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    Game Genie Codes by Paulygon

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/27/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

              Dragon Quest VI - Super Nintendo
                      Game Genie codes
                        by Paulygon
                       Version 1.0
                   September 27, 2001
    See the end of this document for copyright information
    and version history.
      Hi, all.  Welcome to my Dragon Quest VI (6) Game Genie codes document.  I
    have personally found all of these codes and they represent many hours of
    digging around in the game.  To the best of my knowledge, these codes have not
    been found by anyone else.  Additional codes may be added if I find any others.
    Should this be the case, a new version of this document will be released.  The
    latest version can be found on my website and usually GameFAQs, as well.  These
    codes should work on both the Japanese and the latest English-translation
    version (by NoPrgress).  They may also work on other translation patches.
      These codes are used at your own risk and I assume no responsibility
    whatsoever for their effects.  I do not guarantee that they will work for
    you or that any set of codes will work in combination with any other ones.
    This includes any codes found by others.  There are far too many combinations
    for testing of this kind to be practical.
      I would like to know, though, if any of these codes don't work for you,
    exhibit any side effects, or if you find any combinations of them that cause
    problems.  In that event, please give as much detail as you can.
      I have organized these codes in the following way:
      * Money Codes : Codes that affect cash flow.
      * Battle Codes : Codes for use while in battle.
      * Miscellaneous Codes : Interesting/odd codes that may or may not be useful.
    >>>>>>>> Money Codes <<<<<<<<
    D244-7D24 :  When an item is sold at a shop, gold is maxed out to 999,999.
    >>>>>>>> Battle Codes <<<<<<<<
    6D68-5F0C :  Poison needle does a normal amount of damage (based on Strength,
      etc. like other weapons) instead of always 1 and still retains the ability
      to hit an enemy's weak spot.
    6D57-8D06 +
    DB57-8D66 :  The Poison Needle and Demon Spear always hit an enemy's weak spot.
    6D5D-87D6 :  All weapons, while behaving normally, have a chance to hit the
      enemy's weak spot, just like the Poison Needle and Demon Spear.  If combined
      with the above 2 codes, all weapon hits will be fatal to the enemy!
    DD12-5F66 +
    6D1E-54D6 :  Each party member will repeat their attack at no extra cost (for
      a total of 2 attacks each).  For some reason, this doesn't seem to work all
      of the time and I'm not sure why.  If anyone figures out why, I'd really like
      to hear from you.
    6D74-746B +
    EC74-74AB :  Keep getting rewards for end-of-battle over and over again.  This
      includes experience, gold, and possibly items and job points.  Turn these
      codes off to allow the battle to end.
    DD8C-8706 :  Any battle is "good enough" to count towards job advancement.  You
      will still have to fight the required numbers of battles, but with this code,
      you can fight easy battles to satisfy the requirements.  Normally, you must
      defeat enemies approximately equal in strength to get job points.
    DD8B-8FD6 +
    688D-EFA6 :  After winning a "good enough" battle, the character at the top of
      the lineup will advance through all of their job levels until mastered,
      learning the appropriate skills/spells along the way.  The codes must be
      turned off before you can leave the battle screen.
      NOTE:  If combined with the "good enough" code above, this will work in
             any battle.
    DD85-EDD6 :  All but the most difficult-to-recruit monsters will always offer
      to join your party, within the normal restrictions.  As for monsters that
      rarely offer to join, this may increase the odds of getting them to join,
      but it is not guaranteed.  * See Note [1] below *
    DD84-E766 :  Monsters that are considered difficult to recruit will always
      offer to join your party, within the normal restrictions.  It may only work
      for the first monster of that kind, as the 2nd and 3rd monsters of any type
      are progressively more difficult to recruit.  * See Note [1] below *
    >>>>>>>> Miscellaneous Codes <<<<<<<<
    DD62-540C :  In battle, no attacks by either the party or the enemy, physical
      or magical, are successful.  More specifically, any attack that targets the
      "other side" (enemy -> party, party -> enemy) will not work.  One use for
      this is that enemies that use attack spells often will waste their MP.  Also,
      you can take advantage of the opportunity to cast stat-boosting spells
      without fear of taking damage.  Be sure to turn off the code to proceed
      further in battle.
      NOTE 1:  This only affects physical attacks and attack spells.  Healing and
               status-boosting types of spells will still work for both you and
               for any enemies that use them.  The reason for this is that these
               spells typically target their own groups (party -> party,
               enemy -> enemy).
      NOTE 2:  Fatal-hit attacks, poison-needle style, will still work, but only
               if a hit would be fatal.
    Notes about specific codes:
    [1]  Important note on these recruitment codes:  It's been reported that
         recruiting a 3rd (and final) monster of a given type may sometimes
         recruit an incorrect monster or cause other side-effects.  So, you may
         only want to use either (or both) of these codes only to recruit up to
         2 of a given type of monster, unless you're feeling adventurous. :-)
         +  Remember, the normal restrictions apply.  Here are the ones I know of:
            +  You must have at least one BeastMaster in your active party in order
               to recruit monsters.
            +  The number of active party members in this job, as well as their
               job-level in this skill may increase the chances of recruitment.
            +  There is a limit to the number of total party members, including
               those at Luisa's Place.  After this limit is reached, no more
               monsters may be recruited.
            +  A maximum of 3 monsters of any single kind may be recruited.
         +  Also, these do not guarantee that more than one difficult-to-recruit
            monster will join.  For instance, with these codes, I got the first
            Lamp Demon to join immediately, but subsequent battles didn't yield any
            additional ones, although the possibility may still remain.
    Copyright notice
    This document is Copyright 2001 by Paul D. Shoener III (Paulygon).  It may not
    be published or otherwise made available in whole or in part in any way
    without my express permission.  I can be contacted at the e-mail address
    specified at the top of this document.  Please drop me a line if you wish to
    post this document on your website.  That is all. =)
    Version History
    1.0:  September 27, 2001.  First version.

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