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Reviewed: 01/22/08


Well let me start by throwing out a quote by Mr Lexia that I feel sums up people's gripes that Superman games do not capture the true feeling of Superman himself: "Here's what a real Superman game would be like: you'd fly around beating up everyone and not taking any damage, then Lex Luthor would show up with a bunch of Green Kryptonite and you'd be completely boned." ( words changed for swears). I feel that people think a game being the real Superman would be fun but it is not feasible. A game needs to have difficulty and you need to be able to lose. If you really want to feel like Superman than get a game genie/shark and put in an invincibility code and presto you're the invincible, real, Superman and all the fun and challenge is gone. Anyways, now that I said that lets get on with the review.


Standard for the time, there is nothing groundbreaking about them and they won't make your eyes bleed so it goes either way. The backgrounds are ok and characters look good. I really don't want to spend a lot of time on this topic because it isn't the focus of the game.


Standard yet again. As typical with licsensed games they only strive for mediocrity, falling to the licsense to sell the game and boost its acceptance. Sound effects are a bit limited but you won't notice with the button mashing and fighting and since I cannot recall anything too specific it must be mediocre and acceptable.


A faithful rendition of the comic series of the same name. Superman is dead by level 2 after Doomsday boss battle and then you alternate between the Cyborg, Eradicator, Superboy, and The Man of Steel as they all attempt to carry on Superman's legacy until the end of the game where Superman *GASPS* returns! Get it? Anyone familiar with the comics will appreciate how faithful it is and stranger will get a crash course in the greatest and most compelling series in comic book history. The story is told in between levels with NEWS FLASHES!


The meat and potatoes of the game. It has its flaws but let's do the positives then the negatives okay? Good. The attack button attacks, jump jumps (and allows you to hover) and then you have a special attack button which executes a character specific special attack. Superman's is that he flies up in the air and then crashes down, punching the ground and destroying any enemy on screen, and damages bosses pretty good. Since you get only a couple a level, unless the rare occurrence that you find more, you should save them for the bosses. The attacks are punches, when your hovering you kick, and you can also pick up bad guys and objects and then throw them at other bad guys. The downside is like a lot of beat em ups you can only attack one guy at a time so if your sandwiched your pretty screwed. Enemies do a bit much damage than I would like (standard for genre though). But just punch your way through levels teeming with subterranean mutants, chainsaw punks, robots, and the like until you get to the boss.

The bosses are pretty well done, the first one being the Subterranean leader guy, then Doomsday, then a bunch of others that I can't really recall. They take alot of hits and can be frustrating but just dish out damage and avoid getting hit. Good thing is every enemy has a visible health bar so you know when they will croak.

The last thing is flying levels: These levels are awesome. You are flying and it plays like a sci fi space shooter like Gradius or R type. Your attack is laser vision, or energy balls (eradicator) or an arm cannon (like Cyborg) and you will battle with robotic things flying at you and shooting you. At the end you fight a robotic boss thing that usually has a shield or takes decent damage before it croaks. I really enjoy the levels and how the background whizzes by.

Basically the only real gripe I have is no passwords or saving. You got to finish the whole game in one sitting like the first Megaman and it is a little long. Game overs allow you to restart the last level with 3 lives and all super attacks so you won't have to worry about that and I believe its unlimited continues, I never ran out so... This Superman game is the only one worth playing. It does him justice and there is nothing better with the man of steel on it. And you get to fight Doomsday and be the Eradicator come on man!!! A fine game with some flaws but worth playing through or just for a rainy day.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: The Death and Return of Superman (US, 08/31/94)

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