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"Very imperssive fighting game."

It seems like Capcom really made an impact in the SNES era. The 90's saw multiple fighting games pop out all trying to find some sort of formula that would spell success. Numerous copycats followed generic character styles but this particular game has managed to retain its grace and has aged rather well because of how well designed it is.

Story/Ending - It's a fighting game pitting kaijuu against one another and doesn't really follow any sort of story. Really, there's no need for a story which makes its simplicity so effective. All characters earn the same ending which encourages players to try out the varying characters.

Graphics - Not one to usually dwell on this aspect since I don't think it necessarily constitutes to a "funner" experience but this game is gorgeous. The frame rate for the monsters still feels fairly fluid but manages to make you feel like you're putting some oomph into your attacks.

Gameplay - In order to really appreciate the game mechanics a brief explanation of the buttons is in order. You have a weak but fast attack (Y), a slow heavy hitting attack (X) and both can be used jumping (typically a character will have 4 in total in the air) as well as crouching. The B button does a grapple. This command is important since it commits to a slow grab attempt that can be very punishable when missed and even when you grab an opponent you must do a more complicated throw command (example: forward, down forward, down+B). During the grapple the opponent is free to mash out which essentially makes cheap throws less irritating, which equals more fun. The last button to discuss is A. Holding a direction and pressing it will result in a dash for the character. Some can run while others hop. It's also used for taunts where the monster does their signature roar. It leaves them temporarily vulnerable, but it has its uses.

On the surface the game itself doesn't seem very exciting but the game isn't just about one health meter. For players have to manage a total of 3. The first is the health meter, the second is your stun meter below your health meter. When it fills up you dizzy and are exposed on the ground temporarily. The last meter is your special attack meter. When filled you get access to a more powerful attack only available during that time as well as a power boost to all of your other attacks including throws. However, your stun meter fills faster when your special attack meter is filled. So a simple roar taunt can really stack up your stun meter without having to commit to landing a hit.

The game does not demand difficult to perform combos but a lot of special attacks. Fortunately, the leniency for the inputs of special commands are most forgiving.

Characters - For a Godzilla fan, there can never be a roster good enough but this set is still very impressive. You have all sorts of characters who play very very differently than one another. Some characters can't block but make up for it in speed and defensive moves while one of the characters can't even jump due to their size. Very impressive and faithful to the Godzilla films.

What's more, if anyone has watched any of the films they'll more than likely recognize those very same attacks from the movies. The depth of detail the designers put into this game really is astounding. You just need to go appreciate it and find all the little goodies.

Replay Value - I played this game when I was young and fear I might have over analyzed it yet it still holds a very high place in my heart in terms of fun. Once you become more accustomed to the controls and very lenient inputs, the game is incredibly fun to pick up and put down at a whim. I hope you found this review useful and wish for every fighting game fan to at least experience this game. It's a welcome addition to the fighting game genre.

End Score - 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/28/13

Game Release: Godzilla: Kaijuu Daikessen (JP, 12/09/94)

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