How to bring people back to life in earthbound?

  1. Im in the part with the zombies and jeff and paula died and there ghost is in back of me how i bring the back to life?

    User Info: Dylan886

    Dylan886 - 8 years ago

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  1. When going to the Hospital, you'll need to talk to the Nurse & select the character that's knocked out. Then you'll have to pay the hospital bill to revive them. The cost will vary depending on where you're at.

    Typically, the further in the game you are, the more expensive the bill will be. HOWEVER, there are some free spots. All Sanctuary points will refresh your party completely. Saturn Valley is good spot to visit once you learn teleportation, but it's also a good place to stock up on reviving items. Hot springs can work as well, but they may not revive fallen allies.

    As previously noted, there's also items you can (& should) carry to revive your party.

    * Cup of Lifenoodles (priceless)
    * Horn of Life (~$1800)
    * Secret Herb (~$400, not 100% successful)
    * Refreshing Herb (~$50, not 100% successful)

    PSI Healing Gamma & Omega (the last 2 levels in the Healing block) can revive fallen allies as well, but Gamma isn't 100% successful & barely revives your ally (making them easy to die without using any HP recovery stuff).


    Heading back to your particular problem... You'll either have make your way to the hospital to revive them (bring at least $600 with you) OR use a Cup of Lifenoodles (as you should have at least one on hand) to instantly revive one.

    User Info: TStodden

    TStodden - 8 years ago 5 0


  1. Wow Earthbound I haven't played this game in years. Well being almost 15 hours since you posted your message you may have figured it out. If not, IIRC I believe that you have to find a Hospital. Going inside and talking to either the nurses or doctor will give you the option of reviving the characters.

    User Info: Caldor

    Caldor - 8 years ago 0 1
  2. You need to go to a Hospital and talk to the Nurse. She'll ask who you want to see. Select the character you want to revive, you'll need some cash BTW, about 180 dollars IIRC, and they're revived.

    User Info: Shrek_fan

    Shrek_fan - 8 years ago 0 1
  3. There are also items that will bring characters back to life. You should have been to Peaceful Rest Valley if you're in Threed, then you should have at least run into one. Look out for these reviving items.
    Cup of Lifenoodles
    Horn of Life
    Refreshing Herb
    Going to a sanctary spot will also revive a character, but there aren't any in Threed I believe.

    User Info: Thanos828

    Thanos828 - 8 years ago 2 0

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