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    FAQ/Walkthrough by oriyley

    Version: 1.16 | Updated: 09/20/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Addams' Family Values FAQ/Walkthru
    Game: Addams' Family Values for the SNES/Genesis
    Developers & YOR: Ocean, 1994
    Written by: Riyley (riyley@excite.com)
    Copyright: 2/26/01
    vers. 1.16
      I'd like to quickly thank everyone who made this possible. First, a thanx
    to Ocean for making such a great game, Nintendo for such a great console and
    Jimmy, for convincing me to clear out all my old NES carts, without him I never
    would have discovered the joys of emulation or this game.
      Also, KindarSpirit, whose work in progress reminded me of this great game and
    inspired me to give it another go.
      Thanks for taking a look at this FAQ. It's only my second one, so I hope
    it holds some worth. Addams Family Values is something of a forgotten game:
    based on a good movie, it was something of a sequel to a so-so platformer, and
    I can't remember one advertisement for it. I actually bought the cart some
    years ago because of its low sale price, and ended up finding quite the
    discarded gem. The graphics are exquisite, and the music is both haunting
    and subtle, setting the mood perfectly. I'm sure the cart is extremely rare
    now, but the ROM image can be found on the 'net in a few places. I would
    definately recommend playing this game at least once.
    |===FAQ History===|
    vers. 1.16 - General update.  Parts of the guide seem a little unclear, so
    20/09/03     I'll be polishing those up, and generally making this bigger,
    	     better and more user-friendly.  Still looking for word from
    	     anyone who's found a missing item, or wants to help with my
    	     map-project: members.fortunecity.com/riyley/games/addams/maps.htm
    vers. 1.14 - Hey, i'm back!  After 2 years of no computers, it's good to
    6/10/03    be working on my pet-project again.  New stuff: a small addition
    	     to Dungeon 6, and an everything general update.  Cheers!
    vers. 1.13 - General update. Hey, AFV was made for the Genesis, who knew?
    3/19/01    I've added a comparison section, started up a small FAQ and
               generally cleaned up the document.
    vers. 1.10 - HTML only update. I converted the entire Walkthru/FAQ to
    3/07/01    webcode and revised the document's syntax and format. Also
               added information on the Don McDermott garden. You can find
               the web-version on my AFV website:
    vers. 1.00 - Finished the walkthrough, start to finish. Also fixed some
    3/01/01    area names, I finally got the dungeons correctly labeled.
               This is supposed to be a FAQ/Walkthru, but as of yet I
               don't actually have a FAQ, so please send in any questions
               you have to riyley@excite.com, so I can help out.
    vers. 0.01 - Birth of my AFV FAQ: Intro, Story and Legal Dogma
    2/26/01    added. Gameplay up to Romit documented, more to come
    |=== Whats missing from vers. 1.16? ===|
     Video games are infamous for being poorly documented, and AFV is a
    Glaring example. The instruction booklet contained info on many non-
    existant items and is misleading throughtout the entire game. Because
    of this, and the fact that some items are hard to find, I feel a need to
    make this section. As of right now, this walkthru will get you every
    item except 1 potion and 1 item that would be next to the bowling ball.
    Also, after following this guide through the game, at the end you will
    still be one skull short of a complete set. I would very much appreciate
    any help I get concerning these matters.
    |=== Story ===|
      Evil Debby Jelinsky (aka the Black Widow) has married into the Addams
    Family hoping to kill her unfortunate husband and get rich quick.
    Fester ended up proving a challenge to dispose of, so Debby kidnapped
    the newest addition to the Addams clan, baby Pubert. Now Fester, Gomez,
    Morticia, Granny, Wednesday, Pugsly, Thing, Lurch & Cousin It must move
    quickly to find baby Pubert and put an end to Debby's madness.
    |=== FAQ ===|(Don't forget to keep your questions coming!)
    Q: In Dungeon #4, after getting the coin and teleporting, whats with
       the four switches above the cracked wall?
    A: The four switches are triggers for the fireball spitters above.
    Q: I'm having trouble finding my way from the Morgue back to the vulture.
       (Note: This is, to date, the most frequent question i've received)
    A: The trick here is back-tracking.  You've come a LONG way, and a map
       might be helpful to have.  I've added a small section in the
       appropriate place. Think about exploring Level 6...
    Q: What platform is Addams Family Values designed for?
    A: I was browsing GameFaqs.com one day, and to my surprise I found that my
       walkthru had been posted in the Genesis section. After a few hours of
       research, I found that the game had indeed been released on the Genesis
       console. I downloaded the ROM, and played through the first dungeon using
       Genecyst. The differences I noticed are below:
     	-Eerie green overlay exists, skewing the colors
     	-Raster effects MUST be turned on for game to work
     	-Timing problems have virtually disappeared
       All in all, the Genesis version seems to handle memory better than
       the SNES version, but no in-game differences exist (that I know of).
       Personally, i'd play the SNES copy, but if you're a die-hard SEGA
       fan give the Genesis version a try, and tell me if you notice any
       other differences.
    Q: Can I skip the game and use one of your codes?
    A: Yes...but only for a price, you missing the worlds greatest movie game
       of all time.  Any codes I manage to collect will be listed at the
       end of the walkthrough.
    (Note: As i do test games with an emulator, i don't have an abundance of
    codes. Any submissions i receive will be posted, and credit will be given!)
    |=== Walkthru ===|
    (Quick Note: For the most part, this walkthru will direct you to your specific
     goals and move you around as quickly as possible. However, have some fun by
     going out of the way and exploring on your own. The mansions grounds are
     huge, and you never know when you'll find something I missed.)
    Mansion Entrance
      You start off in the main gardens, with Morticia and Granny wandering
    around. Morticia is of little value right now, talk to Granny to recieve your
    first supply of cookies(black beetle, they will give you ill-health in case
    you start feeling better). Gomez can now be found at the left edge of the
    area, he will give you a Journal which contains a map of most of the areas
    you'll find. Now go down to find a staircase. (Note: For a fun poke at the
    odiferous qualities of game designer Don McDermott, walk around the trees
    north of Gomez. Hidden by your skull meter is a break in the wall that leads
    to a secret garden.)
    Starter Dungeon
      Right off you'll find two warp tiles. There are four kinds of warps in the
    game that i'll quickly explain:
    Blue Tiles   - Sender pads. Will take you to another area.
    Black Tiles  - Like a blue pad, usually requires some action before use.
    Hidden Tiles - A Black tiles, that fits in it's environment.
    Red Tiles    - Receiver pads. These often catch you from your warps.
      Just move from one warp to the next, its pretty easy. Look out for the
    cracked wall, there are many of these in the game and you'll want to come back
    here later on. Eventually you'll find the Gatekeeper. He will whine about your
    presence. Just keep walking up and he'll soon decide to fight you.
      Very simple, just shoot his body, and move left/right to avoid his hands.
    When he swings out his arms, walk to the bottom of the screen. The Gatekeeper
    can only take a few hits before he wears out.
      Once the Gatekeeper's fried, press the button behind him and warp back to
    the entrance. You'll find that the gate above Granny is now open.
    The Gardens
      Follow the path to the right. On the second level you'll find a bush in your
    way. Grab the Skull Key he offers and return to the Entrance. Just to the
    right of the stone wall you'll find a hidden path through the trees. Work
    your way down, and use the key to open the Gate.
    Dungeon #1
      Your first real dungeon. The path is straightforward, and there's only two
    types of baddies, so you shouldn't have a hard time. In the first room, after
    you've warped, you'll find three buttons and a plaque:
    "The Clue is One... Two... Three... V"
      Just do as it says, press the buttons in a 'V' pattern starting with the
    top-left button. Voila, a stone rises from the water, facilitating your exit.
    Keep moving left, when you have the option of going up, don't unless you're
    hurt. Theres a couple of A-balls up top that will restore your ill-health, but
    your objectives are to the left. When you reach the room spouting bowling
    balls at you, head down a couple screens. Here, one goomba will rush at you,
    and there will be two passages. One will lead you outside to a Greenhouse Key,
    the other will take you to a room full of lava and the Black Rose you were
    looking for. Simply press the button to grab the dead bud, then make your way
    back to the room with the zig-zag floors. Use the teleporter here to make your
    way back to the entrance.
      Back in the Gardens, Morticia is still wandering around. Give her the Rose,
    it'll  remind her of a time Gomez took her to a candlelit autopsy (dinner & a
    movie ala Addams). In return, youll get a fourth skull as a reward for your
    efforts. Now find the bush in his obtrusive spot. Finding that you've given
    away his flower he'll be so mad, he'll burst! Now that he's out of the way,
    climb the stairs to find even more gardens. Now is a good time to wander to
    the East, find Cousin It and save your game (if youre a console user). But
    thats getting ahead of ourselves. Your next stop is to the NorthWest. At the
    edge of the Gardens youll find...
    The Green House
      He's fast-talking, rude and whiny. Meet Plant Features. He immediately
    complains that its too cold, so agree to help him. First thing to say, the
    Greenhouse is big, and it doesnt have a map. Fortunately, its pretty straight-
    forward, just follow the root covered routes. Be sure to pick up the Bone
    Spoon on your way, Granny'll want it later. When you find the locked doors,
    your little flowery bud will have the key. Continue walking, keeping an eye
    out for a Pumpkin and the Green Key. When you find the key, walk back to the
    (other) set of Green Doors. Plant Features will run off leaving you
    empty-handed, and we can't have that. Follow the trail, you'll know you've
    found him when you see an empty lab with two white pillars. Make sure you've
    gotten everything, then walk between the slabs to access a hidden warp. When
    you land, you'll find a pumped up Plant Features. The demented dendrit will
    tell you his plans of world domination, before deciding to take you out of the
    ---Neo Plant Features---
      Here you want to fry his two heads. The heads themselves will try to snap at
    you up close, and they shoot pollen balls from afar. Dodge the latter, move
    out of the way for the former, then move in for the kill. After zapping one
    head, the second will pick up the pace. Just keep shooting him and watch the
    sucker burn.
      When the plant is defeated, he will leave behind a bottle of Jibe's Plant
    Food. Now exit the green house and go back to the beginning garden to find the
    lonely Granny. She's excited that you have the Bone Spoon, and will take it
    from you to begin a batch of new cookies. She'll move to the Greenhouse, so go
    find her. After grabbing some new cookies(they make you invincible, but not
    invulnerable)head South a ways and then walk left to find yourself in the
    The Forests
      First off, be careful of the bushes, some of then have mobile vines that
    will lash out as you walk by. Go all the way left. Hear that buzzing? Thats
    your doom. The bees have very bad tempers and are hard to kill. Keep walking
    and you'll soon find a bush that would love a drink. Feed it the plant food,
    and enter the cave it was blocking. (Side Note: The bees can be killed, but I
    suggest being invincible before you attempt it. They are only vulnerable while
    they're touching the ground.)
    The Western Swamp
    You wont spend much time here just yet. Theres an A-ball just above you that
    will make you temporarily invincible. Head up and to the left, you'll
    eventually find a bridge. On the other side you'll find a small patch of
    Forest. Here you'll find bees and hoarders. You can avoid them entirely by
    going straight up to the staircase.
    The Desert - 1
      Eerie new music accompanies this sandy terrain. For now just try to avoid the
    little buggers that throw their eyeballs at you and head straight up to find
    another set of stairs. (Kinda typical, a staircase in the middle of the
    desert...) Now you'll find yourself in an isolated spot of the Rockies. Wind
    around the central rock, there's a cave on the south side. Up top you'll find
    a pink siren named Phweep, famous for his raucous voice, which he is presently
    missing. This is probably the only good guy in the game, which means Fester
    can't stand him. He'll tell you among other things about the Trans-Mansion
    Express, and after giving you a Skull Rattle he'll plan to meet you there.
    Playing Around With Wednesday and Pugsley
      Return to the swamp and head down. After you pass a screen stay as far left
    as possible, eventually you'll find the exit. In the forest, walk all the way
    to the left to find your favorite niece & nephew. They're hunting the
    stalker, and need a jack-o-lantern to continue the hunt. Give them your
    pumpkin for now, then make your way up and around the trees to find another
    staircase. Descend it to find yourself in another section of the swamp. This
    is the entrance to the Trans-Mansion Express. Only one problem, some fatty has
    managed to get himself stuck in the door. Talk with Phweep to discover that a
    slimming potion from Granny is just what the "witch-doctor" orders. I hate to
    tell ya, but you now get to trek all the way back to the Greenhouse. Here, a
    talk with Granny refills your cookie cache and gets her working on a slimming
    potion. Meanwhile, Phweep resolves to find his voice, which is being held
    hostage by the Hoarders. Youve got some time to kill, so why not help him?
    Return to the forest where Wednesday and Pugsley are hiding out and go to
    the very bottom to find a bridge. At the end of the bridge you'll meet Phweep,
    who has discovered you must jump off(to Festers delight...)in order to reach
    the Hoarders' Lair.
    Dungeon #3
      This place actually resembles a maze, but don't worry about getting lost.
    After dropping down, you'll notice Phweep has left on his own. From here,
    move from one screen to the next, hitting buttons when you need to.
    Eventually you'll arrive either under or on top of three arches. If you're
    underneath, walk through the left-most arch to continue upwards. Not too far
    from there youll reach a fun, inviting sign that heralds your arrival to the
    end of the maze. This next room is possibly the most annoying room in any
    game, ever! Fireballs will randomly shoot out of the lavafall, making movement
    rather difficult. Dodge these as you hit the third, then first switch to make
    the hidden tile appear. Continue on to find the boss of the Hoarders,
    Ma Hench.
    ---Ma Hench---
      Look out! It's the devil-woman from 'Goonies'. She'll wave around the
    room shooting beams at you in various patterns. Don't even try to dodge them,
    just eat a blue cookie, then get close and zap her. She takes alot of hits,
    but keep plugging away and the Wench will soon explode.
      With the Queen Hoarder defeated, a warp tile presents itself. Youll find
    Phweep on the other side, gloating over his new found voice. Grab the candle
    he's walking around, then exit the Lair. You'll find yourself back in the
    swamps. By now, Granny should be finished with her potion, but you wont find
    her at the Greenhouse. Return to that area, but stop at the forests edge.
    There should be a cave a little ways west of here, use it to begin climbing
    the mountain. At the very top a plant is guarding the bridge, give him some
    juice to clear the way. In the swamp, keep walking straight up until you find
    another bridge. On the other side you'll find some desert. Here, head to the
    top and then walk right until you come to a cave. Inside, head down and right,
    to the alley in the bottom-left corner hiding a Firefly. Catch the bug, then
    return to the Greenhouse area. Keep walking left, on the way, you'll run into
    Morticia, give her the rattle for an extra skull. Also talk to Phweep when you
    see him, he'll scare some Gargoyles away opening up the entrance to a new
    Dungeon #2
      When you first walk in it's extremely dark, all you can barely see is
    yourself and the various skulls on the floor. Need a light? just use your
    new Firefly, the place is brightened up considerably. Travel down to the
    bottom of the room, and exit left. Keep going left for a few rooms,
    and step on the warp tile at the end of the road. When you reappear head down,
    step thrice on the switch, then head up before you step on the hidden tiles.
    Up ahead are three A-balls, the third is a most excellent piece that will max
    out your skulls temporarily. Return to the bottom and cross the tiles.
    (I cant seem to figure out how to press this button. If you can, e-mail me)
    Head up, and in the next room notice the two warp tiles almost hidden behind
    the walls. Take whichever one you choose, either way you'll eventually end up
    in the conveyor belt room. Head left, you'll soon find a room with only one
    warp tile in the center. Proceed through a "maze" of warps and you'll find
    yourself back in the first room. Now take the lower right exit. When you enter
    the bowling ball room, work your way across the bottom, the warp farthest down
    is the only one you want to take. Grab the Stone Key, then take the warp on the
    right. Go left to find yourself back in the bowling ball room. Return to the
    entrance and exit the dungeon.
    More Forests
      Back ouside, walk up the stairs and exit to the right. The next two screens
    are full of monstrous rosebushes and hoarders. Kill or avoid them, and make
    your way to the staircase at the end of the second screen. On the lower level
    continue right to find -
    The Eastern Swamp
      Head down and to the right. Past the cracked tree, head up to find
    Cousin It, the master of (pass)words. Talk to him if you want, or continue
    upwards. Keep heading up and left, after wandering around awhile you should
    find Granny in a donut shaped island. Talk to her to refill your cookies and
    get the slimming potion. Now, return to the entrance of the swamp but don't
    leave just yet. Instead, go up until you find a mobile bush. This guy is
    hungry, after feeding him he moves and, as a bonus, he'll give you a good
    amount of magic seeds. No beanstalks here, just a potent weapon against the
    local fauna. Keep heading up to find the wetlands.
    The Wetlands - 1
      The first thing youll see is your brother Gomez. The gimp lost an important
    key in the clean water(dangerous to your health). For now, just make your way
    as far left as possible. When you find a gate with a sign, walk up and hit the
    switch to open the gate. The hapless hoarder Jib has gotten stuck in a bubble.
    He pleads for your help and gives you some swamp slime in return for your
    troubles. To help him out, youll have to return to the Desert.
    The Desert - 2
      Go back to where you first found Phweep, but dont take the stairs. Instead,
    head east. Youll have to go down around a small cliff, then head right back up
    and continue east. Youll find a small cavern, inside a One Eyed Monster is
    suffering from severe indigestion. What better substitute for the pink stuff
    than the green stuff? Throw in some swamp slime and you can grab the mysterious
    cube. For a few more items, continue going right after you exit the worm's cave.
    Cross the bridge, killing all of the rolling golems that you can. Every once in
    a while they'll drop a small stone, pick all of them up. In the next area,
    feel free to explore while killing rock monsters. When you have as many stones
    as you can carry, enter the hut just North of the bridge. Here you can trade
    stones for blue marbles, quite a deal indeed. Now, with the candle, slimming
    solution and black cube in hand, head back to Wednesday & Pugsly.
    Tying Up Loose Threads & Unraveling New Ones
      Wednesday & Pugsly are waiting for you when you return. Give Wednesday the
    candle and Pugsly will enter the cave. Too late, the stalker has escaped, but
    he left behind a music box. (FYI - the Music Box is useful for taking on enemies
    such as Iven the Unbeatable, a ghost on a bridge in the Gardens) Take it, then
    head back to the fat man blocking the express. Use the slimming potion on him
    and he'll disappear. Dont just stand there, step inside.
      The Trans-Mansion Express is a series of warps from one area to another in
    the Forests and Swamps area. At the first stop, work your way down, then up
    until you reach a bridge. Little stone men run rampant here, be careful as
    they evade your lightning bolt pretty well. On the other side, you'll find
    Lurch standing by a tree. Thing has run off, and is possibly in trouble. Walk
    up to the wall right above the bridge and Fester will comment that something
    doesnt look right. Talk to Lurch again, and you'll receive a new weapon, the
    almighty Bowling Ball. Use this to break down the wall. Kill the enemies
    immediately within for a load of stones, but thats all you should do at this
    point. Now hurry back to the Express way.
    Dungeon #4
      At the next stop, work your way up until you come to a staircase. This
    is the next dungeon, and a tunnel back to the wetlands. What luck! In the
    second room are a series of hidden-warps that you dont want to run into. To
    avoid them, take the right arch, the left arch and again the left arch. Pick
    up the coin at the bottom, then walk into the right arch. In the next room,
    immediately go down. This room is really dark, but what about you're trusty
    firefly? Theres two goombas running around, pick them off, and leave the
    Dungeon through the top-left exit. Outside hit the switch in the bottom right
    corner, then go down the staircase. Theres a spiders eye here, it will come in
    handy later, so don't miss it. Now that you've obtained the goods, head back
    into the dungeon. Once you return to the room with light, exit to the left.
    After warping, head down, then right to push the button, then head left. When
    you land with an exit to the left and a black warp to the right, exit the room.
    (Note: if you choose to warp, youll go to a room with a panel that you can't
    quite reach. If anyone manages to read the thing, email me and tell me how and
    what it says...) In the next room, climb to the top of the staircase and walk
    across the switch three times, then head to the bottom where 3 (previously)
    hidden tiles pave the way to the next room. In this one, hit the switch on the
    far right, then the far left. Bash the wall with a bowling ball to kill the two
    skeletons, then step on the black tile to exit. In the last room, kill the
    squids, then walk between the spikes. You've gone far enough when you hear a
    dolphin sound-effect. Now walk all the way to the right to exit the dungeon.
    The Wetlands - 2
      Upon exiting the dungeon, you'll find yourself again in the wetlands. Go down
    the flights of stairs and head left. Poor Jib's still in a bind. Use the
    mysterious cube and it will absorb the curse. As thanks, Jib will give you a
    stone button. Continue going left a few paces until you see an open cave. Go up
    and left to exit the screen. Next head down, and all the way to the left. Push
    the button, then look up. You see that flight of stairs that you can't get to?
    Remember that. Now go all the way to the right and push that button. Walk back
    over to the left and there should be a new staircase. Ascend the two flights of
    stairs, go down the tunnel, and when you come out of the cave go down the
    staircase to your left.
    Dungeon #5
      When you first enter head left, then down and hit the two switches. Don't hit
    the third switch, it will cancel the effects of the first two. In the second
    room grab the recipe book and exit right. (Note: head down instead of right,
    and in the next room take the teleport on your left for a bit of arcade
    nostalgia) If you went aright, the next room has 4 black teleports situated
    around 1 red tile. Ignore the left warp, the top, right & bottom warps are
    what you should concern yourself with. The blue return tile is hidden behind
    the button on the top warp, and the right warp requires the stone button from
    Jib to proceed. After you've pressed all the buttons you can head up top, don't
    press the button there or you'll undo all of your hard work (just in case you
    do, press it again to restore the tiles). When you reach the tunnel that leads
    to the sewer, opt to go into the warp tile. In the next room, hit the switch in
    the lower right corner, then enter the room up top. Use Jib's button again to
    contaminate the water with raw-sewage (mmm) then return to the previous room and
    exit to the left. Make sure to pick up the headless teddy in the next room
    (lowerleft). In the room with a switch at the bottom its a good idea to kill the
    enemies on the top platforms so you arent overwhelmed when you step on the switch.
    On the far left you'll find the exit to the room, and the next boss fight:
      This creep moves around running into you and shooting mini-jelly's. Eat a
    Crusty Cookie and blast him with electric bolts and Bowling Balls. Make sure
    to eat another Crusty Cookie before refilling your life so you can blast him
    with a few blue bolts. Your prize for kicking his spineless butt is another
    skull and an exit to the dungeon.
      While you've been running around, Gomez has been fishing in the newly sewaged
    waters and has recovered the Spider Key. Now that he's found you at the exit of
    the Dungeon, you can retrieve the key, and then hit the switch to raise the island
    and make your way back to the swamp. Find Granny and give her the recipe book,
    she'll take it and wander off to the Stone Gardens. Now return to where Phweep
    scared off the Gargoyles. If you head due north you'll cross a bridge and end up
    in a graveyard. In the center of the place is a large statue of a spider missing
    an eye. Replace the eye to raise Strobia from the grave. Now, whenever you need a
    good pick-me-up return here and Strobia will refill all of your skulls.
    (Note: There is a way to turn the newly sewaged water back to clean blue.
     See if you can find out how...)
      Your next stop is the wishing well. Head to the GreenHouse, stopping on the
    way to give Morticia Pubert's Headless Teddy. Down in the bottom-left hand corner
    of the gardens is a well. Talk to it, and say 'Yes' to throw in the Gold Coin,
    and get a Sack of Gold in return. Now, head to the Stone Gardens.
    The Stone Gardens
      I'll try to explain this Greenpeace graveyard level-by-level. On the first,
    simply open the door with the Stone Key. You'll find Thing in a pit on the
    second level if you head left, remember where he is. The third level can be
    accessed on the far right. Walk up and left to find the fourth level. Here, go
    past the two switches to the room with four switches. Start at the top left
    and press the buttons in counter-clockwise order to make a warp appear. Grab
    the Stone Twig Key, then warp back to the third level. This time on the fourth
    level hit the switch on the left before the right one to open the door. On the
    fifth level, first head straight up to get a Big Book of Biscuits. Now head
    left, and around the tree to find a Gargoyle. Bribe him with your Sack of Gold
    to gain access to the switch. Press it, then leave and make your way right
    until you come to a door. Open it and walk into the warp, now activated by the
    Gargoyles button. You are now standing in front of the guardian of the
    Stone Garden, Romit.
      This is one of the most innovative bosses i've ever fought. The first time I
    ever went up against Romit I spent around twenty minutes trying to blast him
    to death before I noticed how large the fields borders were. Your actually
    standing on a plateau, and the goal here is not to fry Romit, but to push him
    off the cliff. Try to lure him into a corner, then shoot him with short pulses
    until he goes over the side.
      In the aftermath Romit will leave behind a Vine. Take it, then step onto the
    warp tile to return to the Gardens. Find Thing, and use the vine to save him
    from the pit. Return to the entrance of the Gardens and give Granny the recipe
    book. She'll talk about returning to the swamps. Now, for another long trek.
    Return To The Brown Lagoon
      Remember that Spidery Key Gomez gave you? Now is the time to use it. Return
    to where you exited the last dungeon after defeating Jelleye. Use the key to
    raise the gate and walk through. In the new area ignore the key hole, but do
    make your way around the mountain with your goal at the bottom. There's an
    amnesiac vulture blocking your way here, talk to him but don't expect to learn
    much. Proceed up the cliffs on the left side to find a bridge. In the new area,
    the much beloved Icelands, you'll find yourself at the foot of a small tower,
    with bowling balls rolling around on either side of you in opposing L-shapes.
    There are four switches around here, two at the corners of the L's and two at
    the tops. Wait for the last ball to roll by, then walk in the space they roll
    around to reach the bottom ones, then time your run along the ball's path to
    reach the top switches. When all four switches have been hit, climb the tower
    while trying to avoid the spidery goons...each one takes about 7 hits to kill
    and they're fast. At the top, two pillars should be flashing, walk between
    them to enter the dungeon.
    Dungeon #6
      You'll arrive at the exit, only problem is the stairway has collapsed.
    Looks like your only escape from this place is the long way. The second room
    looks like a giant chessboard, kind of annoying for it's invisible walls.
    Lets call this 'Room X'. You'll be back here a few times, so it can be our
    reference point. Start by heading left, grab an invincibility A-ball before
    heading down. You can't kill the little green dudes walking around, so avoid
    them and their waves at all costs. Don't walk into the warp in the bottom left
    hand corner yet, instead 'feel' your way over to the right. In the bottom
    right hand corner is an A-ball that will refill your skulls, and the entrance
    to another room. Here, kill the skeletons, grab the Shockwave and DO NOT step
    on the black warp tile as it will warp you back outside. Return to the blue
    warp tile to proceed. In this room, Room Y, there are three exits. Find the
    one at the top first to obtain the magnet, then walk to the right to find
    another room. Nothing in this room, head up to the next one. Walk into the
    arch here, it will teleport you to the center of the room. Walk into the
    archway to your right, you'll be teleported to the left side of the room.
    Make your way through the next few rooms, at the end of the long, dark room
    with caterpillars be careful: the next room is also dark, and filled with
    ghosts that will try to bump you out. Exit the dungeon at the top. Outside,
    use the Magnet to acquire the Iron Key. Back inside the dungeon, walk back
    to the room with 4 red warp tiles. Step on either of the tiles on the right
    and youll eventually wind up back in Room X. Make your way back to the room
    with the warping archways, this time head up and left to find another arch.
    This one warps you to the right side of the screen. In the next room step
    onto the warp tile, then walk exit the dungeon when you reappear. Outside,
    wander around until you find a mailbox. Open it up to find a copy of
    Scavengers Qrtrly sent to Rimble Feathers. Hmmm... Return to the dungeon and
    walk left to find four warptiles. 1 2 3 4, take the second one and walk left
    to return to Room Y. Now find the leftmost exit, and take your leave of the
    The Ice Fields
      First thing to say, this area is HUGE. Ive searched so much as is sane, but
    I think i've missed something, so don't be afraid to go exploring. When you
    first step off the bridge stay on the bottom and walk right while avoiding the
    balls until you come to the screen's end. Start walking up across a screen,
    then turn right until you come to a staircase. Work your way up and to the
    left, eventually you'll come upon a bridge, you'll know it's the right one
    because little goons shoot their eyes at you. On the other side, you'll meet
    a pair of talking doors. Use the Iron Key to shut them up and enter -
    The Morgue
      Right after walking inside you'll meet the Giant Spider Morobe. She'll talk
    to you a bit before retreating into the depths of the building, but not before
    leaving behind a Red Potion. Take it if you want to, but never use it, the
    potion will only do you damage. This place is full of enemies, not just a
    few of them may be new. You should especially watch out for the blue & green
    orbs with red eyes. These suckers are only hurt by the Shock Wave, and the
    lasers they shoot are painful. Also the phantom skulls can be a problem
    if you're not careful, all but they're eyes will be invisible until the
    ghouls are right on top of you. Careful. Anyway, this room full of statues with
    the three doors on top will be referred to as Room A. Take the rightmost door
    first. There's a switch just underneath the locked door, grab the Book of
    Flying before returning to Room A. Back at the three doors you should take the
    center one. You might notice the open drawer? close it to open the door. In
    the next room Morobe will tell you to pick a door, any door except the one
    farthest to the right will do, they all go to the same place. Here, pick up
    the Munchy Manual, then head all the way to your right and down to find a
    hidden warp. This place is loaded with A-ball's, and each one restores one
    skull. The warp out is at the top, you'll find yourself once again in the
    room you just left. Work your way to the top to find another warp, which will
    place you right in front of Morobe. This time take the rightmost door, proceed
    however you want until you find the room with the three laser balls. Here,
    4 drawers are layed out: 1 2 3 4. Close the first, then the third drawer to
    activate the warp, evading the laser balls all the while. Walk between the
    two flashing slabs to once again meet with
      A short chit-chat will reveal Morobe's true purpose (like you haven't
    guessed already?) She's an assassin sent by Debby to make short work of
    you. Morobe will attack by jumping on you and spitting out webbing. Avoid
    touching the webbing, it will hurt AND slow you down temporarily. Start
    the fight by eating an invincibility cookie, then hit Morobe with whatever
    you want, she's really not too tough.
      In reward for your efforts you'll get another skull and be teleported
    back to the entrance of the false mansion. Now you might remember that
    poor Rimble, the amnesiac vulture...perhaps its time you paid him a
    The Beginning Of The End
      If you return to Dungeon 6, you'll be immediately assailed by 3 cycloptic
    goombas.  Make short work of them, and exit stage right. The next room is dark,
    the exit is on the far-right. In this room make your way up top and walk into
    the arch-warp. Once on the checkerboard, simply enter the arch to your
    right. Exit left, and continue until you find the blue warp tile. In the center
    of this room are four red ports, only the bottom right one will warp you to
    yournext destination. One more teleport will return you to that blasted
    checkerboard maze. Head right, and hug the bottom so much as possible.  The
    A-Ball willrestore your health, before you exit to the right. Now, it should be
    simple to walk into the teleport in the center of the room.
      Recognize this place?  Walk down, across the bridge, and keep descending into
    the Rockies. Find the vulture and talk with him to teach him his name. He's
    disappointed with it being so non-dangerous, but he'll cheer right back up
    when you show him a Book of Flying. Rimble will then soar into the air,
    unblocking the passage...to a bunch of bushes? And you still don't have a key
    to that lock up top. Whats going on?
      Before you get too tied up in details go find Granny. She's currently
    residing in the area of the swamp where you found the entrance to the 4th
    dungeon. Just board the Trans-Mansion Express, you'll find her soon enough.
    Give her a new recipe book, and in return she'll max out your cookie cache, &
    throw a new type in for fun. The red cookies let you breath fire, not bad.
    Now, return to the Gardens that you frequented way back when you started this
    game. Just South of Iven's bridge, Thing will be waiting for you with the last
    key! Now return to the Rockies and stick the key in the lock. Perfect fit!
    Walk down to where Rimble was sitting. Voila! the bushes have become a
    staircase. Say goodbye to the overworld, once you descend there is no turning
    Dungeon #7
      In the first room, avoid the warp tiles. Walk left to the end of this and
    the next room. Here, three buttons are layed out at the bottom of the room,
    press the 1rst and 3rd, then walk up the stairs, at the top walk into the
    teleporting arch. Another chess board with invisible walls, start by walking
    down and to the right. Walk up a ways until the white tiles stagger leftward.
    Head left a little bit, then continue right up the fireball's path. Walk left
    now across the screen, walking up or down as is called for whenever you find a
    fireball shooter. At the top you'll find another teleporting arch. In the next
    room, call it "Room X", head right and dodge the warp tile. Head down in the
    room with the walls, keep an eye out for the switch behind the first big wall
    that's above it's twin. Clear as mud? Well, you won't be able to proceed until
    you do, so try stomping in unseen places. At the bottom grab the two A-balls,
    and exit to the left. Hit the button in the next room, and walk along the top
    of the belts until you reach the room with an amulet in the middle. First,
    walk to the top and to the edge, youll hear a dolphin sound. Now hit the
    bottom edge to twist the bridge around and grab the Amulet of True Sight.
    Return to Room X, this time exit on the left. Use the firefly here to see a
    switch just above you. Walk up and hit it, then walk left across the room. Up
    and to the right is the exit to this room. The next room is also dark, use
    the Firefly again and walk all the way right, the very last warp tile is your
    destination. Stay on the left, and work your way down to the teleport.
      In the next room you'll find the keeper of Dungeon 7. After a short talk,
    he'll attack you by running into you and clapping his hands, causing stones
    to fall from the ceiling. The really tough part is the fact that you
    don't want to use any cookies here. Not that you can't, but let me make
    this clear, DO NOT USE ANY COOKIES. Instead, run away from him while
    blasting him with lightning, and use the Amulet when he disappears. When
    he cries uncle, you'll get another skull.
      In the aftermath, use the warp to reach the mansion's sewer. Hit the
    first switch to proceed through the sewer. There are two pressure-wheels
    here, turn both to cause an explosion, making an opening to the mansion.
    Debbie Jelinsky's Mansion
      The first few rooms are infested with hidden enemies, be careful. When you
    reach a room with 2 exits on each side (Room A), first enter the room on the
    lower right. Click the button on the far right, then leave the way you came
    in. Instead of the foyer you'll find yourself in a small study. In the left
    bookcase there's a book that stands out from the rest, pull it then leave.
    Back in Room A, take the top left room. After the room full of red ghosts,
    (use the Music Box to kill them all for a good amount of skulls) you'll
    find another hallway, this time with three doors and a staircase at the top.
    Refer to this room as Room B, and be careful of the black tile up ahead, it
    will warp you back to the beginning of the mansion. Go into the room on the
    top right. In here is a long indentation in the top wall. Walk into it to
    warp yourself into another small study. As before pull the outstanding book
    then exit. You'll be back in Room A, return to Room B and walk left into the
    next room. When you come to the room with a jar blocking the door, press the
    button on the right wall, then exit to find another study. Pull the book that
    stands out from the rest, then exit to reappear in Room A. Continue back to
    Room B, this time ascend the stairs. Up top, (call this Room C) there are three
    rooms above you, one to your right and two to your left. For now ignore all
    the rooms up top. The first room on the left is optional, if you need some
    skulls go on in. Hit the button inside, then leave. You'll find yourself in
    the ballroom, here you want to get to the bottom by walking around the slabs -
    be careful though, most of the walkways are riddled with tiles that warp you
    back in the room. Theres always at least one way down, and at the bottom are a
    few restorative A-balls. The exit is on the far left wall at the very bottom.
    You'll return to Room C, the room on the right is your next stop. Find the
    room with a button on the left wall, you know what to do. In the fourth study,
    the book to pull is right above you. After leaving, you'll reappear in Room A,
    work your way back to Room C. Walk to your left, and into the room on the very
    bottom. Theres a staircase on the far right of this room, climb it and continue
    walking right. At the end of the hall and next to a doorway there should be a
    break in the wall, if you triggered all four books. Walk up this new hallway
    and into the next room. Here, the ghost of Morobe will tell you that Pubert
    isn't home, you know better than to listen to her, right? Hit the switch on the
    wall to proceed. Keep walking left hitting switches when needed, you'll soon
    meet Morobe's Ghost again. This time she'll beg your forgiveness and offer you
    a black egg to use on Debby, don't be so gullible as to trust her. Touching the
    egg will take away half of your ill-health, definately not something to do.
    Make sure your life is full before you enter the next room. Inside, the
    diabolical Debby is waiting. Your wife won't hang around for idle chit-chat,
    instead she immediately calls for help.
    ---Debby's Boys---
      Hopefully you haven't used any of your cookies cause you're going to need
    every single one. The gargoyle will first come out in shades of orange. Besides
    trying to knock you around, he'll also throw Fester-seeking fireballs at you.
    About the time those fade out he'll split apart and each goon will breath a
    fireball at you (neither one chases you) Run away from him and his fireballs
    while occasionally dodging in to hit him with lightning. You can attack from a
    distance with the bowling ball, do so as often as you can. He takes a ton of
    hits, but will eventually split in two and fly off of the screen. Then the
    fight really gets tough. When the gargoyle comes back he's grey, with bright
    blue eyes. He's also faster, and those eyes will shoot balls when he's
    pouncing. Try not to get crowded by him, and don't be afraid to use a Dragon
    Belch cookie if it gets too rough. Hit him enough times , and he'll break up
    into three separate goons. Now the fight gets a little easier, all the three
    gargoyles will do is spin at you. They take up alot of the screen, but they can
    be avoided. Now's the time to use whatever Dragon Belch cookies you have left,
    each one will break up one of the gargoyles. Each of the three will break up
    into two after enough damage has been dealt and thats as small as they get.
    Try to concentrate on one at a time so you can get some breathing room. Also,
    be sure to eat a Crusty Cookie before refilling your skulls with a Black Beetle
    cookie so you can use the blue bolt a few times. This is the most difficult
    battle in the game, Good Luck!
      In the aftermath, Debby's door springs open. She's in there, hopefully
    with baby Pubert in one piece. It's time for a celebration, Addams-style.
    *  This is the end of the Addams' Family Values Walkthrough  *
    * If I missed anything that you know of,                     *
    *                     please e-mail me at: riyley@excite.com *
      JN80RBX8:VQ - Start with all necessary equipment and 1 of each cookie.
      W8YNKBZSP0C   Visit Granny to fill up your cookie supply.
      HJ1OCKXW3RB - A contribution from Dark Wolf <slipknot_702@hotmail.com>
      1Y:QMGY3R11   Start rather far into the game, most items and skulls.
    |===Legal Dogma===|
      Ok, i'll try to be brief. This is my FAQ, as such I ask that if you plan to
    distribute it you make sure to credit it to me. No profit should be made from
    this EVER. If you like it, and would like to display it elsewhere on the net
    please e-mail me (riyley@excite.com) and recieve my permission before doing so.
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    file and would like credit to go where credit is due. And may the fleas of a
    thousand camels forever infest defilers.

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