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"100% natural, but only 60% good."

Yay, there is something in the toilet!
Here is what the back cover says about the plot: He is BOOGERMAN, as slick as he is deep, and he’s on a pick ’n flick adventure to save the world. He is stretched to the limit of blowing away the vile slimebags who are bent on sticking it to the Planet Earth, any way, every way, and everywhere they can.
You’re his first pick to help him rescue the whole world before it’s flushed down the toilet. Join the flick-or-be-flicked race to pull the plug on the Booger Meister and his gang of filthy stinkers who aren’t afraid to fight dirt… because yours is the only finger which can wipe ‘em out!

Need to say more?

He’s mean, he’s green!
Terrific hand drawn graphics. The animation are hilarious, you just have to see Boogerman’s face when his ass is ready to…, man, you have to look at him. The enemies are as wacky as Boogerman himself.

Hey, that sound…
The music really good, but because of the huge amount of levels each world has it gets very repetitive. Now, what about the Booger burps and farts, well, THEY RULE, that’s it.

Does he “nose” how to pick a fight?
This is where the game falls, if at the beginning everything looks great after some time playing you will realize that there isn’t very much variety, each world has a lot of levels with stages than only change when you reach a new world. These worlds (the Flatulent Swamps, the Mucus Mountain, etc) are really well done, but also get boring pretty fast because of their monotony.

When it comes to control Boogerman everything works perfectly. Our hero’s attacks are 100% natural, why using guns or bombs when we have our finger and our big butt?, and if we find a milk can even better, what do you think Boogerman can do with a milk bottle and his fat nose?. Sadly this “natural defences” are not that effective against those filthy foes, most of the time they are just for fun.

Is this game a “gas”?
Boogerman could’ve been a magnificent game, the idea is disgustingly funny, but it is just a disgustingly good idea wasted by Interplay. Not at all, because the game is fun and very amusing, but I have never finished it, rent it, have some good laughs with your friends, show it to your mother to make her angry, then to your father to make him hate video games even more, and then, just pull the plug on.

””My lack of vocabulary and grammatical errors (if there’s any) are because I’m not from an English speaking country, sorry.””

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/30/03

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