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"Good Thing This Game isn't Forever Because it's Purely Awful."

Whew! This game is bad! The sequel street fighting type game of Batman Returns turns out to be horrible! There are many reasons why it is bad, and there is almost too many to list. Almost every aspect of this game makes me sick. You will hate this game even more or as much as I do after you read WHY this game is this bad. Absolutely nothing about this game is good, and my review will tell all.


Horrible graphics considering where the SNES was when this game was made. Batman Returns had better graphics and it came out years before this game! I was terribly displeased with the graphics and I think that they could have been a million times better. I was extremely disappointed that Batman, Robin, and the enemies were so small in size. I was embarassed I was playing such a horrible game. These graphics left me absolutely speechless. They are worse than you could ever imagine.


Not much better than the graphics. Very boring, very gothic music that you just don't want to listen too. I turned the sound off after awhile because it's just too boring. About the only audio is the sound of Batman's fist hitting people in the face. Too bland, and just too boring for my taste. I like music with a kick, and this music was more like a kick in the face, literally. Go get a CD and put it in if you actually have the guts to play this game.


Oh man this is the worst part of this game! Batman is slow, he hits enemies, and runs off somewhere. Robin isn't much better if you use him. They both have very stupid moves that are jerky, and don't look right. The most annoying feature in this game has to be the loading sequence. When you go to another room a big black screen comes on and says ''hold on''. This screen stays on for a good 3 seconds or more and get's annoying after every room you go in. This game was very poorly made and this is the worst part of it in the gameplay. The only thing decent was the survival type mode which got boring too. I am still shocked that people make games this bad. This is a joke and I don't know how people could ever think the gameplay is good. I am appalled.


The movie was one of the weakest entries in the Batman series, and this is one of the weakest games ever. Batman starts of in the Gothem Asylum and makes his way to the end on the island. His 2 main enemies are The Riddler, and Harvey Two-Face. Nobody really else in this game though except Batman, Robin and the two villains. They could have added more things from the movie, but they choose not too of course. Thanks for screwing the story up too.


This game is real hard which makes it real annoying. Very frustrating game. Without cheating, the farthest I ever made it was I think the Circus level which is the 3rd level. It is very challenging and that gives me more reason not to play it. You will want to take this game out of your SNES game pack and throw it away after your done playing. Better yet, take a hammer and smash it into bits. That will be the best the game has ever looked.


I've played this game maybe a total of 10 times and I'm sick of it. I hate this game with a passion and will never play it again. It makes me sick to think I paid $20 bucks for this when I could have gotten something else with that money. After playing this once you will never want to play it again unless you force yourself. If you force yourself you may have a stroke. Do yourself a favor and just stay away from this title.


I would do nothing associated with this game. If you want to ignore this review and try it because you are a Batman fanatic, be my guest to waste a rent on this, but defiantly do not buy it even if it's a dollar because it's a waste of a buck. I still can't believe I own this game. I should probably sell it. Even is you play this game with low expectations, the results will still make you gag. This game is absolutely awful and I can't believe it even got passed to sell.


I strongly believe this is the worst game on the Super Nintendo. I consider myself a Batman fan, but everyone should be ashamed of this lousy game. You will be in awe of the shame this game brings to the whole Batman franchise. People that starred in Batman Forever are probably ashamed they got a game made so badly in their film. Do yourself a favor Batman fans, or anybody else. Do not play this game. Pure and simple. You do not know how bad this game really is. It's the worst game I have ever played up through my 17 years of existence. I could ramble on about how bad this game is for hours. If you play this game, get ready for your feelings for the whole Batman franchise get flushed down the toilet.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 08/16/01, Updated 08/04/02

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