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"Not terrible, but not great."

Batman Forever was one of the few games I owned back when I had an SNES. It is based on the Batman Forever movie, obviously. I enjoyed the game quite a bit when I first played it. Still, I was pretty young and didn't know as much about video games as I do now. I recently picked this game up, just for nostalgia purposes, and realized it wasn't as great as I originally thought it was. This game is far from the worst Batman video game, but it is also far from the best. I was still able to enjoy it, and maybe you would too.

Graphics: The thing I liked about the graphics was it had something the movie didn't have: A dark feel. The background graphics, enemies, etc. all had a nice and gothic look, suitable for a character like Batman. I liked almost all the sprites except for a select few (like Robin). There wasn't anything truly terrible about the graphics that made you hate it. Not from what I saw, anyway.

Gameplay: This is one of the biggest faults. The story mode isn't very entertaining and after a couple levels you just wanted to put down your controller and do something else. It starts out kind of interesting, but quickly gets very repetitive. This game is also quite difficult in some areas. The enemy AI gets cheap sometimes, and you will quickly start cursing at this game. Some levels, like the Circus one, are extremely difficult. There is a redeeming feature, though. The Training Mode is very fun to play. You choose from a character (even bad guy) and face off against against someone for a couple of rounds, with your enemy getting more difficult each round. Still, this small feature is not enough to save this game from serious gameplay problems.

Music/Sound: I really don't know what to say about the music. Some of the songs are really good, while others get on your nerves pretty quickly. For example I really liked the opening theme, while I hated the song playing in the first level. The music is a mixed bag, basically. The sounds, on the other hand, leave a lot to be desired. A couple of smacking and punching sound, and a couple of grunts. Nothing spectacular.

Replay Value: The replay value is very small, seeing as you would be probably too bored of story mode to go through another playthrough. You will probably have an urge to play Training Mode again, but you would get pretty bored of doing that as well. There just isn't really much reason to go through the game one more time.

Rent or Buy: I would recommend for you to rent it. Buying it would just leave you with an average game and regret. This isn't a terrible game, but you will probably wish you had spent the money buying a much better game. Unless you are a Batman fanboy, of course. But for everyone else, if you interested in seeing what this game is about, try before you buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/30/04

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