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    Walkthrough by LeandroTLZ

    Version: Rev. B- | Updated: 06/06/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ========================== RADICAL DREAMERS ==========================
    This Revision has been written for months, but I wanted to release
    Revision B properly so it's been waiting forever to go up. With the
    release of the entire script file by Demiforce, I noticed a variable
    that kept track of your relationship with Kid, so I decided to include
    that in the walkthrough. I only did that for the first scenario,
    though; life got in the way and it's been impossible to find any free
    time to devote to the guide. If someone else wants to continue where
    I left off, send me an email.
    This file by: Leandro Pardini <leandro@leelazone.com.ar>
      Msg. Board: http://www.leelazone.com.ar/forum/index.php?showforum=9
     My Junk Box: http://leandrotlz.deviantart.com/
    Thanks to: Demiforce for translating this game.
               Sean for some missing info in the scenarios.
               TheUnseen for finding the Music Test.
               Zeus44 for finding the Extra Sekrit Bonus.
    1. MANSION MAP: Super Condensed ASCII Version
       1) Le Trésor Interdit
       2) Magil: Caught Between Love and Adventure
       3) Kid and the Sunflower
       4) SuperXtreme Alphacosmos Police Case EX Ultra
       5) Homecoming: Shea's Light
       6) The Enigmatic Gigaweapon: Paradise X
       7) The Shadow Realm and the Goddess of Death
       BONUS) Music Test
       EXTRA SEKRIT BONUS) Zero Wing
    5. CHEATS
    MANSION MAP: Super Condensed ASCII Version
                     +-------+              +----------------+
                     | Study |              | Treasure Vault |
                     +-------+              +----------------+
                        | |                         | |
                        | |                         | |        +---------+
    +----------+________| |_________________________| |________| Torture |
    | Ballroom |________   _____   ________   _________|_|_|_|_| Chamber |
    +----------+        |-|     | |        | |                 +---------+
                        |-|     | |     +------------+
            +----------+|-| +---------+ | Clocktower |
            | Riddel's ||-| | TERRACE | |  Storeroom |
            |   Room   ||-| +---------+ +------------+  +-----------+
            +----------+|-|                             | Catacombs |
    +------+    | |     |-|  +-------------+            +-----------+
    | Lynx |____| |_____|-|__| St. Archway |__+--------+___| |
    | Qrt. |_________________| Mouth of T. |__| Atrium |___  |
    +------+                 +-------------+  +--------+   |-|
      Get the PNG map at www.GameFAQs.com     | Kitchen |_______| Armory |
                                              +---------+       +--------+
    1) Le Trésor Interdit
    You begin the story with 120 health points, and Kid's appreciation for
    you is at exactly 38 points. Read the introduction, until you begin
    fighting against the feral cats. To defeat them, attack the first
    (your relationship with Kid will go up 10 points for being decisive),
    and then attack again when Kid warns you (you'll take 20 points of
    damage, but your relationship with Kid will improve another 8 points).
    Once the battle's over, Kid will wonder if you plan to wait forever;
    just tell her "no way, let's go!" and your relationship with her will
    go up another 18 points, for a total of 74. After some more pages of
    text, you'll be inside Viper Manor.
    Take the left passage; when the path splits in three directions, go
    down the stairs, then enter the passage to the right. You'll end up
    right outside of Riddel's room; enter it, and check the dresser
    drawers. After a sweet exchange of words, you'll leave the room and
    she'll like you 20 points more.
    From there, head to the right to find a robust set of doors. Go into
    the room, and you'll find a Mirror of Whispers. Ask about Kid, and
    you'll learn more about her past. Your relationship won't be affected,
    Leave Lynx's Quarters, go past Riddel's room, and take the stairs up.
    Proceed ahead and enter the Study. Examine the desk to find a photo of
    Riddel. When you hear footsteps, hide under the desk for some more
    interaction between Serge and Kid. The bump on the head will take 2
    points of health from you, but your relationship will go up another 6
    points, for a total of 100 by story events only.
    Leaving the study, head towards the terrace and continue on through
    the passageway. You'll find an old, dusty door on the right. Open it,
    and enter the Clocktower Storeroom. Among all the junk, Kid will find
    an antique sword. Then, an old woman will appear and ask about you;
    tell her the truth and let her have a look at you for free healing.
    When you leave the Clocktower Storeroom, head to the right. You'll
    find a firm-looking set of doors on the left; try to open them, but
    they're locked. Proceed ahead to the stairs, and open the door at the
    top. You've just entered the Torture Chamber, something that'll
    become very obvious quite soon. Ram the door to escape.
    You'll return to the door of the Tresure Vault. Keep going towards
    the terrace, and proceed on through the hallway once you reach it.
    Take the stairs down again, and head right, past Riddel's room, into
    Lynx's Quarters. Ask the Mirrors of Whispers where the key to the
    Treasure Vault is. You'll be shown a room filled with books.
    So, leave the room and go up the stairs. Proceed ahead into the study;
    the key is in the purple book in the back. If you select other books,
    Kid will read them, but your relationship will decrease 10 points for
    every time you tell her the wrong book, plus she'll deal 18 points of
    damage to you if you have her read a certain blue book. Once you have
    the key, your relationship with Kid will increase 15 points. Head
    towards the terrace and keep going down the hallway until you reach
    the Treasure Vault's doors.
    Go inside, and you'll find the Frozen Flame. It's trapped, but it
    doesn't matter if you are cautious or not; an alarm bell will ring
    either way, and you'll have to fight some Goblins. You've got to save
    her (unless you want her to beat you up for running away), but those
    Goblins react randomly to your choices, so just select either one and
    hope it's the best. If they hit you, you'll lose 10 or 20 health
    points. Head-butt them and you lose 10 health points. Bounce off one
    and have him kick your ribs, and you lose 28 health points. You could
    end in bad shape after this battle.
    After defeating the Goblins, you'll get a Hand-Shaped plate. Leaving
    the Treasure Vault, head towards the terrace and keep on walking
    until the path splits; take the stairs again. Go through the archway
    on the left, into the atrium. Immediately go back; the more you stay,
    the more damage you'll take, and you'll never reach the far exit. As
    you return, you'll find a Mouth of Truth. Once Kid's done threatening
    it, put the hand-shaped plate you got from the goblins on it.
    Having crossed through the atrium, head down the left path. You'll
    find a locked door leading to the Catacombs. Heading away from it,
    keep on going forward, then take the descending staircase and turn
    left; you'll be right outside the Armory, so go in. Meet Esmeld, the
    educated Goblin. Take a seat next to Magil, and drink some tea; your
    wounds will be healed. Esmeld will say the key to the Catacombs is
    around, but it's up to you to make him "remember" where it is.
    + Optional: if you want a bit of fun, tell him 'tough luck, give us
      the key' and then take out your secret collection of Kid's photos
      before telling him the story. Kid will not be amused and deal 40
      points of damage to you, though! Your relationship with her will
      also go down 30 points.
    Ask Esmeld what does he want in return, and then tell him how the
    girl came across a large beetle, painted it from head to toe with
    shiny golden paint, and eventually sold it for an outrageous sum of
    money. Esmeld will then give you the key to the Catacombs.
    Heading away from the Armory, proceed on through and enter the
    Kitchen. Eat from the saucepan and say it's delicious to recover 30
    health points. Then, a trapped rat will mistake Kid for a boy (an
    honest mistake if you ask me) and ask you to free it. Help it out;
    it will turn into a gryphon! Don't panic, and hit the deck. The
    gryphon will stand on its hind legs, lose balance, and come crashing
    to the ground. If you spare its life, it will offer vital information
    and you will learn how to escape a Devil's Circle.
    Go up the stairs and proceed on ahead, towards the catabombs. You will
    meet an old man muttering to himself; Magil will explain that he's
    constructed a wall on his mind and refuses to acknowledge the world
    around him. Tell Magil that his explanation makes sense to you, and
    say nothing, confused, when Kid asks you what to do. Since the old man
    mentioned Riddel, your next stop should be her room.
    So, heading away from the catacombs, turn right, go across the atrium
    and proceed through the passageway, until you reach the doors to
    Riddel's room on the right. Enter the room; Riddel will be here, and
    she will give you information about both the Frozen Flame and the old
    man; your next stop is the Torture Chamber, but Riddel says that you
    need the holy sword Einlanzer to enter it and escape alive. Remember
    that ancient sword in the Clocktower Storeroom?
    From Riddel's room, head left towards the atrium, and take the stairs
    up. Turn right, heading towards the terrace and past it, and enter the
    Clocktower Storeroom. Kid will find the Einlanzer, while Magil talks
    a bit about it and the Masamune. Swallow your pride and pick the sword
    up, unless you want a punch in the stomach that'll take away 10 health
    Leaving the storeroom, proceed to the right, and take the stairs.
    Enter the Torture Chamber, and thrust the sword into the floor! The
    ceiling will stop, and after removing a stone from the wall, you'll
    find the Acacian Ring.
    At the bottom of the staircase, proceed ahead to the terrace and past
    it. When the path splits into three directions, proceed on ahead and
    enter the Ballroom. After a small scene, leave the ballroom and take
    the stairs. Go through the archway on the left, through the atrium,
    and head down the left path, towards the Catacombs. Go in; Magil will
    open the old man's cell and Kid will try to get his attention rather
    violently; try to stop her or let her go on, either way he'll mistake
    Kid for Riddel and reveal to her that there's a secret entranceway in
    the Ballroom. Leaving the catacombs, turn right and go across the
    atrium for the last time.
    + Optional: head down the passageway and go past Riddel's Room and
      into Lynx's Quarters. The Mirror of Whispers will be back, and after
      a small scene where it reveals it has alerted Lynx of the party's
      presence, it will destroy itself.
    Take the stairs up and head left, towards the wallroom. Enter it, and
    Kid will push against the candlestick, causing the entire room to
    sink into the ground. After talking to Kid, the room will come to a
    stop and you'll start walking down a long, dark path. Now it's the
    time to ask about the Frozen Flame, and you can put two and two
    together and guess what it is. Just remember: what was, really, the
    meteorite that crashed in the planet, several millions of years ago
    in the Chrono Trigger's timeline...?
    After walking for a while, Magil will command you to stop. A bolt of
    electricity approaches you, splits off in two, and forms a circle
    around you... a Devil's Circle. To escape it with your bones intact,
    follow the Kitchen Gryphon's instructions: take three steps to the
    right, then two steps to the left, and finally two steps to the right.
    And so, heading down the hallway further and further, eventually...
    you'll reach a door leading into a cavern full of ruins from the
    Kingdom of Zeal. The Frozen Flame is here... and so is Lynx. A fight
    will ensue, and both Kid and Magil will be trapped. No matter what you
    choose, the result is the same; if Kid appreciates you enough, she'll
    give up the stone for you. But don't let the menues time out.
    Enjoy the ending!
    After the credits roll, press A to see the list of scenarios you've
    completed. Press A again to head for the first selection menu. Now
    when you start the game, it'll play a different story depending on
    what you do; you will want to save the current state in your
    emulator, to avoid having to play the first scenario all over again.
    2) Magil: Caught Between Love and Adventure
    Give in to sleep. Follow Kid. Go to the study and examine the desk.
    Go to Riddel's room. Now you can vomit at the lovey-dovey scene.
    3) Kid and the Sunflower
    Don't fall asleep, and check out the woods. You can now try to kiss
    Kid, or kill her, or be killed by her (three different endings).
    4) SuperXtreme Alphacosmos Police Case EX Ultra
    Fall asleep. Follow Kid. Go to the Study and check out the painting.
    Go to the treasury, open your eyes wide at what you read. Go to the
    storeroom room, laugh like a maniac. Go down the stairs and fall off
    your chair laughing your ass off as the scenario becomes more and
    more weird with every word. Go Mick Van Jovi, Go!
    5) Homecoming: Shea's Light
    Fall asleep. Take another second to see about that light. Go to the
    Ballroom, er, Cathedral. Press both keys in the organ. Go to Lynx's
    Quarters. See Lynx not-so-lifeless body and return to the Cathedral.
    6) The Enigmatic Gigaweapon: Paradise X
    Fall asleep. Follow Kid. Play the game normally like in Scenario #1
    until you get the key to the Treasure Vault. Head to Lynx's Quarters
    right away and follow Kid into the wall. Beat the crap out of the
    Cyclops until Magil reminds you who it is. Now finish the game to
    watch Gigaweapon Paradise X battle against Steel Lord Mecha-Lynx!
    I've heard that if you don't fall asleep and exchange some words with
    Kid, the ending is different. I'll confirm this and give more detailed
    info in the long-awaited Revision B.
    7) The Shadow Realm and the Goddess of Death
    Fall asleep. Follow Kid. Go to the Study and walk over to the
    bookshelves. Ask Magil to open the book. Go to the ballroom.
    BONUS) Music Test
    Give in to sleep. Follow Kid. Go to the study and examine the desk.
    Go to Riddel's room. Now, skip through the text until you see
    "If only I had more options..." followed by two options; that's your
    clue. Hit down *twice* and the cursor will dissapear: you will be
    in a third, hidden option. Press A and you'll be in the Music Test
    screen. Once you hear all the songs you want, select Exit and complete
    the lovey-dovey scene; the final screen will display Bonus: Music Test
    and mark is at complete.
    Credit goes to TheUnseen for finding this one.
    Give in to sleep. Follow Kid. Go to the study and examine the desk.
    Go to Riddel's room. Now, skip through the text until you see
    "If only I had more options..." followed by two options; that's your
    clue. Hit down *twice* and the cursor will dissapear: you will be
    in a third, hidden option. Press A and you'll be in the Music Test
    screen. Select the song 6, "Under Moonlight"; in the next screen,
    hit down *twice* and the cursor will dissapear again into another
    hidden option. Press A and you'll be returned to the track listing;
    select "Under Moonlight" again and select the hidden option again;
    keep doing that and after a short while, a secret bonus will be
    activated. All your base are belong to us.
    Credit goes to Zeus44 for finding this one.
    For this section, I'll post a small text so you can identify the exact
    enemy, and then the choices you should select for minimum damage, if
    possible. Note that sometimes, the result of your choices is random;
    I've included both results if they still allow you to select another
    choice to kill the monster, but if the result of the fight is just
    plain random, I've indicated it.
      Suddenly, Kid comes to a stop.
      "Somethin' ain't right..."
      Hearing this, I immediately unsheathe my knife. I try to
      look ahead and behind, but all I can see is darkness.
      - Do what Kid would do!
        The goblin loses an eye, and Kid likes you 5 points more.
      - Hurl my knife at it, and while it's distracted, snatch its mace!
        The globin loses the rest of its head.
      Before me, Kid comes to an abrupt stop. My knife's
      ready, but all I can see is darkness.
      - Grip my knife and stand ready.
      - Deflect its blow with my knife!
        The goblin drops its morning star. Damage: 0.
      - Go for it!
        Sucks to be that goblin. Damage: 0.
      - See if Kid needs any help.
      - Swing the morning star at it.
        Kid doesn't yet at you. Incredible. Damage: 0.
      Ahead of me, I hear Kid come to a sudden stop.
      "What's wrong!?" I ask in a whisper.
      - Ram it!
        Ribs fly everywhere. Damage: 0.
      - Catch it!
        You catch the skull. Damage: 0.
      - Smash it onto the floor!
        The skeleton crumbles to the ground. Damage: 0.
      Just ahead of me, I bump into Kid, who's come to a
      complete stop.
      "Somethin's wrong, mate."
      - Look for a weak spot!
        The skeleton freezes Magil. Damage: 0.
      - Attack!
        You shatter the skeleton. Damage: 0.
      As we continue through the passageway, everything's
      going normal, until...
      Suddenly, something drops onto my hood.
      - Make a run for it!
        You run until the leeches form a demon.
      - Duck!
        + You duck and the demon misses. No damage.
        + You duck but the demon hits you. Damage: 10.
      - Attack!
        You hit the demon and it dissapears.
      Suddenly, Kid stops dead in her tracks. I look to her, wondering
      what's wrong.
      - Size it up!
        Magil will throw a streak of fire at it.
      - Rush it before it has time to finish!
        You'll get hit (no damage) and Kid will finish it off.
      Suddenly, a bloodcurdling screech cuts through the
      darkness! Scared stiff at the deafening sound, I look up
      to see two gigantic, maddening red eyeballs staring
      straight at me!
      - Random fight.
    1. What is that garbled brown screen at the beginning of the game?
       Since this game was distributed via the SatellaView, and no SNES
       emulators implement the system calls, when the game tries to access
       the SatellaView memory to check for saved games, it believes they
       are all full. That brown screen asks you to erase a save slot, and
       the first option transfers control back to the SatellaView system.
       Since that is not emulated, selecting it just hangs the game. Just
       select any of the save slots 1-8, and press A, followed by Start;
       then the game will begin. The screen will be garbled only if your
       emulator resolution is low; it will look fine at 512x448 or more.
    2. Why doesn't the in-game save option work?
       See above. This game tries to save to the SatellaView's memory,
       that is simply not emulated. Use the emulator's savestates instead.
    3. Does this game fill any of the gaps from Chrono Cross?
       No. This game is an alternate universe to both This World and
       Another World from Chrono Cross; what happens in Radical Dreamers
       doesn't affect either of the Chrono Cross' timelines.
    4. Is Magil actually Magus from Chrono Trigger?
       Probably. The strongest evidence is that he knew the Masamune's
       owner and while he wasn't his 'mate' he doesn't think of Frog as
       an enemy, either. Since the Chrono Trigger is in Kid's possesion
       after Lucca's death, we can assume this is what happens to the
       Chrono Trigger timeline if you don't resurrect Crono (lack of a
       clone, perhaps) and Magus stays alive.
    5. How do you apply the Demiforce patch to this ROM?´
       Windows: You need to use the command prompt. Copy both the ROM
       file (whatever.smc) and the patch files to your C:\ drive in My
       Computer. Make sure it's the only ROM file in there. Now, open a
       command prompt by clicking Start, Run and running "command" in
       Windows 9x/Me, or "cmd" in Windows 2000/XP. On this command
       prompt, type, without quotes and hitting Enter after each item,
       "c:", "cd\", "ren *.smc rad-j.smc", "sour", and finally "exit".
       And a new ROM file called Radical Dreamers should be there.
       If you have problems, just get a prepatched ROM and save everybody
       the headache of explaining you; if you never used DOS, chances
       are you'll just get in everybody's nerves. And just to be clear:
       I won't patch your ROM, I won't send you the prepatched ROM, and
       I won't send you the ROM period. Use Google.
       Linux: copy rad-j.smc and the patch files to the same directory,
       then open a terminal and run "wine sour". I've tested it with the
       current WINE release and it works fine.
    6. What does the "small gem" that some enemies drop do?
       It improves your relationship with Kid by 24 points.
    Serge's health level is stored at address 7E0901; I'm using that
    address' value to report health damages in the battles, but you can
    fix this address to a given value and then you'll never lose health,
    though you probably still can die from story events. You begin the
    game with 120 health points; to fix that value, enter the cheat code
    7E090178 in zSNES.
    First Release: 2003.04.19
    - Complete info to get the seven main scenarios.
    Revision A: 2003.04.28
    - Added the two bonuses.
    - Added an ASCII version of the map.
    - Added the Cheats section.
    - Added the Enemies section.
    - Expanded Scenario 1 walkthrough.
    Revision B-: 2004.06.06
    - Done since January but waited five months for release.
    - Rewrote the main scenario to include relationship points between
      Kid and Serge; incomplete and needs to be added to other scenarios.
    - Added the FAQ section.
    - More enemies added to the section.
    E-Mail: leandro@leelazone.com.ar (subject: "Radical Dreamers")
    MBoard: http://www.leelazone.com.ar/forum/index.php?showforum=9
      Site: http://leandrotlz.deviantart.com/

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