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"Hardcore Wrestling Meets Street Fighter?"

Introduction: FMW is a hardcore Japanese wrestling promotion over in Japan. This game is the only FMW game ever made. Is it any good? Well, if you like Street fighter and can picture it with wrestlers then you might enjoy the game.

Roster: For this game especially, I included a roster review. Here is the reason why. This game only has 4, yes 4, FMW wrestlers. It contains Onita, Ricky Fuiji, Tarzan Goto, and Sambo Asako. Clearly a small roster, which includes more fictional guys then actual FMW wrestlers.

Sound: Fair for a SNES game. Nothing special. The Asian music comes across as all right in the background. The sounds are a bit cheesy at some points but nothing to atrocious.

Graphics: Interesting enough, I like them. Everyone looks like who they're supposed to be. Also the stages you play on are really cool. There somewhat interactive, as they have certain things exploding and such. Really neat if you ask me. However don't be expecting Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat like graphics.

Modes: Only 2 of them. You could either do the typical arcade like mode. Going and fight everyone. Which is a pain in the ass considering the controls aren't good. More on that in a minute. There is also a 2 player mode. I doubt anyone spent any time playing that.

Controls: Rule of nature. Fighting Games and Wrestling don't mix. Next?

My Gripes:
-It's impossible to hit moves. Took me forever just to learn how to hit a back drop with Asako.
-Lack of wrestling ring. (And you thought only WCW Backstage Assault had that problem!)
-Lack of FMW Talent (Where's Hayabusa or The Gladiator for that matter? I demand Mikey Mullet among others!)
-Lack of Moves (Where the hell are the WRESTLING MOVES?)

Overview: This game is nothing great, but it's not bad either. Don't waist your time playing this. It's simply for die hard fans of FMW only I'd say. If you want to try a Japanese wrestling game, and come across this. Don't bother picking it up at all. Look at it, and laugh. The game never became anything popular, so missing out on this one won't hurt you at all. If you MUST play it because you're a die hard FMW fan, more power too you. I'm not preventing you from getting this game. Street Fighter with Wrestlers is all it is. Not even a grand selection of guys at that. Gameboy games have had more choices then that. Oh well keep in mind that if you do buy this, it will be sitting on your shelf once you get sick of it for a really long time.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/02/02, Updated 07/02/02

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