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Sure DBZ fans will play this game no matter what I say ( maybe, who knows ),but for the people who just play video games,let me break it down for you.

STORY:The game follows the fights of the manga and anime series, from Goku and Piccolo's first fight ( which actually took place at the end of the first Dragonball series ),to the fight with Frieza on Namek, all the up to the Cell games.But not all the battles are in the game,only key moments from the show.

GRAPHICS:The graphics in the game are actually not bad, from the details to each character and there trademark moves and other things, to the stages that are featured in the show.You won't have a hard time telling who's who as each of the characters resemble the show's quite well.

GAMEPLAY:There are three modes of play:the story mode,the tournament mode and the vs. mode ( in which you can play against the computer or another player ).Unlike other fighting games where you have to fight in a restricted area,in this game you can move & fly around a huge playing field,so big that the screen splits when you get to far from each other( don't worry,you can dash to get to the other player quickly ).The basic controls are easy to execute too,one button for punch,one for kick,one for your projectile attack and another just to fly.The fighting moves themself are easy to pull off with Street Fighter II motions.You have two bars for your character: one is a health bar and the other for your special attacks,and depending on which special attack you use depends on how much it drains the bar.But don't think you can pull off the special attacks from anywhere on screen.You have to be at a certain distance on screen ( usually when the screen splits ) to perform your special attack.

SOUND/MUSIC:All the voices you hear in the game are the actual voice actors from the show and are quite clear.From grunts to screams to yelling out special attacks,it's all here.The music though is all new and none of the music from the show is featured, but the music fits the action really well.

FUN FACTOR:The game can get frustrating the first time you play it with the high difficulty,but once you get used to it you'll be able to get through the story mode in no time.Probably the most fun will come from playing in 2-player mode where you'll have a better time playing with someone else.

OVERALL:It's actually not a bad game once you get used to it, but there are better games in the Super Butouden series.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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