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"Godzilla Street fighter, And its not a clone (My new grading system too in effect too)"

Ah, godzilla. How many Bulidings have you destroyed? How many tanks, planes and Monsters have you beat up and destroyed? To be on topic, this is one of the 4 kickass godzilla games ive played(Godzilla 2 and Super Godzilla are.....) and Godzilla gets helps from his buddies/enemies:Angrius, Ghidora, Gigan, Megalon, Mech G, Biolante, and Mothra, and Some Kaiju ive acctually never seen before,but seemes like some kind of super Mecha godzilla.(BTW, This is my new grading scale:Gameplay is worth 3 times all the others but is still averaged accordingly, meaning If i was to average out the scores, which is Graphics,Sounds,Music,Gameplay,and Story, all the scores added up would be divided by 7, not 5)


Nothing new or too special, But just decent. None of the monsters look horribly deformed. The backgrounds and all look a bit too shaded, and Buildings do fall if touched or landed on. Some of the specials look awsome(looks at Mecha's), but some also lag up the game(looks at Mecha agian).The moves such as Atomic breath and such do look nicely rendered, but some moves like Gigans chest spikes moving look lagged.


Every monster has his or her(if Mothra is female, Biolante i think also is) signature voices from the movies. Some of the effects such as lasers are also similar to the movies. Even the Bodies of the monsters hitting the floor and beating the living crap out of each other is apropriate and very well chosen.


The music I belive is also ripped from the godzilla Movies,
I can tell as Mothras theme stage is the ending theme(Methinks) from Godzilla vs black mothra, and even Godzillas theme is also here(The one were hes usually kicking ass or about to be in a huge fight). I liked those tunes, but the music seemed a bit low pitch, a bit too low and soft.


This is what games are basically based on. Godzilla definately makes this game fun. first, it has a power up Limit bar, where Your Kaiju will perform a powerful(and i mean powerful) move.Godzilla does a super radioactive blast, Angrius does a super roll attack, Ghidora flys and starts bombarding 70% of the screen with lighting, Gigan does a grab and completely pummels his opponent, Megalon shoots a super flame ball, Mecha unleashes and entire arsenal of lazers and missiles, Biolante attacks with tentacles and poison, Mothra can either do a downward laser poison or on the ground do a paralysis attack and call on black mothra to give a beatdown, and super Mecha will rush like gigan does and unloads an entire aresnal. And to seperate this game from Such series as Street Fighter or King of ficgters is that all the monsters are different. Biolante is to big for her own good, and is Super Mecha, Mothra is able to fly but unable to defend(she/he wont need to much, unless you get pinned), Angurius can usually dodge some fireballs, and the rest are of ok sizes and dont really have much advantages/disadvaneges. Of course Gigan seemes to be the only character with an uppercut attack(Which is good, as most comps camp >:[) and thus camping or defending alot is only recomended if you want to fill up your power up bar slowly. Theres also another bar which shows how much close your Kaiju is getting to be knocked out. Theres also a rushing button, when if pressed just onced, would scare the enemy, and increase their '' Tired Bar'' whcih could also knock the out (for awhile, not the round i mean).Theres a 2 player mode also, where no code is needed to play as super mecha godzilla.


Err, there really isnt much story, its a fighting game for crying out loud. but its basically about Choosing the Kaiju of your choice, go all over Japan and beat the snot out of other monsters, and win.

Overall-8.2857> 8-

Not Just a crappy street fighter clone, like so many companies try to do and fail badly, this is different. Godzilla get the 2D fighter treatment, and is succesful.Peace out.

Buy or rent?

Well, i was never released in the US(why? i dont know, somehow super godzilla was). If they still sell imports of SNES games, go ahead and buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/19/03, Updated 05/19/03

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