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"A Decent Game ... with a cameo from my favourite hero: The Sub-Mariner!"

When we were all younger, and hanging out in the smoky arcades, we could almost find this game. We would marvel at the neat graphics, and the neat sounds coming from the machine, but we never knew why there would never be anyone playing it. In our local arcade, I was the only player.

Imagine my thrill when I found this game for $10 at a local pawn shop. ''Wow! Now I can play free!'' However, it wasn't exactly like I thought it was. It was close to the arcade version, but so many different aspects of the game turned me off for a while.

What drew me back? The characters. The Vision, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and good ol' Captain America himself. To briefly stroll off-course, let me say that I love Disney games the most due to the fun I can have roleplaying the characters. Anyway ... these four characters drew me toward the game again some years later. The Red Skull, Whirlwind, even the X-Men's soldier enemy ... the Sentinel. They were all great. Even my hero Namor the Sub-Mariner was there! This game had the basic “hero against villain” storyline, but it was sort of different.

On the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, instead of all four Avengers battling the evildoers together, only One or Two players could play. This isn’t the game’s fault, because at that time, there wasn’t a Four-Controller adapter. But the lack of the 3rd and 4th player made this game excruciatingly difficult to the younger gamers. It was a nuisance sometimes for me as well. Enemies were harder, and staying alive was the same. How much fun can a person have losing all the time? It’s apathy, man. People don’t have patience. This means that not many a person would even attempt to defeat this game. There was an option for more lives, but it still doesn’t help all that much. The 100 damage system is terrible in this game as most attacks will inflict 10's of damage. This is definitely the game’s downfall.

The storyline as earlier stated is quite decent. The Red Skull is trying to do something evil to the city, and it’s up to Captain America and the Avengers to find out and stop him. In between levels, they try and develop the storyline by throwing in dialogue and comic book-style graphics. This doesn’t look half bad, other than the fact that the dialogue is a little unoriginal. The whole first level is revealed to be a set-up! How many times have we seen this happen before? Sadly, this storyline isn’t enough to pull any non-Marvel enthusiasts into the game. The reason I say that, is because I’m a huge Marvel fan, and that’s why I enjoy the storyline somewhat. I surveyed regular gamers, and they all hate the storyline. This isn’t my opinion, but the general gamers. Fair enough?

Another factor which is a bit of a pet peeve is the audio. Surely sound can’t make a game worse. Especially when the music is good, right? However, the music isn’t what drives me absolutely insane. It’s the sound effects. The punching, arrow-shooting effects are fine, but when Captain America and his gang are hurt via the enemy’s attacks, they are too repetitive, and they actually hurt your ears. Two words: Incredibly annoying. The music is fine, but the effects are terrible. I can’t be any more blunt.

For an early Super Nintendo game, the graphics were superb. You could easily tell which enemy was which, and which character you were controlling. Everything looked pretty crisp considering the technology we had back then. The backgrounds looked good, and exactly as they did in the arcade version. Sure, some things looked a tad out of place, but there wasn’t anything they could do. The graphics were detailed, and I happen to enjoy them a lot. I just wish there were more sprites for the Sub-Mariner . . .

The replay-ability factor is always hard to judge, and this is no exception. I rarely play a game after I beat it, and I must admit, I never did beat this game. After you get far into the game, and you lose, you do not want to try again. You want to put the game down and leave it for months and/or years. Should you beat it, it’s the same thing. The only time I ever wish to play this game is when I have absolutely nothing to do, and I’m not in the mood to play any other games, or I just want nostalgic memories. This game isn’t terrible, but it just doesn’t appeal to me all the time like some of the other games I own. Maybe you’ll be able to play it non-stop for hours. Who knows? Give it a shot.

All in all, this is an all right game. It’s decent, and I recommend it for anyone who is a hardcore Marvel fan. Of course you should get it. If you aren’t a Marvel fan, maybe you should think twice. If you are creating a collection, you might as well grab it. Just don’t spend more than $15 Canadian on it. (Although I don’t know anyone other than me who would pay that much for any Super Nintendo game in the first place.)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/09/03, Updated 07/18/03

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