• Codes

    Go to the Load menu and place your cursor on any save slot, with a save in it. Press left, right, select, AMultimedia Test
    Go to the Load menu and place your cursor on any save slot, with a save in it. Press up, down, up, down, left, right, select, AScenario Select
    On the Buy screen, press Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, Left, Select, Down, Right, Left, Select, AShop 2
    Press Left, Right, Right, Down, Right, Up, and A while highlighting the ''Buy'' command.Special Shop

    Contributed By: zero0723, asian lover, and Gamer7048.

  • Control Enemy Units

    During a battle, while highlighting an empty square

    Down, Left, Up, Right, A, Left, Up, B, Down, Right, A, B, Down, Right, A.Control Enemy Units

    Contributed By: Nogoodnamesnow.


  • Cloning Items

    This trick allows you to duplicate any item. (Even limited items such as Langrisser or Runestones). The limitation is that the cloned item will have to stay equipped.

    To start, equip said character with desired item to clone. Beat a scenario. Save the game, and go back to the load menu.

    Scenario Select back to a scenario where said character appears as a NPC.

    You'll still have the item the character equipped in your inventory. This is the cloned item. Equip that item to whoever you want. This action will swap the cloned item with the real item. Now, once you start the scenario, the NPC will be holding the cloned item, and the real item will be equipped to whichever character you gave it to.

    Once the NPC joins your party, the NPC will retain the cloned item.

    Make sure you don't unequip the cloned item, or it will disappear.

    Contributed By: zero0723.

  • Inventory Trick

    When a character class changes, he or she still retains any
    items equipped. You can use this to your advantage. For example, say your Elwin started as a Fighter.

    Fighters can equip Speedboots, but Knights can't. If Elwin has speedboots equipped and class changes to SlvrKnt, he will still have the speedboots equipped, even though SlvrKnt cannot equip speedboots.

    (Hint: You can use this trick in conjunction with Runestones and Scout classes to equip ranged weapons.)

    Contributed By: zero0723.


  • Secret Scenarios

    Secret Scenario 1:
    On Scenario 6, place Elwin at the upper left corner of the map on the spot where the wall juts in a little bit more and kill all enemies. You will be given the option to investigate the Muscular Shrine. Say yes to access the secret level.

    Secret Level 2 & 3:
    On Scenario 8, place Elwin at the bottom right corner of the map where there is a small pool with a stick sticking out of it and kill all enemies. Depending on whether you're in the Light or Imperial path, you'll go to either Secret Scenario 2 or 3

    Contributed By: DaiMinuryu.

  • Starting Items Trick

    When saying ''No'' to ''Is this okay?'' during character creation, all stats are reset except starting Items. Doing this, you can obtain many items from the start of the game such as Devil axes, saleable for lots of P. Though after the 6th time, the game freezes. So don't get too greedy.

    Contributed By: zero0723.

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