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"The best game in the DKC trilogy, and one of the best for the SNES!"

I personally love this game. It's my favorite of the DKC series because of many things. The first one was a little dull at time, and the third one was just plain weird (reminded me a little bit of RPGs), but this one is just right. It's a perfect combination of graphics, sound, music, and gameplay. Here goes the review...

Graphics: Of course, the graphics are incredible in this game. They're a step up from DKC, and it shows. Lots of detail has gone into the game, and it just plain looks great. I like the backgrounds in the underwater levels on K. Rool's ship and on the castle levels in his keep. Diddy and Dixie look great, and so do all the enemies as well. Nice job, Rare!

Sound/Music: The sound is great here. You can hear everything from Dixie jumping on an enemy to lava sizzling in a volcano. And it all sounds just wonderful!
The Music in this game is the best in the DKC series, and possibly all the new Donkey Kong games as well. I enjoy listening to all the tunes...the boss music, the roller coaster levels, and especially the crystal mine levels! The beats are good, and if you play this game, I'm sure you'll be humming some of these tunes like me.

Control: Not much to say here except the controls are excellent in this game. Very tight and responsive. Makes the game a lot more enjoyable.

Gameplay: You've got to save Donkey Kong from the clutches of Kaptain K. Rool with the help of Diddy and Dixie Kong! You must travel throughout Crocodile Isle to find him! Good Luck!
Okay, okay, I'll get to the real game. You gotta go through the levels and save Donkey Kong. It ain't that easy. Basically, this is just a standard platform action game with a lot of twists. Each level has a variety of things going on, whether it be swimming through cool lava, scaling a castle with a rising floor, or turning into many of your animal friends, which help you in many ways. Find 'em yourself! A general theme is the constant pirate stuff in the game. Pretty nice, actually.
Second, when you finish a level, you have a chance of getting items like bananas (get 100 and you'll get an extra life!), Life balloons, and Banana coins (I'll explain them later). Of course, you can get this stuff through finding them in the level, too. You also collect the letters of the word KONG throughout each level to gain an extra life.
Also, in each level, there are some bonus levels. If you complete the task in each bonus (Finding a certain coin, defeating all the enemies, or collecting all the stars) in the given time limit, you'll get a Kremkoin. I'll explain them later too. Another thing: If you find a Video Game Hero coin (with DK in the middle of it) in each level, good for you! Those are used to determine...well, I'm not tellin'. You figure it out.
Finally (this is getting long, isn't it?), you will fight a boss in each world. Beat him, and you'll get a Kremkoin. The bosses are varied, though, and tricky to beat. You'll have to fight things like a giant crow and a sword ready to make chop suey out of monkeys! Be careful!
You access the levels through the world map, and there are four different Kong family members ready to help you out on that map as well. There's Wrinkly Kong, who can save your game and tell you about some stuff in the game (in case you didn't have a manual), Funky, who can get you to different locations on Crocodile Isle, Cranky, who gives you hints about the hidden stuff in the levels, and Swanky, who asks you questions about the game. Get them right, and you get extra lives! All Kongs charge money for these services, though. That's why you should stack up on those Banana coins!
I haven't mentioned the Kremkoins again, have I? Well, I'll tell ya something. You can use them to get something very secret in the game...but you'll have to find out what it is!

That was a long review, but it was worth writing it. I cannot stress enough how good this game is! If you find it at a used game store, I would buy it immediately. I love this game, and I think I'll be playing it for quite a while. Maybe you will too. It's an incredibly great game. Go Diddy! Go Dixie! Go Rare! Well, maybe that was acting too excited...oh well. Get this game!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/05/01, Updated 07/05/01

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