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"Neither America nor anybody in the world needs this game."

The world`s cheesiest superheroes (except for Iron Man, he kicks ass) team up to save America from the evil deeds of bunch of crazy villains with HEAVY clothing problems leaded by non other than Red Skull, Captain America`s legendary rival.

Graphics and Music:
Although the game is pretty old I guess it is ok to say the graphics are fairly crappy, they won`t hurt your eyes do not fear, but its bright colors and cheesy designs look very silly. Just admit it, even if you are a die hard fan of them, the hysterical look of both our superheroes and the villains don`t help either.

The music is, simply put, infamous. It is so bad I can`t quite figure out how to rate its awfulness, so let`s just leave it there.

Pretty bad too, this is one of those Final Fight clones where normally you`ll find yourself kissing the floor without having even touched your enemy. That is annoying as hell because we have no choice but beat the living days lights of our enemies using flying kicks and long distance attacks, which makes the gameplay tiring and the overall gaming experience monotonous rather quick.

The worst part about what I said above is that normally beat em-ups with that problem tend to show quite an amount of potential, or at least that is what I have learned after playing a bunch of them like Kunio Tachi No Banka, Kuryu No Mimi or the old Renegade for the Nes (Kunio`s first adventure by the way). That is exactly this game`s case. This title is loaded with potential: there is a lot of different superheroes to choose from, lots of different enemies to firth with and the stages are not repetitive. A real pity.

However, there is some stuff here that shouldn`t be missed by any means, hearing ``America still needs your help`` at the beginning of every new mission is just brilliant and seeing BLAM, PLAM or KRACK sings floating over their heads every time we hit someone more than make up for all the gameplay problems and annoyances, I don`t know you but it reminds me of the immortal Batman series from the 60`s.

Captain America And The Avengers is a very campy title that is sure to provide you a couple of hours of fun due to its, well, camp factor. Now really, it is a pretty cheap title overall, but it is also highly recommended if you have a couple of friends to laugh with.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/15/06

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