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"OK, Go! Oof! Nooooo!"

Greetings true believers! I am here once again to discuss a badly imported arcade game to that awesome machine known as the SNES. This time, it's none other than Captain America and the noble Avengers trying to make an impression on videogame and comic book fans alike, but lacking what many other videogames are equipped with: Entertaining gameplay!

Will Captain America survive the atrocious criticism this gamer is about to unleash upon his heroic stature as defender of justice? Stay tuned to find out!

Gameplay - 3

You will be greeted with an awful control and the fact that your enemy will at least hit you 3 times per every punch you try to deliver. The fact that your characters can shoot projectiles seems futile against the enemy sprites who get hit by them. Expect to use all of your continues before you even finish Stage 2 here.

Even setting the difficulty at the easiest level you will find just how much the game HATES you.

Story - 1

Just like in Comic Books, a band of bad guys unite with a mastermind to create havoc in the world. Just to make things easier, said mastermind uses a handful of villains to distract the Avengers while he is busy scheming his ultimate demise.

Graphics/Sound - 6

I am giving 4 points for the fact that some of the music is well orchestrated here, except for the first stage; I am not sure where the farting sounds come from there. The voices and explosions are amazingly well done, clear and clean. This doesn't help the blotchy graphics or the staleness of some enemy sprites anyway. The background at some stages looks like wallpaper plastered as a backdrop on a theater.

However, those “agonizing” screams from your heroes get to be very, very annoying. Flashbacks of baby Mario wailing invaded my mind.

Play Time/Replayability - 3

Playing as Iron Man or Captain America is a rare feat in the 16 bit era, but not even that can bring you back to experience the same atrocious gameplay and horrible control that the game suffers from. Avengers disbanded!

Final Recommendation – 3

It's just for the sake of seeing your favorite Marvel heroes and villains appearing here and there that you would at least have borrowed this game to play it, but not as much as to buying it. I could not stand the game as much as 2 stages, while at the same time, those stages were all that the Avengers could muster with 5 continues. The Vision should've been replaced with Thor just to stand a fighting chance against those annoying robots.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 07/13/06

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