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"If Superman died because of boredom, he played this game!"

Superman is an icon, the most recognizable and greatest superhero of all time in the eyes of millions of people all over the world. It's not surprising to see superman in a video game, he had many games in multiple game consoles in the past, most of them are average but others are complete crap. Sadly Death and Return of Superman is one of those worthless crap.

The Death and Return of Superman was developed by Blizzard for Sunsoft and was released in 1993. Capitalizing on the hugely popular and hit comic book of the same name that year. It was an opportunity to make a superman game especially with the popularity of the Death and Return saga but they should've made the game as good as the comic book. This game is a huge disappointment to gamers who are comic or non-comic fans, not only is the game boring and repetitive, it's unoriginal. The gameplay is similar to the final fight, streets of rage, and double dragon series, you walk around beating bad guys with some arrays of moves, combos, power-up moves and items picked-up. Not that beat-em ups are bad but this game lacks variety to keep you playing, all you do level after level is beat enemies up until you finish the game, it's repetitive. The levels are the same with different looking backgrounds each time you progress level after level, no special stage like maybe a first-person flight level, so it's always play in side view levels until the end. Graphics is not the best in the SNES, it looks like an 8-bit NES game, the graphics are not 16-bit standard making it seem like it was rushed. Music is annoying, if you think superman's theme in movies and cartoons are catchy and kinda patriotic or heroic, the BGM in this game is like a frying pan hitting a wall only that it has rhythm. Sound effects also sucked, punches and other smacking sounds sound like spoon hitting a milk carton. Replay value? None, that's all I can say. I can't believe Blizzard who created the masterpiece, Starcraft, can't even do a good 16-bit game, and why did they even create this game in the first place? it's a total waste of money.

I'm a fan of Superman and even for the most loyal fan, this doesn't even deserve a purchase except if you want to add it to your Superman collection for display. It's not worth your money, stay away from this game, it only hurts Superman's reputation as the best and most respected hero in the world.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 05/22/03, Updated 05/22/03

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