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The. Real. Best. Game. Ever.06/27/04Dizzy Anonymity
No review could ever do this game proper justice... sort of.08/03/09UltimaterializerX
Oh No! Mad Duck Fell Down!03/27/06Edge107
Thought this was just a kids game? Look a little deeper...12/04/07Jaspertine
If only it was as fun as it was unique...06/27/07PizzaDude371
Creative? Certainly. Different? Sure. Good? Well ...05/30/06ZFS
A long time ago in a Super Nintendo far, far away. . . .06/29/09anikom15
Its humor will keep you going.03/17/06Archmonk Iga
A solid choice and instant classic for any RPG fan. Tons of fun!03/29/05askthemaster
The greatest game ever played.12/03/07awutow15
Paula got the monkey's love.06/10/05Black Rabite
Giygas invasion! Bizzare aliens roam the earth!!07/12/12Calamity
This game is both underrated and overrated.06/29/09cyberhoodlum
Flawed Genius06/25/02Demonic Gerbil
Possibly the greatest game ever created06/16/05DudeThatLikesPi
Instantly one of the best RPG's ever01/10/06eolsen
OK, so its not the best SNES RPG, but its my favourite.10/10/06Exodist
Check-a-roony!12/28/03Fox Fire
An Underated RPG Starring Four Trendy Teens....10/17/00GScotty
As much hype as this game gets, this game has one of the best chances at living up to it.10/15/13Iyamtebist
An instant gem from the SNES era unlike any other RPG.05/31/11Jerrynsteph4eva
Hey! Parking meters! And you’re walking around! Ha ha! emocleW ot edisnooM!03/26/04LastStand
Cult Bound03/30/15Lord-Spencer
Keep Nintendo weird.12/14/16Malorkus
A Flawed Masterpiece05/09/08missingn087
When 'The Three Stooges' and Starmen Collide...11/10/03Muchorattler
Saving the world with a baseball bat and fireworks.04/18/05Nabeshin
Avant-Garde is a term that could fit this game well.11/21/14RageBot
All you need is an open mind and a sense of humor in order to appreciate this one of a kind RPG06/26/09RavenousGuy
Video Games as an Art Form10/05/06Rewikitty
Best Game Ever02/20/07SandTiger1989
Show Me The Wisdom Of The World...09/13/10Skipatronic
Good game indeed, but it's not much of a challenge.08/09/06slasher70
Wouldn't it be nice if your father really gave you a $10,000 allowance just for calling him?10/19/05terrisus
The hype is very real; this MUST be played!11/16/11Wiggis
Good, but not as Good as the Myth08/15/13Xodyak
I'm the third strongest mole in this cave.07/06/09Zylo the wolf

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Why do people think this game is so good?05/20/08CanuckGamer04
The most under-rated video game of all time...09/24/00A.Harris
For the easily ticklish11/13/08Ali_X_Rexus
Is Earthbound really a good game?06/08/02AmuroRayethe
Its strangeness is the fun02/20/03Archimage
Mother, may I save the world?05/12/10Asakane_Kotoro
Strange yet fun02/20/03Aurabeam
Overlooking this one's a mistake because it's so fun and innovative!02/20/03Behreandto
Hey, if it's got Mr. T in it it hasta be good!09/04/00Bhlaab
Is this game really worth 60 dollars??06/02/08boardgenx
Quirky RPG Fun08/08/00Bobo The Clown
The Best Game Of All Time IMO02/20/03BROCK
Epic WIN06/11/08Cheezking
Nintendo's Best RPG Ever!09/04/02Crack Addict
Very innovated and bizzarre. What most RPGs should be!12/30/99Disco Frog
A classic RPG with a modern twist06/04/01Elite
Mother 2 review01/20/09Godly_Waffle
What! An RPG with kids as heroes?, oh it's by Nintendo, ok.03/04/00Gruel
Best of SNES, fun every time you play01/08/09IMD007
The goodies and genius translation make this game great.03/24/09japanzaman
Some games are never forgettable. Stangely enough, this is one of them.02/20/03JMcKeenan
Not bad, but then again, not worth the $50 I shelled out for it04/17/01Joe the Destroyer
A review from someone who actually beat this game.01/13/09jpsplat
Say Fuzzy Pickles! Cause You're About To Meet The Craziest RPG Ever!09/14/01NeoNess
Ness is the man!!!!02/20/03PContaminator
Strange, compelling, and great fun!02/20/03RS3
This Is One Great Game…07/30/01Sephy Kid
Crazy RPG with humor too!02/20/03Shinfy
Super game!02/20/03Surfman
Not only do they save the world but they get to skip school doing so!07/30/01TedizTrooper
A nice RPG, considering it is only on SNES04/12/00Tentomon
Earthbound's story is both engaging and unique06/27/01The Mastar
The final battle is just plain... disturbing. Still, a good game, though I can't see why...08/06/01The_Griffin
Because... a true RPG must have New Age Retro Hippies...03/23/03Tokyo Fusion

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EarthBound: Why the Hype? - SNESdrunk
EarthBound: Why the Hype? - SNESdrunk from SNES drunk

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