Battle in the air for control of the sea. As a Japanese or American World War II pilot, attack the enemy's ships in fighters, dive bombers, or torpedo bombers. Outfit an entire squadron in one of the seven campaign wars. But it won't be easy. Your opponent will send up defense fighters, and shoot you out of the sky with antiaircraft fire. Destroy your target in brilliant split screen mode-7 graphics, and then, somehow coax your battered planes to your aircraft carrier. No time for rest; prepare your defenses because the enemy is coming after you. Play against the computer or a friend in this 16 meg airwar.

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#8 lowest rated SNES strategy game (#320 on SNES, #10363 overall)


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#37 hardest SNES strategy game (#383 on SNES, #13592 overall)


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#69 longest SNES strategy game (#440 on SNES, #19426 overall)


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