest in your
    room (the one in the center on the 2nd floor) to regain full HP. It's also a
    good place to build your experience at the beginning and get some new
     The first town in the game. This region can be divided in three areas: KITA
    (north), NISHI (west) and HIGASHI (east). This region has a vending machine in
    the western area (at the entrance to Hotel Osaka). In the eastern area, there's
    a Tiger Shop (which you don't need to go until later in the game) and the
    entrance to the Koushien Express.
    - SHINSAI BASHI (Bridge)
      The second town in the game. To the far right there is a stairway which will
    lead to a place, in which you will meet up with the Doumei. To the far left is
    the entrance to a parking lot, which will lead to a sewer that takes you to
    - NANBA
     The third town. Not much here, other than the fact that it's first town to
    feature a Game Center. It is also a good place to earn experience.
     Home of the Tsuutenkaku tower. There's not much here to do until later in the
    game. Also a good place to earn experiences.
     Home of the Tiger Stadium. There are lots of Tiger Shops in this place, but
    you only need to go to one. The enemies here are very tough.
    - OOSAKA KOU (Osaka Bay)
      The final area in the game. You can only get there by bike.
    - Vending Machines
      Vending Machines can be found at Umeda, Ebisuchou and Koushien. To use one of
    them, stand in front of it and press A. You can only get the items on the
    vending machine by using a Pre-Paid Card.
    - Game Centers
     Nanba, Ebisuchou and Koushien all has Game Center in which you can get some of
    the rarer items by using the Slot machine or the Item Catcher.
    - Checking Stations
     Checking Station are places which allows you to travel from one region to
    another. You can walk or take the train to travel safely. There are three
    Checking Stations in the game: The Main Checking Station (which stops at Umeda,
    Shinsai and Nanba), the Ebisuchou Checking Station (which takes you from Nanba
    to Ebisuchou) and the Koushien Checking Station (which takes you from Umeda to
     You'll start the game at the Checking Station. Your friends: Hiroshi (from the
    original Kunio-kun), Kouji (from Super Dodgeball), Masa and Genei (both from
    Kunio's Soccer) will tell you that they will explore Osaka with Yoshihiro (the
    tall exchange student with the ponytail). Kunio is too tired from the trip and
    decides to go directly to the Hotel.  In front of the hotel, Kunio bumps into a
    high school "yankee" named Noboru. Noboru is not too happy and decides to pick
    a fight with you. At this point of the game, Noboru is a wussy and will fall
    easily to the ground by one punch. Noboru's buddies will runaway screaming
    cussing (kusoo) afterwards.
    Kunio will go to his room at the Hotel, only to have Genei and Kouji crashing
    to his room. They will  tell you that Hiroshi is getting beaten by some
    yankees. You will then begin to control Kunio through Hotel Osaka. On the room
    left to Kunio's, Kouji will be there. Everytime you talk to him, the game will
    be saved. Before going to floor B1, I suggest to go throught the other floors
    and get yourself into random encounters until you reach level 6 or 7 (after
    learning the Jump Kick). Afterwards, go to floor B1 and you will find Yoshihiro
    and Masa. They will tell you that Hiroshi is getting beaten at the Parking Lot.
    Kunio finds Hiroshi at the ground getting kick by two yankees in blue uniforms.
    Hiroshi is fine and walks away from the parking lot and you will enter a  fight
    scene agaisnt the three yankees. After the fight is over, you will be
    automatically taken to your room. You will be given a choice whether you want
    to go with Hiroshi to the checking station.
     This FAQ is far from complete. While most of the equipment in the game are
    listed, some of the items are missing. Here are some things to expect from a
    future version of this FAQ:
    - An enemy list
    - A Walkthrough
    - Bios
    Special Thanks:
    - Technos Japan Corp.: For making the Kunio-Kun series. What became of them?
    - FUJ (www.fujt.com): For selling me his copy of the game.
    - Javan Nguyen and David Fisk (http://nekketsu.darkmazda.com/): For translating
    this game to Gaijin gamers out there.
    - Kunio-Kun fansites like:
    - Soreike Nekketsu Kouhagumi (http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown/5617/)
    - Kunio Dojyo (http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Spade/8838/KUNIO.html)
    - Technos Punch (http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Bingo/4468/)
     If you have any questions, mail them to jundaunted@hotmail.com

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