Review by KurasuSoratobu

"Fun, But Frustrating"

This is a game that I almost hate to give such low marks to. An 8 isn't a death-mark by any means, but this game drives me absolutely up the wall.

As one of the finest fishing style games out there, this one holds up to Hot B's other fishing games by quite a bit. Like other fishing games, the game is set on a time clock, with an autosave feature that lets you turn the game off, yet still keep your earlier catches and progress. The lakes are large, with a number of good spots to fish, and unlike some of the earlier Black Bass games, this one's fish finder is a very good identifier of the number of fish, as well as the general location of them. It goes 'pong', you know that you're in a hot spot, and should drop and cast.

Another nice innovation is the 'fishing guide' that you're offered in the first and second level of the game. This guy really knows what he's talking about, and he's well worth the annoyance of having to listen to him say the same thing every single time in those first two levels. Definitely learn from him! Unfortunately, here's where the frustration comes in. The boy leaves at the third level of the game, and you're forced to go it alone. With new terrain, and larger and warier fish, making it past these levels becomes a royal pain in the aaahhhh, you know what I mean. You'll spend every moment trying out every lure, and there will be a great many times that the fish just plain won't bite no matter what you taunt them with.

All in all, it is a very good, addictive fishing game. The action is fun, the graphics are good, there's a number of lures and ways to work them, and a large number of different fishing areas, and tricks to be used in them. With several different kinds of fish to catch, and three different types of bass that can be weighed, there's no limit to how long this will keep you entertained. Unfortunately, with the frustration factor of those later levels, the rating is dropped sharply for me. Thus, only an 8/10. Two thumbs-up... but watch the blood pressure.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/27/06

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