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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kaleb Grace

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 08/31/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Walkthrough v0.2
    by Kaleb_G
    -> Don't edit or modify this text file.
    -> Don't plagiarize my walkthrough in any way.
    -> Don't use this walkthrough to make a profit.
    -> Don't post this walkthrough anywhere on the Internet (except for
    GameFAQs) without receiving my written permission to do so.
    -> v0.2 - (08/31/2001):
    Fixed character symbols to be compatible with Courier fonts.
    I also modified the layout, as you can notice.
    And finally, I got started on the walkthrough.
    -> v0.1 - (08/11/2001):
    Started everything by scratch; what you see is what you get.
    [1.] Basic Information
    [2.] Setup
    [3.] Gameplay
    [4.] Walkthrough
    [5.] Credits
    -> Cool Spot is a Super Nintendo game developed by Virgin Games in
    -> It is based on the 7up character Spot, which was used many years
    ago in the 7up advertisements and commercials.
    -> Spot is a big, red, coin-shaped spot, wearing sunglasses, gloves,
    and shoes.
    ->>> [2.] SETUP
    -> Press START to skip past the copyright screen.
    -> At the Virgin Games screen, you can mess with the logo by using any
    of the controller buttons except Select and Start. This screen will
    progress to the next one after about ten seconds, or after pressing
    -> Watch the little intro of Spot surfing on a 7up bottle or skip it
    with the START button.
    -> At the title screen, make a selection between Start and Options
    with the D-pad or the SELECT button, and confirm your choice with A,
    B, X, Y, or START.
    -> The Options screen will allow you to turn Music and/or Sound FX
    on/off, as well as select the level of Difficulty between: Easy,
    Normal, and Hard. Choose Exit to, uh, exit.
    -> When you're all finished, choose Start to begin the game!
    ->>> [3.] GAMEPLAY
    HUD & MORE:
    -> During a level, the heads-up display at the top of the screen will
    show the following information:
      1.   2.    3.     4.                    5.
    ¤ COOL #O=O#  ¯/ [[ /¯|/¯|/¯|/¯|/¯|/¯| ]] TIME ¤
    ¤   0% # ! # _7  [[ |_/|_/|_/|_/|_/|_/ ]] 6:00 ¤
    1> Cool Point Percentage:
    Every Cool Point collected adds 1% to this. A Cool Point looks like
    Spot, but smaller, spinning, and without the gear. Each level has a
    total of 100 Cool Points, which (a certain number) are needed to
    complete a stage. One last thing; a spinning "7up" icon is worth 7
    Cool Points, or 7%.
    2> Spot Face Display:
    As you take damage, this image will begin to "peel off" of the
    heads-up display. You can take a maximum of 7 hits, until it falls off
    completely, thus costing you a life. You can refill your health by
    collecting an Uncola Glass (it looks kind of like a bong...uh, I mean
    an upside-down cola glass with "7up" labeled on it, that also has
    bubbles fizzing out of it).
    3> Spot's Extra Lives:
    This number tells how many extra lives Spot has in reserve. Losing a
    life still lets you keep your score and Cool Spots. However, when you
    lose all of your lives, you get a Game Over...unless you have and use
    a Continue Letter found in a Bonus Level, which allows you to begin
    the level over again from scratch. You can gain an extra life by
    collecting a spinning "1up" icon. In addition, if you collect all 100
    Cool Points in a level, you will earn an extra life when that level is
    4> Score:
    Displays how many points you earn throughout the game. It will reset
    to zero after you lose all of your lives (regardless of whether you
    use a Continue Letter or get a Game Over).
    5> Time Remaining:
    Displays the time remaining. When the time reaches 0:00, you die. By
    collecting what looks like a white glove holding a red stopwatch, 0:30
    is added to your time. Also, when you die and restart with a new life,
    your timer will reset back to the amount of time you had when you
    started the level.
    -> D-pad:
    Move spot left or right. Hold in any 360° direction while shooting to
    fire in that direction.
    -> Y:
    Shoot a bottlecap. Aim with D-pad, as in such games as Super Metroid
    (note that Spot doesn't change animations when aiming). You can
    rapidly press this button for the best killing results.
    -> B:
    Jump. You can also jump left & right w/ D-pad.
    -> START:
    Pause/unpause. Screen darkens while paused.
    -> The other buttons...they do nothing!
    -> In order to finish a level, the following requirements must be
    completed in the order they are listed:
    1> Collect the required number of Cool Points that appears on the
    screen at the start of each level. All levels require the same number
    based on the Difficulty set in the Options menu: Easy = 30 CP, Normal
    = 60 CP, and Hard = 90 CP.
    2> Proceed to the captured Spot (not you, but one of your buddies who
    looks like you), and free him from his cage by repeatedly shooting
    the lock with your bottlecaps. Note that the Spot's location differs
    according to the Difficulty.
    -> After the Spot is freed, the level automatically ends, and the
    result screen is displayed. Here, Cool Points collected and time
    remaining are converted into points that are added to your score.
    -> Bonus Stage:
    Collect enough Cool Points during a stage (always greater than the
    "required" number), and you will be able to play a Bonus Stage after
    completing the current one. Difficulty is a factor in the number
    needed to access the Bonus Stage. A Bonus Stage has many Cool Points,
    1ups, and even an "Uncola" Continue Letter for your taking.
                            Easy    Normal    Hard
    Lives at Start/Cont.       4        3        2
    Cool Points Required      30       60       90
    C.P. for Bonus Stage      75       85       95
    Enemies in ea. Stage    less <----------> more
    Caged Spot Locations    easy2find <> hard2find
    ->>> [4.] WALKTHROUGH
    -> This walkthrough is designed for playing on the Normal difficulty,
    and so that you are able to collect all 100 Cool Points in each stage.
    -> While I will guide you through each stage, there are certain things
    that I will not point out every time, and thus I have listed them here
    as an introduction to the walkthrough:
    -> Collect all Cool Points, 1ups, or other goodies that you see on
    your journey. Jumping is essential for collecting many of these.
    -> Kill any enemies that obstruct your path, or are otherwise damaging
    or hurting you. It is not necessary to kill all enemies, as they only
    add points to your score. Furthermore, many enemies will regenerate.
    -> Patience and accuracy are key in this game, as they are in any
    other platform game. There are many things you can't just blindly
    rush through (platforms, enemies, etc.).
    -> That's all. If you still need help, you can e-mail me, and please
    be specific as to what you need help with if you do e-mail me.
    Level01 - SHELL SHOCK
    Time 6:00
    -> Check behind the bottle to your left for some Cool Points (I will
    now refer to them as "CP" throughout the rest of this walkthrough).
    Jump on top of the bottle, and then jump up to a balloon and Spot will
    automatically grab on to its string. Keep going up until there are no
    more balloons above you, and then jump right to another balloon by
    holding RIGHT on the D-pad and then pressing B to jump. Remember to
    jump towards the strings of the balloons, and you will latch on.
    Continue making your way to the right until you see a bubble floating
    in air. You can bounce off of this bubble (there will be more like
    this) by jumping on it, but it will pop after doing so, and will not
    regenerate for a few seconds.
    -> From here, go to the blue balloon that is down and to the right of
    the bubble, and continue jumping down amongst the balloons. When you
    land on the ground, continue back to the left on foot. Watch out for
    enemies, such as the hermit crabs (whose shells block your bottlecaps,
    so hit their eyes to take off their shells). Make sure to collect the
    two obvious swarms of CP in the ditches below the sand dunes. When you
    reach the start of the level, return to the first bubble you saw.
    -> From here, go to the red balloon that is up and to the right of the
    bubble. Continue jumping along to the right a short distance until you
    reach another red balloon (from here, there will be another red
    balloon off to the right of your screen, but don't concern yourself
    with that). Jump just slightly to the right of the red balloon that
    you're currently holding onto, and fall down onto a green balloon to
    get a sneaky CP. Jump to the ground and then head right to collect a
    7up in a ditch below a sand dune. Make sure the enemies here don't
    make short work of you, so cap or dodge 'em. Ascend the sand dune and
    continue right, collecting one CP along the way, until you reach the
    walkman and then the giant chair. Go underneath the chair and collect
    3 CP while fighting off crabs. Jump up and collect the single CP
    floating in air, and then walk left along the seat of the chair for 5
    more CP. Okay, what you need to do now is to jump up along the length
    of the arm of the chair, but not so high as to go onto it. I would
    suggest killing the hermit crab first by shooting up at it's
    underbelly. You should collect a total of 4 CP behind the arm of the
    chair. Now scale the slope to the left by continuously jumping (and
    collecting CP as well). At the top, make your way left across the
    balloons to collect the remaining CP in this area. When you stop
    collecting CP, that means you've been here before, so return to the
    top of the chair by going right.
    -> At the top of the chair, jump on the bubble and jump along to the
    right. There will be one point at which you will have to collect a CP
    on top of a bubble, and another CP on a balloon directly above the
    bubble; no sweat, just don't forget it. Stop. From here, jump directly
    to the ground, go right, and touch the checkpoint (it looks like a red
    and white barber pole). Now collect the CP right below you in the
    ditch, and then jump up through the sand dune to collect the
    stopwatch. Be careful around these enemies as you once again proceed
    right and collect another 7up in *surprise* another ditch. Just go
    right a little further, and yes, you've reached the extreme right of
    the level, but it's not over just yet. Jump up to the green balloon,
    then go left with the balloons and the CP and such. There will be one
    point where it looks like the path stops, but simply jump to the
    yellow balloon that is lower down to the left. Continue left until
    you reach the point where I said "Stop." Now, simply proceed in an
    up/right position to collect the final CP in the stage. At the last
    balloon, blast the lock off of the cage to free the Spot and complete
    the level!
    -> My work on completing this walkthrough has, from here on, been
    postponed indefinitely. I have no desire as of now to continue writing
    about this game, and quite frankly, I just don't have the time for it
    anymore. So to anyone looking forward to a full walkthrough for this
    game: "I'm sorry". However, I highly doubt anybody would. I hope what
    I have already provided in this file will suffice to well-prepare a
    player to traverse the further levels. That is all.
    ->>> [5.] CREDITS
    -> Big thanks to GameFAQs for posting this walkthrough!
    -> Special thanks to everyone who has written walkthroughs for
    GameFAQs. Not only have they helped me out immensely, but they have
    truly inspired me to go forth and write my own walkthroughs.
    -> Cool Spot is a copyright of Seven-Up Co. and Virgin Games.
    -> It is licensed by Nintendo.
    -> This walkthrough in its entirety is sole property © of Kaleb Grace.
    -> It may be freely distributed as long as it does not violate any of
    the rules set forth in the disclaimer at the top of this walkthrough.
    -> END OF FILE

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