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"The closest adaptation to one of the most memorable comic book events in history"

The Death and Return of Superman is one of the most memorable and internationally recognized comic book events in history. Many have attempted to adapt this story arc to a variety of media (film, TV and video games) with rather poor results. Only two such projects have actually been completed and released, Superman - Doomsday, a direct-to-DVD animated feature film by producer Bruce Timm, and this video game. This game, is perhaps the closest anyone got to following the story arc and it is considered to be one of the best Superman video games, something rare, to have ever seen the light of day.

Superman battles the unstoppable war machine Doomsday, in the streets of Metropolis, until both characters fall with one final blow. Superman has stopped the menace but has paid the ultimate price. The Man of Steel is mourned by the entire world and remembered as Earth's greatest hero. Violence and crime have risen in Metropolis just as four new characters, each resembling the Last Son of Krypton, start appearing all over the city. The characters are Steel (a regular human being wearing an armor), Superboy (a clone of Superman), The Cyborg (a cybernetic android) and The Eradicator (an embodied alien device). Their mysterious origins, and agendas continue to unfold until the real Man of Steel returns.

The graphics of this game are comparable to those of other popular and highly praised Beat-'Em-Ups of the era, such as TMNT IV and Batman Returns. They were basically all the SNES could handle in terms of color palette, number of sprites on screen, moving backgrounds, etc. Except for the streets of Metropolis, which seem rather plain, all the other graphic elements are very detailed.

The weakest point in the game. It appears as if no real effort put in to this.

Game Play:
What I like the most about the game is that it doesn't cheat you by merely introducing the new characters, but that it actually allows you to play as all of them and follow their individual plot lines. They each have different special moves and have been designed to perfectly match their looks in the comic book. Having said that, this is a beat-'em-up so don't expect much variety in terms of game play. It is nice that they included some flight levels, with all the main characters, but for the most part you are just punching people all over the place. It might also be worth mentioning that Superman's powers do not seem to have been toned down as in so many other games featuring this character.

Replay Value:
There's none really.

Overall: 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/12/09

Game Release: The Death and Return of Superman (US, 08/31/94)

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