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"The best 'Donkey Kong Country' game to date!"

Rare has done it again! DKC 2 is truly a masterpiece! With beautiful graphics and awesome gameplay you can't go wrong! Should I extol DKC 2 some more, or shall I get on with the review? Anyhoo, until DKC 64 comes out and maybe even after, DKC 2 delivers the best of the Donkey Kong series - and that's a lot. Onto the grading process!

Graphics: 10

Wow! Just when you thought Rare couldn't make DKC's graphics better this game had to come along. I love the graphics, eye-candy indeed! Honestly though, they're pretty stunning, even compared to DKC 3.

Gameplay: 10

Through the roof gameplay! A very challenging and fun game that keeps you hooked till the final battle with K. Rool. The Kremlin Koins and the DK coins really increase the challenge and replay value, which was already great to begin with! Just plain fun, period.

Music/Sound Effects: 10

Sound effects are well done and the music is good. Most of the time I was too into the game to stop and listen to the music, but when I did it delivered.

Replay Value: 8

Surprisingly good. I constantly find myself going back to play it over again. If not just to see if I remember where all the hidden extras are. The little cheat codes also help to add to the fun.

Bottom Line: If you don't have it, get out from under your rock and get it. I can guarantee that DKC 2 will NOT disappoint. Collecting bananas was never more fun!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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