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    FAQ by Ryouga

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                                                                     _  _
                                                                   ,       ` 
               _ _ _                                                        \
        ___  ,       `                                ,--          ` -      |
      ,     \         '                              |    |            |    |
      |     |         '                 , -    ,- - -      - - -       |    |
      |     |         ,               ,     ` '                  '     |    |     
      |     |.       ,              ,      ,  '                  '     |    |     
      |     |,- - -               ,      ,     >- - -      - - -<      |    |     
      |             `           ,      ,      '                  '      \__       
      |               `       ,      <        '                  '  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
      |    _ _ _       |    ,         `        `- - -,      - - -  |_ _ _ _ _ _ _|
       \__,     `      |  ,            |        ,          `           _ _ _ _ _  
                 '     |,       ,`     ,      ,               `      ,          ` 
         _      ,     ,       ,  /    /                         `   /     _      \
       ,   `---     ,       ,                '    ()             ' '    ,   .     
      /            |      ,     /    /  _    '           , ` _  /   ` -     ,    '
      `             \   ,            ,"   `  \          ,                ,      ,
       ` _ _ _ _ _ _,`-        /          ,    -  -  -                ,       .  
                               |        ,                           .       ,_ _ 
                                `-- --                             '            `
                                                                   `             '
                                                                    ` _ _ _ _ _ /
                                Ranma ½ - Ougi Jaanken
                            (Scissor-Paper-Rock Technique)
                          Super Famicom, by Shogakukan (1995)
                                       FAQ v1.0
                             Last Updated on May 12 2001
                          By Ryouga (ryouga@videogamers.com)
    [Legal Disclaimer]
     This document is Copyright 2001, Ryouga (ryouga@videogamers.com) and may not
     be reproduced in any form without permission. Furthermore, this document may
     not be altered, edited, or sold without approval. If these terms are violated,
     proper legal action will be taken.
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     I'm always happy to let people use my work, so long as they've been given
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     This document is unofficial and is in no way affiliated with any company.
    (I)    [Introduction]
    (II)   [Controls]
    (III)  [Menus]
    (IV)   [Characters]
    (V)    [Strategy]
    (VI)   [FAQ]
    (VII)  [Acknowledgments]
    (I) [Introduction]
    - Story -
      Gambler King is offering a wish to any person who can beat him at a game
      of Jaanken. Ranma, Akane, Ryouga, Genma, Mousse and Shampoo all head off
      to be the first to beat King and claim their prize.
    - Features -
      Ranma ½ - Ougi Jaanken is the only puzzle game in the Super Famicom Ranma
      series. It looks slightly like Puyo-Puyo, but the gameplay is original. 
      There are three basic pieces: Rock, Paper and Scissors. Each of the three
      beats one and loses against the other:
          Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, Paper beats Rock
      In the game, pieces of all three kinds will come down and must be stacked
      in order to eliminate them. 
         Example: Stacking a Rock on top of a stack of eight Scissors will cause
                  the Rock to eliminate them one by one, dropping each time. 
      The more pieces that are eliminated in one move, the more garbage pieces are
      dropped on the opponent's screen. The goal is to cover the opponent's screen
      with blocks so they cannot fit anymore. 
    (II) [Controls]
    - Basics -
     Down: Drops Block faster
     Left: Moves Block left
     Right: Moves Block right
     A or L button: Cycles pieces left
     B or R button: Cycles pieces right
     Y or X button: Water Bucket
      -Pressing Y will turn your next Block into a Water Bucket with a green 
       garbage block on each side. When the Water Bucket touches anything, it pours
       out and vanishes, turning the opponent into their cursed form which makes
       their combos count up far less than they should.
        -If the bucket lands on a garbage block, it will take away all garbage
         blocks of both colors in a small area.
        -If the bucket lands on on rock/paper/scissors piece, it will take away
         all of that block in a small area.
        -If the bucket and both green garbage blocks land on a flat surface of
         garbage blocks together, all garbage blocks on screen will vanish.
      (Note: Akane and King do not have cursed forms and are unaffected by water)
    - Combo Attacks -
     Each character has two special attack moves that are performed when a large
     combo has been completed. The two types are Hard Combo Attack, and Super
     Combo Attacks. Each character's two combo attack require a certain amount
     of pieces to be combo'ed.
     The Power Bar in the middle of the measures the power of each player's 
     most recent Combo string. For some characters, the combo count will stop at 
     99, but the bar must be increased past that to unleash their Super Combo 
     Attack. Alternatively, some characters have a MAX Combo lower than 99, but
     the combo counter will still count up to 99.
    - Character Statistics -
     Each character has unique statistics that influence how they are played:
      Offense: Increases garbage blocks dropped on the opponent after combos
      Defense: Lowers the amount of garbage blocks received from opponent's combos
      Speed: Increases speed of disappearing pieces during combos
      Attack: Increases the Combo Meter with less combos
    (III) [Menus]
    - STORY -
      A Story mode that pits one character against the other five characters, then
      in a final Jaanken bout with King to win a wish. Two matches must be won to
      beat an opponent.
    - VS MODE -
      Various one and two-player versus modes:
        PRACTICE: A one-player mode against a computer opponent.
        VERSUS: A two-player mode
        STATISTICS: Shots the win/loss ration between characters in VS Mode
        VS OPTION
            ROUNDS: Set the match limit to win (2-99)
            ANIMATION: Sets the battle animations , default is On (on/off).
            STRIKE EACH OTHER: Sets if battle animations play on both sides at 
                               once, default is Off (on/off).
            TIME LIMIT: Set the time limit of the match in minutes. At the end of
                        the time limit in a match, the player with the highest 
                        total Combo count wins. Default is 3 minutes (1-5 or 
            STAGE: Select from seven background of the match, default is Random.
            (can be set to different options for each player)
                TRANSFORM: Sets if your character can be changed after an opponent
                           uses a water bucket, default in On (on/off).
                SUPER BLOCK: If set On, purple garbage blocks turn into green 
                             garbage blocks instead of being eliminated but green 
                             blocks are eliminated all the same. Default is 
                             Off (on/off).
                BLOCK CHAIN: Sets how many garbage blocks in a row will disappear
                             when touching a combo or chain. Default is 11 (1-11).
                FALL: Sets the drop speed of the current piece (Slow, Medium, Fast)
    - OPTION -
      DIFFICULTY: Set the difficulty of the computer. (Beginner, Standard, Expert)
      SOUND: Set between Stereo (default) and Monaural.
      BLOCK: Change the appearance of the gameplay rock/paper/scissor pieces:
               -Normal           (Rock, Paper, Scissors)
               -Ranma character  (P-Chan, Shampoo Cat, Genma Panda)
                                 (garbage blocks become Cologne and Happosai)
               -Elements         (Water, Fire, Paper)
               -Odd Shapes       (Diamond, v-Shaped, ^-Shaped)
      SOUND TEST: Enters the Sound Test mode. Use Left/Right to scroll through the
                  play buttons on top, A to use a button, and Up/Down to switch
                  between Music and Voice samples.
    (IV) [Characters]
    - Ranma -
     Cursed form: Ranma-Chan    Difficulty: Normal
     Players of moderate skill will have no trouble using Ranma. His speed and
     attack ratings are quite good, meaning he can pull off powerful combos
     quickly. His Combo Meter also charges up fairly quickly.
    Offense: 7            MAX Combo: 90
    Defense: 6           (Hard Combo Attack) Kachuu Tenshin Amaguriken: 35-89 Combo
    Speed:   5.5         (Super Combo Attack) Hiryuu Shoten Ha: 90 Combo
    Attack:  7.5
    - Akane -
     Cursed form: None          Difficulty: Easy
     Akane is the only normal character with no cursed form, meaning that
     opponents' water buckets have no effect on her. Add that to the fact that her
     Combo Meter charges up rather quickly and she is quite suited to beginner
    Offense: 7            MAX Combo: 80
    Defense: 8           (Hard Combo Attack) Seiken Tsuki: 40-79 Combo
    Speed:   5           (Super Combo Attack) Rainei Kaikyaku Geri: 80 Combo
    Attack:  7
    - Ryouga -
     Cursed form: P-Chan        Difficulty: Average
     Like Ranma, Ryouga is an average choice with slightly below-average speed
     during combos. Nothing outstanding in any category, although his Combos
     take slightly longer than average to initiate.
    Offense: 7            MAX Combo: 110
    Defense: 5           (Hard Combo Attack) Shishi Houkoudan: 40-109 Combo
    Speed:   3           (Super Combo Attack) Bakusai Tenketsu: 110 Combo
    Attack:  8
    - Genma -
     Cursed form: Panda         Difficulty: Beginner
     Genma is a decent choice for beginners, since his combos move so slowly that
     they give a large amount of time to plan future moves. This ability, however,
     can get very annoying as you play the game more. Also, his Combo Meter is
     almost unbearably slow to build up.
    Offense: 7            MAX Combo: 120
    Defense: 8           (Hard Combo Attack) Kaere Rekishitai: 50-119 Combo
    Speed:   2           (Super Combo Attack) Jigoku No Yurikago: 120 Combo
    Attack:  7
    - Shampoo -
     Cursed form: Cat           Difficulty: Expert
     Shampoo is the fastest character in the game, and is therefore best suited for
     advanced players. Her combo meter charges up very quickly, although opponents'
     combos leave her with a huge amount of garbage pieces. Use caution with her.
    Offense: 6.5          MAX Combo: 75
    Defense: 3           (Hard Combo Attack) Seiryuutou: 30-74 Combo
    Speed:   8           (Super Combo Attack) Tenha Rakuruegeki: 75 Combo
    Attack:  8
    - Mousse -
     Cursed form: Duck          Difficulty: Expert
     Second in speed only to Shampoo, Mousse is also an advanced character. Like
     Genma, his Combo Meter is pathetically slow to charge, and his defense leaves
     him open for an unbearable amount of garbage after combos. Make sure to use
     his speed to your advantage.
    Offense: 8            MAX Combo: 120
    Defense: 1           (Hard Combo Attack) Takazumeken: 50-119 Combo
    Speed:   7.5         (Super Combo Attack) Keiranken: 120 Combo
    Attack:  0.5
    - King -
     Cursed form: None          Difficulty: N/A
     King is a formidable opponent who is merciless at the highest difficulty
     setting, pulling off MAX Combo Attacks like nobody's business. Another
     advantage of his is that like Akane, he has no cursed form and suffers no
     drawbacks from opponents' water buckets. Good luck against him!
    Offense: ???          MAX Combo: 90
    Defense: ???         (Hard Combo Attack) Dice Roll: 40-89 Combo
    Speed:   ???         (Super Combo Attack) Joker Shower: 90 Combo
    Attack:  ???
    (V) [Strategy]
    - Bucket Anticipation -
     If an opponent is about to initiate a large combo, use a bucket on them to
     temporarily and greatly lower their Combo counter. Note that this will not
     work on Akane or King, as they are unaffected by water buckets.
    - Character Selection Is Key -
     Between the six characters, there are three categories. Genma and Akane are
     best suited for beginners, because Genma moves very slowly and Akane is not
     affected by Water Buckets. Ranma and Ryouga are moderate, since they move at
     a medium speed. Finally, Shampoo and Mousse are best suited for experts since
     their combos move very quickly and allow for much more fast-paced thinking.
    - Filling Lines -
     When a full line of any identical block is completed either diagonally or 
     horizentally (but not vertically!), all pieces in that line will vanish,
     giving more space to work with and a bit more time to plan a next move.
    - Keep Your Screen Flat -
     Why? Because if your opponent tosses a bunch of garbage blocks to you, they
     will most likely line up and vanish right away (see 'Filling Lines' above)
    - Odds Look Bad? Use A Bucket -
     Buckets can be used to make great comebacks even when your screen is filled,
     as they can eliminate lots of blocks if positioned well. Save buckets for
    - Preparing Large Combos -
     Stack up identical blocks so that many pieces can be eliminated at once by
     stacking one of the opposite type of pieces on top. Just be careful not to
     stack too high, or a single garbage piece could cost you a combo.
    - Using Garbage Blocks Wisely -
     Garbage blocks vanish when a combo takes place immediately beside or below 
     them. In such a case, up to 11 garbage blocks in a straight line will vanish. 
     The number of blocks in a row that vanish can be set from 1 to 11 in the
     Handicap Options.
    (VI) [FAQ]
    - Why does all the text make no sense?
      Because it's in Japanese. Ranma ½ - Ougi Jaanken is a Japanese Super Famicom 
      game and was never ported to the American Super Nintendo system.
    - Can I play this game on my American Super Nintendo system?
      No, and yes. The cartridge will work in an American console, but there are 
      two plastic tabs inside the cartridge slot that prevent imported game from
      fitting in properly. They can be easily removed with a pair of pliers, but
      doing so voids the console's warrenty (which probably expired years ago 
      anyway). In any case, do so at your own risk.
    (VII) [Acknowledgments]
      -Rumiko Takahashi, for creating the wonderful Ranma ½ universe.
      -Shogagukun, for making this game.
      -Damius, for putting up with my constant Ranma-related ramblings.
      -CJayC, for his devotion to GameFAQs.
      -Jade, for helping to decifer the Options.
      -Iwasaki-sensei, my Japanese professor who also helped decifer the Options.

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