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Reviewed: 04/03/03 | Updated: 04/03/03

Fugitives on the run???

Released in the year 1996, this is the only Technos Japan Corp. game that I'll ever remember as the game that will allow to swap your character among four players, namely with the main character Kunio, Riki and their sweethearts Misako and Kyouko. As always, a die-hard Kunio fan will want to play this game and try it out for themselves.


One night, a hit and run accident was discovered in central Tokyo involving a motorcycle running over a man with his daughter (I think...). Japanese Police later confirms that the motorcycle that was involved in the accident was owned by Kunio of Nekketsu High and was with Riki of Hanazono High. Both were arrested, tried and were found guilty of the heinous crime. Kunio and Riki are brought to a detention center by a police bus. Now, Kunio and Riki believe that someone was responsible for the crime that they didn't commit. They must escape from jail and find out who was responsible in order to avenge the injustice that they suffered.


Default controls, but easy controls. There are buttons that will allow you to fight your enemies. Strangely enough, the two trigger buttons, both the left and the right triggers will allow to guard from enemy attacks, which is impressive enough. Another impressive thing about this game is that you can switch up to four characters, if you're critically injured or if you need to up a certain person to help gain the upper hand in a certain situation. In the game, there are two sets of default controls. One of them is when you are in the side-scrolling part of the game. The other one is when you'll face Bousozoku bikers, who will try to stop you from reaching your objectives by kicking you off the bikes. You'll have to get the hang of operating your motorbike or say hello the concrete.


Good sounds. Especially with the effects of beating the crap of the enemy. The music is also... good (is it? Maybe I'm mistaken... NAHH!) Nothing much for the video, except for the first few cut scenes. The best cut scenes that I've ever seem was when Kunio and Riki were brought to jail :(. Boy, I feel sorry for them.


Passwords are on the game to help keep track of your progress. But, it sure is a long game for someone to complete (unless you can stay up all day).

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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