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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mr. Tuvai

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    E.V.O.: The Search for Eden Walkthrough and Game Charts
    version 8
    Last updated 12-02-2002
    by Mr. Tuvai
    Section I: Game Mechanics
         In case you lost the instruction book or something.
    Section II: Game Notes and Strategies
         While I don't cover every stage in the game, I have found a few
         ways to make stages easier (or at least more tolerable)
    Section III: Evolution charts
         The reason I wrote this guide in the first place. These tables
         will show you what to expect from each evolution in the game.
    Section IV: Special Forms
         Statistics on bodies that aren't available through conventional
    Section V: Tricks to Try
         Nothing terribly important to the game, but noteworthy anyway.
    Section VI: Legal Junk
         Copyrights, disclaimers, blah blah blah fishcakes.
    Section I- Game Mechanics
       E.V.O. is the story of one critter in its search for Eden. That animal
    is Life, the one Gaia has chosen to stay with her in Eden. Life, of
    course, is you, dear player. Over the course of the game, you will 
    evolve from a fish to an amphibian, amphibian to a dinosaur, and
    from a dinosaur to a bird or a mammal.
       Between these drastic body changes, Life will be able to change its
    evolutionary traits by collecting Evolution Points (EP from here on).
    EP are collected by hunting and eating other animals.
       There are several ways to kill another animal. All animal forms can
    tackle, most can bite or stomp, some can impale with horns or kick with
    their hind legs. When another animal has been hurt enough, it will flicker
    and turn into a nice, juicy chunk of meat. Use a Bite attack or Eat 
    command to consume the meat and gain the EP bonus.
       Granted, the other animals can hurt you, too. Different animal forms
    possess varying Hit Point scores (HP from here on), and when any other
    animal touches or attacks Life, Life loses some HP (also displayed in
    a helpful number popup). Since this is a video game, it doesn't matter
    how much armor, spines, quills, or horns are sticking to its body, all
    it takes is a touch from something else for Life to take HP damage.
    Thankfully, HP can be recovered several ways. Eating meat or plants
    gives back a small amount of HP; evolving your animal's body restores
    all of them.
    In a side-scrolling stage, the directonal pad moves you left and right,
         and if you're underwater or flying, up and down. Tap a direction
         twice to run/swim/fly quickly in that direction. If you have evolved
         a Horn, touch an enemy with your Horn while running to attack 
         with it.
    The Y button triggers your Bite or Strike attack.
    The B button jumps. If you're underwater, swim to the surface and 
         press B to leap out of the water.
    The A button triggers Tackles or Kicks. If you are running (or swimming
         or flying quickly), pressing A will bare Life's fangs in a Tackle
         attack. If you have assumed the form of a four-legged Mammal, the
         A button will trigger a Kick attack (assuming you're not running,
         which will, of course, Tackle).
    The X button commands life to "Eat". If a piece of meat or a plant is
         near Life's mouth when X is pressed, Life will gobble it up with
         a grin on its face. If there are plants growing close to the ground,
         holding down while you press X will allow Life to forage those.
    If you've completed the stage you're in already, you may press L and R
         together to exit it.
    Press Start to pause the game.
    Select brings up the subscreen menu.
       In the subscreen, "Evolution" brings up the evolution menu, which
    I'll describe shortly. "Capability" summons a display of Life's
    statistics. "Record of Evolution" lets you save a log of your current
    animal form in the game's memory. "Review of Evolution" only appears
    if you have eaten at least one Green Crystal, it allows Life to assume
    the form of a creature saved in the Record of Evolution for a while.
    More on these two in the "Empty Land" section of the Amphibian 
    chapter, where you'll find your first Green Crystal.
       In the Evolution menu, you're given several options, depending on
    what classification your animal is.  You are allowed to evolve Life's
    Jaws, Horns, Neck, Body, Hands & Feet, Dorsal Fin, Tail, and Back of
    the Head. Jaws increase biting power; Horns grant goring attacks.
    Extending your neck will prevent your creature from moving forward when
    it uses a Bite attack. Evolving the Body increases defensive power and
    strength, but may reduce speed. Evolving Hands and Feet, Dorsal Fins,
    and Tails increase speed and strength. Evolving the Back of the Head
    has various effects.
    Evolving is a little complex and new players seem to have some trouble
    doing it. So, let's review-- to evolve, you need to do a few things.
    1. Eat other creatures and gain EP.
    2. Press Select to bring up the Menu.
    3. Choose "Evolution".
    4. Choose the body part you want to evolve: Jaws, Horns, Body, etc.
    5. Choose the evolution you want. If you don't have enough EP to 
         evolve that part, you'll be taken back to the menu. If you do,
         you'll return to play with the message "A mysterious Time Stream
         evolves you", you'll glow yellow, and when you resume your normal
         appearance, you'll have a the new part.
    Between stages of animal-eating, you're taken to a map screen to move
    from one area to the next. On the map, you're able to save your game
    by pressing Select, move around with the control pad, and enter the
    stage you've moved to with the B button. Areas you have already completed
    are shown with a yellow dot on the map; areas you have yet to clear
    are denoted by a red dot.
    Section II- Game Notes and Strategies
    Most of the stages of the game are pretty simple. You start on one side,
    you walk/fly/swim to the other side, and you leave. If anything gets in
    your way, either avoid it or eat it. That having been said, there are
    a few trouble spots in the game-- below are my strategies for getting
    evolving as quickly and easily as possible and getting through the
    more challenging bits in the game.
    Chapter 1 - The World Before Land
    Begin the game. Gaia gives you some quick background information and
    grants you the body of a fish. It took your body 3 billion years to
    evolve to this point, so take care of it.
    You're taken to the first map screen. If you're playing on an emulator,
    make sure you have transparency effects turned on, or disable background
    layers until you can see a map. You're the little fish icon squirming in
    one of the small recesses. Press B to begin the Ocean of Origin stage.
    Recommended evolution order for fish: 
    Before Ocean of Terodus: Kuraselache's Jaws, Angler's Horn
    After Ocean of Terodus: Kuraselache's Tail, Kuraselache's Dorsal Fin, 
         Shell Body, Zinichthy's Jaws, Tackle Fin, Increased Body Size.
    Ocean of Origin:
    The first stage, not surprisingly, is a cakewalk. When Life approaches
    a jellyfish, you'll get a crash course on Darwinism, then you're free
    to swim around and eat. Given your weak form, it will take two bites
    to defeat a jellyfish. Eat every one you see and you should finish
    this stage with more than 100 EP. Swim off the right side of the
    screen to exit this stage.
    On the map, there is a new yellow dot. Swim up to it and press B to
    enter the Cave of Guidance.
    Cave of Guidance:
    Eat the jellyfish outside and enter the cave. The eels are slightly
    more dangerous than jellyfish, and will take an extra bite to defeat.
    Once you get 200 EP, I'd recommend evolving the Kuraselache's Jaws to
    put a little extra bite into Life's... erm... bite. There, now doesn't
    that make eating easier?
    Kuraselache is this game's word for "shark", by the way.
    Eat your way through the eels and head right, to the end of the cave.
    Swim towards the floor of the cave to hear rumors circulating among
    the cucumbers: Quick tips on the Angler's Horn, and that you shouldn't
    plan on coming back after you pass the third volcano stage on the map.
    See that yellow crystal ball? Eat it. You'll find a yellow crystal at
    the beginning of almost every chapter that gives you pointers on how
    to evolve your new body shape. Once you've eaten it and heard its 
    advice, you may leave the stage the same way you entered it.
    Cave of Temptation:
    Swim into the cave. The sea slugs here will split when bitten, and the
    two smaller ones will attack. If you have Kuraselache's jaws, though,
    it shouldn't be a problem.
    To the right, you'll find a red crystal. Eating a red crystal will
    change Life's entire body into another form for a minute or so. This
    crystal is the only one in the game that causes two different evolutions;
    eat it to become either a manta ray or an eel. The ray is stronger,
    but the eel is faster.
    I don't know what determines which evolution the crystal causes, but
    it's somehow linked to what Life has evolved so far. Once the crystal
    has been eaten, you may leave the cave anytime, but I would recommend
    hanging around for a while, eating slugs, until you can afford an
    Angler's Horn.
    On the map, you'll have to move down before you can head right, towards
    the next yellow dot.
    Ocean of Terodus:
    Terodus are chicken-hearted; they swim away as fast as their little
    fins can carry them. If Life has evolved its fins and Jaws (or a
    Swordfish Horn), you can try to chase them down and eat them. With the
    Angler's Horn, though, this stage is an all-you-can-eat buffet.
    Watch as the Angler's Horn works its magic, drawing the Terodus close to
    your little fishie in fascination. That's your cue to eat them.
    I'd recommend you go back into the stage after you complete it few more
    times until you can afford Zinichthy's Jaws, the Tackle Fin,
    Kuraselache's Dorsal Fin, Kuraselache's Tail, and the Shell Body. You're
    now the best animal the Fish Age has to offer, and all of your EP from
    this point on will go to recovering your HP (Increase/Decrease your
    body size to restore all HP while retaining most of your abilities).
    Ocean of Cepalas:
    Cepalas are agressive and will attack on sight, but they're suckers
    for the Angler's Horn. Enter the cave to exit the stage, and like the
    cucumbers said back in the Cave of Guidance, there's no turning back.
    Domain of Kuraselache:
    The Kuraselache make the Zinichthys and Cepalas look tame by comparison.
    Fight well, or run away-- you're faster than they are if you've upgraded
    your fins and tail. Near the end of the stage, the Strolites talk to one
    another about the world outside the water they're trying to make possible
    and the problems they're having with the Kuraselache. They also tell you
    that the leader of the Kuraselache is in the cave, conveniently located
    to your right. You may want to bring in a thousand or two EP to aid
    Alternately, you can swim over the cave and off the right side of the
    screen to enter the Coast of Pange. You know, in case you're a fan of
    swift death.
    King Kuraselache's Lair:
    Wow... that's a really big shark, isn't it? I hope he's friendly.
    Listen to what he has to say, and you'll soon find out he's not friendly
    at all. As soon as he says "I will defeat anyone who helps the Strolites!",
    be prepared to swim straight up. His first attack is to charge forward
    and take a big bite out of any errant fish that have wandered into his
    lair, and you want to get out of the way.
    The King Kuraselache has two attacks. He will charge forward and bite,
    as described, or he will swing his tail and smack around anything
    that happens to be behind him. Thankfully, he's also a klutz. If he
    charges forward, you can move out of the way and he'll smack his
    face into a wall of the cave, knocking himself dizzy for a few seconds.
    That's your cue to swim up and take a bite or two out of him. Any more
    will make you vulnerable to his tail swing, so be patient.
    If you get low on HP (and you will, his bites do 18 points of damage
    if you get stuck between his jaws), evolve something. That will restore
    all of your HP.
    Keep dodging his bites and attacking while he's dizzy, and you'll make
    sushi out of King Kuraselache. No, really. When you defeat him, he
    explodes into four giant pieces of nigiri worth 250 EP and 20 HP each.
    Once you're finished, swim outside the cave to hear the Strolite's words
    of thanks. You may now proceed to the Coast of Pange.
    I would recommend having an Increased Body Size now. If you can't
    afford it even after the spoils of the battle with King Kuraselache,
    swim back to the Cave of Origin and eat squid until you can.
    Jeremy Miranda writes in a no-evolution strategy to beating King
    Kuraselache. Hope you have a lot of time on your hands:
        "If you go into the right area, with the food, and get him on the
         left, you can sink down with a hunk of rock between the two of you.
         Stay near the top. He'll smack his head and dizzy himself, at
         which point you can go up. When he turns away, bite him and swim
         back to your hiding place. This took a long, long time with the
         original jaws and parts, but he didn't manage to hit me, so it
         was worth it."
    Coast of Pange:
    Jump straight up out of the water until you land on solid ground. A
    change of circumstance causes evolution, and your swimming fins become
    little walking feet. We can also assume your gills turn to lungs.
    If you haven't beaten the King Kuraselache yet, you'll start taking
    damage, so jump back into the water before you suffocate and die. You 
    need to help the Strolites put some oxygen in the air!
    If you have defeated the King Kuraselache, head to the right and listen
    to Gaia tell you about the new world on land. She gives you the body of
    an Amphibian (taking all your EP) and lets you use the Time-Trans to
    go to Chapter 2-- The Early Creatures of Land.
    Chapter 2- Early Creatures of Land
    You're a land creature now! You lose out on some of the maneuverability
    that being underwater granted, but on the upside, amphibians have greater
    potential than fish.
    Recommended evolution order for amphibians: 
    Before Debustega: Jeprol, Vestigal Shark's Fin, Tusking Jaws, Mottle Body
    Before King Bee: Thorny Spring Tail, Jumping Dorsal Fin, Fierce Jaws,
         Armor Body
    Coast of Pange:
    You're still at the Coast of Pange, but you're a few million years in
    the future from the Fish Age.
    Jump up onto the next stretch of land. If you land in the water, you'll
    replace your feet with fins and be able to swim around, but you won't
    get anywhere that way. Jumping straight up from the water to the 
    higher platform may take several tries (the game, you'll find, often
    has trouble figuring out which platform you want to land on when it's
    faced with several options), but it's possible. Stick with it.
    Eat the yellow crystal and it will tell you that evolving your tail
    will increase your Jumping ability. Or don't eat it, since I just told
    you that. From here, you have two choices- head north to the Empty
    Land or west to the Ocean of Pange.
    Empty Land:
    Head right to hear some "ominous" foreshadowing.
    Just before the end of the stage, camoflaged somewhat in the foliage,
    is a Green Crystal. These will be pretty useless to you in your first
    game, but you may appreciate them if you play through more than once.
    Here's the deal. If you evolve a creature form that you like, you can
    press Select to bring up the menu, then choose "Record of Evolution".
    You'll be prompted to choose a slot in the game's memory and name the
    creature. This will save your animal's form for posterity.
    By collecting Green Crystals, you open up the "Review of Evolution"
    menu item. Choosing this will allow you to assume the body of one of
    the evolutions you saved in the Record of Evolution for a minute or
    two (like a red crystal and its special forms).
    As you progress through the game, Record a few of your favorite animal
    forms for Review later. Until then, exit the Empty Land by walking to
    the right.
    Ocean of Pange:
    Alright. Now that you're an amphibian, the game gives you... another
    aquatic stage!
    Anyway. Fighting Coelafish is dangerous in your weak form and they give
    really crummy EP, so just avoid them and head right. Upon jumping out
    of the water, Life will get its legs back.
    Land of Timid Ikustega:
    Ikustega must have evolved from Terodus; they also run away when they
    see you. However, if you did as I told you and evolved a large body at
    the end of the Fish Age, Life will be big enough to Tackle them to death
    in one hit. Otherwise, you'll probably have more trouble chasing them
    down. Try jumping on them to stun them, then biting as you land.
    This is a good place to evolve a few parts. Make sure you pick up at
    least the Vestigal Shark's Fin for its insane HP bonus and the Jeprol
    for some extra bite power. Evolve the Vestigal Shark's Fin first, it's
    cheaper and allows you to defeat Timid Ikustega by jumping on top of
    them, speeding the process somewhat.
    Land of Amphibians:
    Apparently the elder takes such good care of the plants, there aren't
    any here to eat.
    The Horned Ikustega will charge and ram your critter with their heads,
    so bite them before they attack. I'd recommend evolving the Mottle Body
    and Tusking Jaws while you're here, and save up maybe 300 EP more. 
    You've got a battle coming up.
    Land of Boss Ikustega:
    "Debu" is Japanese, a derogatory term for a fat person. And sure enough,
    this is a pretty fat Ikustega.
    He jumps around and stomps on Life's head, and spits balls of slime if
    Life is in front of him. If he jumps, you can often Tackle him right
    before he lands. If he's standing or has just landed from a jump, leap
    in and bite, then jump away before he has a chance to spit slime.
    If you run low on HP, evolve your Jeprol into a Morimar. The evolution
    will restore HP and the Morimar provides extra defense afterwards.
    After you defeat the Debustega and feast on his remains, Life is
    approached by the Elder Ikustega. He praises your strength for killing
    the Debustega, then asks for your help in defeating the insects. The
    bugs have evolved to such a large size, they threaten all the plant
    life. Looks like you need to go have a chat with the King Bee-- maybe
    he's more sociable than the King Kuraselache.
    As tempting as it is to say "No" and eat the elder Ikustega yourself,
    this is a typical RPG "communist choice". Saying anything but what the
    elder wants to hear will just prompt him to ask again.
    Domain of Profasu:
    Cockroaches. Eww. Disgusting as it may sound, these are going to be Life's
    diet for a while. Evolve all the best parts here: Fierce Jaws, Armor
    Body, Thorny Spring Tail, and your choice of Jumping or Thorn Dorsal Fin.
    Cave of King Bee:
    When you approach the cave of the King Bee, the father of the child
    Ikustega stumbles out, mortally wounded (and my, my, isn't that a big
    sting?). He offers you to eat his remains for strength, do so for a
    free 1000 EP. Score! Head inside.
    There are several eggs that hatch into larva here. The larva aren't
    dangerous, but you have to kill them all. This summons the King Bee.
    The King be observes that you have evolved strangely and asks if you
    have used the Crystal to do it. He then makes a few threats and attacks.
    Man, none of these guys are very diplomatic, are they? The King Bee is
    very easy if you've got decent jumping and biting statisitics. Leap at
    him and take a bite, he'll drop to the ground. Once he takes wing again,
    jump at him and bite again. Repeat until he explodes into four nice,
    juicy steaks.
    Exit cave right for a few confusing words from Megausu. He tells you
    you don't need to evolve anymore, but hey, are you really going to
    trust an insect? You can eat him before you leave, if you want.
    Desert of Mosuchop:
    Make sure Life is fully evolved before leaving this area, and has
    1500-2000 EP for healing purposes. As you can probably tell by looking
    at the map, you're nearing the end of Chapter 2.
    Desert Time Trans:
    Megausu flies in, berates you, salutes Queen-Bee, and leaves. When he
    flies away (or is eaten. Again.), the Queen Bee gripes how unfair it
    is that only the insect society is destroyed. You must, not surprisingly,
    fight her.
    The Queen Bee has two attacks. She will fly high and fire drill-shaped
    stings, then dive in for a devastating bite attack. Keep moving when
    she fires the stings, then jump straight into the air when she dives
    in to bite. She'll miss, so as you come down, bite her, and she'll drop
    to the ground like the King Bee did. You may be able to get in a bite
    or two more before she takes flight again. Repeat this process a few
    times, evolving the Back of The Head when you need healing.
    She explodes into four honeycombs worth 1000 EP. Why do they only give
    you lots of EP right before you lose it all to a mandatory change?! Argh.
    Again, I would recommend your body size be Increased before moving on.
    Go to the far right for another new body (your last mandatory change)
    and speech from Gaia (Crystals? She never made any crystals...), then
    you're headed to the Age of Dinosaurs.
    Chapter 3 - Age of Dinosaurs
    I don't really like the dinosaur form much. Most of the improvements cost
    a lot of EP to evolve, and you can change into a bird halfway through
    this Chapter. As usual, that means you lose any decent Dinosaur parts
    from your previous form.
    When I play, I don't evolve any of the Dinosaur Jaws-- they're extremely
    expensive and I tend to use Tackle and Stomp attacks to take advantage
    of the high Strength values Dinosaurs get. If you want to save up for
    Omosaurus, Tyrasaurus, or Phonocos Jaws, go for it. But if you plan on
    becoming a bird, I wouldn't bother.
    Recommended evolution order for dinosaurs (if evolving to birds):
    Before Mother of Prime Frog: Snake's Tail, Ptenodon's Crest, Edasaurus Fin,
         Warted Body
    After Mother of Prime Frog: Evolve to a bird.
    Recommended evolution order for dinosaurs:
    Before Mother of Prime Frog: Snake's Tail, Ptenodon's Crest, Edasaurus Fin,
         Warted Body
    After Mother of Prime Frog: Tyrasaur's Jaws
    In Domain of Plesusaurus: Invincible Tail, Pronesaurus Fin, Armor Body,
         Horned Helmet, Evolve to 2 Legs
    Recommended evolution order for birds:
    In River of Asteroid: Tyrasaur's Jaws, Feather Body, Longtail Bird's Tail
    In Domain of Plesusaurus: Pronesaurus Fin, Horned Helmet
    Door to Dina Continent:
    There's a yellow crystal here. Dinosaurs can evolve from quadrupedal to
    bipedal forms by choosing "Evolve to 2 legs" or "Evolve to 4 legs"
    from the Body evolution menu. There are three degrees of this: 4 legged
    form, a hunched-over 2-legged form, and an upright 2-legged form.  The
    more upright you stand, the higher your Agility and the higher you jump.
    On the other hand, being close to the ground increases strength.
    Before you exit, you hear more whispering of the same sort you did in
    the Empty Land. This time they're discussing Mt. Brave.
    From here, you can head into the swamps or into the desert. I'd recommend
    the desert.
    Domain of Tecodonto:
    If you take the desert path, you'll end up here. Tecodonto are remarkably
    like Timid Ikustega, except they will counterattack you if you don't kill
    them in one strike. Tackle them and eat. Looking over the menu, you'll
    see that dinosaur evolutions are pretty darn expensive. Evolve a Snake's
    Tail and move on to the Domain of Polsaurus.
    Domain of Segosaurus:
    This is where you'll do another round of hunting and evolving.
    Segosaurus have about 15 HP, so tackle them into oblivion and evolve
    parts that increase Strength to make the process quicker. You'll be
    doing a lot of Tackling in this stage-- dinosaurs don't recoil quite
    as much as other creatures when they're bitten, and you don't want
    to keep them all that close. Make sure you have a decent Agility and
    Strength-- if they're good enough, you can make it through the next
    battle without a scratch.
    If you get close, Segosaurus swipe their tails, and if you jump on
    them, Segosaurus fan their spines. So don't do that. Just Tackle-- it's
    too fast for the Segosaurus to smack you in the face with a tailful of 
    Domain of Prime Frog:
    You enter to find two Prime Frogs harassing a Syrocosaurus child. You
    scare them away, and may eat them if you like.
    If you go back to Domain of Syrocosaurus anytime, you'll get another
    hint about Mt. Brave. This is starting to sound like an interesting
    place to go...
    Domain of Prime Frog, revisited:
    The Mother of Prime Frog is pretty upset that you scared her children.
    Try not to be too surprised, but she attacks you.
    She spawns up to four baby frogs from her back, which then hop around
    independently and harass you. Meanwhile, the Mother frog leaps about
    and stomps on your head.
    The key to beating her is to never let her spawn the baby frogs. When
    the battle begins, run forward and tackle the first child frog, then
    run forward again and tackle the Mother. The Mother will jump away.
    Run after her and tackle as she lands, and she'll leap again. Keep
    her in the air and catch her before she lands, and you'll never have
    any problems.
    From the Domain of Prime Frog, you may proceed North to Mt. Brave, or
    continue to the East to end the chapter. If you hadn't figured it out
    already, Mt. Brave is where you can change your body into that of a bird.
    Domain of Tritops:
    Tritops will attack you on sight with a headbutt. They have 25 HP, eat
    them if you want. However, like any other body changes, you lose all
    your EP and current evolutions when you become a Bird, so it may not
    be worth your time.
    Then again, if you're saving up for a nice pair of Dino jaws and don't
    plan on being a bird, Tritops are worth more EP than any dinosaur
    you've met so far. So if you don't have Tyrasaurus Jaws by now, get
    them here.
    Domain of Plesusaurus:
    If you plan on becoming a bird, just swim through this level. There's
    nothing here worth your time.
    If you plan on staying a dinosaur, or you've already become a bird,
    then this is the place for you. Evolve Tyrasaur's Jaws and eat Nautilons
    (the large shellfish on the ocean floor, near the beginning) until you
    can afford your best evolutions-- it won't take long at 500 EP a pop.
    Mt. Brave:
    Climb the second protrusion of rock until you jump off the top of the
    screen. This will take you to the peak of Mt. Brave. There's another
    Ptenodon here, and he'll drop you off of the summit back to the screen
    below. Tackle him off the side of the mountain, then climb to the top.
    Those "voices from above" you've been hearing come back and tell you
    to jump off of the mountain. Um, okay. Climb to the top platform, move
    as far left as possible, and jump (not fall) to the left. You're granted
    the body of a bird.
    Go back down to the base of Mt. Brave, then exit to the left. As a bird,
    you're faster flying than you are on the ground, so tap B in the air to
    take wing.
    Cloud Maze:
    See that cloud drifting around the overworld map? It hovers over one
    stage for a while, then  drifts off to sit over another. Now that you're
    a bird, hunt down the cloud and enter a stage it's hovering over.
    You'll enter the cloud maze.
    If you're playing on an emulator, disable background layer one or two
    to make your life easier. One background layer controls the walls, and
    another the churning clouds in the background. You want to turn off
    the background clouds.
    Go all the way up and all the way right for a Red Crystal. Head back to
    the left from the dead-end that contained the crystal, turn downwards,
    then turn right, then down, then right, then up, then take a quick left
    turn and fly upwards until you go off the screen. You're in the River
    of Asteroid.
    Fly up until the screen stops scrolling, then turn right. You'll see
    the bottom of an asteroid at the top of the screen, fly upwards into
    the bottom of it. Fly inside, bite the elitist flying dinosaur so he
    falls offscreen, and take your green crystal. Fly out of this room the
    same way you came in.
    Head left. Far, far, far, to the left, past the two other asteroids
    you see (we'll come back later for the prize inside there). On the
    far left size of this stage is another asteroid, where you find another
    dinosaur and... someone else. Huh. The dinosaur's compatriot leaves,
    the dinosaur attacks. Again, bite him and he'll fall offscreen, then
    his blue crystal is yours to take. Wow! 9999 EP, for free! I'd recommend
    evolving Tyrasaur's Jaws (take the hit to your agility, you can replace
    them later if speed is that important to you), the Feather Body, 
    and the Longtail Birds Tail.
    Exit, and fly back to the two asteroids you passed up earlier (they're
    connected inside, it doesn't matter which one you enter). The flying
    dinosaurs point out that the River of Asteroid falling to Earth would
    probably be a bad thing, reassure you that everything's okay, and then
    try to eat you. Kill them and explore the hallway, you'll find another
    red crystal that turns you into a flying gargoyle-like form. You're done
    in the River of Asteroid; you can leave by going back outside and
    flying (or falling) down off of the bottom of the screen. Thankfully,
    you don't have to navigate your way back out of the Cloud Maze.
    Now that you have the Tyrasaur's Jaws, you can return to the Domain of
    Plesusaurus and eat Nautilons to evolve the rest of your body quickly
    and easily. You should make a record of at least one flying body for
    later, be it the Dragon crystal form, the Gargoyle crystal form, or
    a regular bird form.
    Domain of Tyrasaurus
    The Tyrasaurs at least try to be diplomatic-- when you arrive, you're
    given the offer to join them in ruling the world. You can accept,
    watch an early ending, and end up back outside on the map screen.
    That didn't accomplish much, did it?
    Go back in and decline their offers of peace. You will then have to kill
    ten of them to finish the Chapter. As a bird, try flying just a little
    above the ground so that your jaws are right above the Tyrasaur's heads
    when you approach. They will jump at you. Bite them and they'll drop
    out of the air, then attempt to jump at you again. They have scads of
    hit points, it takes several bites even with Tyrasaur's Jaws to defeat
    If you are still a dinosaur, it is probably better to use Tackle attacks
    and Stomp them if you need a quick getaway. You can jump in and bite
    just before you touch the ground, but take care not to let them sneak up
    on you-- all of the Tyrasaur's attacks _hurt_.
    There's a green crystal on the end of the first cliff.
    Defeat ten Tyrasaurs and, lo and behold, the River of Asteroid falls
    apart and crashes to the Earth. Gaia saves you with the Time-Trans,
    but all the other dinosaurs are pretty much screwed. On to the Ice Age!
    Chapter 4 - Ice Age
    Several stages in the Ice Age are, not surprisingly, covered in ice.
    Mammals have no problems on ice, and birds can fly over it, but Dinosaurs
    will find it difficult to keep their footing.
    Recommended evolution order for Mammals:
    Inside Mt. Snow: Mane, Long Neck, Dog Jaws, Horse-Shaped Body, 
         Increase Body Size
    Before Bird-King: Fierce Jaws, Rhinocerous-shaped Body
    (I also like to switch to Rhinocerous Jaws and the Bull Horn for the 
    Yeti battle because of the extra bonuses they give to stats other than 
    Bite. That is left to your discretion, however, depending on how 
    flexible your battle strategies are. If you don't do much other than
    pouncing and biting, by all means keep the Mane and Fierce Jaws.)
    Iced Coast:
    There's a yellow crystal here. It doesn't really say anything helpful,
    other than tell you that it's possible to become a human. You'll have
    to become a mammal first, and even then, I wouldn't recommend becoming
    human until chapter 5 (if you do at all). Head right.
    Cave of Judgement:
    Go into the cave. The Syrocosaurus will turn you into a mammal if you
    answer "Yes". If you want to stay as a dinosaur or bird, that's your
    choice. From a 4-Legged Mammal form, you can evolve a 2-Legged Mammal
    form, but those will have big problems with some of the stage bosses
    in this chapter. At least the first time through the game, evolve into
    a Mammal, but keep all four feet on the ground.
    Door to Mt. Snow:
    In this area, you'll have a choice of where to go next. If you want to
    head over the mountain, you certainly can. But if you enter the cave,
    your journey will be faster and offer better chances for evolution.
    So eat a Deltadium and head through the cave.
    Inside Mt. Snow, you'll find a cave full of your old buddies, the Bull
    Ikustega. Work your way past them and into the next screen.
    Tritops! Eek! Yes, these are far stronger than you should be fighting
    in your current form, and if you go toe-to-toe with them, you'll die
    a thousand deaths. Thankfully, you're smarter than they are. Stand on
    one of the platforms just above the ground level, and the Tritops
    will miss you with their headbutt. Nibble it to death with those weak,
    pathetic jaws of yours, and feast on the 90-EP remains. Combined with
    the Deltadium you ate outside, that's 100 EP, enough to grow a Mane on
    the Back of your Head. Do that, and your Bite strength will go from 2
    to 7. Now you're even more efficient at eating Tritops, so do that
    until you've evolved all you wanted. I'd recommend a Horse-shaped body
    for now, with Dog Jaws.
    In the next screen, there are some bubble-blowing porcine creatures.
    Ignore them, take the Green Crystal, and head to the exit of Mt. Snow.
    Domain of Mammoth:
    Hey, Pizanos! It's the Super Mammoth Brothers Super Show!
    After accusing you of being the Yeti, the Mammoth Brothers Three will 
    attack you one at a time. They're amazingly easy if you're a mammal-- 
    so easy, in fact, that it's possible to beat them without taking a hit.
    Tackle them before they can blow bubbles out of their snouts, push them
    into a corner, and bite them until they die.
    If you're still a Bird or Dinosaur, this battle will be tougher because
    of the icy floor. Dinosaurs will slip and slide, making it tough to Tackle
    or jump, and the Mammoth Brothers can shoot Birds out of the air with 
    homing bubbles before the Birds can move in to strike; they will then 
    keep goring and bubbling so the Birds can't take flight again. It's rough.
    Once you get past the three Mammoth Brothers, a Mammoth Sister will show
    up. She must be a female-- she's pink. She tells you that the Mammoth
    Brothers were only so brazen towards the Yeti because it hadn't actually
    showed up yet. Go figure. Then she tells you to head to a column of
    rock in the southwest.
    Once Mammoth Gal is done talking, you can attack her and eat her too.
    She's just like one of the Mammoth Brothers, only you get a free first
    hit. Head back the way you came on the map screen, then hang a left at
    the Land of Survival to get to the next area.
    Approach the pillar to be swept up by a Pterodon and taken to...
    Fort Bird-Man
    Anytime you like, you can jump off the fort to the left and get back
    to the map screen. You won't get anywhere that way, though, so head on
    Drop down twice and defeat the avian swordsmen. When you get to a gap
    that can be leapt across, leap across it and enter the teleporter there.
    When you reappear, go right. Drop down, head left, and enter the
    teleporter there.
    When you reappear, you have two options-- do you want a moderately
    useful red crystal form that can, at best, be saved for posterity and
    use with a green crystal? Or do you just want to get this friggin'
    bird level over with?
    - To get the red crystal: Step out of the teleporter, then turn around
      and head back in. When you emerge, step left and jump over the
      teleporter there. You'll find a red crystal that transforms Life into
      an elephant.
      The elephant is slow and can't jump very high at all, but is very
      strong and its horn attack never breaks. However, it cannot Kick. 
      Record this in your Record of Evolution for posterity, you'll be 
      glad you did later.
      Step into the teleporter you jumped over and go left to find a 
      green crystal.
    - To not get the red crystal: Head right. Drop down. There's the same
      green crystal.
    From the green crystal, head left and enter the only teleporter. When
    you emerge, step out of the teleporter, then back into it. You'll
    be taken to the Bird-King's room.
    Bird-King, like the Tyrasaurs before him, offers you let you join him
    in ruling the world. Accept to see another ending and start the Fort 
    Bird-Man stage over. Decline and he'll try to kick your insolent butt.
    Bird-King flies back and forth in his lair and uses his supreme
    intellect to call up spheres of... well, something. He has a quick
    attack that involves throwing two orbs that triangulate to your location;
    these can often be avoided by the complex acrobatic maneuver known as
    "jumping". If one hits, though, it will often knock you into the other,
    and while they're not terribly difficult to avoid, they do lots of 
    damage. Occasionally Bird-King will hover in place and summon several
    orbs-- given the chance, he'll throw all of them at once and they'll
    be a bit tougher to avoid. He's vulnerable when he's calling the spheres
    out, though, so jump up to bite him and his balls will drop (well,
    you know what I mean). If you've evolved a long neck, jump up onto one
    of the platforms in the background and chew him up; you can usually
    score four or five hits before he manages to get off the ground and
    knock you away. If you declined the chance to become a mammal and you're
    still a bird, it's even easier (since you don't even have to worry
    about staying on a platform, just fly).
    When Bird-King is defeated, he does the usual food-explosion routine and
    Fort Bird-Man starts shaking. Take your time to eat, there's no rush.
    When you go back to the teleporter you came through, you'll automatically
    exit the level and Fort Bird-Man goes sky-high. Uh... well, it was
    already pretty high. It just explodes, okay?
    Domain of Yeti (er, Hynodon. But the Yeti are here.)
    The explosion from Fort Bird-Man removed the wall of ice that was
    blocking the way into this stage.
    Well, you saw this coming. Everyone in the world is afraid of the Yeti.
    The Yeti is the creature killing any other animal trying to evolve.
    Therefore, it must be your job to kick some Yeti butt. It only makes
    sense. Make sure you bring along lots and lots of EP, this boss fight
    is one of the toughest in the game.
    Have a brief, nonsensical conversation with Sir Yeti. As soon as he
    says "Join the rest!", turn around and Kick. The Yeti opens
    the fight with a lunging punch, but he'll jump right into your feet if
    you know it's coming. This will knock him back, and, inflexibly-programmed
    beast that he is, he'll leap back at you to punch again. Just stand in
    the same place and kick, and he'll stagger back, lunge, and so on.
    Repeat until the desired effect is achieved (thanks to Eriberto Garcia
    for the tip).
    If you're not a quadruped, this is a tough battle. There isn't
    really a great strategy to use against the Yeti. Jump in, take a bite,
    then get away before he can punch you. Jump back in when he lunges at
    you, take another bite, and run away. If you get cornered by Sir Yeti,
    I hope you have a Long Neck evolved. It won't help you survive any, 
    but if you're up against a wall with an abominable snowman punching 
    you in the face, it's about time to reach around and kiss your ass 
    goodbye. On the other hand, if you can manage to push him against a 
    wall, turn around and kick him until he gives up the ghost.
    When you defeat Sir Yeti, Yeti Junior runs onto the screen. After a
    short conversation with his dad, Junior runs off. Eat Sir Yeti's
    remains and the screen starts shaking.
    Mother Yeti stomps onto the screen, and boy, is she mad. If this game
    teaches you anything, it won't be about Darwinism or evolution,
    it'll be that you don't upset a woman without her kicking you into
    next Tuesday. Hell hath no wrath like that of a woman scorned and
    all that. Remember King-Bee, and how much harder Queen-Bee was to
    beat? Yeah. The Yetis are like that too.
    Again, as soon as Mother Yeti finishes her speech ("Geeee..." is the
    last thing she says), jump. She slides forward to catch you in a
    hand-clap. Usually you can stomp on her head, land on the other side
    of her, and kick her. This is a fairly good strategy to keep up for
    the rest of the battle, but unlike Papa Yeti before her, there isn't
    really a flawless way to beat Mother Yeti. The kicking strategy gets
    decent results, but it's not perfect-- occasionally Mother Yeti will
    slide forward instead of leaping, throwing off your timing. It only 
    takes two or three hand-claps to beat even the sturdiest Mammal form,
    so keep your guard up at all times.
    If you have the Elephant body from Fort Bird-Man recorded, activate it
    now. Gore Mother Yeti with horn attacks, shoving her back and forth
    across the level, until she dies. This is definitely the easiest way
    to beat Mother Yeti, but the only forms it works with are those with
    unbreakable horns. Unless you're using a Game Genie code, that means
    either the Elephant or Green-Crystaling into a fish with the 
    Swordfish Horn. I'd recommend the Elephant.
    If you're a bird, dinosaur, or biped, try to lure Mother Yeti into the
    air. If you have a large body and a long neck, you can jump away from
    her, and she will follow you into the sky. Change direction in midair
    and bite her at the greatest possible distance your neck will allow.
    She'll drop to the ground, stunned. Jump away from her again and repeat
    as often as you can.
    When you defeat Mother Yeti, Junior Yeti will stumble onscreen to try
    to give you a guilt trip. After the hardest fight in the game so far,
    they try to make you feel guilty for winning. Whatever.
    Go on to "Early Man".
    Chapter 5 - "Early Man"
    There is no more form-changing in this stage. You're stuck with a Dinosaur,
    a Bird, or a Mammal, whatever you brought over from the Ice Age. Gaia
    wonders aloud who brought the Crystal to the planet, and why, but is
    sure that it's bad news in general. Oh well. She's waiting for you in
    Eden, so come along now.
    This is where you should choose whether to evolve into a Human form or
    not. If you don't, you'll be able to rack up lots and lots of EP by
    the end of this stage-- and you'll need all of them in the final battle.
    The Human form is kind of neat and fairly powerful, though. If it's
    your first time playing, I wouldn't worry about the Human form at all.
    Domain of Grizzly:
    Grizzlies are tough. If you have problems getting through this stage,
    retreat until the Grizzlies don't notice you and wait until nightfall.
    They'll fall asleep and may be safely jumped over.
    Forest of Segosaurus:
    The Segosaurus beg you to leave them alone. If you agree, you'll get
    a tip on how to become like the creatures to the south: body of a rabbit,
    face like a cat. If you don't agree, you can eat them.
    Domain of Condor:
    The Condors tell you they saw a silver object in the sky. You can 
    ignore them and head right through this extremely-short level, or 
    climb the mountain to see for yourself.
    At the top of the mountain, you'll find a trio of Bull Ikustega and
    a Blue Crystal worth 5000 EP. If you're not a bird, Green Crystal into
    one and fly straight up. You'll exit off the top of the screen and find
    the same guy you saw in the River of Asteroid. Attack him and he, too,
    will offer you an alternate ending.
    Cave of Monkey Human:
    The Monkey Human at the entrance throws a rock at you after telling
    you to go away. This is going to be a fun level. These monkeys are the
    creatures the Segosaurus hinted to you about: Body of a Rabbit + jaws
    of a Cat + 5000 EP = form of a Monkey (or the "Ramothecus Body").
    Evolving into a Monkey yourself unlocks one of the more powerful forms
    in the game, but you won't be able to evolve into anything other than
    a human after that.
    Head into the cave and to the right. Some Monkeys will leap at the
    ceiling and squeal at you-- these are the least dangerous kind. Some
    will duck and throw rocks at you like the one in the beginning of the
    stage. The rocks are easily avoided, and the Monkeys easily dispatched.
    The real threat here are the Monkeys who strain under the weight of
    a huge boulder. That boulder won't go far, but it has a good chance
    of killing you if it hits you on the way to the ground. Be ready to
    run away to dodge the boulder when it's thrown.
    When the Monkey tells you about the elevator (and the creature in
    the East), go up once. Head right, take the elevator up twice.
    Then head right and off the screen.
    Hey, you look like... aw, nuts. Junior Yeti must have had some kids
    of his own. This Yeti is better trained than his ancestors, but
    lacks their raw strength. He'll often charge forward with a
    three-punch combo, then hit with a mean uppercut. If you get caught
    in his combo, just walk in the other direction, and he'll miss with
    the uppercut. He'll also jump around and somersault through the air,
    then tackle/uppercut when he lands.
    Think back to your fight with the Mother of Prime Frog and deal with
    the Yeti in the same way when he jumps. Otherwise, mix up your attacks
    between Stomps, Tackles, and Kicks, and get in a Bite now and then when
    you have an opening to jump at him teeth-first. Kung-fu Yeti isn't as
    difficult as his ancestors, but still a challenge, so bring some EP to
    heal. He's worth four steaks of 150 EP and 31 HP each when you beat him.
    When you leave the Cave of Monkey Human, ignore the circle of stones
    and head far south, to the tip of the continent.
    Final Ocean:
    When you reach this stage, Gaia tells you about the whales. Whales came
    to land and evolved into mammals, then returned to the sea. The Rogons,
    who evolved from fish, weren't too pleased, and have been using the
    Crystal to harass the whales. Of course, anyone who uses the crystal
    is immediately a Bad Guy, so you get to go save the whales. Let's ignore
    that you've been using four colors of crystals since the beginning of
    the game, shall we? Hmph.
    The Rogons think you look like a whale. I guess it's really dark in the
    ocean cave, because they attack you whether you're a dinosaur, a bird,
    a mammal, a human, a mermaid, or you've Green-Crystaled into a fish.
    This is another maze level, so do this: Go all the way left, head down,
    take the first left, go down and follow the tunnel right, take the first
    turn down, then go left and up, and take the first left. How annoying.
    The King Rogon (another king...) is willing to let you join his side.
    Agree for the final alternate ending and the pleasure of going through
    the Rogon Maze again. Disagree and fight him. After countless Yetis,
    this guy is a breeze. He has a blinding attack that lets you see only
    a small portion of the screen around your character, but if you swim
    quickly back and forth and keep Tackling the Rogon King, you should
    win easily. This is easily the best strategy-- I've made it through
    the battle without getting hit after the first blinding beam.
    The leader of the Whales (I guess technically he's a king, but you
    don't have to fight him, so he's just a leader) will thank you for
    singlehandedly defeating the Rogons. If you evolved into a Mermaid
    (or started to) over the course of this stage, you'll get your old body
    back now. Head back north to the circle of stones.
    Domain of Ditryma:
    The Ditryma complain that they don't have wings because you blew up
    Fort Bird-Man. Apparently this game is big on forcing you to do things,
    then trying to make you feel guilty about them later. Anyway, the
    Ditryma aren't worth the time to butcher and eat, so just head to the
    right where the circle of stones is. Stand in the center and press B
    to teleport to the continent to the East.
    Domain of Queen Bee:
    If you complete the Final Ocean before the Domain of Ditryma, you can
    pass over this area on the world map. If you come to this continent
    before finishing the Final Ocean, you'll have to fight Queen Bee before
    you can go back. She's just like she was back in the age of Amphibians,
    just bluer. Dinosaur, Bird, or Mammal, your form is stronger than you
    were as an Amphibian, so this shouldn't take long.
    If you've beaten the Final Ocean, exit to the left to get back to the
    map and proceed to the Domain of Tyrasaurus. If you haven't, there's a
    circle of stones on the right side of the stage that functions just 
    like the one in the Domain of Ditryma.
    Domain of Tyrasaurus:
    The one to the North taught the Monkey Humans how to make elevators,
    then made the Queen Bee and Tyrasaurus powerful again. Looks like we
    need to have a little talk with this "Great One". First, though, eat
    lots of Tyrasaurs. You should be an expert at fighting them by now,
    and you'll need lots of EP when you meet the Great One. Trust me.
    Entrance of Eden:
    Oh, gee. This time you get to fight a boss ~before~ entering the level.
    Isn't that a refreshing change? Cro-Maine is easy if you don't let him
    hit you. If he winds up with that big club of his and lets loose, he
    could very well knock you out of the park-- that means you have to
    start the battle over. And we don't want that. Jump and bite Cro-Maine.
    He will stagger back, then try to jump on top of you. Step off to one
    side as he lands, turn, and bite (or kick). He'll stagger back again.
    Repeat the process until he's lunchmeat.
    Okay. Look at your current form and your EP stock. Are you a 4-legged
    mammal? If so, then healing evolutions are cheap- lengthen or shorten
    your neck for a paltry 200 EP to heal yourself. If you're a Bird,
    Dinosaur, or Human, evolving for healing will be a bit more expensive
    as you work with your Body Size or the Back of the Head. You will have
    to heal many, many times in this upcoming stage, so you may want to
    backtrack to another level to collect a big EP stash. By "big" I mean
    "at least ten thousand, probably closer to twenty".
    Enter the cave when you have a good EP stock and have saved your game.
    Take the elevator all the way up. You'll meet your first of the
    Dino-People. These green folk will attack with jump-kicks or by throwing
    orbs of energy at you. If the ball they throw hits the ground, it may
    turn into a blue blob, which will attack you independantly of any
    dino-people in the area. This is another maze, but is not difficult.
    From the topmost level, head right and take the third elevator you see.
    Go right, then down, then left, then up, then left-- it's almost
    straightforward. If the tunnel opens up into a large room, you're in
    the right place. Take a deep breath, the end is nigh. Head left and
    the Dino-people exclaim that the pot that held the Crystal is broken.
    Go investigate to be whisked away to the final battle.
    Bolbox's Lair:
    Bolbox takes the title for Biggest, Squidgiest Boss In The Game. He's a
    giant amoeba with several smaller orbs circling inside his single-celled
    body. He has a pseudopod with a green cap on the end, this is his weak
    point. Bite, tackle, kick, whatever's convenient, that protrusion. If
    you are a 4-legged mammal and have Increased Body Size, you can rapidly
    Tackle it. Eventually Bolbox will begin flashing and spit out one of
    those little orbs, chosen at random. You then have to fight whatever the
    orb turns into, all the while dealing with Bolbox reaching towards you
    with that tentacle of his. Once you beat the orb-creature, attack Bolbox's
    head until he spits out another orb. Here are what the orbs turn into and
    how to beat them:
    Timid Ikustega (solid white orb)
         The timid ikustega just runs away. Be thankful for the break.
    Debustega (yellow lumpy orb)
         Debustega hasn't changed his attacks at all, but the there aren't
         any cliffs in the background to use to your advantage during this
         fight. Stomping and Kicking will be your best bet, as standing in
         front of Debustega will just get you covered in the snot he spits
         from time to time.
    Giant Zinichthys (green pimpled orb)
         Arguably the most difficult creature Bolbox spits out. There really
         isn't a strategy I've found terribly effective for the Giant
         Zinichthys. Trade hits as best you can until it dies. See? It's
         battles like this that I told you to bring lots of healing EP. If
         you can manage to get G.Z. close to the floor, you can start to
         use Kick attacks when it charges forward. If it never manages to
         bite you, it will keep charging.
    Giant Profasu (red ridged orb)
         There's a pattern to the Giant Profasu, but Bolbox usually interferes
         and makes it only somewhat effective. Charge forward and Tackle the
         Giant Profasu. You'll knock it backwards, and it will start buzzing
         in a circle. Walk in, and bite the Profasu at its lowest point in
         the circle. Turn around and take half a step away from the Profasu,
         and it will buzz just over the back of your head. Turn and Bite
         again as it reaches its lowest point, and repeat until Bolbox reaches
         over with his tentacle. Ironically, its airborne counterattack makes
         Stomping on the bug rather ineffective.
    Food (smooth light blue orb)
         This is a chunk of meat, worth 1000 EP and enough of an HP restore
         to heal completely.
    Red Avian Swordsman (pitted purple orb)
         Easy, easy. Push it into a corner and bite it to death. It won't
         be able to move.
    Giant Prosauro (orange spiked orb)
         Not difficult, really. Just keep attacking and never let it take
         a deep enough breath to shout at you. You can, again, shove it
         into a corner and chew it up.
    Giant Jellyfish (blue ridged orb)
         It looks like a regular jellyfish until you attack it three times.
         Unlike any other of Bolbox's orbs, the Jellyfish is hardly
         aggressive at all. It floats around the screen and snaps a tentacle
         at you if you happen to be nearby, but that's it. Just jump up to
         it and bite it until it dies. Bolbox, however, seems to be a bit
         more aggressive in the fight with the Giant Jellyfish-- he just 
         can't keep his slimy hands (or whatever) away from you!
    After Bolbox runs out of orbs, attack the one spot you've been dealing
    with all along. Eventually he'll freeze up and disintegrate. That
    means you've won! Enjoy the cheesy ending and enjoy the rest of your 
    now-intelligent life with your favorite blue-haired naked anime chick.
    Section III- Evolution Charts
    What does it all mean?
    Classification: You're a fish, an amphibian, a reptile, a bird, a
              4-legged mammal, or a 2-legged mammal.
    HP:       Life's life. You regain these by eating plants and meat, and
              lose them when attacked or touched by another animal. If they
              reach 0, you die, and Gaia takes half of your EP to revive you.
    Bite:     Press Y to bite. This does your Bite damage to anything caught
              between your jaws.
    Strength: Double-tap in any direction to run, then press A to tackle.
              Tackling does your Strength damage to anything you hit. Jump
              into the air and land on another animal to Stomp. Stomping
              does Strength/2 damage, rounded down (but never less than one).
    Kick:     As a quadrupedal mammal, press A while standing, walking, or
              jumping to buck your hind legs. This does Kick damage.
    Strike:   In 2-legged Mammal form, this replaces Bite.
    Horn:     If you have a horn, it will automatically strike if you touch
              an enemy with it while running. It does, not surprisingly,
              Horn damage. Horns break after three uses, though, so I
              consider them to be a waste of EP.
    Defense:  Any damage you take will be lowered by this amount, reducing
              the HP lost. This also reduces the HP you regain from eating
              meat (but not plants) by the same amount.
    Agility:  This is your walking, running, and jumping speed. If you are
              a bird, this also affects flying speed.
    Jump:     Affects how high and how far you can jump, intuitively enough.
    When giving the statistics for a certain evolution, any changes made
    to a statistic are denoted with either a plus sign (+), a minus
    sign (-), or an equals sign (=).
    Intuitively enough, the plus sign denotes that the value given is
    cumulative with any other increase to that statistic, increased from
    the base value. For instance, the fish's Tackle Fin adds 2 to Strength,
    increasing it to 3 from the base value of 1. If the fish then evolves
    Kuraselache's Dorsal Fin, the value will increase by an additional 3,
    for a Strength statistic of 6.
    Of course, you can only get the bonus from one evolution of a particular
    body part at a time. A fish evolving Teratisu's Tail, then improving
    to Kuraselache's Tail, gets only the Kuraselache's Tail bonuses.
    A minus sign, not surprisingly, decreases the value instead. Choosing
    to Increase Body Size in any form, for instance, gives a bonus to HP,
    Strength, and Defense, but Agility drops. This decrease is shown with
    the minus sign (-3, usually).
    If the value is denoted with an equals sign, the value is assigned
    to that statistic no matter what other evolutions are in place. For
    example, evolving your fish a Swordfish Horn will change your Bite
    value to 3, regardless of the Jaws you've evolved previously.
    Any special notes on a part are given in parentheses after each
    evolution for that part is given.
                             CLASSIFICATION: FISH
    Starts with: Original Jaws, Slick Body, Small Body size, Original Fins,
                 Original Tail
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Base Stats:            20   1     1     0     0     0     4     1
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
      Kuraselache's Jaws:       +2
      Zinichthy's Jaws:         +4
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
      Original  Horn:                             =5
      Spiraled Horn:                              =10
      Angler's Horn:
      Swordfish Horn:           =3                =3
         (The Angler's Horn attracts eels, slugs, celepas, and terodus.)
         (The Angler's Horn and Swordfish Horn never break.)
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
      Scaly Body:                                       +2
      Shell Body:                                       +4
      Increase Size:       +10        +1                +1    -3
      Decrease Size:       -10        -1                -1    +3
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Hands & Feet:
      Coelafish Fin:                  +1                      +2
      Tackle Fin:                     +2                      +3
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Dorsal Fins:
      Original Fin:        +3         +1                      +1
      Sailing Fin:         +5         +2                      +2
      Kuraselache's Fin:   +10        +3                      +3
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
      Coelafish Tail:      +3                                 +1    +1
      Teratisu's Tail:     +5                                 +2    +2
      Zinichthy's Tail:    +7                                 +3    +3
      Kuraselache's Tail:  +15                                +4    +4
                           CLASSIFICATION: AMPHIBIAN
    Starts with: Frog Jaws, Ikustega's Body,  Ikustega's Tail.
                 Inherits Body Size from Fish.
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Base Stats:            20   1     1     0     0     0     4     1
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
      Ikustega's Jaws:          +2
      Tusking Jaws:             +4
      Fierce Jaws:              +9
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
      Original Horn:                              =5
      Feeler Horn:                                =10
      Big Horn:                                   =15
      Dual Horn:                                  =20
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Mottle Body:                                        +1
    Scaly Body:                                         +3
    Armor Body:                                         +5
    Increase Body Size:    +10        +1                +1    -2
    Decrease Body Size:    -10        -1                -1    +2
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Dorsal Fins:
      Original Fin:        +5,        +1                      +1    +1
      Vestigal Shark's Fin:+25        +3                +1,   +2    +2
      Edasaurus Fin:       +7,        +2                      +2    +2
      Thorn Fin:           +10        +5                +2    +2    +2
      Jumping Fin:         +10        +3                      +5    +4
         (I think the values for the Vestigal Shark's Dorsal Fin and the
          Edasaurus Dorsal Fin were switched in-game. The Shark's Fin is
          good for HP, Thorn Fin is for Strength, and the Jumping Fin for
          Agility and, er, Jumping.)
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Power Tail:            +3         +2                            +2
    Spring Tail:           +3         +2                      +2    +7
    Thorn Tail:            +5         +3                            +4
    Thorny Spring Tail:    +5         +3                      +2    +7
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Back of the Head:
    Wooper:                                                         +5
    Kerii:                                                    +4
    Jeprol:                     +5
    Morimar:                                            +2
         (Wooper for Jump, Kerii for Agility, Jeprol for Bite, and Morimar
          for Defense. I recommend Jeprol or Kerii.)
                           CLASSIFICATION: DINOSAUR
    Starts with: Tritop's Jaws, Short Neck, Slick Body, Normal Tail.
                 Inherits Body Size from Amphibian.
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Base Stats (4 legs)    20   1     1     0     0     0     4     1
    In the Body menu, Dinosaurs have the option to evolve from the default
    4-legged form into a bipedal form. There are three levels to this
    transformation: the first is a four-legged dinosaur, the second is a
    hunched-over form that uses its tail to balance the weight of its head
    (like a kangaroo), and the third is a tall bipedal form with a tail that
    drags the ground. The middle form always has a long Neck-- the other
    two forms may shorten it if you desire.
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Evolving to 2 legs:               -1                      +1
    Evolving to 2 legs:               -1                      +3    +2
    Evolving to 4 legs:               +1                      -3    -2
    Evolving to 4 legs:               +1                      -1
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
      Brosaurus Jaws:           +2
      Toracodons Jaws:          +4
      Omosaurus Jaws:           +9
      Tyrasaurus Jaws:          +19
      Pitsaurus Jaws:                                         +3
      Ptenodons Jaws:           +1                            +3
      Phamcys Jaws:             +2                            +3
      Longtailed Birds Jaws:    +3                            +3
      Phonocos Jaws:            +7                            +3
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
      Muzzle Horn:                                =5
      Forehead Horn:                              =10
      Spiraled Horn:                              =15
      Dual Horns:                                 =20
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
      Spotted Body:                                     +1
      Warted Body:                    +1                +2
      Armor Body:                     +2                +5    -1
      Pronesaurus Body:    +10        +3                +6    -3
      Nautilon's Body:     +20        +5                +8    -5
      Increase body size:  +10        +1                +1    -1
      Decrease body size:  -10        -1                -1    +1
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Dorsal Fin:
      Edasaurus Fin:       +2         +1                      +1    +1
      Segosaurus Fin:      +5         +2                +1    +2    +2
      Pronesaurus Fin:     +10        +3                +2    +2    +2
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
      Snakes Tail:         +1         +1                      +2    +2
      Nautilons Tail:      +3         +1                +1
      Pronesaurus Tail:    +2         +2                +1
      Invincible Tail:     +5         +3                +1    +3    +4
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Back of the Head:
      Ptenodon's Crest:    +3         +1                      +2    +2
      Triptops Helmet:     +5         +2                +2
      Horned Helmet:       +5         +3                +1
                                CLASSIFICATION: BIRD
    Starts with: Pitsaurus Jaws, Slick Body, Ptenodon's Tail.
                 Inherits Body Size and Neck length from Dinosaur form.
                 Birds have a set agility on the ground (somewhere around 4).
                 As a bird, press B while jumping to begin flying. Press B
                 while flying to drop to the ground and begin walking again.
                 It is impossible to Stomp while flying. It is impossible to
                 do anything while landing except begin flying again.
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Base Stats:            20   1     1     0     0     0     9     4
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
      Tritops Jaws:                                           -3
      Brosaurus Jaws:           +2                            -3
      Toracodons Jaws:          +4                            -3
      Omosaurus Jaws:           +9                            -3
      Tyrasaurus Jaws:          +19                           -3
      Ptenodons Jaws:           +1
      Phamcys Jaws:             +2
      Longtailed Birds Jaws:    +3
      Phonocos Jaws:            +7
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
      Muzzle Horn:                                =5
      Forehead Horn:                              =10
      Spiraled Horn:                              =15
      Dual Horn:                                  =20
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
      Spotted Body:                                     +1
      Warted Body:                    +2                +2
      Armor Body:                     +4                +5          -2
      Feather Body:                   +2                +3
      Increase Body Size:  +10        +1                +1    -2
      Decrease Body Size:  -10        -1                -1    +2
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Dorsal Fin:
      Edasaurus Fin:       +2         +1                      +1    +1
      Segosaurus Fin:      +5         +2                +1,   +2    +2
      Pronesaurus Fin:     +10        +3                +2,   +2    +2
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
      Snakes Tail:         +1         +1                      +2    +2
      Thorn Tail:          +2         +2                +1
      Fan Shaped Tail:     +3         +3                +1    +4    +3
      Longtail birds Tail: +5         +5                +2    +7    +3
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Back of the Head:
      Ptenodons Crest:     +3         +1                      +2    +2
      Tritops Helmet:      +5         +2                +2
      Horned Helmet:       +5         +3                +1
                        CLASSIFICATION: 4-LEGGED MAMMAL
    Starts with: Mouse Jaws, Cat Shaped Body, Small Body Size
                 Mammals do not slip on icy ground.
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Base Stats:            20   2     1     1     0     0     4     6
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Cat Jaws:                   +3
    Dog Jaws:                   +7
    Fierce Jaws:                +19
    Rabbit Like Jaws:                       +2                +3    +5
    Horse Like Jaws:            +1    +2    +5                +5    +2
    Hippo Like Jaws:            +6    +3    +3
    Rhinocerous Like Jaws:      +1    +5    +3                +2
         (Evolving Rabbitlike Jaws will disable the Back of the Head 
          evolution. You buy the Jaws, you get the ears, too.)
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Muzzle Horn:                                  =5
    Forehead Horn:                                =10
    Spiral Horn:                                  =15
    Dual Horns:                                   =20
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Rabbit Like Body:      +10        +1    +3          +1    +2    +3
    Horse Like Body:       +20        +4    +14         +3    +5
    Rhinocerous Like Body: +35        +7    +9          +6    +2    -2
    Ramothecus Body:       --   --    --    --    --    --    --    --
    Increase Body Size:    +10        +1    +1          +1    -1    -2
    Decrease Body Size:    -10        -1    -1          -1    +1    +2
         (See section IV for information on the Ramothecus Body)
                           HP   Bite  Str.  Kick  Horn  Def.  Agi.  Jump
    Back of the Head:
    Mane:                  +2   +5
    Add a Moose Horn:      +2         +1                +1
    Add a Deer Horn:       +2         +1                +2
    Add a Sheep Horn:      +3         +2                +3
    Add a Bull Horn:       +5         +5                +7
    Section IV- Special Forms
    Red Crystal forms
    Throughout the game, you may stumble on a Red Crystal every now and
    then. Eat the Crystal and you'll change into another form for about
    a minute. These forms tend to be extremely powerful and have gobs of
    HP-- you'll lose the form to the time limit long before your HP runs 
    out. They may be saved using the Record of Evolution and activated later
    by using a Green Crystal.
    The Manta Ray form and Elephant form inherit the Body Size from the
    form that ate the Red Crystal. If you're a Large fish, you'll become 
    a Large Manta Ray. If you're a Small Mammal, you'll become a Small 
    Elephant. For these forms, the statistics to the left of the slash
    are for the Small forms, and the statistics to the right of the slash
    are for the Large forms.
    The other forms are set in Body Size and Statistics. You cannot evolve
    anything while in a Red Crystal form.
    Chapter 1- The World Before Land
        Body: Eel (Fish)                   Body: Manta Ray (Fish)
    Found in: Cave of Temptation       Found in: Cave of Temptation
          HP: 100                            HP: 80/100
        Bite: 3                            Bite: 3
    Strength: 3                        Strength: 10
        Kick: 0                            Kick: 0
        Horn: 0                            Horn: 0
     Defense: 0                         Defense: 0
     Agility: 12                        Agility: 4
        Jump: 6                            Jump: 1
    Chapter 3- The Age of Dinosaurs
        Body: Dragon (Bird)                Body: Gargoyle (Bird)
    Found in: Cloud Maze               Found in: River of Asteroid
          HP: 150                            HP: 100
        Bite: 30                           Bite: 20
    Strength: 10                       Strength: 20
        Kick: 0                            Kick: 0
        Horn: 25                           Horn: 0
     Defense: 15                        Defense: 15
     Agility: 1                         Agility: 11
        Jump: 1                            Jump: 1
    Chapter 4- The Ice Age
        Body: Elephant (4-legged Mammal)
    Found in: Fort Bird-Man
          HP: 150/200
        Bite: 10
    Strength: 20/25
        Kick: 0
        Horn: 20
     Defense: 15/20
     Agility: 4/3
        Jump: 1
    The Elephant cannot Kick, but its Horn does not break.
    2-Legged Mammal forms
    In Chapters 4 and 5, as a 4-legged Mammal, you'll have the opportunity
    to evolve a kinda-secret form. The Segosaurus give you the biggest hint
    in Chapter 5: The body of a rabbit and the jaws of a cat. Evolve these
    two parts (the rest of your evolutions won't matter), and you'll open
    up the "Ramothecus Body" option. Evolve a Ramothecus Body to become
    a monkey.
    The monkey behaves like any other 4-legged mammal, but you'll notice 
    that your evolution menu is now severely limited. All you can do is
    "Try to Evolve" your body. Do so, and you'll become your first 
    2-legged Mammal: An ape with a bone club. Try to evolve again, and 
    you'll become a Neanderthal with a wooden club. One more time, and you're
    a human with a stone axe. 
    Two-legged Mammals only have two options to evolve: They may change 
    their Body Size or Try to Evolve into the next form. Once the human
    form has been achieved, the only option left is to change Body Size.
    As above, the values to the left of the slash are for a Small Body Size.
    Values to the right are for a Large Body Size.
        Body: Ramothecus Body              Body: Bone Club
          HP: 50/60                          HP: 70/80
        Bite: 10                           Bite: 0
    Strength: 5/7                      Strength: 5/7
        Kick: 5/7                          Kick: 0
      Strike:                            Strike: 10/12
        Horn: 0                            Horn: 0
     Defense: 5/7                       Defense: 5/7
     Agility: 7/6                       Agility: 6/5
        Jump: 13/11                        Jump: 11/9
        Body: Wooden Club                  Body: Stone Axe
          HP: 70/80                          HP: 70/80
        Bite: 0                            Bite: 0
    Strength: 5/7                      Strength: 5/7
        Kick: 0                            Kick: 0
      Strike: 15/18                      Strike: 18/20
        Horn: 0                            Horn: 0
     Defense: 7/10                      Defense: 10/15
     Agility: 6/5                       Agility: 6/5
        Jump: 11/9                         Jump: 11/9
    Final Ocean Forms
    In the stage "Final Ocean" in Chapter 5, Gaia sends you on a mission 
    to save the Whales from the Rogons. If you're a 4-legged Mammal when 
    you jump into the water, you'll find the "Hands and Feet" option is 
    available to evolve for the first time since Chapter 1. Choose 
    "Try to Evolve", and you'll turn into a Seal (Classified as a 2-legged
    Mammal). Like the human forms above, this form is powerful, but will 
    severely limit your ability to evolve anything else. The only options
    available to a Seal are under Body: Evolve Further and Increase/Decrease
    Body Size. Choose Evolve Further to become a Dolphin, again to become
    a bizarre-looking creature, and once more to become a Mermaid.
    Note that the Mermaid form no longer has Increase/Decrease Body Size
    as an option. You CANNOT EVOLVE ANYTHING as a Mermaid. This severely 
    limits your ability to heal. Thankfully, the Mermaid has good Defense
    and HP.
    The programmers of the game went to great lengths to make sure these 
    forms are only available to the Final Ocean. Once you jump in the water,
    you can't jump back out and leave the stage. If you complete the stage
    and return, you'll find that the Hands and Feet option is no longer
    available. You can save the special forms to the Record of Evolution,
    but you can't Green Crystal into them anywhere but the Final Ocean.
        Body: Seal                         Body: Dolphin
          HP: 50/60                          HP: 60/70
        Bite: 10                           Bite: 15
    Strength: 7/10                     Strength: 14/20
        Kick: 0                            Kick: 0
        Horn: 0                            Horn: 0
     Defense: 0/1                       Defense: 0/1
     Agility: 13/10                     Agility: 16/13
        Jump: 1                            Jump: 1
        Body: Weird Cetacean               Body: Mermaid
          HP: 70/80                          HP: 100
        Bite: 20                           Bite: 25
    Strength: 19/25                    Strength: 20
        Kick: 0                            Kick: 0
        Horn: 0                            Horn: 0
     Defense: 0/1                       Defense: 10
     Agility: 13/10                     Agility: 16
        Jump: 1                            Jump: 6
    Section V- Tricks to Try
    Any Chapter: Preserve your Horn!
    Horns are expensive, but powerful. Unfortunately, I find them largely
    useless because they break off after three uses. You spend 5000 EP on
    Dual Horns, attack three times, and poof-- they're gone. Bah.
    However, one of the side effects of evolution is not only HP restoration,
    but you regain the use of all three horn attacks. It's possible to 
    use a Horn attack twice, evolve something else, and continue using
    the Horn without it breaking.
    Still, you have to stop after every two attacks to evolve. I'd say
    forget about evolving Horns entirely after Chapter 1.
    Chapter 2: Traitor!
    In the Land of Boss Ikustega, after defeating the Debustega, you're 
    approached by the Elder Ikustega and a child. They plead with you to
    help them defeat the insects that are eating all the plants. You can't
    escape the dialog without answering "Yes" to them, but afterwards,
    there's nothing stopping you from turning them into a snack.
    If you attack either the Elder or child, both will turn tail and flee.
    You can, however, walk past them. Turn around and take a bite-- they'll
    stagger back to the left, then try to escape off to the right, where
    you're standing. Bite them again and again until they die and turn
    into the chunk of meat you're used to seeing by now.
    Gaia is shocked and appalled at your betrayal. So much, in fact, that
    she causes the meat from the Ikustega to sap 999 HP from you when you 
    eat it.
    Chapter 3: Bonus EP Isn't Just For the Birds
    If you've experimented at all with the Green Crystal, you'll find it
    may only be used to grant you a body that could naturally be evolved
    in or before the Chapter you're in. Nice as it would be to Green-Crystal
    a Human form to use in Early Creatures of Land next time you play, 
    Humans are 2-Legged Mammals and don't exist yet, so you can't do that.
    You can, however, take advantage of Green Crystals in Chapter 3. There
    is a way to get the Blue Crystal in the River of Asteroid and complete
    the stage in Dinosaur form. Unfortunately, this trick only works if you
    play through the game more than once.
    The first time you play through Chapter 3, transform into a Bird. Evolve
    a Small Body Size, any pair of birdlike jaws (Ptenodon through 
    Phonocos Jaws on the list), Pronesaurus Fin, Longtail Bird's Tail, and 
    a Ptenodon's Crest. Your Agility should be 20 or so. Use the "Record of
    Evolution" command to save this form in the game's memory.
    Now, anytime you play through the game again, Green-Crystal into your
    agile bird form just before you leave a stage. Once on the world map,
    wait for the cloud to hover over your position-- because you're a bird,
    legitimately or not, you can enter the Cloud Maze! Even better, and
    probably for this very reason, Green Crystal and Red Crystal forms never
    run out as long as you're in the Cloud Maze. Work your way through as
    a bird, then fly up and right as fast as you can when you reach the 
    River of Asteroid. Take the Green Crystal in the rightmost asteroid,
    then fly as quickly as you can back to the left. If you get the 
    "Crystal power doesn't work yet" message, use another Green Crystal
    before you fall off the screen. You should be able to make it to the
    leftmost asteroid with the Blue Crystal before the second Green Crystal
    runs out. 
    Suddenly, Tyrsaurus' Jaws seem a bit more affordable.
    Section VI- Legal Junk
    This game guide is copyright 2002 Richard Rouse. It may not be
    duplicated or sold for profit without permission. Not like I'd expect
    there's a big market for guides on ten-year-old cult-classic video
    games, but hey, I'm just covering my ass here. Keep away from extreme
    heat and cold or open flame. No guarantee, promised or implicit, is 
    given for the authenticity of the information contained in this guide,
    but I'm pretty anal about insignificant details and get pretty upset
    when information disappears without me knowing about it *grumble*, so 
    I'd imagine it's mostly right.  This guide is only submitted to 
    GameFAQS (http://www.gamefaqs.com) and posted on my personal website at 
    http://blank.nothing.ca, so if you found it anywhere else, I'd appreciate
    knowing about it (I can be contacted from the website listed above). 
    Again, not like I figure there's a big market for pirated FAQs on games
    this old and obscure, but better safe than sorry.

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