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    Glitch FAQ by Super Slash

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/18/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                              Donkey Kong Country
                                                  Glitch FAQ
                                                By: Super Slash
                                                 Version: 1.1
                                          Email: ganonpuppet@yahoo.com
                                          VERSION HISTORY
                                       v 1.0 - Submitted the guide
                                       v 1.1 - Added another glitch
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                                         TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                  III.........Email Info
    I. Introduction
    This guide was created because there is currently no Glitch FAQ out for DKC,
    and since there are so many neat glitches in this game to try, I've decided to
    make a guide dedicated solely to all of them. It may not be _all_ of them, but
    it's defenitely most. If you're a fan of glitches like I am, then you'll like
    this guide, along with all of the glitches that are contained within the game.
    After all, glitches are always fun to do after you fully complete the game or
    something. Also, from my experience, most of these glitches will not work with
    version 1.2 or above. I cannot confirm which glitches do and do not work, but I
    do know for sure that the "Control DK/Diddy at the same time" glitch will not
    work with version 1.2.
    II. Glitches
    In this section, I will list all of the glitches in the game, along with info
    about how to do them and such.
    Glitch #1 - Warp from Kongo Jungle to Orang-utan Gang
    NOTE: This may not really be a glitch, but I still included it anyway.
    This glitch is by far one of the most popular and useful ones in the game. It's
    great if you're going for a speedrun, and carries you from the first world all
    the way to the third world, over half way through the fourth level! First, go
    to Jungle Hijinxs. If you have two Kongs, get rid of one. This seems to make
    the glitch much easier. Complete the level (make sure you've just started the
    game), and tap B repedeately. As the Kong passes over the dots leading to the
    next level, the screen should fade in by the time the Kong reaches the corner
    of the dots. You MUST keep tapping B. If done correctly, you'll warp all the
    way to Orang-utan Gang, near the end of the level. This can also be done by
    using Funky's Flights, and not to mention it moves faster than a Kong.
    Glitch #2 - Fly Through Mine Cart Carnage
    First, make your way to the Half Way Barrel, then make sure you get it. Then,
    get killed by running into a mine cart or by falling off of a cliff. Enter the
    level again, and once you break out of the Half Way Barrel, tap Y and B. Don't
    tap them at the same time, just in a sequence. Do it fast, and you should keep
    moving up and down rapidly. You can move around while doing this, but you must
    keep tapping Y and B at all times. The tracks aren't solid except where the
    Exit sign is, and you can't exit the level unless you're riding a mine cart.
    You can even fly all the way back to the beginning of the level! Pretty cool.
    Glitch #3 - Easy Extra Lives #1
    Go to the Manic Mincers level, and make sure you have Diddy Kong (you can have
    both Kongs at once, but Diddy is required to perform the glitch). Make your way
    through the level until you get to an area where a Krusha is stuck in a pit.
    There will be another Krusha on the platform across from the pit, so let him
    walk into it as well. Then, get on the platform on the right (where the second
    Krusha was). Switch to Diddy, and wait until one of the Krushas walk over to
    the right side of the pit. Right before he walks back to the left, quickly do a
    cartwheel and hold Right. If you did it right, Diddy will keep hitting the
    Krusha's chest as long as you keep holding Right. Since you get an extra life
    when you hit a certain amount of enemies in a row, you get extra lives rapidly
    by doing this.
    For some reason, the game thinks you're attacking different enemies at a time,
    and thus, your lives just keep increasing. Keep holding Right until you gain as
    many extra lives as you need. You can go beyond 99, although the game doesn't
    show it. You can prove this by getting more lives after reaching 99, then
    getting killed immediately after. You'll see that your live count doesn't
    decrease! Once you do this trick, you'll never have to worry about getting
    extra lives again. Once you reset the game, though, so do your lives.
    Glitch #4 - Control Both Kongs at Once
    This is pretty much the killer glitch. It allows you to do some pretty crazy
    things, which I'll also explain how to do. Go to the Oil Drum Alley level, and
    make your way through the level until you get to a platform where there is a
    launcher barrel. Jump to the very edge of the platform, but do NOT enter the
    barrel. Instead, make sure Donkey Kong is leading, and make sure Diddy is in
    the barrel slightly. Press Select twice very fast. If done right, you'll see
    both Kongs enter the barrel and they'll both get launched out. Hold Right when
    you see this happen, and both Kongs will land on the platform near the barrel.
    Now you're in control of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the same time! Diddy
    cannot be hurt at all, but DK still can.
    Not only that, but DK and Diddy can both still kill enemies! However, Diddy
    will get ahead of DK pretty fast, but there's a way around that. Hold Down on
    the D-Pad while standing still, then hold the D-Pad in a diagonal direction.
    Tap B, and Diddy will do a cartwheel. Have him go behind DK. It may be a
    hassle, but is the only way to make it so that Diddy doesn't get ahead of DK.
    This trick can be done in other levels with barrels, but I've found that it is
    the easiest to do in Oil Drum Alley. Also, never switch characters while this
    glitch is in effect, or you'll have to do it all over again!
    Glitch #5 - Take Rambi into More Levels
    Before you can attempt this glitch, you must first do the above glitch so that
    you're in control of both Kongs. Once you've done that, make your way to the
    Half Way Barrel. Get it, and make Donkey Kong drop down the pit ahead. However,
    make sure that Diddy does NOT fall into the pit, only DK! Then, mount Rambi
    with DK and have DK and Rambi jump on the tire, out of the pit. Have both Kongs
    and Rambi jump over to the platform on the right, then kill the Manky Kong you
    come to. There are two methods you can take from here, but I'll explain the
    first one, since it's much easier to do than the second method. Once you have
    defeated the Manky Kong, have Diddy cartwheel off of the pit so you'll lose a
    life, but make sure DK stays on the ground.
    When Diddy falls, you'll lose a life with DK still riding Rambi! You'll be
    carried back to the world map like normal. Now, go to a level where you can
    find an animal buddy (such as Torchlight Trouble), and you'll be riding Rambi
    upon entering the level. This trick can also be done with Diddy, but it's much
    harder and much more complex, which is why I didn't list the method. The odd
    thing is that Rambi can be taken into Reptile Rumble, even though there's no
    animal buddy to be found in there. And yes, Rambi can even be taken into a
    water level such as Coral Capers! You could mess up easily if you take him into
    a water level, though.
    Glitch #6 - Transform into Strange Things
    To do this glitch, you have to do the glitch that allows you to control two
    Kongs at once. Once that glitch is in effect, drop down the pit where Rambi is,
    but only have DK drop down it. With Diddy on the uppper platform and DK in the
    pit, have DK mount Rambi, and use the tire to get back to the platform where
    Diddy is. Then, have both DK and Diddy jump on Rambi. You'll notice that you're
    in control of two Rambis now! When you move them, DK and Diddy get stuck in
    that one position. That's not all, though; there are other strange things that
    this glitch leads to. When you go near an object, your Rambis will start to
    turn into strange things, and you'll even see DK and Diddy following you. You
    will also notice that the Rambis and the Kongs will change colors and such.
    This can lead to some really strange things. You will sometimes even change
    into Enguarde for a brief period of time! You'll notice that the movement of
    the Kongs is very limited, and the Kongs (usually Diddy) will make strange
    movements, and sometimes will even take the position of holding onto a rope!
    Pressing A when this stuff happens can also do strange things. For example, if
    you press A after a Manky Kong throws some barrels, you'll usually turn into a
    barrel yourself, but lose that Kong. This glitch can also change the colors of
    the enemies, oil drums, and sometimes even the bananas. Pressing A in front of
    an oil drum will sometimes move the flame to a different location. This is a
    really weird and fun glitch, so have fun screwing around with it!
    Glitch #7 - Metal Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong
    Start by going to Jungle Hijinxs, the first level in the game. Get Rambi, and
    go back to the beginning of the level. Then, jump up to where DK's hut is, then
    jump to the trees until you get to an arrow of bananas pointing down. Jump down
    and collect these bananas, then you'll land on a patch of dirt and reveal a
    metal keg. Dismount Rambi and take the keg. Go left, but not TOO far, or else
    Rambi will have disappeared. He's required to do this glitch. Throw the keg
    against the left wall, and jump on it when it comes to you. As you're riding
    it, hold Y. Right when you pass over Rambi, release Y and quickly press B. You
    will mount him and he'll kick the metal keg away, then you'll be riding the
    Kong that's in the front! It looks like a metal Kong.
    Glitch #8 - From Oil Drum Alley to Jungle Hijinxs
    Do the glitch that allows you to control both Kongs at once, in Oil Drum Alley.
    Then, have DK drop down the pit east of the Half Way Barrel, but not Diddy.
    Mount Rambi with DK, and use the tire to get out of the pit. Make your way east
    with both Kongs and Rambi, and you'll eventually come to a staircase where two
    blue Kremlings bounce up and down on. Head up the stairs and stand on the metal
    piece of the floor. Jump, and Diddy will mount Rambi. Immediately after this
    happens, hold Y and Right on the D-Pad. Make sure that the grey Rambi gets on
    the platform with the Manky Kong (make sure he also kills him), and make sure
    that the second Rambi stays on the lower ground. Keep running and do not stop.
    If the grey Rambi is ahead of the reddish Rambi, you're doing it correctly.
    Right when you get to the piece of metal on the ground (when the grey Rambi
    runs over it), jump and keep holding right. The grey Rambi should touch the
    flame of the oil drum, and you should enter a bonus. In the bonus, fall off and
    you'll exit. However, instead of exitting back to Oil Drum Alley, you'll exit
    to the start of Jungle Hijinxs! Pressing Start + Select will take you back to
    Oil Drum Alley, but only if you beat the level before you did the glitch.
    Glitch #9 - Mess Up the Background in Ice Age Alley
    First, start the level and make your way to the first bonus. To reach it, you
    have to jump across two Neckies (they're the big brown birds, not the little
    ones that spit out nuts). Enter the bonus, and get Expresso out of the cage at
    the end of the bonus. Head left when you exit it, and then run and jump while
    on Expresso. Fly up to the big platform and fly back left, to the start of the
    level. Do NOT lose Expresso! Fly all the way to the western end of the level,
    and to the Expresso crate. Then, stay on Expresso and proceed through the rest
    of the level. While still on Expresso, you'll eventually see the sky turn
    purple. Not only that, but the snow in the foreground will be stationary. As
    you go through more of the level, the sky will turn pink.
    Glitch #10 - Negative Live Count
    This is a rather strange glitch. To start it off, go to Mine Cart Carnage in
    the Monkey Mines. Do NOT enter the Launcher Barrel that launches you into a
    mine cart. Make sure DK is the leader, then jump onto the small part of the
    ledge that the barrel is on. Make sure DK's head is stuck in the barrel. If
    Diddy is not on the ledge, then simply jump once and he'll jump onto the
    ledge. Then, perform the trick that allows you to control both Kongs at once.
    Diddy will be shot across to the mine cart, but DK won't. Quickly have DK drop
    off the ledge, then hold Left. You'll enter a warp barrel and lose a life in
    the process. However, instead of being taken back to the Monkey Mines, you'll
    continue to the end of the level, and Diddy will also be with you.
    You'll still have a life lost, though. If you do this when your live count is
    at zero, you'll lose a life but not be taken to the Game Over screen. Instead,
    you'll see a blank spot where your live count should be! Do the trick again,
    and then you'll have your live count at "-1". This can be done again and again.
    However, if you die without doing this glitch while you're at a negative amount
    of lives, you'll get the Game Over screen like normal.
    Glitch #11 - Easy Extra Lives #2
    To start this glitch, go to Elevator Antics and get the Half Way Barrel. Make
    sure Diddy is the leader, and then head east. You'll see a Klump on a lower
    platform. With Diddy as the leader, wait until the Klump moves towards you,
    then walk off the platform you're on, and hold Right. Once you hit the Klump
    twice, quickly do a cartwheel and tap Left and Right constantly. If you did it
    right, you'll keep hitting the Klump many times, and your live count will keep
    increasing! After awhile, though, the Klump will die and your combo will end.
    Glitch #12 - Weirdness in Coral Capers
    Make sure that Donkey Kong is alone. If he isn't, lose Diddy on purpose. Now,
    avoid the DK Barrel at the start of the level, and make your way to Enguarde.
    With Enguarde, head to the area where there is a Croctopus and a 1-Up Balloon.
    To the northwest in that section is a DK Barrel. Position yourself so that you
    and Enguarde are facing the DK Barrel, but also so that the Croctopus can hit
    you. Get hit by the Croctopus and Enguarde will run away towards the left. Swim
    to where she is, but do NOT touch the DK Barrel yet! When Enguarde passes over
    the DK Barrel, get on her and touch the barrel at the same time. If you did it
    right, you'll get Diddy, and DK will turn blue for about one second.
    Glitch #13 - Animal Token Count Messed Up
    Turn on the game, and when you see Cranky playing his music box, press these
    buttons: Down, Y, Down, Down, Y. This is the "DYDDY Code". You'll be carried to
    a cave full of Animal Tokens; three of each. This way, you can play the bonus
    games at your own desire. Collect two of one Animal Token (such as two Expresso
    Tokens), but do NOT get the third one! Go to a different set of Animal Tokens
    and collect all three to start the bonus game. Finish it, and you'll appear
    back in the cave with all the tokens again. Now, collect two of the tokens that
    you collected two of earlier. To do this, jump in between two of them. If you
    did it right, you'll only see one token, but the bonus game will still start.
    Glitch #14 - Easy Extra Lives #3
    This extra life trick is easy to do, but I found it is slower than the other
    methods. Go to Millstone Mayhem. From the start of the level, use the tire to
    reach the upper platform, then lure the Krusha ahead off the platform, and to
    the entrance of the level. Wait until he walks to the right. Before he touches
    the wall, jump from the tire and hold Left. Land on the level's entrance, and
    if you timed it right, the Krusha should be walking towards you now. Land on
    him and hold Left. You'll repedeately hit him and you'll gain lots of lives!
    Continue this for as long as you wish.
    III. Email Info
    If you wish to email me about this guide, whether it be a comment or a typo,
    or even a big error in the guide, then email me at my email listed at the top
    of this guide. For those who are lazy, my email is ganonpuppet@yahoo.com. Email
    me there, and I'll add whatever it is I missed, or fix whatever it is I messed
    up on as soon as possible. Please make the subject something to do with the
    game (such as "Donkey Kong Country Glitch FAQ"), so I'll know that your email
    isn't spam.
    IV. Credits
    Credits go to you for reading this guide.
    Credits go to me for taking the time to write this guide.
    Credits go to Rareware for making such an awesome and fun game!
    Credits go to Charizard06 for telling me that there's another extra life glitch
                  that can be done in Millstone Mayhem. Thanks!
    V. Copyrights
    Do not copy this guide without my permission. If you attempt to do that
    without my permission, you will be in trouble with the law. For permission,
    email me at my email address listed at the top of this guide, I may say yes, I
    may say no, it depends. This guide is a Copyright (c) 2007, and was created by
    Jesse Winstead. All rights reserved. The following sites have been allowed to
    use this guide:
    End Of File.

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