How do I get back to twooson from threed?

  1. Paula is to weak and i can't beat anything. How can I return to twooson? I came on the tour bus.

    User Info: rosterli

    rosterli - 7 years ago
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    It also turns out that I came to threed to early. I've only got one sanctuary location. . . . . . . . . .

    User Info: rosterli

    rosterli - 7 years ago

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  1. For now, unfortunately you cant get back to threed until you get through that part of the mission. And yes, it is quite easy to move past the second sanctuary location and miss it, most people have to go back.

    What has to happen, and in this order. Is go north through the left graveyard and "talk" with the two zombies. they give some strange music and lines and ur on your way.

    Go to the hotel, follow the woman, get nocked out. U wake up under the second graveyard and take control of Jeff.

    Use jeff, leave the School, suggest getting materials from lockers and a cookie or two from the room next to your dormroom. Go to the store, buy the bubble gum and get the bubble monkey. Head south and sleep in the westmost tent. wake up, go to the brown spot on the peninsula and ride tessie south. Go through the maze, head further south and through the cave to stonehenge. Go south, avoid the cave boys for a bit and talk with your dad and ride the skyrunner to threed. Join the party and get out.

    From there, you just have to finish up the second and third parts of the threed mission until you get back to threed and getting the third sanctuary place. From there, you can return to twoson on your own.

    User Info: Slasher424242

    Slasher424242 - 7 years ago 2 0

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