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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Spatvark

    Version: 1.25 | Updated: 01/09/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    			         Demon's Crest
                                           by Spatvark (spatfaqs@hotmail.co.uk)
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                        <          [01] Introduction          >
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    A long time has passed in the Ghoul Kingdom after Firebrand's defeat at the
    hands of Phalanx. After being imprisoned inside the Colosseum and being forced
    to fight for his life time and time again, the red demon escapes to bring
    vengeance upon the one who cast him down so long ago...
    The third game in the Firebrand series sees our anti-hero ready to finally
    claim the almighty power he has strived for. After incarnations on both the
    Gameboy and the NES, Firebrand settles down onto the SNES in a different style
    from the previous games; gone are the top-down RPG-elements and now it's an
    all-action brawl to the finish with some of the most insanely-hard battles to
    have ever existed!
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                        <           [02] Disclaimer           >
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    Listen up you mangy lot, this bit is important. You are free to use this FAQ
    for personal reference but if you plagiarize any sections, well... I'll have to
    come up with something evil to do to you...
    The only places allowed to host this FAQ are:
    GameFAQS - http://www.gamefaqs.com
    If you see it anywhere else, please contact me at: spatfaqs@hotmail.co.uk
    You can also contact me with any questions that pertain to Demon's Crest that
    AREN'T answered in this FAQ, or any corrections to mistakes I've made (this
    does not include typographical errors; I'm not THAT anal retentive about my
    Also, do not bother to email me and ask whether you can host this FAQ on your
    site, the answer is no. GameFAQs is the only place I particularly feel like
    trusting, while sites that have to go soliciting for FAQs strike me as
    desperate to get a reputation even a tenth of that GameFAQs has. So don't
    bother, I won't even reply to your emails.
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                        <        [03] Version History         >
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    v1.25 - Updated the Copyright. [09/01/09]
    v1.20 - Changed my email address and edited the formatting.
    v1.15 - Fiddled with the ASCII title, that's all =P
    v1.10 - Added to the Ovununu and Flier strategies based on emails received from
            Jonathan Gravel and Elijah Ø respectively, and that's it.
    v1.00 - This update was pretty much everything in the FAQ; 'nuff said.
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                        <            [04] Contents            >
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         **>Introduction -------------------------------------- [01]
         **>Disclaimer ---------------------------------------- [02]
         **>Version History ----------------------------------- [03]
         **>Contents ------------------------------------------ [04]
         **>Characters ---------------------------------------- [05]
         **>Controls ------------------------------------------ [06]
           ==>Normal --------------------------------------------- [06a]
           ==>Ultimate Gargoyle ---------------------------------- [06b]
           ==>World Map ------------------------------------------ [06c]
         **>Walkthrough --------------------------------------- [07]
           ==>Escape! -------------------------------------------- [07a]
             -->BOSS: Somulo (1) ------------------------------------- [07a.1]
             -->BOSS: Somulo (2) ------------------------------------- [07a.2]
             -->BOSS: Hippogriff ------------------------------------- [07a.3]
             -->BOSS: General Arma (1) ------------------------------- [07a.4]
           ==>Deeper Underground --------------------------------- [07b]
             -->BOSS: Ovununu ---------------------------------------- [07b.1]
           ==>Treasure Hunting 1 --------------------------------- [07c]
           ==>Bone Daddy ----------------------------------------- [07d]
             -->BOSS: Belth ------------------------------------------ [07d.1]
           ==>Forest Fire ---------------------------------------- [07e]
             -->BOSS: Flame Lord ------------------------------------- [07e.1]
           ==>Towers-a-go-go! ------------------------------------ [07f]
             -->BOSS: General Arma (2) ------------------------------- [07f.1]
           ==>Treasure Hunting 2 --------------------------------- [07g]
           ==>Towers-a-go-go Reprise ----------------------------- [07h]
             -->BOSS: Flier ------------------------------------------ [07h.1]
           ==>Rise from the Depths ------------------------------- [07i]
             -->BOSS: Crawler ---------------------------------------- [07i.1]
           ==>Treasure Hunting 3 --------------------------------- [07j]
           ==>Sink to the Bottom --------------------------------- [07k]
             -->BOSS: Scula ------------------------------------------ [07k.1]
           ==>What Lies Beneath? --------------------------------- [07l]
             -->BOSS: Holothurion ------------------------------------ [07l.1]
           ==>Fire and Ice --------------------------------------- [07m]
             -->BOSS: General Arma (3) ------------------------------- [07m.1]
           ==>The Rocky Mountain Road ---------------------------- [07n]
             -->BOSS: Grewon (1) ------------------------------------- [07n.1]
           ==>Treasure Hunting 4 --------------------------------- [07o]
           ==>Vengeance! ----------------------------------------- [07p]
             -->BOSS: Grewon (2) ------------------------------------- [07p.1]
             -->BOSS: Phalanx ---------------------------------------- [07p.2]
           ==>The End! ------------------------------------------- [07q]
           ==>OK, so it wasn't the end! -------------------------- [07r]
             -->BOSS: The Dark Demon --------------------------------- [07r.1]
         **>Spells -------------------------------------------- [08]
         **>Potions ------------------------------------------- [09]
         **>Crests -------------------------------------------- [10]
           ==>Fire Crests ---------------------------------------- [10a]
           ==>Transformation Crests ------------------------------ [10b]
         **>Talismans ----------------------------------------- [11]
         **>Checklist ----------------------------------------- [12]
         **>Thanks -------------------------------------------- [13]
         **>Legal Stuff --------------------------------------- [14]
         **>Next Version -------------------------------------- [15]
         **>Working On... ------------------------------------- [16]
         **>Goodbye! ------------------------------------------ [17]
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                        <           [05] Characters           >
                          \ =============================== /
        Firebrand first appeared in the classic Capcom game Ghouls and Goblins,
    and was one of Arthur's main adversaries. It was a bold move by Capcom to then
    give him his own series which has spawned three games, each of them vastly
        Escaping from the Colosseum where Phalanx imprisoned him, Firebrand sets
    out to claim revenge and to finally seize the power that has eluded him for so
        After defeating Firebrand and seizing the Crest of Heaven, Phalanx has
    been trying to find a way to gain the ultimate power in existence, the Crest
    of Infinity, and thus to take over the world. But to do that, he needs the one
    crest he is missing, the Crest of Fire, which is in Firebrand's possession...
    General Arma:
        Sent to kill Firebrand by Phalanx, Arma is incredibly cocky, but
    underneath that, he houses a strong sense of honour. During his confrontations
    against the red demon of legend, he slowly gains a sense of respect for his
    adversaries immense strength and skill.
    Demon Hobo:
        No, I don't know what this guys name is, but mweh. Anyway, he hangs around
    by the fountain in the town and if you approach him in Firebrand's different
    forms, he will give you different information about how that form can be used
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                        <            [06] Controls            >
                          \ =============================== /
    ==[06a] NORMAL CONTROLS==
      |BUTTON| DOES? |
    | Up     | Enters doorways            |
    | Left   | Goes left                  |
    | Right  | Goes right                 |
    | A      | Ability                    |
    | B      | Jump, hover when in midair |
    | X      | Item/Spell                 |
    | Y      | Fire                       |
    | Start  | Opens menu                 |
      |BUTTON| DOES? |
    | Up     | Enters doorways, hold to headbutt in combination with A |
    | Left   | Goes left                                               |
    | Right  | Goes right                                              |
    | A      | Ability                                                 |
    | B      | Jump, hover when in midair                              |
    | X      | Item/Spell                                              |
    | Y      | Fire                                                    |
    | Start  | Opens menu                                              |
    ==[06c] WORLD MAP CONTROLS==
      |BUTTON| DOES? |
    | Up     | Forwards      |
    | Left   | Swerves left  |
    | Right  | Swerves right |
    | Down   | Stops         |
    | Y      | Swoop/land    |
    | Start  | Goes to map   |
                          / =============================== \
                        <          [07] Walkthrough           >
                          \ =============================== /
    Before we start, I'd like to make it clear that there are SEVERAL ways to
    complete this game, but this walkthrough will only follow one, that is to
    fully complete the game.
    <--[07a] Escape! (Colosseum)------------------------------------>
    I just love this beginning; we see Firebrand standing alone in the colosseum
    when a monstrous head appears from behind a grating. It's the first boss of the
    game already!
    [%%%]BOSS: Somulo (1) [07a.1][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This fight is a lot easier than it first seems. Run straight to the far right
    until Firebrand's back is against the wall and wait for Somulo to catch up.
    Now, Somulo attacks in a set motion: it'll crane its neck to aim at you and
    then fire. If you're quick enough, stand still on the floor and wait for Somulo
    to crane its neck before jumping up and shooting it in the head. If you do it
    fast enough, Somulo will retract its neck before firing off a fireball. If it
    does fire one off, simply land, and jump straight up again, hitting B once more
    to hover above the flames as the fireball impacts upon the ground. As soon as
    they're gone, drop back down and wait for the pattern to begin again. It should
    only take about six hits (I can't remember the exact count =P) before Somulo
    As the doorway behind Firebrand collapses, he jumps through it to escape the
    colosseum, but after only a few steps, Somulo sticks its head through the
    doorway. This dragon just ain't giving up!
    [%%%]BOSS: Somulo (2) [07a.2][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This fight is even easier than the last one. Jump straight up and hover level
    with Somulo's head and fire as fast as you can. Six hits and Somulo is dust!
    As Somulo's head falls off, it'll turn to dust and out comes the first of many
    Life Extensions!
    You'll find yourself in the next section where Firebrand headbutts a statue,
    smashing it to pieces. This is a hint as one of the statues in this level
    contains a Vellum. Simply make your way along the level, flying as much as
    possible to avoid unnecessary fights. At the end of this section, you'll come
    onto a new screen with a single statue just standing there. Headbutt it and
    it's time for another boss fight!
    [%%%]BOSS: Hippogriff [07a.3][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    The Hippogriff is truly pathetic. Simply stand your ground and pelt it with
    fireballs. The Hippogriff has two main moves; one where it charges at you
    depending upon the height you were at when it starts the move, and the other
    is where it shoots three of its feathers at you. To avoid the first one, stay
    on the ground as much as possible so when the Hippogriff charges at you, it'll
    do so along the floor. Jump over it with the aid of floating and drop behind
    it, firing plenty of fireballs into its back. If it fires its feathers at you,
    simply go as far to the side as you can; jump and float if you really have to.
    When the Hippogriff is defeated, it'll turn back into a statue. Headbutt it
    once more and it will crumble before revealing another Life Extension!
    The next section looks complicated, but is in fact rather easy. Jump atop the
    pillars and float above the plants. When you get to a large gorge, drop down
    it and stick to the left. You'll find an alcove which contains the first Urn
    of the game. Apart from that, there's nothing to note here.
    On the next section, you have to scale a large cliff. Now, completely ignore
    the cliff-face itself and stick to using the floating platforms. When you get
    to the platforms peak, jump straight up and hover, even if you can't see the
    next platform yet. Just wait until it appears and attach yourself to the side
    of it. After you make your way to the top, you'll fight the final boss of this
    first section:
    [%%%]BOSS: General Arma (1) [07a.4][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Now, until you get into a pattern, this fight can be rather tricky, so
    establishing how to react to his moves is the most important thing to do. Since
    he only has the two though, it shouldn't take too long. One is where he spits
    out a beam of energy which travels in a straight line to where you WERE when
    the attack started, and the other is where he swoops down at you, á la
    Hippogriff style, and it's just as easy to avoid as that one. Just jump and
    hover when necessary, but continually pelt him with your attacks. It shouldn't
    take too long before Arma flees the scene of the battle, dropping the Earth
    <--[07b] Deeper Underground (Catacombs)------------------------->
    Now you should find yourself on the world map. After a few minutes of fun
    swooping about (I know I sure as hell did it =P), it's time to head into the
    town, located due west of the Colosseum. Now, while here, it's important to
    note that you can break both the fountain by charging at it, and the windows by
    headbutting them, often illiciting lots of money. This is a very good place to
    round up cash quickly to stock up on stuff.
    The bottom-left door takes you to a Talisman-identification place, the bottom-
    right door takes you to a spell shop, and the top-right door which you can't
    get at just yet houses a potion shop. You shouldn't really need to buy anything
    here so exit via the RIGHT of the area to get to the Reservoir.
    Keep it simple and stick with the basic fire crest, using it to fly over any
    trouble, until you get to the end of the section, Before you leave, change into
    the Ground Gargoyle form and charge into the fire-breathing statue from the
    right; you should uncover a doorway leading into the catacombs!
    Stay in the Ground Gargoyle form as much as possible for this section and be
    careful when jumping off of ledges since you often can't see monsters on the
    level below you. Just make your way through the level until you find a pillar
    which you can charge into and smash, revealing another doorway, leading deeper
    Now, I HATE this section; I always manage to take a beating in here, but that's
    mainly coz' I'm too lazy. See, there's a simple rule here; keep lighting every
    candle you see with the fire crest form. In fact, I'd recommend staying in that
    form unless you need to kill the crawling monsters. Now, why am I telling you
    to keep lighting the candles? Because those bats you see hanging on the ceiling
    only come out in the dark, and they're a damn pain in the arse. After you work
    your way down the level, you have to work your way back up which is far harder,
    but eventually you'll find the entrance to the final section...
    [%%%]BOSS: Ovununu [07b.1][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This guy annoys me a lot. I know it shouldn't be hard, yet I seem to have a
    ridiculous amount of difficulty with beating it. Anyway, you should see a green
    blob on the floor. Jump onto the far right wall (you can walk on the blob; it's
    harmless at the moment) and Ovununu should awaken and start to climb up. Just
    keep climbing up the right-hand wall and unless you're not at full health,
    ignore the pot that appears on the left about half way up.
    Now, Ovununu attacks in two different stages; first it will launch the small
    fireballs at you, with only three at a time being able to attack you. You
    should still be in the Ground Gargoyle form, and it's this that I'd recommend.
    Try to single out one eyeball at a time; two standing hits or four jumping hits
    will kill each one. Just keep jumping about the place to avoid the eyeballs,
    and if you do land on the green goo, try to jump out of it as quickly as
    possible as you sink into it, which is BAD.
    Thanks to Jonathan Gravel for this amazingly simple strategy. All you have to
    do to thrash Ovununu is to buy an Imp spell and keep some cash saved up. As
    soon as the fight starts, cast it and the Imp will wipe the floor with the mini
    eyeballs, so you can just concentrate on dodging whenever you need to.
    Once you wipe out all of the mini-eyeballs, Ovununu comes out to kick your arse
    personally. The trick here I find is to sit in the corner and wait until it
    charges at you. Quickly get out of the corner and pelt it with a couple of
    standing hits before running into the opposite corner. Keep it up and Ovununu
    will drop the Buster Fire Crest which is INCREDIBLY useful.
    <--[07c] Treasure Hunting 1 (Various)--------------------------->
    Now you have the Buster Crest, you can go round up some nifty treasures! First,
    go to town and you can now get into the potion shop by blasting the wall with
    the Buster Crest equipped. Stock up on what you want and then head to the
    Colosseum. Work your way back to the final section (the cliff climbing one),
    and you should see a rather odd patch of wall about halfway up the cliff. Blast
    it to smithereens and jump in to get a Life Extension! Head back to the
    Catacombs and in the first section, you should be able to find a Vellum within
    a pot, and in the second section, you'll find another Life Extension within a
    <--[07d] Bone Daddy (Boneyard)---------------------------------->
    Go back into town and head to the reservoir, though picking up a Shock spell
    may be useful. Now, instead of entering the catacombs, exit via the far-right
    of the screen to get to the boneyard. Try to keep off the ground as much as
    possible coz' those darn arms that come out of the ground are annoying: if you
    are caught by one, you have to wait for a head to appear and then shoot it to
    get released. You can smash the bone piles that the gargoyles(?) are pulling
    skulls from with the Ground Gargoyle's charge, and it's important to do so as
    one of the later ones contains a Life Extension. After making it through that
    section we meet the first really hard boss of the game.
    [%%%]BOSS: Belth [07d.1][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This guy is as annoying as hell; if you got it in town, use the Shock spell as
    quickly as possible. Belth attacks in three ways: jumping at you, charging at
    you and swinging his sword in a LARGE arc. Use the Ground Gargoyle's standing
    attack as much as possible, but be ready to switch to the Fire Crest to fly out
    of the way. If you brought a Ginseng potion in town as well, it'll be of
    tremendous help; God knows I needed it. After kicking his arse, you'll get
    another Life Extension.
    <--[07e] Forest Fire! (Forest)---------------------------------->
    From the world map, fly to the forest and land in the patch that has what looks
    like a dinosaurs skeleton in it to find yourself in the next area.
    This first section is simple enough; you can only kill the caterpillar things
    with shots to the face and the bat/bird things die with two shots. You should
    see an Urn and a wall you can break, but I'd recommend leaving both of those
    for now. Instead, just make your way to the next section.
    Now, this one can be a pain in the arse if you approach it the wrong way, that
    being you jump from platform to platform. Bad idea... instead, just fly over
    everything to keep out of trouble.
    The third section is far more diffcult since the ceiling is set on fire. I
    recommend just charging through this section as quickly as possible; it's nigh-
    on impossible to get through without being hurt, but not to worry, there's a
    full-health piece at the end of the the section before you go on to fight the
    boss. However, on your way through, keep your eye open for a wall you can break
    because it's housing the Skull Talisman.
    [%%%]BOSS: Flame Lord [07e.1][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    First time I fought this guy, it took me five attempts to beat it, but then, I
    did try doing it before I even found out about the whole reservoir area XD
    Anyway, Flame Lord is tough, there's no doubting that. In its first form, it
    will do three moves: One where it launches fire birds into the canopy where
    they drop down, one where it launches the birds at you (and they home in on you
    so you better take them out), and his third attack is where it jumps at you,
    but that one's fairly easy to avoid. Just pound it with the Buster Crest until
    it changes into its second form.
    Now, THIS is where the fight gets difficult. Gone are the fire birds, but now
    Flame Lord moves about a lot more, swooping at you, bobbing up and down, and
    dropping fireballs down at you. Just keep moving and firing; if you've got a
    Ginseng potion, and I really hope you do, I'd use it when you get close to
    dying and then resume the battle. After a while, it'll drop the Tornado Flame
    <--[07f] Towers-a-go-go! (Towers)------------------------------->
    Now, after stocking up in town, you want to go to the world map and fly to the
    three towers for the next area.
    This first section is simple enough; avoid the spikes and the tounge-things
    that come out of the wall; it's not THAT difficult, you just have to be fairly
    proficient in hovering. You should also find an Urn inside a blocked off area
    near the exit.
    The second section is far more difficult, but not impossible. Equip the Buster
    Crest and kill the armoured zombies as you fly along. However, at this point in
    time, you cannot kill the skeleton birds so just try to avoid them instead. Do
    NOT exit this section via the far-right, but instead drop down into the
    whirlwind at the end to get to a hidden section.
    First thing you'll have to do here is fight another Hippogriff. Same score as
    last time so you should be able to beat it without getting hit once. The next
    section is fairly easy as well. Just jump on the platforms to make your way up
    the tower.
    Now, drop right down to the bottom-left of this section and go into the door to
    find three statues; smash them to get the Crown Talisman. Back outside, fly up
    to the top-right corner to get a Vellum and then go into the top-left door.
    Back in the tower, this section gets a bit annoying. Take out the axe-throwers
    and try to avoid the ghosts as you jump on the revolving platforms to get to
    the top. Exit and you'll find yourself at the top of the previous section. Walk
    across the bridge and you'll find...
    [%%%]BOSS: General Arma (2) [07f.1][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This fight is pretty much the same as last time, except for one difference.
    Arma now has a new move where he creates a tornado that whirls across the
    screen and then swoops though it in a bid to hit you. However, the move sucks.
    Shame on you if you do manage to get hit.
    After defeating Arma you should get the Crest of Air, one of the most useful in
    the game.
    <--[07g] Treasure Hunting 2 (Forest)---------------------------->
    With the Crest of Air equipped, you can now cut the vines that blocked you off
    from the Urn in the first section. Ignore the blocked door again and head on
    into the third section. fly along the level until you should be able to see a
    life extension where the burning canopy used to be, and that's the treasures
    from this time around.
    <--[07h] Towers-a-go-go Reprise (Towers)------------------------>
    Work your way through the first section quickly with the Crest of Air equipped
    and on the second section, use the Buster Crest until the skeleton birds come
    along, and then switch to the Crest of Air once more, since you can kill them
    that way.
    When you clear the second section you'll find the boss:
    [%%%]BOSS: Flier [07h.1][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This thing irritates the hell out of me. According to TheNintenGenius's FAQ,
    it's easy with the Crest of Air equipped, but I've never found it to be that
    way myself. Anyway, he is right that the Crest of Air is vital here in avoiding
    the Fliers attacks, which consist of it firing its claws at you, bobbing up and
    down and charging at you. Basically, the key here is to run away for the most
    part and whack it in the face whenever you get the chance. It'll drop the Claw
    Fire Crest when it croaks.
    Thanks to Elijah Ø for this tactic: simply enough, buy a Death spell. Once the
    fight begins, cast it, and the fight is over, as simple as that.
    <--[07i] Rise from the Depths (Atlantis)------------------------>
    After stocking up in town on Ginseng potions, fly to the new area that should
    have appeared on the world map, looking like a Greek Parthenon surrounded by a
    ring of mountains and sitting atop a body of water.
    For the first section, just fly along as high as you can go with the Crest of
    Air to avoid getting into any unnecessary kerfuffle. We'll be coming back here
    soon enough, but you should concentrate on not getting your arse kicked really.
    In the second section, alternate between the Ground Gargoyle and the Aerial
    Gargoyle to get around. When you smash one of the statues and get a life
    extension, note the dip in the floor just in front of you. That's a hole so fly
    over it. When you reach the top, all hell breaks loose with the boss breaking
    through the ceiling and chasing after you. Just change to the Ground Gargoyle
    and smash your way through the statues to the arena!
    [%%%]BOSS: Crawler [07i.1][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Now, you can beat this boss without being forced to use any Ginseng potions if
    you're lucky. The Crawler has three attacks; it throws chunks of itself which
    become crawling zombies, it pounds the ground to make pieces of the ceiling
    come flying down and it launches flying zombies from its back. Now, this may
    sound tough, but it really isn't if you're willing to just take a bit of pain.
    Now, run to the far right of the screen and change into the Buster Fire Crest
    form. Float at the Crawlers eye-level and just sit there, firing away at it.
    The zombie crawlers can't hurt you because you'll be too high for them, the
    ceiling pieces won't be able to touch you for some reason, BUT it will hit you
    with the thrown chunks which will in turn knock you out of the air. However,
    since you're temporarily invincible after getting hit, the zombie crawlers on
    the floor won't hurt you as you jump and hover again. Just pummel away at the
    Crawler until it drops the Crest of Water.
    <--[07j] Treasure Hunting 3 (Reservoir)------------------------->
    Now for another woefully short section: head for the reservoir, and with the
    Crest of Water equipped, jump into the water at the THIRD gap. Swim under the
    broken column and nab the Urn there. Go back out the way you came and drop down
    the next gap, pushing against the right-hand wall as you sink. You'll find a
    hidden section which leads to the Hand Talisman.
    <--[07k] Sink to the Bottom (Tidal Caverns)--------------------->
    Head back to the forest and now you can FINALLY go into the blocked door in the
    first section. As you can see, the place is packed with water, which is why I
    had you wait until you got the Crest of Water... you did wait right?
    Anyway, for this section, it's best to use the Crest of Air and skip the water
    totally since there's a breakable wall near the ceiling which houses the fourth
    In the next section, switch to the Tidal Gargoyle and get into the water. In
    the bottom-right you should find a section you can break revealing a door.
    Enter to find a pot containing a Life Extension and then leave the way you came
    in; the other door leading into the Forest's second section, the big pond. Exit
    this section via the top-right to find the next boss:
    [%%%]BOSS: Scula [07k.1][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This boss comprises of two parts, which are called Toss and Roll (According to
    TheNintenGenius). Now, I'll wildly assume that the big part is Toss and the
    small part is Roll (Zounds Brain, how did you get to be so smart? *narf*).
    Now, equip the Crest of Earth and the Hand Talisman and concentrate on Toss
    since that does the most damage with its attacks: Jumping, charging into
    Firebrand and throwing Roll at you. Just stick close and pound Toss until it
    dies. This leaves Roll on its own and it's incredibly easy to beat. Just keep
    walking towards it and firing until it's trapped in the corner where you can
    proceed to pummel the poor 'lil thing until it drops a Life Extension.
    <--[07l] What Lies Beneath? (Under Atlantis)-------------------->
    Three guesses where we're headed now! Back in Atlantis, use the Tidal Gargoyle
    to speed through the level, but do NOT open the blocked wall; instead, exit via
    the door above the surface like last time.
    Make your way back up to where the Crawler burst through and you'll find a
    mini-section with a few pots and a statue which contains another Life
    Extension. Exit and then head back to the bottom of the section, where you'll
    find a pool. Switch to the Crest of Water and jump in!
    Now, I hate this entire area. Controlling your swimming in here is a lot easier
    said than done, what with all the fish, those weird plant things and all the
    spikes, but control it you must. Near the bottom, you should come to a fork;
    take the higher one first to find a statue containing a Life Extension and then
    return to take the lower fork.
    This next section is even worse: you need to be VERY careful when swimming
    through the spikes here. I recommend equipping the Skull Talisman and then
    getting the hang of the peaks and troughs of the Tidal Gargoyle's swimming. I'd
    also recommend you take out the Mer-men before trying to go through the sets of
    spikes since leaving them will make SURE you get hurt. When you make it through
    to the end, you'll come face to face with the boss:
    [%%%]BOSS: Holothurion [07l.1][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Again, according to TheNintenGenius, Holothurion is a piece of cake, but I beg
    to differ. Whether it's just me not being very good at this game or something
    else, but I got thrashed here time after time.
    Holothurion is a big sea-snail type thing which A, sucks Firebrand in, B, blows
    Firebrand away, and C, creates small globs of brown goo. Just what that goo is,
    I don't know, but I can certainly speculate!
    Anyway, equip the Hand Talisman and blast away at its head, keeping a close eye
    on your health, with a Ginseng potion at the ready. There isn't much you can do
    in this fight except fire and heal. When defeated, Holothurion will drop a Life
    <--[07m] Fire and Ice (Ice Palace)------------------------------>
    Stock up in town once again and then head to the mountains where a new area has
    opened up. In the first section, equip the Crest of Air and fly straight up to
    find the final Urn. From there, head straight to the right to find the entrance
    to the Ice Palace.
    While the floor here is covered in ice, it won't be much of a worry as you'll
    fly through almost all of this section. When you reach two iced over doors,
    smash the first open to find another Life Extension before returning and
    smashing the other door.
    Use the Crest of Earth to smash though through the statues before switching
    back to the Crest of Air to fly through this section, only to meet an old
    friend, the Flier. Same deal as last time; use the Aerial Gargoyle to avoid its
    attacks and blat it in the head whenever you get the chance, or cast a Death
    spell upon it.
    The next section follows the same rules as the second section of the Catacombs
    with you having to continuously light the candles to keep the bats away.
    However, it's actually easier this time due to the Aerial Gargoyle being useful
    to change heights quickly. When you see a statue, smash it open to reveal the
    Armour Talisman, which is probably the most useful in the game, before making
    your way to the end of the section. Now, whose palace do you think this is?
    [%%%]BOSS: General Arma (3) [07m.1][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Oh yes, he's back AGAIN, and this time with yet another new move, but unlike
    the whirlwind one last time, this one is painful as hell: he'll fire what looks
    somewhat like a blue Catherine Wheel which can be destroyed with a few shots,
    but I'd recommend getting the hell out of its way.
    Same tactics as always, except I'd recommend equipping the Crest of Air to
    completely avoid the whirlwind move since that allows you to get at Arma's
    unprotected back, and the Armour Talisman to reduce any damage you do take.
    When defeated, Arma will seal his power into the Crest of Time before he dies.
    <--[07n] The Rocky Mountain Road (Mountain)--------------------->
    As soon as you leave, head back into the mountain. In the guise of the
    Legendary Gargoyle, you can kill everything in this section with one hit, and
    there's nothing to find, so head on into the next section.
    Here you'll find a whole load of skullpiles again; just breeze through the
    level, but keep an eye out for the final skullpile which is on a platform
    hovering off of the floor; it contains the fifth and final Vellum. Onwards,
    brave soldier, to face the boss!
    [%%%]BOSS: Grewon (1) [07n.1][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Damn, but this fight is tough. Grewon only really has two attacks; a vicious
    lunge and icy breath, but they both pack a hefty wallop, even with the Armour
    Talisman and Crest of Time equipped! It's also important to note that at times
    Grewon turns green; when it does so, it's invincible so take this as time to
    run away!
    Actually, that's the best advice I can give right now; RUN AWAY! The key to
    beating Grewon is the wall to the right of the battleground which Firebrand can
    clamber up, but Grewon can't. Use this as a chance to jump behind Grewon and
    fire off a few shots before turning into the Aerial Gargoyle and flying away
    quickly. When defeated, Grewon drops the Demon Crest, the final Fire Crest.
    <--[07o] Treasure Hunting 4 (Trio the Pago's Shop)-------------->
    Well, this time it's not really treasure hunting... anyway, on the world map,
    due north of the Forest is a small lake. Swoop into this and you'll find Trio
    the Pago's level 3 game shop. I'd HEAVILY recommend trying to do this since you
    get a Life Extension out of it, but it is very difficult. Basically, you have
    to smash 25 skulls by headbutting them before the timer runs out, and I spent
    ages trying to do this. The key to success here is to pick which one of the two
    skulls you want to concentrate on before they both fade away. Practicing on the
    level one and two shops (found north of the Town and on the southernmost island
    respectively) isn't such a bad idea, though you can just as easily smash the
    windows in the Town for practice.
    <--[07p] Vengeance! (Phalanx's Tower)--------------------------->
    Now, there should only be one place on the map you haven't been to yet, and
    it's your final destination AFTER returning to the Town and stocking up on
    Ginseng potions.
    The first section of Phalanx's Tower annoys me a lot; Equip the Crest of Time
    and the Armour Talisman and make your way along slowly: let the crossbows fire
    before trying to pass them, and look at the stained glass windows carefully;
    some of them house Harlequins which are not friendly buggers at all. After
    making your way through that, you'll face another Hippogriff. It's ridiculously
    easy so I recommend equipping the Hand Talisman to boost your firing rate so
    you can get this over even quicker.
    In the second section, equip the Crest of Air and fly upwards until you reach
    the top. Headbutt the bell and wait until a Life Extension falls out before
    going into the next section.
    Here, re-equip the Crest of Air and fly over everything until you reach a brick
    wall, preceeded by a tall barbed spike. Drop down on the left of it and you'll
    find a secret section which contains the final talisman, the Fang Talisman.
    Head back and leave this section.
    Repeat the earlier process with this bell and you'll get a full-health item.
    Simply drop down the tower and exit at the bottom.
    In the final section before you fight the boss, you'll find a load of Iron
    Maidens. Equip the Skull Talisman and stop before each one, waiting until it
    opens before blasting its occupant. Make your way through the level getting any
    health items that are dropped before equipping the Armour Talisman one last
    time in preparation for the final showdown with Firebrand's arch-nemesis,
    [%%%]BOSS: Grewon (2) [07p.1][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    GOTCHA! You're not fighting Phalanx just yet, but Grewon again. However, this
    time you don't have a wall to cling to which is bad news. If you're feeling
    cocky, equip the Fang Talisman but I really wouldn't recommend that. Instead,
    switch between the Crests of Air and Time frequently and try not to use a
    Ginseng potion unless you're absolutely sure you'll die, since you'll need them
    all for Phalanx. When Grewon dies, it'll drop a full health, which you'll need.
    Step forth and prepare to get your arse kicked!
    [%%%]BOSS: Phalanx [07p.2][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Do you remember me whinging about how tough Grewon was the first time? Well,
    Grewon has NOTHING on Phalanx, let me tell you! The battle with Phalanx comes
    in four stages:
    The first stage, Phalanx flies about a lot, either swooping at you, firing an
    energy pulse at you, or dropping bouncing bombs on your head. Mostly it's not
    too difficult to dodge so try as hard as you can to avoid having to use a
    Ginseng potion.
    The second phase is pretty similar to the first except that the chamber is
    intermittently flooded and instead of the bombs bouncing, they sink. The best
    tactic here is to equip the Crest of Water and always stay behind Phalanx on
    the bottom of the chamber unless he drops the bombs. When the water level
    starts to go down, quickly swim up and pelt Phalanx with shots. When the water
    is completely drained, get ready to change into the Aerial Gargoyle to avoid
    his swoop, landing on the other side of Phalanx.
    In the third phase, the water drains out of the chamber and Phalanx will try to
    blow you into the spiked walls or suck you into black holes; use the Crests of
    Air and Earth respectively to avoid these and pelt him with the Crest of Time
    Finally, Phalanx will teleport the both of you into the lair of Phalanx's true
    form and goddamn is it ugly! Oh, and it kicked my arse so many times it's
    ridiculous. Now, if you've done really well, you'll still have all five Ginseng
    potions, but don't worry if you've used one. Two or more though, and you're
    gonna find it REALLY tough...
    The new environment consists of a sea of lava, platforms that move towards
    Phalanx, and of course, Phalanx himself. Phalanx has three attacks: one, he
    fires lightning at you from the top claw, two, he fires an energy beam from
    his mouth, and three, he creates homing energy balls which are the main threat
    in this fight, but also the key to success.
    See, Phalanx cannot do anything else when creating the homing energy balls, so
    this is the perfect time to position yourself in front of his only weak point,
    his face. Stay about the width of Firebrand away from his face and pound on the
    fire button. When the balls are made, they will come towards you, but they'll
    pass into your line of fire first and will then be instantly destroyed. You can
    only hit Phalanx's face when it removes the claw blocking it, and he only does
    that when he's about to fire the energy beam, but this is the only opportunity
    you get to hurt him.
    It's important to note that the platforms are destroyed by the claws lightning
    beam, so only use them to launch yourself off from, or you'll be spending a lot
    of time just trying to get out of the lava.
    Remember to always equip a Ginseng potion as soon as you use one and always
    keep an eye on your health. With four potions, and the right tactics, you
    should be able to beat Phalanx, but still, the fight is incredibly frantic so
    it's easy to lose the plot. Just keep destroying the orbs and positioning
    yourself in front of Phalanx's face and he will eventually die.
    <--[07q] The End!----------------------------------------------->
    And that's it! You've finished the game! Now, depending upon what you did in
    the game, you'll get one of three endings. If you beat Phalanx before getting
    all of the Crests, you'll get the bad ending; if you beat Phalanx with all the
    Crests, but not all of the items (i.e. the Vellums, Urns, Talismans and Life
    Extensions), you get the incomplete ending; and finishing it as I've detailed
    in the walkthrough, you get the full ending.
    Either way, sit back and watch! You've completed the game! You've done
    everything! You are supre-- well... not EVERYTHING...
    If you got the full ending, sit and watch it all the way through and you will
    eventually be rewarded with a password. Note it down and restart the game. When
    you get to the intro screen, select continue and enter the password...
    <--[07r] OK, so it wasn't the end! (Dark Demon's Lair)---------->
    You'll find yourself hovering over the Colosseum. Go to the Town and pull up
    the menu to see you've got a sparkling new Crest, the Crest of Heaven! I'd take
    a little bit of time to get used to its funky abilities and then equip the
    Crown Talisman. Smash EVERYTHING in town to raise money and go to the Potion
    shop to buy as many Ginseng potions as you can. Repeat the process until you
    have all five Urns filled.
    Exit to the world map and press Start to bring up the overhead map. You'll see
    a new area has appeared in the North-East of the world so head over to it.
    Inside, equip the Crest of Heaven and the Armour Talisman before jumping into
    the water. Destroy the blocks and float up on the other side before headbutting
    the doorway to open it. Stop. Take a breath. Calm yourself. Pray to whatever
    god you believe in. If you're an athiest, believe in science or something. I
    dunno, just prepare yourself for the most insane boss to have ever been
    [%%%]BOSS: The Dark Demon [07r.1][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    The Dark Lord comes in two phases which it randomly switches between, the first
    being a floating three-headed skeleton, and the second being a fallen angel.
    The three-headed skeleton form will fire scything energy whirls in an X, a +,
    and will also fire ones that curl around. There'll also be a black energy orb
    that chases you about and is a total pain in the arse, but its worst attack is
    when it summons a waterfall of blood. The only way to avoid it is to stay
    directly underneath the Dark Demon which makes it nice and easy for the orb to
    come and get you.
    If you thought that sounded nasty, you ain't seen what the fallen angel form
    does yet! It has three attacks: it fires the same scything energy whirls that
    the three-headed skelton form does, but they're completely random and thus
    nigh-on impossible to dodge, pieces of the ceiling are constantly falling and
    finally, the piece dé resistance, it fires spheres that turn the walls and
    floor into spikes, meaning you can't walk on or cling to them. Oh, did I
    mention it spends half of its time being invincible? Joy...
    So, just how do you beat this damn thing? It sounds virtually impossible to
    beat, doesn't it? Well, it's not, but it's infuriatingly hard.
    In the three-headed skeleton form, make sure you have the Armour Talisman
    equipped and spend all of your time avoiding the orb and the energy whirls.
    However, if it stops to summon the blood waterfall, quickly jump up, switch to
    the Fang Talisman and pelt the top half at close range until it starts moving.
    When it does that, switch back to the Armour Talisman and get underneath the
    Dark Demon quick since the orb does less damage than the waterfall.
    You'll know it's about to change form because it will move into the center of
    the chamber. As soon as you see it do this, climb the left wall quickly. As the
    fallen angel form appears, position yourself so that you're clinging to the
    wall DIRECTLY opposite of its head. This is because A, the patch of wall you're
    on is always the last to be destroyed by the spheres, and B, the falling pieces
    of ceiling cannot hit you there. Once you've done that, equip the Fang Talisman
    and hold down left so that you quickly cling back onto the wall when you do get
    hit, because I guarantee you WILL be hit. Basically, just pound away on the
    fire button until it starts flashing; this means it's invincible. By flashing,
    I don't mean the flash it makes after it's been hit, but when it starts turning
    dark. Re-equip the Armour Talisman and hang tight until the flashing stops and
    then switch back to the Fang Talisman.
    After a while it'll switch back to the three-headed skeleton form, so drop down
    but hit jump again before you hit the floor since you can't know how much of it
    has been turned into spikes in the fight. Just keep on fighting, keeping an eye
    on your health, re-equipping Ginseng potions as soon as you use one and praying
    since not much else is gonna help.
    There is one final point to note: the Dark Demon does not turn red when it's
    close to being defeated unlike almost every other boss in the game, so whatever
    you do, do NOT give up! The Dark Demon is not impossible, just insanely hard...
    If you are a flukey git and manage to defeat the Dark Demon, sit back and watch
    the TRUE ending. It's not really a worthy reward, but still, the satisfaction
    in knowing YOU beat the hardest boss in existence makes it all worthwhile! Give
    yourself a pat on the back coz' you've now got bragging rights! (Shame hardly
    anyone has actually played this damn game to know just how damn hard it is XD)
                          / =============================== \
                        <             [08] Spells             >
                          \ =============================== /
    To be able to buy spells, Firebrand must have a clear Vellum and the
    appropriate amount of money to afford it. However, almost all of these spells
    are useless:
      | NAME | COST | EFFECT               | COMMENT |
    | Shadow |  10  | Increases defence    | Sucks                              |
    | Hold   |  20  | Stops enemies        | Sucks                              |
    | Imp    |  25  | Summons an imp       | Can be useful, but with the addon  |
    |        |      |                      | cost, it quickly becomes expensive |
    | Shock  |  50  | Causes an earthquake | Sucks                              |
    | Death  |  80  | Summons Death        | Works well at clearing the screen  |
    |        |      |                      | and works on some bosses as well   |
                          / =============================== \
                        <            [09] Potions             >
                          \ =============================== /
    To be able to buy potions, Firebrand must have an empty Urn and the correct
    amount of money. The potions are far more useful than the spells, but are also
    far more costly:
      | NAME  | COST | EFFECT |
    | Mercury |    6 | Teleports you back to the beginning of the level |
    | Sulfur  |   10 | Teleports you to the world map                   |
    | Herb    |   25 | Restores five health                             |
    | Elixir  |  100 | Resurrects you with four health                  |
    | Ginseng |  140 | Restores you to full health                      |
                          / =============================== \
                        <             [10] Crests             >
                          \ =============================== /
    The crests Firebrand finds throughout the game alter his capabilities in
    different ways, some of them adding to his power, some giving him new
    abilities, and some doing stuff that others already are -_-
    Crests are divided into two groups: Fire Crests which modify Firebrands basic
    form, and Transformation Crests which turn Firebrand into a different type of
    demon with different abilities.
    ==[10a] FIRE CRESTS==
      | NAME  | DEFEAT     | EFFECT |
    | Fire    | N/A        | Low damage, lights torches, headbutts    |
    | Buster  | Ovununu    | Medium damage, breaks bricks, headbutts  |
    | Tornado | Flame Lord | Low damage, creates platforms, headbutts |
    | Claw    | Flier      | Medium damage, climbs walls, headbutts   |
    | Demon   | Grewon     | High damage, headbutts                   |
      | NAME | DEFEAT   | EFFECT |
    | Earth  | Arma (1) | Charge into statues and break them                    |
    | Air    | Arma (2) | Fly higher and cut vines                              |
    | Water  | Crawler  | Swim                                                  |
    | Time   | Arma (3) | High damage and takes half damage                     |
    | Heaven | Phalanx  | Swim, fly, headbutt, charge, high damage, takes half  |
    |        |          | damage                                                |
                          / =============================== \
                        <           [11] Talismans            >
                          \ =============================== /
    Throughout the game, Firebrand can find Talismans which offer auto-abilities
    which can make his life a lot easier:
      | NAME | WHERE?          | EFFECT |
    | Crown  | Hidden Tower    | Inc. chance of pots/enemies dropping GP     |
    | Skull  | Forest          | Inc. chance of pots/enemies dropping health |
    | Armour | Ice Palace      | Halves damage taken                         |
    | Fang   | Phalanx's Tower | Increases damage caused                     |
    | Hand   | Reservoir       | Increases fire rate                         |
                          / =============================== \
                        <           [12] Checklist            >
                          \ =============================== /
    So, you want to fight the Dark Demon? Want to check you've got everything to
    get the password? Well, this little checklist should be all you need!
    | FIRE CRESTS | DEFEAT?                             | YES/NO?  |
    | Buster      | Ovununu (Catacombs)                 |          |
    | Tornado     | Flame Lord (Forest)                 |          |
    | Claw        | Flier (Towers)                      |          |
    | Demon       | Grewon (Mountain)                   |          |
    | TRAN CRESTS | DEFEAT?                             | YES/NO?  |
    | Earth       | Arma (Colosseum)                    |          |
    | Air         | Arma (Towers)                       |          |
    | Water       | Crawler (Atlantis)                  |          |
    | Time        | Arma (Ice Palace)                   |          |
    | Heaven      | Phalanx (Phalanx's Tower)           |          |
    | TALISMANS   | WHERE?                              | YES/NO?  |
    | Crown       | Statue in Hidden Tower              |          |
    | Skull       | Behind wall in Forest               |          |
    | Armour      | Statue in Ice Palace                |          |
    | Fang        | Bell in Phalanx's Tower             |          |
    | Hand        | Secret area in Reservoir            |          |
    | URNS        | WHERE?                              | YES/NO?  |
    | One         | Gorge in Colosseum                  |          |
    | Two         | Behind wall in Tower                |          |
    | Three       | Between vines in Forest             |          |
    | Four        | Underwater in Reservoir             |          |
    | Five        | High platform in Mountain           |          |
    | VELLUMS     | WHERE?                              | YES/NO?  |
    | One         | Statue in Colosseum                 |          |
    | Two         | Behind wall in Catacombs            |          |
    | Three       | Under bridge in Hidden Tower        |          |
    | Four        | Behind wall in Tidal Caverns        |          |
    | Five        | High skullpile in Mountain          |          |
    | LIFE EXTS.  | WHERE/DEFEAT?                       | YES/NO?  |
    | One         | Defeat Somulo (Colosseum)           |          |
    | Two         | Defeat Hippogriff (Colosseum)       |          |
    | Three       | Behind wall in Colosseum            |          |
    | Four        | Behind wall in Catacombs            |          |
    | Five        | Skullpile in Boneyard               |          |
    | Six         | Defeat Belth (Boneyard)             |          |
    | Seven       | Secret room in Tidal Caverns        |          |
    | Eight       | Defeat Scula (Tidal Caverns)        |          |
    | Nine        | Statue in Atlantis                  |          |
    | Ten         | Statue in Under Atlantis            |          |
    | Eleven      | Defeat Holothurion (Under Atlantis) |          |
    | Twelve      | Iced room in Ice Palace             |          |
    | Thirteen    | Win Trio the Pago's level 3 game    |          |
    | Fourteen    | Bell in Phalanx's Tower             |          |
                          / =============================== \
                        <             [13] Thanks             >
                          \ =============================== /
    This list is gonna be pretty short methinks =P
    DJellybean      - for clueing me in for the basics of FAQ presentation.
    Phoenix 1911    - I stole the copyright stuff from him coz' it sounded all
                      professional and stuff XD
    TheNintenGenius - for his rather excellent Demon's Crest FAQ which helped me
                      out during my second time through the game to get all the
    Jonathan Gravel - for informing me about the Imp tactic against Ovununu.
    Elijah Ø        - for informing me about the Death tactic against the Fliers.
    GameFAQS        - for hosting this FAQ.
                          / =============================== \
                        <          [14] Legal Stuff           >
                          \ =============================== /
    This unofficial document is protected by the international Copyright law. All
    content within is created and owned by Peter Carter. Absolutely no profit must
    be made from this work; it may not be reproduced, in part or in whole, and/or
    altered in any way or under any circumstances without the prior consent from
    the author, except for personal and private use. All copyrights and trademarks
    contained within are  owned by their  respective holders.  No copyright
    infringement was intended during the creation of this document.
    Copyright 2005-2009 Peter Carter.
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                        <          [15] Next Version          >
                          \ =============================== /
    Well, to be honest, I'm not sure if there will be a next edition of this FAQ,
    being that it is virtually complete. It really depends on what you guys and
    girls think SHOULD be in here that I've missed out. However, I am contemplating
    knocking out a bestiary for the game, but that may never happen. Mweh...
                          / =============================== \
                        <         [16] Working On...          >
                          \ =============================== /
    Fallout 1.
                          / =============================== \
                        <            [17] Goodbye!            >
                          \ =============================== /
    And that's all for now folks!

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