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"So its Super Mario World, only with MONKEYS!" "...I love it!"02/10/03Aganar
One of the first games that proved graphics can overshadow gameplay, Donkey Kong Country is a mediocre yet delightful experience.01/07/14bachewychomp
Donkey Kong Is Back With 3-D Goodness!07/05/03Baradur
A revolutionary game that's a few levels short from perfection07/08/04Chicken Inspector
A few minor flaws, but overall an amazing game that everyone needs to experience.11/16/07chrono trigger fan
The start of a great SNES series.08/12/09Cold Metal
A stellar beginning for a brilliant Jump and Run series01/30/07darthjulian
17 Years later and it's still an enjoyable challenge.11/21/11EnmaDaio2588
Clearly pushing the SNES to its limits.06/08/01Fallen One
One banana at a time12/09/08horror_spooky
It's Banana Time07/20/16JRPGSensei
Get down 'n' dirty in the jungle06/10/05Light_Inside
A Gorilla wearing a tie, riding an Ostrich, avoiding barrels thrown by a crazed Orangutan.05/06/14Linkxx3
A Masterpiece07/16/07mauro7inf
The hype was true!01/06/11MTLH
Fascinating level designs, revolutionary visuals, and an oddly appropriate soundtrack mesh together for one of the SNES's best.08/01/02Myzery_Clown
A fun ride, but also a rather short and forgettable one.12/04/01NT220
Rumble in the jungle!!....and other assorted places....08/19/04Overdrive
Great atmosphere and music save this otherwise mediocre platformer.04/24/06Phediuk
Another innovative platformer from the masterminds at Rare07/16/01Psycho Penguin
Kome join the Kong Klub in this Klassic!01/31/03Retro
Two simian goofs go to retrieve their stash of bananas from a sneaky pirate captain08/29/01stonedwal
If this is Kong, I don't want to be wrong.04/19/10SuperPhillip
Barrel busta.05/09/05Unleashed Vortex
The most hyped platform game of 1994?03/19/01Yakuza
It looks pretty, but it's still a little better than your average 16bit platformer.07/28/09Zylo the wolf

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A monkey in a barrel now that's innovative...09/25/00A.Harris
One of the best games for the SNES09/18/01Bat On
Great graphics, fun platformer11/01/99Blackjack4x
Donkey Kong's Country Is A Country I'd Love To Live In07/05/12ChronoCactaur
When DK was good11/26/07clarkisdark
Truly a revolution in platform gaming.01/17/01Dark Templar
The game that revitalized the big D!07/23/00Duke Nukem
You'll go ape for this game02/20/07EliteShyGuy
Awesome gameplay, awesome music, awesome replay(and the graphics are kinda nice too...)02/09/00EPoetker
Donkey Kong in his own series, Oh yeah!!!04/17/00Funk Punk
The Game That Started Such a Great Series...10/09/00GScotty
The game that revolutionized Super Nintendo graphics. Too short though.04/18/00khachik
The start one of my favourite game trilogies of all time03/09/10King_Meteor
15 Years of Greatness06/09/09KuchikiYuna
This is the game that saved the Super Nintendo from a early death11/09/02LegendaryFrog
A Revolution in 16 Bit Video Gaming11/01/99LRayden
A revolutionary advance in SNES graphics!08/12/01MI4 REAL
Amazing game that still holds up today.02/19/14osorioace
Donkey Kong Returns With The Classics02/12/07RockyStarPro
Mario Who? Sonic the What?02/22/01Sephirstein
It saved Nintendo06/28/02Sey me
Monkey Magic06/15/09simbug89
Forget the puns, this game rocked in the 90's and it still rocks now.02/26/07Super_Toadette
Superb 2D platformer featuring imaginative levels and incredible graphics01/11/04THayes
Remember the good old days with DKC04/16/07TheFanBoyDestroyer
A brilliant game, despite the unpredictable difficulty level07/05/07TheMadcapLaughs
A Legendary Platformer08/26/07Tifanity
A game as valuable as DK's prized banana hoard.03/23/03Tokyo Fusion

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