General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 09/14/01 TBrayer 0.9 113K
FAQ/Strategy Guide 08/12/01 zero0723 5.0 160K
FAQ/Strategy Guide 08/12/07 JSuk 127K

In-Depth FAQs

Character/Class FAQ 08/17/07 dracula1498 2.2 22K
Runestone/Equipment Guide (HTML) 01/23/16 YanQing 42K
Save State Hacking Guide 06/23/01 Vash27 2.0 9K
Secret Tile FAQ 06/12/03 HawkMasterD 0.9 4K
Unit FAQ 09/12/01 Vlot 6 1.0 15K

Maps and Charts

Scenario Path Chart (PNG) 06/24/07 Niahak 1.01 42K

Foreign Language FAQs

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