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"A mediocre fighter with Godzilla."

Ah, the coolness of Godzilla. When mentioned, the thought of Godzilla action figures and bad japanese voice acting come to mind. Of course, with such a big trend at one point such as this, games are sure to spawn right? Of course, but this game is only availible in Japan.

Godzilla: Kaijuu Daikessen begins, as usual, at the start-up screen. Your options are Normal Game, VS. Mode and, well, options. The controls can be changed to your liking, and consist of: Light Attack, Heavy Attack, Grab, Dash. The different combos revolve around doing half-moons (QCB/QCF) and pressing the appropriate button. Unfortunantly, the combos dont flow together well and can cause confusion, fustration and an altogether bad system of moves.

The character selection is wonderful, coming in at 8 total monsters of the Godzilla franchise. Those being:
Gigan, Anguirus, Mothra, Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, King Ghidorah, Biollante and Megalon.
All of the characters have their own attacks and moves, each doing their own thing. Some characters are specalized, like Mothra can fly and Biollante can't jump.

Below both competitor's health bar, is another bar. This bar increases as you take damage and rapidly drops. If the bar fills up all the way, the person taking the damage is thrown to the ground and stunned momentarily. In the lower corner is a replica of your monster, and everytime you take damage it fills up. When it fills up, you can use your character's special move. Although blockable, they are extremely powerful.
The audio is pretty decent, although you'll never notice it, after a while it gets extremely annoying. The effects are nice but are not worth it, so you best turn the sound down for this game.
Visuals look great, like most other SNES 2d fighters it has good visuals and nicely designed sprites. Since the game is japanese, you'll have to import. The game is extremely import-friendly, the menus are all in english.

In Normal mode, you go up fighting against 7 other monsters (the eighth being you) until you beat them all. Then you fight an 8th special monster in a special arena, and afterwords it shows your character roaring. The credits roll, and you unlock a new character and arena.

For replay? Well, there are unlockable characters. I'm not sure how many, I've only beaten it once and unlocked one hidden character. Although normal mode and just plain fighting is fun, I dont recommend this game unless you're a diehard Godzilla fan.

Visuals: 8/10
Sound: 5/10
Replay: 7/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Overall: 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/16/02, Updated 05/16/02

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