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    FAQ/Move List by Rick L

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    Doomsday Warrior FAQ/Movelist
    By: Rick L
    Version 0.81
    E-Mail: lickichu@yahoo.com
    This FAQ is only allowed on GameFAQs, and is 2003 by me, Rick L. The only way 
    you are allowed to use this FAQ is to simply have for your own usage. You may 
    not distribute, change, edit, or plagarize this FAQ in any way possible. If 
    there's something that I may have neglected that I don't want you doing, then 
    don't do it without my permission.
    Version 0.8: All main sections done, still minor things to add.
    Version 0.81: A few errors corrected, and a couple of PAR codes added in.
    Version 0.82: Added in more strategy for fighting Main.
    This FAQ is designed to help you learn the different aspects of the game 
    "Doomsday Warrior", which can also be used for the Japanese version named 
    "Taiketsu!! Brass Numbers".  This FAQ shall also guide you through the basics 
    of the game, as well as some neat tricks and stuff. If you have something for 
    this FAQ, feel free to e-mail me, and if I don't get lazy with this... (>_O), 
    then I'll put it up with credit given to you.
    Now...onward, to the FAQ!
    Table of Contents:
    1. Control Layout
    2. General Info
     a. Normal Mode
     b. Easy Mode
     c. Versus Mode
     d. Option Menu
     e. Fighting Tips
    3. Tricks, Cheats, and Codes
     a. Pro Action Replay codes
    4. The Fighters
     a. Sledge
     b. Layban
     c. Amon
     d. Daisy
     e. P-Lump
     f. Grimrock
     g. Nuform
     h. Shadow
     i. Ashura
     j. Main
    5. Credits
    1. Control Layout
    Here is the default control scheme for the game. The punch, jump, and kick 
    buttons can be changed in the Options Menu, discussed below.
    Up: Used with an attack to do a high attack.
    Down: Makes your character duck.
    Left/Right: Moves your character.
    "Y" Button: Punch
    "B" Button: Jump
    "A" Button: No usage.
    "X" Button: Kick
    "L" Button: Block
    "R" Button: Block
    "Select" Button: No usage
    "Start" Button: Pauses game.
    2. General Info
    You'll probably want to look up some of this stuff if you're new to this game.
         a. Normal Mode
    This mode is the primary 1-Player mode. The computer fighters will be a lot 
    harder than on the Easy Mode. You can choose the other six playable characters 
    to fight in any order you wish. After each of these fighters is defeated, you 
    are taken to your stats screen to improve your abilities. The number of bars you 
    can add depends on how much life you have, and will never be more than four 
    bars. The stats you can improve are your Arms, Legs, Defense, Vitality, and 
    Soul Power.
    Arms: How strong your punches are.
    Legs: How strong your kicks are.
    Defense: How much damage you take.
    Vitality: Most likely how quick you can recover.
    Soul Power: Most likely how much strength your special moves have.
    After you finish this, you will be given a password to continue from where you 
    left off.
    After you defeat the six other characters, you are treated to a cutscene, and 
    then you must fight the game's bosses; Shadow, Ashura, and Main in best-of-three 
    battles. Once you defeat them, you're victorious! You've beaten the game, and 
    you'll be treated to the ending.
         b. Easy Mode
    Easy mode is the same thing as the Normal Mode, only the computer fighter isn't 
    as hard. You also won't get a password to continue here, so you must beat the 
    game on this mode all the way through in one shot. 
         c. Versus Mode
    This mode lets you go head-to-head with a friend. You can pick from any of the 
    seven availible fighters, and duke it out in a best of three contest. First 
    person to win two out of three rounds wins.
         d. Option Mode
    This mode lets you do a couple of things. First, you can choose from eight 
    different button schemes for the punch, kick, and jump buttons. You can also 
    sample the game's soundtrack and sound effects. Not exactly a whole lot to do 
         e. Fighting Tips
     - Special moves are usually charge moves. The longer you hold down the first 
    button, the more range your special attack will have. Also, the amount of 
    damage delt from a special move increases the longer you keep it charged for. 
    Keep this in mind when fighting.
     - Try not to get too particularly close to your opponent, especially the 
    computer. Not all characters have two throw moves, so if you press the wrong 
    button, then you'll end up getting thrown yourself. As well, against the 
    computer, they tend to have priority when it comes to throws, so be careful.
      - Blocking works wonders. While blocking, you won't take damage from regular 
    moves, and only minor damage from special moves. However, you can still be 
    caught in a throw while blocking, so be careful.
     - You can restore your health in this game. If you need a break, just try to 
    find a spot where you can just keep your distance from your opponent. However, 
    you can only heal to the top of each bar, and cannot restore the health of a 
    previously drained bar. You have four bars of life in all, so be careful.
    3. Tricks, Cheats, and Codes
     a. Pro Action Replay Codes
    7E02C604     Player 1 has Infinite Health
    7E02200X     Player 1 Character Modifier (Use this to play as the bosses)
    Replace X with the following:
     -0: Sledge
     -1: Layban
     -2: Amon
     -3: Daisy
     -4: P-Lump
     -5: Grimrock
     -6: Nuform
     -7: Shadow
     -8: Ashura
     -9: Main
    Note: This code isn't perfect, and some characters (Like Ashura), may have a 
    different portrait and name under their life bar. I'm going to work to perfect 
    this at a later date.
    4. The Fighters
    Now, here is a list of moves and strategies for each of the different characters 
    in the game. Use them wisely, and to your benefit, and remember the other 
    strategies noted in the above parts of this FAQ. All button usage is the default 
    button scheme.
     a. Sledge: "Hero of Earth"
    Basic Moves:
    (Y): Double Punch
    Up + (Y): Uppercut
    Down + (Y): Low Punch
    (X): Kick
    Up + (X): High Kick
    Down + (X): Low Kick
    Aerial Moves:
    (Y): Jumping Punch
    Down + (Y): Jumping Punch
    (X): Jump Kick
    Down + (X): Jumping Spin Kick
    Toward + (Y): Mega Punch (Close)
    Special Moves:
    Away (Hold), Forward + (Y): Dashing Punch
    Down (Hold), Up + (Y): Blue Fireball
    As Sledge:
    Sledge is a good around average fighter, whose strong point is definitely his 
    punches. You'll want to play him in a "keep-away" sort of fashion. His fireball 
    is good for doing just that. Try not to over-use your lunge punch, as people 
    will be able to see it coming and block it. Use it only if in need of a 
    surprise attack. His uppercut can hit people out of a corner.
    Against Sledge:
    Sledge tends to use his fireball quite a bit. Be ready to jump over it. He also 
    has a tendency to get airborne quite a bit and attack. Be wary of this, and if 
    possible, try to knock him out of the air. He shouldn't be all that hard, just 
    keep an eye out for his attacks.
         b. Layban "Military Deserter"
    Basic Moves:
    (Y): Punch
    Up + (Y): Uppercut
    Down + (Y): Low Punch
    (X): Double Kick
    Up + (X): High Kick
    Down + (X): Low Kick
    Aerial Moves:
    (Y): Jumping Punch
    Down + (Y): Jumping Punch
    (X): Jump Kick
    Down + (X): Jumping Spin Kick
    Toward + (X): Mega Kick  (Close)
    Special Moves:
    Away (Hold), Forward + (Y): Dashing Punch
    Down (Hold), Up + (Y): Shooting Star
    As Layban:
    Basically, this is just a different-looking Sledge who's good with kicks rather 
    than punches. Like Sledge, you'll want to use him as a "keep-away" character, 
    which his fireball can do. Use the dashing punch as a surprise attack, and use 
    Against Layban:
    Layban is a lot like Sledge, so naturally, he's going to play like him. He 
    seems to like to throw you a lot more than Sledge does, so don't try to throw 
    him too much. He seems to jump less than Sledge too, so keep this in mind when 
    plotting your offense against him. If you've fought Sledge already, then you 
    should know what to expect from this guy.
      c. Amon "Heavy Metal King" (Or, as I prefer, "KISS Reject". =P)
    Basic Moves:
    (Y): Stomach Punch
    Up + (Y): Overhand Blow
    Down + (Y): Low Punch
    (X): Shin Kick
    Up + (X): Shin Kick
    Down + (X): Low Kick
    Aerial Moves:
    (Y): Jumping Axehandle
    (X): Jump Kick
    Toward + (Y): Head Smash (Close)
    Toward + (X): Ceiling Toss (Close)
    Special Moves:
    Down (Hold), Up + (Y): Flying Body Press
    As Amon:
    You'll want to play this KISS reject carefully. He can't jump really well, so 
    if you really need to get a good leap, use his Flying Body Press attack. You 
    will want to get up close to your opponent and bash the crap out of them, since 
    he has no projectile attack. Use his throws with caution, as the computer tends
    to have more priority with their throws than you do. Keep a defensive offense 
    with this guy, and you should be fine.
    Against Amon:
    Keep-Away characters are going to have their way with their guy. Make sure to 
    not get in too close to him, or you're going to be in quite a world of hurt. 
    Use your projectiles, and anything else in your repertoire to make sure he 
    keeps his distance, and the match is yours. He does jump quite a bit, so be
    wary of him coming in with a flying body splash.
         d. Daisy "Dancing Plant"
    Basic Moves:
    (Y): Punch
    Up + (Y): Punch
    Down + (Y): Low Punch
    (X): Side Kick
    Up + (X): Flip Kick
    Down + (X): Foot Sweep
    Aerial Moves:
    (Y): Jumping Punch
    (X): Jump Kick
    Toward + (Y): Leg Throw
    Toward + (X): Leg Throw to Ceiling  (Close)
    Special Moves:
    Away (Hold), Forward + (X): Dashing Flip Kick
    As Daisy:
    Daisy is a very fast fighter with a really good jump. She's most proficient 
    with her legs, as you can see. Use that to your advantage. However, there's a 
    couple of things that make Daisy just a bit difficult to use efficiently. The 
    reason is the lack of any real good special moves. Her dashing flip kick should 
    only be used to surprise others, because it can easily be blocked if seen ahead 
    of time, and as well the fact that a projectile can easily knock her out of the 
    move. You should mainly use her as a type of "Hit-and-Run" character
    Against Daisy:
    Whoo, is she a quick one. She's tough to keep your distance from sometimes, so 
    just try to punch her away if she gets close. Jump over her if she gets too 
    close for comfort, because she does like to throw often. Try to knock her out 
    of the air if at all possible too. You could try the keep-away thing with her, 
    but for the moves to have any good range to them, you need to charge for a 
    couple of seconds, which can be too long at times.
         e. P-Lump "Fatty Bomber" (I prefer the Japanese version more. The U.S. 
                                   version is "Fat Bomber".)
    Basic Moves:
    (Y): Palm Strike
    Up + (Y): Palm Strike
    Down + (Y): Low Palm Strike
    (X): Side Kick
    Up + (X): Ponytail Whip
    Down + (X): Low Kick
    Aerial Moves:
    (Y): Jumping Punch
    Down + (Y): Headbutt
    (X): Jump Kick
    Down +(X): Jump Kick
    Toward + (Y): Ponytail Throw  (Close)
    Special Moves:
    Away (Hold), Forward + (Y): Ground Fire
    Down (Hold), Up + (Y): "The Fatty Bomber" (Flying Headbutt)
    As P-Lump:
    P-Lump is a short man. He doesn't really duck attacks all that well, however. 
    His jump, while not too good, is at least slightly better than Amon's jump. His 
    ground fire attack should be used against people who do a lot of low-blocking, 
    or as a surprise move to people who like to stay on the ground. You can use the 
    Flying Headbutt of his like Amon's flying body press, but is more used as an 
    attack than a get-away move. He's a rather unorthodox fighter who plays a bit 
    like Sledge and Layban, and a bit like Amon.
    Against P-Lump:
    P-Lump likes to both move away from you, and as well headbutt you to kingdom 
    come. If you have a character with a projectile, you can do a well-timed 
    fireball or something to score a free hit. He also loves to just send ground 
    fireballs your way as well. Those can be easily jumped over. He does like to 
    block, so be warned.
         f. Grimrock "Dizzen Lizard"
    Basic Moves:
    (Y): Claw Swipe
    Up + (Y): Claw Swipe
    Down + (Y): Uppercut Head Lunge
    (X): Side Kick
    Up + (X): Flipping Tail Whip
    Down + (X): Tail Sweep
    Aerial Moves:
    (Y): Downward Claw
    Down + (Y): Downward Claw
    (X): Flipping Tail Whip
    Down + (Y): Flipping Tail Whip
    Toward + (Y): Ceiling Smash (Close)
    Toward + (X): Lightning Bolt  (Close)
    Special Moves:
    Away (Hold), Forward + (Y): Dashing Claw Swipe
    As Grimrock:
    Grimrock can be classified as a slower version of Daisy, in my book. he uses 
    his claws and his tail mainly. And like Daisy, he only has one move which works 
    just like hers. He jumps high, but like I stated earlier, he doesn't have 
    Daisy's speed. My suggestion will be to use your tail attacks often to try and 
    catch your opponent off guard, and use the Dashing Claw Swipe sparingly.
    Against Grimrock:
    Grimrock basically does little else than use his tail when the computer is 
    playing him. He's very, very aggressive too, so be ready to get on the 
    defensive. Get in an attack when possible, and try to keep a safe distance if 
    your character has a fireball you can use. His favorite thing to do is try to 
    corner you and then beat you over the head with his tail. Just try to avoid 
    getting cornered, and if you do, just hold down the block button until you can 
    launch some sort of offense.
         g. Nuform "Living Liquid"
    Basic Moves:
    (Y): High Strike
    Up + (Y): Downward Strike
    Down + (Y): Ducking Strike
    (X): Low Strike
    Up + (X): Upward Strike
    Down + (X): Slide Trip
    Aerial Moves:
    (Y): Block Semi-Morph
    Down + (Y): Blob Semi-Morph
    (X): Spike Semi-Sorph
    Down + (X): Circular Blade Semi-Morph
    Toward + (Y): Death Bubble (Close)
    Special Moves:
    Away (Hold), Forward + (Y): Fireball Spit
    As Nuform:
    Nuform is a very odd character. Its got excellent air attacks, a keep-away 
    fireball, and most of all, the Sliding Kick of Doom. You can easily use this 
    move for a cheap victory, but don't get too close or you'll get thrown. Use 
    Nuform's air attacks constantly, and as well get in a throw or two, because for
    some odd reason, Nuform has a bit more priority on its throw. Use this in 
    conjunction with your fireball and slide trip, and you have one very cheap 
    character on your hands!
    Against Nuform:
    Nuform seems to constantly use its air attacks as well. Be aware of this, and 
    counter when necassary. Watch out for its fireball, which can easily be lept 
    over. If you're playing as P-Lump, and your opponent constantly does the slide 
    trip, then use his ground fireball to nail it.
         h. Shadow "Left Hand of Evil"
    Well, there's really no particluar move set for Shadow. Basically, it's just a 
    clone of the other fighter that's being played against. However, if you put on 
    the PAR codes so that when you play as Shadow, and fight Shadow in the same 
    match, then the game freezes. Shadow acts the same way as the other fighter, 
    so use the above strategies for the characters to defeat it.
         i. Ashura "Right Hand of Evil" (An unintenional pun?)
    Basic Moves:
    (Y): Overhead Chop
    Up + (Y): Fast Fury Punches
    Down + (Y): Low Punch
    (X): Stomach Punch
    Up + (X): Stomach Punch
    Down + (X): Low Punch #2
    Aerial Moves:
    (Y): Aerial Low Punch
    Down + (Y): Aerial Low Punch
    (X): Aerial Low Punch #2
    Down + (X): Aerial Low Punch #2
    Toward + (Y): Slam and Chi Burn (Close)
    Special Moves:
    Away (Hold), Forward + (Y): Leaping Dash
    Down (Hold), Up + (Y): Chi Fireball
    As Ashura:
    Ashura would have to be the most complete boss out of the three bosses to play 
    as in this game. However, you need to use a code, which is provided above in 
    the Tips, Cheats, and Codes section. Ashura is VERY strong, and one hit can 
    knock off about three-fourths of an entire bar. However, it seems as if when 
    you up his stats, he seems to not hit as hard, which is odd. His leaping dash 
    isn't really an attack, but it can close the distance between you and the 
    opponent so you can try to nail them with a Slam and Chi Burn throw. His 
    fireball can keep unwanted opponents away as well. Basically, Ashura is a great 
    character for both keeping your opponent away, and dealing damage as well.
    Against Ashura:
    Your work is basically cut out for you here. Within a few hits, you'll really 
    be reeling from his attacks, if not close to dead or something. Basically, the 
    most likely way to defeat him is to basically play keep-away. Don't even think 
    about closing the distance, or all six of his arms are going to pound the 
    living crap out of you. Constantly bombard him with fireballs, and never let 
    him corner you, and you should come out the victor. Good luck, warrior! You'll 
    need it!
         j. Main "Magical Lord"
    (I should point out now that this game has an odd obsession with hands and arms. 
    Sledge is a good puncher, Nuform can only do punches, Ashura has six arms, and 
    Main is french for "hand" Whether intentional or not, it does seem odd...)
    Basic Moves:
    (Y): Magic Hand
    Up + (Y): Sword Twirl
    Down + (Y): Sword Swipe
    (X): Magic Body Inferno
    Up + (X): Magic Body Inferno
    Down + (X): Blur Attack (Does No Damage)
    Aerial Moves:
    (Y): Flying Body Inferno
    Down + (Y): Flying Body Inferno
    (Note: When Main jumps, it counts as an attack, for some odd reason.)
    Toward + (Y): Lightning Bolt to Body (Close)
    Toward + (X): Lightning Bolt (Like Grimrock's) (Close)
    Special Moves:
    Away (Hold), Forward + (Y): Short-Range Lightning Bolt
    Down (Hold), Up + (Y): Ground Explosions
    As Main:
    Well, you probably don't want to play as Main, simply because after you win a 
    round with him, the game gets stuck. However, that won't stop you from playing 
    a round with him, will it? Well, for starters, his attacks are slow, which can 
    leave him very vulnerable to a projectile attack. You'll probably want to 
    definitely stay close when you play as Main, for he has no far-reaching attacks.
    Against Main:
    Well, you still have your work cut out for you. However, he should be easier 
    than Ashura, provided you don't let him get close. Let him have it with a 
    barrage of fireballs. Make sure you do your blocking too. Main's offense is 
    basically only practical in close, so if you can keep distance between the two 
    of you for the fight, then you pretty much have most of the fight. However,
    when he has one bar left, things start to get tough in a huge hurry. He starts
    by throwing cresent-shaped beams at you repeatedly. These can be jumped over,
    but it can get quite difficult to do so. If you get close, he just knocks you
    back. The best bet for this is to just nail him with a regular attack with
    a lot of reach. Amon is going to have a hugely difficult time with him,
    because of his lousy jumping. You might have a problem with P-Lump too.
    5. Credits
    I'd like to thank all those that helped make this FAQ possible in every way 
    shape and form. I know that's too many people to mention, but for those of you 
    it includes, many thank-yous for everything possible. An extra added thank you 
    goes to CJayC for a place for people to put up their FAQs and what-not. Three 
    extra thank you's to myself for actually making this FAQ!
    That's all for this FAQ, now go play!
    (Website Coming Soon)

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