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"Great game for fishing lovers!"

BASS Masters Classic, a fishing game which was sponsored by BASS (Bass Anglers Sportsman Society) is a game from Malibu Games, that offers a fishing game with more depth than any other fishing game before its time.

This game will be fun for lovers of fishing. In this game, you start off choosing an angler, all of which have their own distinct traits and fishing styles. Once you finish, you have the choice of going to the Bait Shop, Practice Pond, or Starting the Tournament. In the bait shop, you can buy your choices of baits, lines, rods, reels, fish finders, and even boat engines! I would recommend using the practice pond to get the feel for the game. Once you go out into the lake, you will see all the depth in the game come into play. All sorts of factors affect your fishing such as temperature, wind speed, water clarity and time of day. This can be overcome with your strategy in choosing the correct items from the bait store. Once you go out to fish, you will have objectives to complete the tournament such as coming in the top five out of 40 competitors. The game is pretty easy to learn and play, but the challenge comes in finding the fish, especially in the different weather conditions. When you go out into the lake, you cast the fishing line, and you get an underwater view of the bait, this view helps for bait placement since you can move the bait around the area to find where the fishes are. Don\'t forget, this is a bass catching competition, so carp and trout just won\'t cut it. Depending on who you are, this game can be very enjoyable.

There is no real story to this game, other than it\'s a fishing tournament. In this tournament, you are allowed to carry only five bass at a time. If you get more, you will throw the smallest one back into the water. Your placement in the ranks depends on the total weight of the five bass. You need to get to a certain rank to pass each level. The tournament rules even go into such detail as size restrictions and tardiness (you must be finished by 3:00). This detail gives the game a true tournament feel.

The graphics aren\'t the best in the world, but they are pretty nice. You get that ol\' country feel when you hear the background music in the main menu. In my opinion, that\'s about the best the music gets. The music calms down when you\'re out in the boat, and it completely stops when you\'re in the water. You do get to hear when the fish bite, but that\'s about the most you will get when you go into the underwater view. The underwater view does have it\'s good points when it comes to the graphics. You can see the fish, their distance from you, and their detail.

Play time depends on the person. A person who is really interested in fishing, and knows what to do under different fishing conditions, will have a good, fun time with this game and may finish it within a week or two. Those who like fishing, but don\'t really go into all of the detail of fishing will learn a bit from this game, and may take up to a month to finish the game. For fishing lovers, that month will be fun and since you are given passwords to continue where you left off, you may finish in less time than I put here. This game has many options and you can play this game over and over under different circumstances. You may want to fish in a different area or use different items the second time around. The possibilities can leave you playing this game for months.

If you still have a Super Nintendo (or an emulator) and you are a fishing fan, you should go out and find this game. SNES games run incredibly cheap now and the game is great for lovers of fishing!

Gameplay: 8
Controls: 7
Story: 6
Graphics: 7
Sound: 5
Play Time/Replayability: 8

Total: 7

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/08/03

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