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"Craptain America and the Avenjerks."

Captain America and the Avengers was always one of my favorite arcade games. My friend and I would spend our life savings always trying to overthrow the Red Skull which resulted in my friend hitting the arcade box so hard that the entire game shut off.

Years later, Mindscape got the license to publish this game on the Super NES. I read every single preview on this game that I could and finally on Christmas 93' my dream of conquering the Red Skull in the comfort of my own home had finally come true.

It became a nightmare.

Graphics: 6/10
The SNES is FAR more capable than this! The backgrounds are all dark, plain, and mellow compared to the arcade original. However, the cutscenes and sprites are pretty close to their arcade counterparts. Sadly, many of my favorite animations such as the enemies splitting into fragments upon death and being zapped away into oblivion have been taken out and been replaced with a simple looking fade. The character and sprite animation is pretty choppy as well. Mindscape did not push the SNES's graphics capabilities to it's max.

Sound/Music: 6/10
The music sounds alot lower than the arcade version with alot less detail. Some of the classic boss speech like ''Don't disturb us'' was removed but our favorite corny superhero lines like ''OK, GO!'' and ''I CAN'T MOVE'' are still intact as well as Red Skull's hilarious laugh. It sounds like you're hitting a comic book with a flyswatter when you punch an enemy.

Controls: 8/10
You get your normal 8 way diagnol movement plus the standard punch and jump buttons. One improvement that the SNES version of this game has over the arcade and Genesis is that there is now an extra button for firing your shot/shield/arrow instead of hitting both the attack and jump buttons. This is probably the best thing Mindscape has done for the game.

Gameplay: 3/10
Ok, this is where the mutilation of the arcade begins... First of all is the TERRIBLE hit detection. In the arcade and Genesis versions, you were able to precisely hit your enemy with punches with good hit detection. Now for the SNES version, you punch an enemy and while your attack does a very minimal amount of damage, your enemy does not reel back, just flashes for a split second, then moves towards you like the punch never happened. When an enemy hits you, you're sent flying a foot to the ground! It's nearly impossible to beat enemies with punches and you'll be relying so much on your weaponry which takes alot of the fun that I loved from the arcade version. The bosses are way too powerful and lose only 1/20th of their life from a weapon hit as opposed to 1/10th in the arcade version. The SNES version even leaves you with less health and stuff on the ground to pick up as weapons. You're only given a choice or 3-5 continues/1 life depending which difficulty you choose. With all the flaws in the game, players will have a tough time beating it on normal/hard modes.

Replay: 1/10
This is just a game you'll beat once due to the increased difficulty and terrible hit detection.

Rent, buy, or don't even bother?
If you're diehard fan of the arcade version, then a rental is suggested. If you're gonna warrant a purchase, then get the Genesis version, although it's not much better.

Overall (Not average of scores): 5
America does not need your help, it's Mindscape who watered down Data East's arcade classic.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/21/02, Updated 12/21/02

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