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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Psychopulse75

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    FAQ #8 (Updated)
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             Captain America and the Avengers Walkthrough
                    For Genesis and Super Nintendo
                    (Preferably for the Genesis)
                  Author: Cedric Cooks/Oda (Cedoda)
                  E-mail address: cedric60914@yahoo.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Controls   
    2. Characters 
    3. Differences between SNES and Genesis versions
    4. Walkthrough
    5. Credits 
    6. Disclaimer
    Update History 
    Speficed the guide for the Genesis version, because I play it more 
    frequently.  It still covers both versions, though.
    Just a few error fixes.
    1. Controls
    This basically depends on which console you are playing.  All controls 
    are at their default setting.  
    A - Jump
    B or C - Attack
    A and B or A and C together - Fire Projectile
    Control Pad left or right twice - Dash attack
    A, the B or C at low height - Dive
    A, then B or C when high enough - Jump kick in the case of Captain 
    America and Hawkeye, for Vision and Ironman, fire laser downward
    A, then A and B or A and C together - Fire projectile across in midair  
    B or C while someone's on the ground - Pick up someone (Can also be 
    followed after throwing some punches, and you can pick up objects, too)
    B or C - Throw
    Hold  B or C Shield Yourself
    Super Nintendo
    Y - Punch
    B- Jump
    A-	Fire Projectile
    Control Pad - left or right twice and A - Dash attack
    B, then Y at low height - Dive
    B, then Y when high enough - Jump kick in the case of Captain America 
    and Hawkeye, for Vision and Ironman, Fire laser downward
    B, then A - Fire projectile across in midair   
    Y when someone's on the ground - Pick up someone (Can also be followed 
    after throwing some punches, and can pick up objects, too)
    2. Characters  
    Captain America
    Real name: Steve Rogers
    Health: 140
    Height: 6' 2'
    Weight: 240
    Job: Illustrator
    Bio: Picked for the experimental "Super Soldier" project during World 
    War 2.  Trained to become a one-man army.  A combat expert, his special 
    skill is his shield throwing ability.
    Real name: Tony Stark
    Health: 155
    Height: 6' 4'
    Weight: 425
    Job: Inventor
    Bio: President of Stark Industries, he is an inventor of new weapons.  
    His power comes from his steel suit of armor.  With his armor he can 
    travel under water or into space.
    Real name:  - 
    Health: 140
    Height: 6' 3'
    Weight: 300
    Job: Adventurer
    An artificial being with great knowledge of biology and engineering.  
    His power comes from light gathered by the gem in his forehead.  He 
    uses this light energy to fire his solar beam.
    Real name: Clint Barton
    Health: 70
    Height: 6' 3'
    Weight: 230 
    Job: Security Guard
    Hawkeye received his training under Captain America.  He is also a 
    naturally skilled marksman with any thrown or aimed weapon.  He has 
    superhuman sight and is skilled in the bow and arrow.   
    Wonderman: If you're playing as either Hawkeye of Captain A, he'll give 
    you a hovercraft for Stage 2.  
    Quicksilver: With how he runs in the game, it's anything but quick.  He 
    throws you a blue plate that recovers 20 hit points of health.
    Wasp: Very Helpful on Stages 2 and 5.  When fired, she'll help you get 
    rid of enemies simply by pressing the same button(s) that'll throw a 
    projectile (See controls above here.).  Makes a great pair with Captain 
    America.  And yes, it is a she, I played the NES version of the game 
    (It's more of a platform game, however.)
    Submariner: Provides you with underwater support on Scene 3.
    Robots: Your basic enemies.  They punch, kick, and later, hover in the 
    air, and kick down towards you whenever you get close (Or after a 
    certain amount of time.).  You usually have to throw projectiles or 
    jump kick to avoid having them hit you back.  
    Robots with Guns: There are two variations of these guys.  The first is 
    the one where they fire at you three times.  The second is the one 
    where they jump while firing.  You can easily punch these losers out 
    before they can react.
    Robots with shields: Self-explanatory.  They carry shields that block 
    your projectile attacks.  Use jump kicks or dash moves to break through 
    their defenses.
    Robots with Arm Grapple: Annoying and dangerous at the same time.  
    They'll fire an arm grapple to hold you in your place.  Press any 
    button(s) rapidly to escape, because it'll drain your health and 
    enemies can hit you during this time!
    Giant Robots: They'll bear hug you, which will drain your health 
    rapidly until you escape.  Use projectiles or jump kicks.
    Bug Robots: They'll jump toward you and explode on contact.  Use 
    projectile attacks only, because if you try anything else, you'll get 
    hit.  They fall in one hit.
    Ships: Appearing in the air, they fire downwards toward you! They are 
    easily avoided, however.  
    Gunner Ships: Appearing in the flying stages, they fire a few shots, 
    then fly away. 
    Spiral Robots: Appearing in pairs, they move up and down.  Stay in the 
    middle so that when they come together, your projectile will hit them 
    both.  Also appears in the flying stages.
    Flying laser Robots: They of course fire lasers at you.  Also appears 
    in the flying stages.
    Mines: They appear underwater, and are destroyed easily by a few 
    Scuba Divers: They are armed with harpoons and fire arrows at you.
    Only found underwater, of course. 
    3. Differences between the Super Nintendo and Genesis versions
    The enemies take more damage on the Super Nintendo version than the 
    Genesis version. 
    Bosses attack differently on the Super Nintendo Version.  See 
    walkthrough for more details.
    Music is composed more poorly on the Super Nintendo Version. 
    More voice acting is done on the Genesis version than the SNES Version.  
    But voices are pitiful anyway.
    The dialogue is different on both versions.
    Bosses take a while to recover on the Super Nintendo version.  The 
    Genesis version never does it at all.
    The cut-scenes are also different, too.  In the Genesis, it's all 
    dialogue.  For the SNES, it's done more like a comic strip (A good one, 
    On the Genesis version of the game, you point most of the time when you 
    talk, but not always.  And if there is a 2-player mode, only the first 
    player points.  On the SNES, they always point, and both players in 2-
    player mode point at the same time.
    Graphics are darker on the SNES version.  
    The Genesis version has an option to continue up to 7 times.  For the 
    Super Nintendo, up to 5 continues are allowed.
    So the Genesis version is the better of the two IMO.
    4. Walkthrough
    Dialogue is included for both versions!  This assumes you're going at 
    it alone.  Oh, throughout the guide, I say to jump kick enemies, 
    because I mostly play Captain America/Hawkeye.  So if you're playing as 
    Ironman or Vision, you'll have to jump low enough for you to dive at 
    enemies.  Okay?  Otherwise, you'll end up firing your laser downward in 
    (Cut Scene)
    SNES: Red Skull Seeks to conquer the world with a team of super 
    villains.  He has used a mind control machine to bring them under his 
    power.  Now he controls their every action.  Go at once, Avengers!  Try 
    to crush his evil scheme! 
    Genesis: By assembling a team of super villains, Red Skull seeks to 
    conquer the world.  He has used his wealth to assemble his evil team.  
    He has used a mind control machine to bring them under his power.  Now 
    he controls their every action.  Go at once, Avengers!  Try to crush 
    his evil scheme! 
                                 Scene 1
                              The Avengers
    (Cut scene)
    The stage enters with people running in fear. 
    SNES: I'll handle this! 
    Genesis: It's all right, leave it to me!
    Three robots will break through the windows.  Throw projectiles at 
    them.  If you're unfortunate to play the SNES version, you'll not only 
    have to do that, but jump kick and dash attack through enemies, too.  
    Usually, you don't get hit this way.  Go on, and you'll see more robots 
    (4 to be precise), one of a different kind.  Once they are destroyed, 
    your first mid-level boss battle will appear. 
    (Cut Scene)
    Whirlwind will go through the wall.  Then out come two of his friends 
    will come out to play with you.
    Bad Guys: Don't interfere, Avenger!
    Avengers: Villains like you must be crushed! 
    Bad Guys: Don't disturb us! 
    Avengers: Why should it go well?
    These guys aren't so tough.  Hit them with projectiles, keeping in mind 
    that the big fist one of them fires can be destroyed with a projectile.  
    When they get on opposite sides of the screen, get out of the way 
    because they will fire lasers at you.  After firing, hit either one of 
    them before they switch sides.  Keep it like this until they are 
    Note: On the Super Nintendo version, they gain a slide move.
    Afterwards, four more robots come out, and from the left one of them 
    has a gun equipped.  Shortly after the battle, You'll see the Domino's 
    Pizza delivery guy...oops, I mean Quicksilver throw you a blue plate 
    that'll recover 20 hit points.  Keep in mind it's possible to go past 
    After destroying two more robots with shields, you'll encounter those 
    giant robots and hopping bugs-nothing a few projectiles can't take care 
    of.  Afterwards, you'll encounter those ships that fire downward toward 
    you.  While they aren't hard to destroy, it's better to avoid them.  
    And depending on the difficulty level, a robot or two may be thrown 
    into the mix.  Afterwards, your first boss of the game will appear.
    (Cut Scene)
    Avengers: You cannot escape! 
    Whirlwind: You'll wish you never came!
    Avengers: You can't escape!
    Whirlwind: You will be the one escaping!
    Every time he gets close, he'll kick you, but he's easy to outrun.  
    It's a good time to get in some hits with your projectiles.  
    Afterwards, he'll laugh, signaling that he'll spin towards you.  If you 
    let him have his way, he'll spin all over the place, making him hard to 
    hit.  He can be knocked out while he's like a tornado.  You can also 
    prevent him from spinning towards you if you're quick enough.  He's not 
    hard to beat.  You'll clear stage 1 for this.  
    Note: On the Genesis version, you'll notice some junk throughout the 
    battle you can throw at him.  However, while he's spinning around like 
    a maniac, he'll suck it up with his tornado abilities and have him 
    thrown from there.  I usually stop him from doing that, though.
    (Cut Scene) 
    Both versions: 
    Whirlwind's attack was just a set up!  Other towns are being taken 
    over.  Hurry Avengers!
                                  Scene 2
                                Target Town
    My favorite stage!  Your battle starts off on a rooftop with robots, 
    some with shields and some with guns.  The gunned robots will have now 
    obtained the part of jumping and shooting, and by now the unarmed 
    robots should have their jetpack to hover and kick at you by now.  Be 
    Afterwards, you'll jump downward to another rooftop.  This is where you 
    begin to take flight...keep in mind Captain America and Hawkeye need a 
    hovercraft to fly, while Ironman and Vision can fly on their own.
    (Cut Scene)
    Wonderman: Get on!  (Only if you are Captain America or Hawkeye)
    Avengers: OK go!  (Just says that line if you're Ironman or Vision)
    Wonderman: Hey, get on! (Only for Captain America and Hawkeye)
    Genesis: Thank you, Wonderman!  Ok, go!  (Just says Ok, go if you're 
    Ironman or Vision)
    This is way too linear, so I'll put it in short.  You just fly, 
    throwing projectiles at enemies.  Yawn...You'll also get to destroy two 
    planes.  They attack differently on both versions of the game.  See 
    below for more details.  Health is restored courtesy of blue plates for 
    the Genesis version, and huge white dots for the SNES version (Only 10 
    hit points each).  Oh, Wasp can be found before the second plane comes.
    Hard, I tell you, HARD!  Here, two missiles will come out of the plane.  
    One is fired from the top, and one from the bottom.  Also, a laser is 
    fired from behind, and flying robot soldiers are being deployed from 
    below.  They'll try to fly into you.   I honestly don't see how you can 
    get through this without taking so much damage, so just fire like 
    there's no tomorrow.  Both planes attack this way.
    Easier.  The first plane only launches missiles and soldiers from 
    below.  The second plane does the same thing, but has a laser firing 
    from behind.  Isn't that much easier now? 
    Eventually Wasp will fly away, leaving you to deal with a Sentinel.  
    Shouldn't those be on X-men, however?  I know Marvel comics does both, 
    but still...
    (Cut Scene) 
    (It says nothing on the SNES Version)
    Sentinel: I'll kill you all!  
    Too easy!  It fires a fist that'll grab you, but it's slow and easy to 
    dodge.  It also fires lasers in a 3 way spread, but with only a 
    difference in height when fired from time to time, it can be avoided by 
    going to the right.  You have to hit around the neck area to do damage.
    A little tougher, first you have to avoid not only about 7 laser shots 
    fired at different angles (NOT GOING IN A PARTICULAR PATTERN), but also 
    his fists, and his arm.  But if you find a gap in the lasers and can 
    dodge his arm, it's not hard.  Keep in mind that he can be hit 
    anywhere, too.
    After you drop down, big robots will surprise you from both sides of 
    the screen.  Jump away, get them on one side, and throw projectiles at 
    them.  You'll encounter the usual crowd of enemies here, and on the 
    Genesis version, the less than speedy Quicksilver throws you a blue 
    plate (This is also the last time he ever does this, to my knowledge).  
    Don't scroll too far to the right.  If you do you'll bump into some 
    explosive bugs by accident.  You'll then face your second boss.
    (Cut Scene) 
    Grim Reaper: You'll never escape me alive!
    Grim Reaper: You came here to die!
    This guy's insane.  He'll hit you with his sickle, spin it like a 
    helicopter blade and rush towards you with it, and use it to fly, too.  
    Plus, a projectile that follows you is fired when he lands.  When he 
    starts to dash toward you, run.  He can be hit out of the air, but it's 
    better with a projectile, because if you get hit, you might hit by his 
    sickle.  If he's walking towards you, jump kick.  If you kick too 
    early, he'll hit you with his sickle, too.  So watch it.  He's fast 
    too, so stay on your toes at all times.  Scene 2 is finished when he's 
    Note: On the Super Nintendo version, his projectile is fired in a 
    straight line towards you instead of following you, so that's easier to 
    (Cut Scene)
    Red Skull has commanded his team of villains to fight the Avengers to 
    the finish!  What has Red Skull planned next?
    Grim Reaper has regained consciousness, and Red Skull has commanded him 
    to fight the Avengers to the finish!  What has Red Skull planned next?
                                   Scene 3
                     Challenge at the Bottom of the Sea
    You're now on what appears to be a wrecked battleship with oil spilling 
    all over the ocean.  Your usual old friends are here, of course, and 
    for the Genesis players: Those ships are back!  You'll reach your first 
    mid-level boss at the end of this short part.
    (Cut Scene)
    Avengers: I'm here to teach you a lesson! 
    Bad Guy: Puny superheroes, all talk and no action!
    Avengers: What an evil thing you've done!
    Bad Guy: Puny superheroes, I'll shut you up for good!
    Always jump kick, because he's too fast, and he throws projectiles at 
    you.  Jump to avoid.
    Note: On the Genesis version, he dives at you to knock you out of your 
    attacks!  Careful!
    (Cut Scene) 
    Submariner: They're in an underwater cave! 
    Avengers: Thank you Submariner!
    Submariner: They're in the sea! 
    Avengers: Thank you, submariner! (They must have took etiquette class)
    You'll then dive into the watery depths of the sea, keeping in mind 
    that Captain America and Hawkeye need special underwater gear to stay 
    in there.  It's just like the Target Town stage, only there's no Wasp.
    Submariner, however, can provide you with help by swimming through some 
    of the underwater dangers like mines and all.  And he'll be invincible!  
    Note: Submariner doesn't provide you with help on the SNES version, 
    last time I remember (And I sometimes don't).
    Your second mini-boss isn't far from here...
    (Cut Scene) 
    (It says nothing on the Super Nintendo version) 
    Giant mechanical octopus pilot: I'll make seaweed out of you!
    The game designers did little to hide the fact that it's too easy on 
    both versions.  It fires five lasers, all which leave gaps for you to 
    dodge them all.  Just watch out for the tentacle, and you'll be fine.
    You'll then drop down into the enemy base.  They have a whole mess on 
    objects for you to throw, but I don't recommend it.  Just take care of 
    them in the usual fashion.  You'll get to a wall which you'll have to 
    destroy (It doesn't matter how, too).  I'll no longer mention this 
    throughout the rest of the guide, as there are several more like this.
    On the SNES version, Quicksilver will throw you a blue plate to recover 
    your health.
    Your third level boss is just around the corner.
    (Cut Scene)
    Both versions:
    Mandrin: See my power!
    He attacks the same on both versions, but acts completely different on 
    both versions.  
    Once you figure out how to get him into a pattern, he's easy. First do 
    jump kicks at him first, because he moves too fast.  Make him dash 
    toward you, and get away when he does.  Stay on one side of the screen, 
    and let him stay on his.  When he sends out a clone toward you, throw a 
    projectile at him.  Avoid the clone and continue to keep him into this 
    pattern until he's defeated!
    He never gets knocked back when hit by projectile or jump kicks.  So 
    use jump kicks on him and he's a goner.
    (Cut Scene)
    Red Skull's ugly face appears on the screen and laughs.  
    Genesis: You cannot defeat me! (He says the line after the Character 
    Bios on the SNES version.)
    The screen turns off.
    (Another cut-scene)
    The Avengers have located Red Skull's Hideout, have uncovered his plans 
    to build a secret base on the moon, and to arm it with a giant laser 
    cannon.  If his plan is carried out it will mean not only the 
    destruction of not only America, but of the whole earth as well.
    Genesis: The Avengers have located Red Skull's hideout, and have 
    uncovered his plans to build a secret base on the moon, and to arm it 
    with a giant laser cannon.  If his plan is carried out, it will mean 
    the destruction of not only America, but of the whole earth as well.
                                   Scene 4
                            The Giant Laser Cannon
    Despite the fact that you're nowhere near that stupid laser, you'll be 
    dropped off on what appears to be a space station.  Nothing new here, 
    other than the giant robots being tougher, and the enemies with laser 
    guns being more numerous.  To put it this way, it's short.  It won't be 
    long before your first mid boss...
    (Cut Scene)
    Juggernaut: My function is to destroy you!
    Juggernaut: Obey me, or die!
    As before, do jump kicks on him.  He's too quick for projectiles and he 
    can't be knocked out of his roll attack.  It's best if you hit him when 
    he's standing still.  Not much to explain for the next section, just 
    more of the same.  Keep in mind on the SNES version, there are no 
    walls.  The Genesis version has a couple of them.  
    (Cut scene) 
    Avengers: Where is the laser cannon?
    Bad Guy: I will tell you, then I will destroy you!
    Avengers: Where's the laser?
    Bad Guy: Ask the police!   (Yeah!  Let's dial 911...)
    Okay, the key to not getting hit by him is to keep moving.  Jump 
    whenever he becomes a fireball and comes toward you.  When he gets to 
    the center of the screen and causes lasers to rain from the sky, stay 
    on the ground and fire a projectile at him.  Keep this up until he's 
    Easier than the SNES version, jump kick at him while he's firing his 
    laser toward you.  Jump out of the way after he's hit too, or you'll 
    get hit.  He thankfully doesn't turn into a fireball in this one.
    (Cut Scene)     
    Both versions: 
    The laser cannon has been completed. There's only a short time before 
    the laser is set to fire!  Hurry Avengers!  Crush Red Skull's plot!
                                   Scene 5
                             The End of Red Skull
    Just like in Scene 2, you're flying in space en route to the laser 
    cannon.  The flying part is shorter on the SNES version, though I'm 
    sure it's not as difficult as it was before.  Also, you get Wasp in 
    both games, but Wasp comes in at the last minute on the SNES, making 
    her almost useless.  The Genesis version is longer, complete with 
    another plane, and lots of enemies.  I usually stay toward the bottom 
    of the screen to avoid the shots.
    Eventually, you'll reach the laser cannon.
    (Cut Scene) 
    Nothing happens on the SNES version, you just drop down next to it.
    Avengers: There's the laser cannon!  Destroy it!  Now!
    You then fly down, killing anyone using it as a sniper post.  This is 
    done manually, however.
    After destroying it (Which shouldn't take long), you'll continue to 
    destroy your every day robots until...
    (Cut Scene)
    Avengers: WHAT'S THIS?
    A trap door opens and they slide into a room.
    Crossbones: Adios, Avenger!  You're history.
    Avengers: WHAT'S THIS? 
    A trap door opens and they slide into a room. 
    Crossbones: You're trapped!
    You're now inside with two soldiers who look alike and have the same 
    attacks.  Saws will appear from time to time, adding to the 
    frustration.  I usually, as always, do jump kicks to these losers, 
    because they stick together most of the time.  After beating these 
    losers, Quicksilver on the SNES version throws you a well-needed blue 
    plate.  Make good use of it, because after a few more enemies, you'll 
    be fighting another mid-stage boss.
    (Cut scene)
    Crossbones: You'll never get past me!
    Crossbones: You can't go through!
    Again, do jump kicks.  He fires projectiles-lots of them, too.  Beware 
    of the mines he sends out, along with his daggers.  
    (Cut Scene)
    Genesis Only:
    Avengers: Stop, Red Skull!
    Red Skull: Bye, Avengers! 
    Avengers: No matter where you escape to we'll be right behind you!
    After smashing your final robots to junk, you'll get to fight him...
    (Cut Scene) 
    Avengers: It's over, Red Skull!
    Red Skull: That's what you think!
    Avengers: You can't escape! 
    Red Skull: It's not over, yet!
    He's not really so tough as he appears to be.  He does a jump kick and 
    will try to punch you.  Just stay on your toes and you're ok.  That is, 
    until this happens...
    (Cut Scene) 
    A huge beast appears.
    Red Skull: You fools!  You thought you could defeat me so easily!  
    Avengers: The forces of good will triumph!
    Avengers: What's this?
    Red Skull: It's another trap!  You stupid men!  Ha ha ha!
    Avengers: We'll teach you the meaning of "Justice"!
    Always jump kick.  It's the only way to do damage to him.  Jump and 
    move around to avoid his projectiles.
    Screw anything fancy, throw projectiles as fast as you can at him.  
    Make sure you have enough continues, too!
    And you have beaten THE AVENGERS!!!  YES!!!!
    (Cut Scene)
    Thanks to the efforts of our brave and valiant heroes, the Avengers, 
    Red Skull and his evil plan were crushed, and the world could once 
    again breathe easily.  But for the Avengers, the battle doesn't end 
    here.  Wherever evil exists in this world, they must confront it.  In 
    the name of justice AVENGERS UNITE!
    Credits roll.
    5. Credits
    Data East: For making this game.
    Mindscape: For helping out with the SNES version, which really stinks.  
    Thanks for Paperboy, though.
    Marvel Comics: For making the comic strip series.
    Myself: Writing this guide.
    CJayC: Webmaster of www.gamefaqs.com.  
    6. Disclaimer
    This guide was made by Cedric Cooks/Oda (Cedoda).  I have nothing to do 
    with Data East, Sega, Nintendo, or any other affiliates (if any) 
    involved in the making of this game.  It can be printed out, but not 
    for money.  Also, make sure you are going to give me credit if you want 
    to post this on your site.  If you say this is yours, you'll be in 
    trouble (Not to mention that CjayC will send out powerful lawyers 
    afterwards.).  The latest version is always found at www.gamefaqs.com, and 
    I'd appreciate it if you update it when I update it, unless you like 
    the previous one better.
    So you want to print this guide out, eh?  Well, first you need my 
    permission, and you must promise not to sell it.  You will use the 
    guide as the thing it's intended to be-a guide.  Either that, or out of 
    entertainment (Reading it just for fun).  If you must send me E-mail, 
    send me informative E-mail, which includes hints, secrets, and thank 
    you's for the guide.  Don't send me idiotic E-mail, which includes job 
    applications for your site, complaints, insults, stuff already 
    mentioned in the guide, etc.  Trust me, it won't make it.
    Both of you people must follow these rules.  Failure to do this will 
    result in you not using the guide altogether.  
    Until the next guide everyone...
    Copyright 2002 by Cedric Cooks/Oda
    All rights reserved
                    -"And that's the end of that chapter!"-

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