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"Average game with frustrating controls..."

Batman Forver is a just above average game by Acclaim. The action here is marginally better than the movie, but that ain't saying much.

Controls 3/10: All I can figure out is how to punch, kick and use to grapping hook. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use those other tools that Batman uses. Well, at least the geniuses that made the Barbie games didn't make it, that would be horrible!

Playability:5/10: Average at best. This is probably only something you should rent, and figuring out the grappling hook takes time and patience. Which I find lacking in myself. If anyone can tell me how to use Sticky Goo, etc, please e-mail me at

Difficultly: 7/10: This is a challenging game, and that is a good feature, if the controls don't blow it for you. I guess this will keep you occupied, which is the point.

Graphics: 9/10: The graphics in this game are really good. If only they spent more time on the gameplay, we'd have an instant classic here. I guess Acclaim was in a rush to make this, so maybe that was an oversight.

Bosses: 7/10: Hard enough to be challenged by them, but I suppose with practice are some what beatable. Also the enemies seem to have interesting names, don't they? Although sometimes it seems like this is Batman Fighting Forever.

Replayability: 4/10: I would think once you ace this game, there isn't anything that would make you come back for seconds.

OK, I think I've covered most of the terriority, this is my first review, and I hope I have educated you on this game. I haven't got that many action titles of my SNES, but this beats the hell out of my Home Alone smuckfest that disguises itself as a game. I will be on the look out for more interesting games, and maybe then, I'll drop a line about them. Until then Peace Out.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 10/05/00, Updated 10/05/00

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