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Reviewed: 01/27/03 | Updated: 01/27/03

Jim's Back and Better Than Before!

For any of you people out there who have played the first Earthworm Jim game you obviously know the insanity it had, well get ready for even more insanity in Earthworm Jim 2! This game brings back the memories of the first game, puppies, cows, very odd looking enemies.

The graphics in Earthworm Jim 2 are pretty much look the same as they did in the first game but who says that's a bad thing? The environments Jim travels to look very detailed and also very unique. The different animations for Jim and his foes are also done very well and are some are quite comical. Even the animations for Jim's different weapons look impressive (how could you not love the bubble gun?).

Sound & Audio:8/10
The music composed for this game has a nice beat to it and goes very well with the many levels you play through. There is even a small bit of voice acting in this game, and it is done pretty good. I love playing through the game and hearing Jim say ''groovy.''

The controls for this game are pretty basic and you will get used to them very quickly. Jim can still perform his basic actions (jumping, running, firing the big gun, etc.), but this time around Jim's little buddy, Snot can help you by allowing you to swing over huge gaps that you can't make just by jumping. There is also many more weapons at your disposal (barn blaster, etc.) to help you take care of all the enemies that get in Jim's way.

The story in this game is probably what you would expect from an Earthworm Jim game. What happens is that while Jim is trying his hardest to impress Princess What's Her Name by playing his accordion, Psy-Crow gives him a tap on the shoulder, then kidnaps the princess. So now it is up to Jim to rescue Princess What's Her Name from the demented crow.

Replay Value:8/10
After finishing Earthworm Jim 2 and saving the princess you may feel tempted to go back and play through it again on one of the three difficulty levels.

Rent or Buy?
I doubt that you will find a place that sells or rents out this game anymore. If you do manage to find a copy of this great game then you should definitely pick it up for yourself.

If you loved Jim's previous adventure then you will definitely want play through Jim's second adventure, it is a very ''groovy'' game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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