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"Come on guys, it wasn't that bad"

I remember playing this game with my older brother a while after it was released. I read some of the reviews here, and thought what some people said were really unfair. Okay, it's not perfect, as in deserving any award or anything. However, it isn't that terrible. At least, for me, it looked like Acclaim TRIED to make this a good game.

Story- 10/10
As far as the story goes, Acclaim did a good job on the plot. All the important scenes in the movie were included. In the game, you basically try to stop the Riddler and Two-Face from taking over Gotham city.

Gameplay- 6/10
This is what some people really didn't like about the game. You run around in eight action-packed levels while beating people up with roundhouse kicks and punches. The controls are mediocre- they sometime get a little stiff, and the enemies even start to get very cheap once in a while. Nevertheless, they're not impossible. The gadgets are also somewhat hard to use because of the bad control system in this game.

There is also a training mode in this game, which is quite fun compared to the Story mode. In here, for once, you get to play as the villians. All of them have unique weapons, and you can experiment with all of them. Furthermore, you can also fight against a friend or a bad guy controlled by a computer.

Sound Effects- 9/10
The music is somewhat catchy and somewhat gothic too. Overall, not too bad. The sound effects sometimes get funny, like when you uppercut someone.

Graphics- 10/10
Like it said on the original box, the characters are real digitized. All of them, for the most part, look right. The background is kind of dark, which sets the mood for this game.

Replay Value- 6/10
All right, you will get bored of this game after playing for like 30 minutes. Go do something else, but once in a while you will pop this game back into your SNES.

+ The game did follow the movie
+ The gadgets were pretty cool

- Bad gameplay
- The controls were stiff, but could have been better.

Well, there it is. My opinion for this game. If you are a die hard Batman fan, then go ahead, get this game. If you're not a BIG fan, I'd suggest you rent it first to stay on the safe side.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/02/10

Game Release: Batman Forever (US, 08/31/95)

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