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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheSpelunker

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                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
     iia. Races
     iib. Classes
     iic. Getting Started
     iid. Basics
     iva. Spells
     ivb. Armor
     ivc. Potion Types
                           I. YE OLDE INTRODUCTION
    Eye of the Beholder's story isn't terribly deep. You're a couple of guys, and
    you've been commisioned by a king to explore underneath the city of Waterdeep
    in order to rid the lands of some evil. When you enter the passage underneath
    the city, a mysterious voice sounds out and a landslide occurs. Thus, you and
    your companions are trapped with no way out(a convenient premise) and must
    explore the dungeons for a way out.
    iia. RACES
    Human (Fighter, Ranger, Mage, Cleric, Thief, Paladin)
    Elf (Fighter, Ranger, Mage, Cleric, Thief)
    Half-Elf (Fighter, Ranger, Mage, Cleric, Thief)
    Dwarf (Fighter, Cleric, Thief)
    Gnome (Fighter, Cleric, Thief)
    Halfling (Fighter, Cleric, Thief)
    iib. CLASSES
    (Fighter) - The basic combat class. Gets no special skills but swings a good
    axe. Benefits most from constitution and strength.
    (Ranger) - A fighter who can use weapons in both hands if wearing light armor.
    Not really worth it because they advance a little slower than fighters.
    (Mage) - More of an offense-oriented spell-caster than the Cleric. Can't heal,
    but can cast some nasty damage spells. Also has a few protective spells, but
    is much weaker defensively than the Cleric. Can't wear better armor than a
    (Cleric) - Warrior of the church. Primarily effective in his healing
    techniques, but also not too bad with a mace or some light damage spells.
    Benefits most from Wisdom and Intelligence.
    (Thief) - Support guy. Capable of picking locks, using a sling or dagger and
    can survive up front, but is hurt by only being able to wear light armor. 
    (Paladin) - Basically a warrior with cleric abilities. They also have an aura
    of Protect Evil. Can't be used if any evil characters in party.
    You'll need to create a party before you begin. While I feel it's best to
    strike a good balance, you're advised to do whatever seems fun to you. For the
    purposes of this walkthrough, though, I will be choosing a standard Advanced
    Dungeons & Dragons party: Human Cleric(male), Elf Mage(female), Dwarf Warrior
    (male) and Halfling Thief(male). Their alignments don't really matter, so just
    pick whatever. Make sure to reroll for good stats because it will play a vital
    roll in how well your characters perform.
    iid. BASICS
    ____________________________[Party Formation]_________________________________
    | The two characters on the top of the screen are the people in your front   |
    |  row. They take the brunt of the damage but are also the only ones able to |
    | attack with melee weapons. This makes fighting characters ideal for the    |
    | front and casters ideal for the back. For the purposes of this walkthrough,|
    | our thief and fighter are in the front and cleric and mage in the back.    |
    | This is so that the mage can cast safely and launch daggers from the rear  |
    | while the cleric keeps the party in good health and casts beneficial spells|
    | on them. Characters can be swapped by clicking on their names.             |
    | By clicking on the icon, one can access the camp menu. Here, characters can|
    | memorize spells(mage version), petition for spells(cleric version), rest,  |
    | scribe scrolls and change in-game options. Everything in here is true to   |
    | AD&D rules(except maybe the game options :) and as such players are given  |
    | a number of spells they can memorize or petition for at once, based on what|
    | level the spells are. Resting will restore health/learn spells and during  |
    | this period the clerics can assist with healing. Scribing scrolls is simply|
    | how one learns new spells                                                  |
    ______________________________[Ranged Attacks]________________________________
    | There are three types of ranged attacks: bow, sling and thrown. A bow is   |
    | wielded in the hand, and its ammunition, arrows, are loaded into the quiver|
    | pictured on the inventory screen(in the upper right with the numbers in it)|
    | The sling utilizes stones only, and these stones can be held in both the   |
    | opposite hand and the belt-pouch, which is the three spaces aligned        |
    | vertically on the right of the inventory screen. Thrown weapons operate the|
    | same way except you don't need to equip a weapon to launch them. Just put  |
    | them in the hand and belt-pouch. They also don't need to be a certain type.|
                                III. CRAWL-THROUGH
    (directions are either based on the in-game compass or assumed perspective if
    you've been following the directions)
    -=LEVEL ONE /\ Monsters: Kobolds, Worms=-
    You begin the game facing the rockslide that crashed down behind you. I guess
    the party walked back all that way just to make sure that it was, in fact, a
    rockslide, and it turns out that, yes, it is a genuine rockslide. Those are
    genuine stones on the ground, too, so go ahead and pick them up. Turn around
    and go straight into the next room. There will be a body on the floor in front
    of the door on the north-side of the room. Take the lockpicks from this body
    and give them to your thief if you have one.
    Also, take the actual bones if you want. They can be resurrected later into a
    replacement character. Use the lever just to the west to open the door, but
    beware: a Kobold is on the other side. Dispose of him and continue down the
    hall, taking the first door on the left(push the blue button). The hallway
    ahead is linear until you come to a junction. Then it opens out into two
    pathways. The left leads to a pack of Kobolds and the right leads to a door.
    Go ahead and fight the Kobolds to the left. You won't be able to kill them as
    quickly as the lone Kobold, so you'll need to use more techniques(i.e. throw
    daggers/cast spells with mage and attack with thief and fighter's hands and
    weapons) But they be easily beatable, and you'll be rewarded with rations,
    daggers and more rations in the corner of the empty room if you beat them. Now
    we can return to the door on the right path.
    This door is a little bit trickier to get into, so look for a hidden switch on
    the wall to the left of it. Push this switch and enter. Don't worry about the
    patch on the ground because it's just an alternate switch for the door and not
    a concealed hole or anything. We'll find more kobolds on this side, so prepare
    for combat as you progress.
    After taking them out, we find that we're at a three-way junction. One way
    leads back, and the others lead right and forwards. Straight ahead is where
    that rock from earlier will come in handy as you set it on top of the second
    switch in this hallway, thereby holding the door open for your party. If by
    chance you didn't pick up a rock earlier, you'll be able to find one in the
    right passageway.
    Whatever the case, proceed through the door once it's open. As you progress
    past this door, you'll pass through a 2x2 room and then arrive at a cross in
    the path. In front of you will be a door, and there will be two side-passages
    to the right and left. If you go left, you'll bump into a dead-end, or so it
    seems. There's actually a secret panel on the wall here. Push it and two
    Kobolds will greet you.
    Waste no time dispatching them and continue forward where you will be informed
    that it "Smells terrible here". No surprise considering that two Kobolds have
    been trapped in there for who knows how long. Pick up the Dart, an improved
    throwing weapon over the dagger, in this area and return back to the cross.
    Open the door this time via the blue button. Proceed down the hall to
    encounter some Kobolds. Once they're through, continue until you see a branch
    off to the right. 
    In a cubby-hole in this branch, you will find two scrolls for spells you
    likely already have(hooray!) But at least they're free uses even if you can't
    learn anything new from them. Back on the main path are some unfriendly Worms
    which are slightly tougher than Kobolds but in less overwhelming numbers. Go
    ahead and cast some spells here to get the hang of navigating the cursor
    around and before you know it the Worms will be dead.
    Moving along you'll eventually come to a 3x3 room, in which there is another
    Worm. Once he's dead, walk along the only other path from this room to reach
    another cross, only this time the door is to your right instead of straight
    ahead. In fact, the path straight ahead is an area you've already been in,
    believe it or not. That leaves the left and right paths for exploration.
    Follow the left one and do battle with the Kobolds you see. Enter the room
    afterwards and look on the south-side for two rations side-by-side. Return to
    the cross and now enter the door via the hidden switch on the wall left of it.
    There are three rooms here between you and the exit to this dungeon level.
    There's also a shield in the corner of the room, which you should equip on
    your fighter.
    There's one last goofy puzzle which you must pass before you can descend. It's
    pretty much the same as the one earlier except they provide you with an arrow
    to drop instead of a stone. It doesn't really matter what you drop, though,
    because you can pick it up afterwards. Just drop something on the ground
    switch and press the button on the right wall; now go down the ladder.
    -=LEVEL TWO /\ Monsters: Skeletons, Zombies =-
    You start out at yet another cross on Level Two. on the ground in front of you
    will be a Silver Key, which you should take. Walk north(to your original left)
    and insert the Silver Key into the keyhole there to open the door. Just past
    that is another door but this one can be opened with a hidden button on the
    nearby wall -- well, sort of. It gets stuck and needs an extra push by your
    party. Just keep trying until it opens(for those curious, AD&D rules dictate
    that strength affects chance to force doors open).
    To your next right will be a stuck shutter with a Skeleton just beyond.
    There's a potion in there, though, and we could use the experience anyway, so
    force this one open as well. It will be a tough fight since this is your
    first, so you will want to have healing and damage spells memorized for it.
    Grab the potion when done.
    Back on the original path, we'll come to another shutter, except this one is
    firmly closed. It's good then that there's a niche in the shape of a dagger on
    the left wall in which we can insert a dagger, an item you should have plenty
    of by now. Presto! The shutter opens but there's another "dilemma". Secret of
    the century here, folks. 
    Move into the next room when you can. A 3x3 room, it originally looks empty,
    but upon further inspection you'll find a button on the left wall which opens
    up a hidden wall(there are a lot of these on this level). Beyond is a stuck
    door. Force it open(...and a lot of these) and a Zombie will approach you.
    These things are a little tougher than Skeletons but one shouldn't be too much
    of a bother. Beyond it is another stuck door. You know the deal.
    You'll come to a dead-end room now with a cranny in the wall. From here you
    can hoard a Potion of Giant Strength, another Rations and, yes! A Silver Key!
    Go back to the intersection now and go south, opening that door with the key.
    Just in the middle of the next intersection you'll come across what has long
    been a staple in dungeon-crawlers -- the malicious "twister". It might seem
    confusing at first, but really it's only spinning your view around and not
    changing anything.
    Regardless, if you go straight across and approach the wall, you'll see a
    message "Dead End?". With the rune on the wall and the slap-in-the-face
    message, it couldn't be any more obvious that you can walk through this wall.
    On the other side is a scroll of Armor. Past a wall to the left of this scroll
    are two Zombies(rest before you fight them as this will be your hardest
    encounter yet). Beat them and slip a dagger into the carving in this room. Go
    back to the intersection and turn until you see a sling in the path.  Take it,
    continue forward and turn left when you hit the wall. Grab the stone from this
    ground switch, stopping only to ignore the pointless message and then insert
    the dagger into the wall. Turn back and take the only path you haven't yet.
    At the end of this you'll find another little cubby-hole with Rations and a
    Silver Key in it. Easy, huh? Not really. Before the tough puzzle of the level,
    go forward through the runed wall just past the niche and collect the arrow
    and enter another runed wall. Take the Rations in the corner of this wall and
    go back to find another arrow. Cool, but that arrow won't help you get through
    the next puzzle. 
    Explore the room one time and find that you end up back at the niche again.
    This is because there are twisters on each of the four visible walkways. You
    can't get to the passage you came from without stepping on one! Or can you?
    Closer inspection will reveal that both walls in the middle of the room have
    runes on them which allow you to bypass the trapped walkways. Do so and you'll
    soon find yourself out of that hellish circle.
    Journey back to the original intersection for a final time and take the
    eastern path this time. Open the silver door and proceed; but watch out for
    that pit!! Go down the ladder nearby and grab the potion in the lower sectors
    because, hopefully, if we do everything right, we won't be returning here.
    Ascend the ladder and now we're back at the pit. To close it up, you'll need
    to pull the lever in the small room to the right of it. Great! Now it's open!
    Unfortunately, there's another pit just beyond it.
    There doesn't appear to be a lever near this one, but just beyond it we can
    see a ground switch. Some thinking back to the first level and past experience
    with throwing darts and daggers at monsters will reveal that a simple thrown
    arrow can solve this dilemma, so do so. Proceed to the switch and take the
    arrow if you want to and then walk the only possible way, east. Meet the wall
    on the east path as you continue and then turn left. Walk on the switch but
    don't take a step back because a pit has just opened up behind you!
    Continue forward and approach the western wall and turn north to face another
    niche. Take the Rations and Silver Key from it. Then, turn back and cross the
    switch again. To the south is a pit with a switch beside it and just past that
    is a Rations. Use the switch to reach the item and take it. Good, we're all
    done! But how to get to the next level? Return to the original door you passed
    through and find that a new passage has appeared just to the left of the area
    past the door.
    Follow this to come into a room where a Stone Dagger is.  Keep going the
    logical way until you come into another larger room. The passage-way in the
    upper corner of this room leads to a door and the other leads to another
    hallway. Go to the one with the door for now and place a dagger in the carving
    to open it.
    A message will pop up "A special quest for this level". What this means is
    that all the places where you put a dagger in a seemingly random dagger
    carving now have Rations in front of them. Not the most exciting reward, but
    it's cool to do regardless. Grab the loot and leave this room, going back and
    getting the Rations if you want. When ready, take the path not yet travelled.
    You'll pass by a scrawling on the wall and then a weird teleporter mechanism
    which you don't need to mess with yet.
    Further down the hall is an elevator to the left, but let us ignore that for
    now. Go past it and follow the hall, ignoring the path branching off to the
    left. If you continue through the hall, you'll come to a door with a silver
    keyhole outside of it. Use your last key here and enter to collect the Leather
    Boots and Rations in the corner. Equip the boots on the guy in the front row
    who didn't get the shield before(in our ideal party, the thief).
    Walk back to the elevator, ignoring that branch yet again. Open the elevator
    via the blue button and enter. Push the button on the back wall twice until it
    says "The room seems to move". This means you're now a pseudo-floor below
    where you were. Step out, and you'll soon realize you're in a sort of prison
    complex. Behind each of the doors in this area are two Skeletons but also a
    good bit of treasure. You're guaranteed to find a bow, an axe and a mage
    scroll of invisibility here. There's also likely to be a helm or two on some
    of the skeletons.
    All in all, it's a good idea to beat these guys, and you should have enough
    rations by now that you won't need to worry about running out of food from all
    the sleep you'll be getting. Plus, you should have one or two healing potions
    stashed away unless you've used them. Equip any helms you find on your two
    front characters and then go back in the elevator room and click the button
    for it to move once more. You're now yet another pseudo-floor below(these stop
    aren't actual drops in the dungeon level, or else you'd be getting pounded on
    by enemies you've never even seen before), but this one is a lot less
    Just scoop up the rock you see and then force open the door in the corridor
    outside of this room. But be sure you've rested first. There should be three
    or so Zombies back here, which will be your toughest battle yet. Hopefully
    your mage has two Magic Missles and a Melf's Acid Arrow memorized, or you're
    going to have to rely solely on your fighters(and maybe some thrown darts or
    stones). Occassionally you'll get lucky against these undead guys and your
    Cleric(if you have one) will Turn Undead them and cause them to flee, but this
    isn't the type of thing you want to rely on.
    What these Zombies were guarding is a Gold Key, something you'll need in not
    too long. Go back to the elevator after getting the key and use it once more
    to reach the original floor. At this point you can take the branch you ignored
    earlier to stumble through a confusing maze to reach some Rations and a
    Healing Potion(but not without fighting around 8 Skeletons and 3 Zombies), or
    you can go ahead and use the Teleporter to reach the next level. Where there
    was once a sewer gate, there will now be a door with a keyhole to the left of
    it once you use the Teleporter. Pop your Gold Key in here and turn left in the
    room to find a ladder leading to...
    -=LEVEL THREE /\ Monsters: Bugbears, Sahuagins =-
    There are two routes to choose from when you start off on level three. We're
    going to be taking the right one. Follow this, pass through the first and the
    second doors, and you will find yourself in a corridor. The door closes behind
    you when you enter and the middle panel is another twister which spins you
    around -- this one tells you that it's done it, though. Simply turn around and
    enter the door that you apparently came from.
    This will lead you to a new area with a Silver Key in the corner. Take this
    and turn around. Go back to the beginning of the level and take the left route
    this time. Keep trudging down this corridor; you'll pass a teleporter, but you
    should ignore it for now. The hallway curves at the end and not much further
    ahead you'll find your first monster on level three, a Sahuagin. These suckers
    hit hard and can take a beating, so be prepared. Continue straight past it,
    ignoring the right branch and you'll see another Sahuagin to your left.
    Beat him and then look the other way to see yet another of these fish-
    creatures patrolling the nearby hallway. Yikes, but that's the way we're
    going, so make sure you're prepared for another battle and then advance. After
    doing away with another fish-guy, you come to a two way route with a small
    median in between the two routes. They both meet up, so take the left route.
    Ignore the first branch-off to the left and continue.
    Things get a bit tricky soon, so you will want to rest up well before going
    any further. I recommend memorizing with your mage for level 1: two Armor
    spells and the rest Magic Missiles. And for level 2: two Melf's Acid Arrows if
    possible. The cleric should have primarily healing spells equipped. Once
    ready, continue. You'll know you're at the dangerous area when you see the
    first Sahuagin. Quickly take him out because two others are in the nearby
    Take them out, too, and you'll be safe -- for a while. You can either go right
    or left now, but it doesn't really matter since they both meet up at the same
    point. Go right for brevity's sake and turn on the first right branch. Ignore
    the first left path you see, which circles back around to where you came from.
    Keep walking, and you'll hear a beep. Careful! A pit has just appeared in
    front of you! Walk around the pit and head right. You'll pass a door you can't
    open yet and then reach a switch. 
    Just past the switch is a jotting on the wall which reads "Museum". Well,
    there are a couple of monster exhibits in this museum, so make sure you're
    prepped for battle and then pull the switch. You'll notice that none of the
    monsters in here are moving. That's because they're frozen until attacked, or
    at least until one of their own kind is attacked. I guess in this way this
    area is sort of optional, but you'll want to get the shield behind the one
    Sahuagin and the Bugbears seem to come after you anyway if you mill around too
    much, so you might as well clean up everything. 
    Without doing so, you'll miss out on some Healings Potions, Rations and even a
    Stone. The shield is the most important because you need another for other the
    guy in your front row unless you've got a Cleric up there for some reason.
    Equiping it will mean you can no longer do that silly attack with your hand,
    but the monsters will have outgrown the meager damage by the next level
    anyway. Once you finish up in this room, pull the switch beside the door you
    came in and enter that corridor. A Bugbear will come and bug you now. Kill him
    and go down the corridor he came from to collect a Rations(you'll never go
    hungry in this place!)
    The other path you didn't take right near where you fought the Bugbear is your
    next objective. There's a blue button door there, which will take you into a
    corridor with a teleporter on the right side. This is unnecessary because
    you've already been where that teleporter takes you(think back). Instead,
    traverse the very long hallway ahead of you. This ends up taking you into some
    annoying maze-like sequence. There are two Bugbears in here, too, so keep that
    in the back of your mind.
    What you realize in this area is that there are advanced twisters in the
    squares that are one step forward as you turn a corner. They totally disorient
    you and find you going in the same way you originally were. You need to go
    backwards every time you get twisted(watch your compass if you aren't sure) to
    actually advance, which feels weird. It's also set up so that the way out
    takes three repetitions of this to reach. I don't really understand it, but I
    do know that each side is the same except for the exit side(which contains a
    side-path leading to the way you came from) and the Bugbear side(which merely
    contains two monsters).
    Other than that, there are two branches on each side. One has a path with
    limited visibility that leads to a gem and the other leads to a pair of eyes
    with one gem missing from them. Put each of the gems in the slots and a
    passage adjacent to the eyes will open. Enter this room to find Chainmail and
    a shield on the ground. There's also an arrow and Rations in the cubby-holes.
    Take the north ladder(there are two) in this area to reach the next level.
    -=LEVEL FOUR /\ Monsters: Spiders =-
    Take one step forward, and you'll meet an injured dwarf. Tend to his wounds,
    and he'll offer to join you -- let him. Assuming you have the ideal party for
    this walkthrough, replace the Thief in the front row with Taghor, replace the
    Mage in the middle row with the thief, and then it's time for some gear
    swapping. Give Taghor a shield, equip the Thief with a sling(and transfer any
    rocks to his belt-pouch) and equip throwing daggers and darts on the Mage. Now
    you're ready to tackle level four, and it's a bit of a toughie.
    It might look like there's no way to go from here, but the right path actually
    leads somewhere; it just has false walls disguising it. But once you get on
    the other side, you can't go back unless you take the formerly left path.
    Approach that path even if you aren't going back, though, because there's a
    Dwarven Key on the ground just before the first false wall.
    Before you go any further, you'll likely want to change all your cleric's(if
    you have one) level two spells to slow poison. This will take a huge burden
    off of you if you happen to get unlucky with some of this level's denizens.
    Once you're ready and fully rested(Taghor takes a while to get up to par), set
    off. The right route is the one we want to take once we reach the gargoyle
    symbol set on the wall. There should be a chain on the wall before you reach
    ANY doors. Pull this chain and then open the second door you come to on this
    There will be a gargoyle symbol with his hand raised in here, and this is
    actually a lever -- the scrawling on the wall defines it as "Access Control
    Lever". whatever it is, it's actually closing pits that would otherwise bar
    your access from getting to the next dungeon floor, so that's reason enough to
    pull it. Leave and head back to the intersection where you decided to take the
    right route(at the gargoyle symbol) and take the other route this time. You
    will find yourself in a room with three paths. Pull the access lever between
    the right and center paths.
    Now we need to decide where to go. The right way is somewhere you don't want
    to go yet and the center leads to a dead end, so let's take the left one.
    We'll end up in yet another room with three paths now, but in this particular
    case they all lead to closed doors. The outer two can be opened by a button,
    while the center one requires a key -- but it's worth it. Visit them in any
    order you wish. You'll find a Dwarven Key in the right one, an access lever(
    which you should pull) in the left and some nice items in the center, locked
    There's also a chain in there which unlocks a nearby secret path, and you'll
    want to pull that after taking the items here. Of particular note is the axe,
    "Drow Cleaver", which is a nasty weapon that should be equipped on none but
    your two front fighters(if you ask me, give it to the original guy, since he's
    stuck with you the longest :) But there's also a medallion, which you can
    equip on anyone for completeness' sake, and a robe, which doesn't have much
    use unless you happen to have lost your mage's.
    At this point, you can take the secret path that's opened up in the big room
    with the three doorways leading from it or the right path that I said you
    shouldn't take yet -- that you've been working to clear of pits with the
    access levers -- and wind up at some stairs leading down that are pretty easy
    to find, but, of course, we're not going to take the easy way out :) Plus,
    there is a fair amount of treasure to be had in the actual spiders' lair.
    To reach it, take the right path at the gargoyle symbol that we only took
    earlier to pull the chain and level that were there(back towards the beginning
    of the level). You'll pass by a bunch of doors and at the very end come to a
    fork. There are actually two forks, but the one we're going for has both
    passages leading into areas without immediately visible doors. At this branch,
    let's take the left path and get ready for our first spider battle. We reach a
    door and after opening it, a spider quickly approaches.
    With these guys, I like to wait them out and try to get the first attack in
    because, while it doesn't happen too often, your fighters can occassionally
    kill the spider before it even gets an attack in. And as these spiders poison
    with almost every hit, that's very important. The main thing you want to avoid
    is getting turned around near a spider, though, as this will mean members
    outside of your front row can get poisoned, too, and that won't be good.
    So, after defeating the spider, continue forward, ignoring the door on the
    left. There's a room up ahead with a door in it(operated by a button on the
    right wall) and past this door, there's no going back -- at least not an
    immediately visible way. So do what you need to do and then open it and go
    through. We've now entered the actual lair of these creatures. Our first
    object is a spiderweb which can be hacked through simply by attacking it. But
    save your game first and foremost.
    (NOTE ABOUT THE SPIDER LAIR: The lair is a bit randomized, and the challenge
    here is a massive step up from anything you've run across up to this point.
    You could end up facing dozens and dozens of spiders if you dawdle too long.
    There doesn't really seem to be a lot of logic behind how many spiders appear
    at certain points, but I have a hunch that it's centered around time spent.
    Regardless, a saved game is vital as you'll probably have to reload a lot.
    Also, even though it may be tempting, don't use your Slow Poison spells until
    you're out of the lair. A single hit from a spider can negate the spell and
    you won't be able to rest to get more of the spells. Even if you have three,
    you should keep the extra in case you get sucker-bit from the side or, even
    worse, the rear)
    All of the webs are like this. Next is another web and then finally an
    intersection. We can hack our way into a single spider's room to the right,
    but there's only a rock in there so unless you need that for your sling or
    Mage's throwing weapon, ignore it. Continue into the next room; this is where
    things get a little confusing. Let's take the left path first. Hack through
    the web and fight the spider there. But be careful -- there are four more that
    will pile into your vicinity soon enough!
    If they don't all come take a step forward and move back, but try to fight in
    the doorway so you only meet one at a time. Use all your tools to fight these
    guys but try to avoid too many spells since they take a lot of time to use and
    you want to take the spiders out before you get hurt too much. Fighting them
    from long-range is also a possibility, but you need to make sure you're not
    going to get surrounded.
    Once the room is clear(five spiders in all), go straight through it and ignore
    the right webbed path. Turn left in the corridor and go straight. Take the
    first left branch, fight the spider that appears and then turn right. Go all
    the way to the end and cut open the web to meet two more spiders. Beat these
    and you'll find a ring in the corner of the room. Turn around, take the first
    left and go straight all the way to another web(where you just came from). Cut
    open this web, dispose of this spider and take the Dwarven Key in the corner
    closest to you.
    Now break open the two webs in a row on the south side of this room. Go
    forward and hang right when you get a chance. Wait to see if anything comes in
    this small section. If nothing does, we're going to advance. Things get brutal
    here, so do what you can to prepare(sleeping will kill your poisoned
    characters, so don't try it). IMMEDIATELY go right again, cut open the web and
    then back up to the small section of the maze that joins the two corridors.
    Face the corridor you just came from and get ready to fight 5-6 spiders in a
    row. Throw, cast, slash -- do what you need to but just watch your health.
    You might even want to burn your Potion of Giant Strength here. It'll be a
    tough battle, but you should come out of it with at least a few characters
    conscious. If someone died, well, try to load an old game or just tough it out
    I guess. It will be tougher, though. Go in the room to the right that you cut
    to access just moments ago and take the sceptre from the corner of it.
    This is another one of the game's "stone" items which come in handy later.
    Leave the room and go straight out of it. You might even want to switch out a
    character(i.e. replace guy in front row with thief) if you have no healing
    left and are hurting bad. Make a right up ahead and bust through the web which
    will be just up a bit and to the right. Turn right here, too, and grab the
    ring in the little cubby-hole. We're almost out of the lair, now, but things
    seem to get a bit crazy at this point and so we need to watch it.
    This is especially true if you're low on health because anywhere from 10-15
    spiders can appear as you attempt to leave the lair. Anyhow, to get out, you
    need to go back almost towards where you entered. Once you leave the room
    where you first fought the big group of spiders, take a left. There are a lot
    of passages here, but the only one you need to follow is the first right and
    then right again, through the web and left to open the door with a Dwarven
    Key. This leads to a place you've already been very close to -- even if you
    don't know it. Use your Slow Poisons on any characters poisoned up to this
    Walk through the room and out to the nearby corridor. Surprise! This is where
    you were just before you entered the spider's lair. Hang left to reach the
    original gargoyle symbol and intersection and continue even further to enter
    the room with three paths. We want to take the right path this time, but if
    there are pits there we'll have to take the left one and then the secret
    passage in that room. Assuming you're not using the secret path, though, here
    is what we want to do:
    Take the immediate right and then the next right. Go all the way down the
    corridor and open the door. There's a spider in here, but it doesn't really
    matter by this point because we're about to find cures for our poison. Kill it
    and then advance to the door directly across the room. Go in here and then
    spin right the first chance you get to find two niches with two Potions of
    Cure Poison in each. Yay! Use them immediately and then take a very well-
    deserved rest. You can un-petition some of those Slow Poison spells, too.
    Next, leave this place you entered(with the lever by the door) and go straight
    down the hall to reach a keyhole. Unlock this door and enter the room to find
    an interesting sequence. You need to open each door and enter the room, taking
    the items you find and then closing the door. Repeat this with each of the
    doors to gain different items each time but if only if you close the doors
    behind you. In this manner, you can round up a number of potions and even a
    Once finished, it's finally time to descend to the next level. Go back to the
    other route you didn't take after crossing the pit-filled corridor and walk
    down this hallway until you see some stairs down. Take them to reach level
    -=LEVEL FIVE /\ Monsters: Spiders =-
    To the north of you is a false wall, but we're not going to enter it just yet.
    instead, let's go down the visible path. It splits off into two ways once you
    bump into a wall. Let's take the left route for now, which will lead to a
    seeming dead end, but alas, the wall straight ahead is false and inside there
    is a Cleric Scroll of Meditation. We'll have to remember to petition that
    before we rest next time. Go back to the intersection and take the other route
    this time. You'll be able to see some mail sticking out in the hallway as you
    progress. Approach it and take it to find that it's Scale Mail. 
    I advise you to give this to your Cleric if you have one because Thieves and
    Mages can't use it and your warrior's already have something better. Also take
    the key beside the Scale Mail. It's at this point that we want to go back to
    the original false wall right by the stairs and enter it. You'll recognize it
    by the rune it is marked by, "The Dwarven Rune of Safe Passage". It doesn't
    make a lot of sense, but I guess it's a little less obvious than, "The Dwarven
    Rune of False Wall". 
    Head straight ahead and turn left once you hit the keyhole. We want to enter
    this door first so go forward two more squares and unlock it. Once inside,
    collect any Rations you see, but walk straight until you bump a wall, turn
    right and go forward. The room will open up, but there will be a little cubby
    hole just to your right which holds a Potion of Poison(yuck) and has an empty
    cranny in it. This is the pantry, and if you put five of your Rations in here,
    they will turn to Iron Rations. This is a "Special Quest for this Level"
    Straight out from the pantry you can reach the middle of the room. There's
    another Iron Rations to your left and then a door that can be opened by a
    button. This is the door to the Dwarven settlement. You'll want to enter it.
    Inside you will be greeted by Armun, a dwarf. He'll tell you of a great
    tragedy and mention that not only do they have a cleric who will heal your
    wounds but that a young Dwarven warrior will join you. 
    Accept the Dwarven warrior even though we have the bones of a thief we could
    ressurect at the cleric(remember the halfling bones?) This is because the
    warrior can use a bow while the thief can not. Once you've met the cleric(he's
    in the upper-left corner from where you entered) and gotten some healing, head
    back out. There's another Iron Rations in the northwest corner straight out
    from where you came in. Now, head out the door that you entered via your
    Dwarven Key.
    Just outside the door, turn left and walk straight. You'll pass both other
    doors, which will be on your left side, and eventually enter a room. There's
    an access control lever here, but it's useless for us so turn right and walk
    towards the door and the bigger lever near it. This area is a little Indiana
    Jones-ish, in that going for the immediately available treasure will end up
    getting you in trouble. But there is a way to get all of the useful things in
    one swoop and get where we need to go too.
    Enter the door and at the four-way intersection go right. Ignore the
    teleporter and you'll reach a door which you should open and just past it a
    key which you should take. Continue forward and open the next door as well.
    Turn left, and you should be able to see the sling from before. Approach it,
    but DO NOT STAND ON IT. One square before it, grabbing it if you actually want
    it, turn right and go another two squares forward.
    There's a ring accessible in the next square, but this is where greed will
    hurt us, so instead turn left and go into the room where the axe is visible
    nearby. Turn right the instant you enter the room and continue in that
    direction. You'll pass a door and then reach yet another key; pick it up. Next
    is one more door and then we're at where we need to be(we can even get the
    ring now). Go down the hall and turn right to be in front of a keyhole. Stick
    your key in, then approach the door left of it, but grab the ring first.
    Inside the door is Plate Mail and a Mage Scroll of Invisibility of 10' -- plus
    another keyhole. Equip the Plate Mail on one of your fighters; again, I prefer
    to give it to the original fighter and give the scroll to your mage for
    scribing. Use your second key and a wall will open beside you, revealing a
    teleporter which takes you to a new section of level 5. Cool!
    Well maybe not so much, as this section is the trickiest yet, but here goes:
    Head straight from your starting location and you will eventually run across a
    door. Open it and prepare for some spider battles inside. Hopefully you have
    two Potions of Cure Poison for once you leave this level, and that way you
    won't need to run like crazy and attack only from a distance. But you might
    want to anyway, just to be on the safe side. Proceed forward and fight any
    spiders that bother you until you're by yourself in a room with a raised,
    circular button on the floor.
    Up against the wall here(a straight line from the door you entered) and
    adjacent to the circular button, you should turn right to face a rune. Walk
    four squares past this rune and there will be another rune of passage on the
    left side. Just inside here is a wand. Pick it up and then leave from where
    you came. Head all the way down this corridor to the wall just across from the
    room with the circular button in it and then turn left. There will be another
    rune here. Go straight through it and continue forward. 
    You will reach a section of teleporters as you progress along this path. Stop
    when you get to the first one and then look right. Walk on this particular
    teleporter to get kicked over to a lever, which you should pull down. Now face
    your immediate right and step in this teleporter, too. Bingo -- another lever.
    Pull it and go the only way you can. You're back at the start. From here, walk
    to just before the first teleporter, turn right, go forward one square and
    then turn left and walk two squares into that teleporter.
    Turn right from where you end up and walk into that teleporter, too. Just go
    straight into the next teleporter, and you'll finally be in a new area. We're
    almost at the end now, but there's one last place we want to visit. Turn to
    face the scribbling on the wall that you can just barely make out. Walk
    towards this wall and straight in front of you will be a Spear and Iron
    Rations. Take both of these; the spear is a very deadly throwing weapon, but
    it can't be used by the classes that are likely your throwers, so it's not
    really that useful.
    Still, it will be of great use. Turn around completely after taking those
    items and backtrack. Just as you come out of the closing that the scribbling
    was on, take the teleporter to your immediate left -- the only nearby one
    against the wall. This leads to your final destination on this level. While
    you're in front of a closed door now, closer inspection will show that to the
    right(and in between the teleporters) is the final lever. Pulling this will
    open the door and reveal the path to level six -- a well deserved change of
    -=LEVEL SIX /\ Monsters: Kenkus, Mage(boss)=-
    (NOTE ABOUT LEVEL SIX: If you thought the spider lair was heard, you ain't
    seen nuthin' yet! Level six features very hardy bird/human creatures that love
    to attack in packs and seem to multiply outrageously every time you rest. To
    make matters worse, they're capable of attacking from a range and love to
    focus on only one character in your front row. And if that wasn't bad enough,
    two can attack at a time with one in the back launching Magic Missiles at you.
    Indeed, this level can be quite annoying. Plus, there's a nasty boss towards
    the start of it that almost requires a Cleric to beat.)
    Well, except that it all looks the same. There are new monsters, though! The
    first obstacle you'll run into is a door. To the right and left of it are
    circular buttons, which should be quite familiar by now. These seem to require
    that you drop weapons on them, so leave any old maces, unneeded daggers, axes,
    etc. on them. Only one is needed on each, though, before the door will swing
    Just past the door is a Kenku, this level's monster type. These things are
    rather interesting creatures not only in appearance but in magical abilities
    as well. They can cast Magic Missiles, which will necessitate you hiding
    behind a wall and waiting for them to come around -- then ambushing. Do so
    with this first one you run into; they have much more life than spiders but
    you'll be fine.
    Walk right after beating this one to meet another one in the adjacent room.
    This one is actually guarding something, though, so explore his lair after
    ruffling his feathers. Your searches will earn you a Kenku Egg, something
    we'll need a bit later. Hang completely right from now on, up until you enter
    a very tiny room with another Kenku Egg. Grab this and then go ahead and
    memorize/petition spells and rest. You'll need all the health you can get for
    the boss coming up. Well, at least in theory.
    While you'll want to save anyway, we can make this boss history with a simple
    level 2 cleric spell called "Hold Person". Memorize as many of these as
    possible, and if you don't have a cleric, well, you're in a bit of a spot.
    However,  the boss might still be beatable. You just need to make sure to get
    him to waste his initial spell that damages your whole party. It'll be blue
    and the first thing he casts, so just back away once you encounter him and
    then hide once you see it coming towards you(you'll need to be a good distance
    away for this to work). And then beat him up.
    Anyway, he can be found in a little corner not far from where you got the last
    Kenku Egg. Just head back from where you came and hang right when possible.
    You'll see a corner with a potion and scroll in it, and this is where he is.
    After some dialogue, he'll attack. Use Hold Person and simply wail on him. You
    might not even need to use more than one. From the battle you'll get a nice
    amount of treasure: 2 Potions of Extra Healing, a Wand and a Mage Scroll of
    Hold Person(ironic, huh?).
    Walk north and east out of his corner when finished to reach a new area, where
    you'll possibly bump into some Kenkus(especially if you've been resting a lot)
    after opening a door. Don't step onto the circle button in the middle until
    you're sure the room is clear(and you've saved) because you'll get hit from
    both sides by darts. It was a trap, but the cool part is that you can pick the
    darts up and use them. So ditch the other throwing weapons your thrower had
    and equip all darts on him/her(the Mage in our ideal party).
    When ready, proceed through the next door and down the long hallway to reach a
    fork, with a door immediately in front of you. Go right here and then take the
    next right, too. Finally, take a left and follow the path to reach a key. Once
    you acquire this key, head all the way back to near the start of the level
    where you passed that locked door(right near where you found the first Kenku
    Egg). This is where the key belongs.
    It gets hellacious past this point as there seem to be anywhere from 6-8
    Kenkus roaming around in the spacious halls beyond this room, and they aren't
    spread too far apart, either. The more you rest, the more will be thrown at
    you, too. But once you get them, you will have peace for a time. Once this is
    done, follow the southern wall. The first turn-off you reach will be a door
    labeled "Nest"; ignore this for now. The next turn-off is a hallway which you
    should take. There's a bevy of dart-traps that are difficult to avoid around
    here, so you might need to take some hits. Most aren't terribly logical in
    where the darts come from, and when you do think you know where one is going
    to come from, it seems to come from the exact opposite area. You'll scoop up a
    dagger, Adamantite Dart and Wand at the end for your efforts, though. 
    Plug two darts(preferably random ones and not the adamantite) into the hole
    where you got the wand. The second one will go in the hole that appears behind
    it. The next hole will hold a Dwarven Key. Backtrack and continue following
    the wall. Ignore the next turn-off and take a few steps past it. Then, turn
    right to notice a door. This one leads into a room with a very obvious dart
    trap which you can side-step. Enter the door on the other side of the room.
    You are now presented with a choice: right, left or forward. Since the stairs
    don't lead anywhere before you've gone right or left, choose either direction
    -- just don't forget which way you haven't been. At either end is a hole which
    you should fall down(finally, you're SUPPOSED to be clumbsy for a change) and
    take the Dwarven Key at the bottom.
    Do this on both sides to wind up with two keys and then leave via the stairs.
    Make sure to rest and save before going too much further as you'll undoubtedly
    be hurting from the falls(you'd think such famous heroes would bring along at
    least ropes for the journey, but I guess such things take a backseat to
    scrolls you already have and cumbersome surplus weapons). Anyhow, we can head
    to the end now, but there's also a way to obtain a sick weapon called the
    Chieftain's Halberd which, although two-handed, packs a vicious punch.
    However, it will require about 10-20 more battles with Kenkus, so you decide.
    Why you'd want to return eggs to a nest where the owners have done nothing but
    badger you throughout the whole dungeon level is beyond me, but the reward is
    nice as is the experience. Plus, you'll be able to replenish most of the
    rations you use since Kenkus tend to drop them quite often. Our first step is
    to leave the room with the stairs outside of it and once again avoid the
    circular button in the middle of it.
    We'll want to follow go east a few squares and then follow the wall to the
    north and then west back into a secluded area that'll likely be marked by all
    the projectiles of yours that have ended up there(this section is directly
    across from the original locked door you opened to get here). There are three
    doors throughout this hall, and you need all of the eggs from each plus the
    two eggs from earlier in the level to get your reward.
    Each room contains 3-4 Kenku, but can be sealed off after you beat them to get
    a quick rest. You need to clear out all of these rooms and then return to the
    door on the southern wall in the big hallways and deposit all of the eggs
    you've gathered up to this point inside the room labeled "Nest". There are
    also two Kenku waiting inside that room to ambush you, so be careful. Arm the
    Chieftain's Halberd on your main fighter and switch the Drow Cleaver over to
    To find level seven, take the hallway just past the long one with all of the
    dart traps in it where we found the adamantite dart. This will lead to an
    oddly shaped room with a keyhole on the right side. Plug one of your Dwarven
    Keys in this hole and then do the same with the other two holes that appear.
    There should be one more Kenku tucked away somewhere inside this odd mess of
    unlockable walls, but he'll be the only thing seperating you from the next
    (NOTE BEFORE DESCENDING: The next level is blocked off by 4 Drow who are
    pretty close together. You'll end up having to fight them, so it's a good idea
    to memorize as many Hold Person and Remove Paralysis spells as you can. Your
    mage should have any possible damage spells memorized as well. Again, if you
    don't have a Cleric here, you're in BIG trouble. A Mage can use a limited
    amount of Hold Person, but won't be able to Remove Paralysis at all and Drow
    tend to paralyze with every hit, so...
    Don't forget to rest to gain all these spells. You might have to put up with
    some Kenku as you do, but trust me in that they're MUCH easier than four Drow
    crowded around you, beating you senseless :) SAVE BEFORE YOU GO DOWN!)
    -=LEVEL SEVEN /\ Monsters: Drow, Royal Skeletons, Displacer Beast(unique)=-
    Okay, so we're finally here. These are the Drow the Dwarves were talking
    about. When you arrive, you'll be confronted by one Drow, but it will be
    obvious he has back-up. Most methods of approaching this problem will lead to
    you getting yourself in a huge mess and having to run back to the next level,
    rest, fight more Kenku and generally rely on luck to get past these guys, but
    we have a little trick we're going to use.
    Firstly, select the "Bribe" option. You'll notice that even though the Drow
    seem very angry, they don't attack. Use the "Hold Person" spell and begin
    attacking with only your front two characters. With a Chieftain's Halberd(if
    you did the egg quest) and a Drow Cleaver(or Axe if not) you should be able to
    chop him down with a little luck. Depending on how fast you kill him, the
    other Drow beside him might reinitiate negotiations, which is ideal. In this
    case, just Hold Person this Drow, kill him and then work on the last two in
    the same manner.
    If you don't kill him so fast, the other Drow will approach and begin
    assaulting you as well. This sucks, but you can still win. Just make use of
    Hold Person, keeping in mind that Remove Paralysis actually removes any
    Paralyze effects on your whole party and not just a single character. Also
    employ both Mage attack spells and ranged attacks if they all dogpile you
    because you're probably going to have to run anyway -- Drow take very little
    damage and can dish it out well, too.
    When you run, just go back up the stairs and rest on the next level, hoping
    that you don't get ambushed by Kenku too early. Paralyze effects wear off
    after a while, but healing still takes time and Kenku aren't that much weaker
    than you yet :)
    Anyway, you should win this after a couple of tries, and you'll be treated to
    an Adamantite Long Sword and a dungeon level open to exploration if you do.
    Use this Long Sword in combination with a shield on one of your fighters
    unless you already have the Chieftain Halberd/Drow Cleaver combination on your
    guys in front. In that case just chuck it or give it to someone else as a
    back-up weapon. You're ready to explore the rest of Level 7 now; but be
    warned, it is a very long and tricky level, even with the solution.
    Take the right path first to arrive in a large chamber. If you keep going
    straight, you will hit a wall and to your immediate left will likely be a Drow
    or two. Do battle with them and then head in that direction, branching off
    into the 3x3 room once again to your left. There's a Medallion in here which
    you should grab before leaving. At the first intersection you come to after
    leaving the room(you've already been here), turn right instead of going
    straight and then go forward. This path will bend and at the first bend you
    should see an arrow.
    Take the arrow and continue straight to reach a fork. Go left here and then
    take the very next right path you come to. You should have been able to see it
    as you turned left. Follow this for a while to come to another fork. The left
    way is a dead-end, so head right and open the door you will soon see on your
    right-hand side. This is done by pressing the button in the upper-right
    section of it. Inside you'll find a Potion of Healing and a Key.
    Go back and turn right just out of the room, following the path as it weaves
    around. Your next change of course should come at the next intersection where
    you need to turn left. Along this path, you'll trot by a dead-end to the left
    and then arrive in the first big room you entered on this left. So, head left
    to go back to where you first fought the four Drow; we're going to take the
    path straight that we didn't take earlier, just past the stairs leading back
    to level six.
    Following this path, you'll eventually arrive at a sign which tells you not to
    delay. There's a lot of truth in this because each circular button on the
    ground causes a fireball to come flying at you, which sucks but our hopes in
    navigating this segment of the level is that we can actually get that Fireball
    spell for our Mage. Anyway, we're going to want to rest to full life and save
    before doing anything here because the next obstacle is much greater than any
    Fireball trap -- we're about to go toe to toe with five Drow. 
    When ready, dash straight across the two circlular buttons and immediately
    turn left and start walking in that direction. The second button seems to
    force you to get nailed no matter what, but the damage isn't so bad except for
    the weak guys in your rear rows(and if it comes to using them in this battle,
    you're probably going to die anyway). Not too many steps further on this path,
    ignoring the right turn-off, and you'll encounter the war-party of Drow.
    Hold Person, as usual, is your friend against these guys. Don't blow a Remove
    Paralysis unless both of your fighters are paralyzed and be sure to eliminate
    any down-time in terms of attacks. Always have your characters launching
    projectiles or slashing with their swords. Protection from Evil 10' can be of
    use here as well. Mainly, cast Hold Person with the Cleric and Acid Arrows/
    Magic Missiles with the mage, though, and you should be able to win. Although
    you might have to restart once or twice.
    Past the Drow is the holy grail which we came all this way to get! Except that
    it's not a cross but instead a Mage Scroll of Fireball, which you should
    scribe and memorize ASAP. Go back out of the room once you've done this and go
    straight, ignoring both the left and right turn-offs and crossing the two
    circular buttons in your way. The last button will be in front of a wall at a
    fork, and you should turn left here to get out of this whole mess of Fireball
    If you take the next right, you can get a Cleric Scroll of Create Food
    assuming you actually care, but otherwise take the next left and then the
    right just after it. Not long after, you will find yourself facing an unlocked
    door with a path to your right. Go to the right first and spend your key on
    unlocking this door which takes you up a flight of stairs and to a Stone Ring.
    Then, go back and open the unlocked door via the upper-right button.
    Journey straight down this linear hallway for a while to see the path
    eventually bend to the left(ignore the first right turn-off, but keep it in
    mind as that's our next destination). Around this time you will probably see
    more Drow nearby. If not, know that you are close to some. So navigate this
    hallway cautiously and then open the door to your left. In this room are three
    items: Iron Rations, a Necklace and a Cleric Scroll of Empower.
    It's as this point that we want to go back to the path you ignored just
    moments before and were supposed to remember... what?? you didn't?? Okay,
    leave the room, turn right and follow the corridor until the next left turn-
    off, which will be on your left side. This way leads to a single stone divider
    in the middle of the path, which allows you the leisure of either turning left
    or right. Go left for now and then left again to reach another arrow(finally
    you're getting some serious firepower in your bow-user's quiver!). 
    Saunt over to the stone divider you just came from and take the path not
    travelled. Don't bother with the right branch you see; it will just take you
    in a circle and to a room you don't want to futz with. Instead, follow this
    path trustfully, but be sure to save and rest before you go too far. After a
    bunch of wandering, you will see a fork. The right path leads to a room with a
    nice Shield in it -- equip it on your 1-hand/shield fighter. Go back and take
    the other path at the intersection to once again be put on a winding course.
    But after a time some doors will become visible on the left side.
    It's at this point that you'll be grateful for having saved earlier because
    behind each of those doors is a nasty new enemy you haven't faced yet called a
    Royal Skeleton. These guys are downright brutal and you better hope you only
    bump into one at a time because this will be your hardest segment yet barring
    the boss battle with the Mage earlier(though that was negatable with Hold
    Person--this isn't) Anyway, past the doors there is a room and a circular
    button. Stepping on this button is unavoidable if you want to enter the room
    and thus the doors are bound to open. In the room you will get a Cleric Scroll
    of Protect-Evil 10, a Cleric Scroll of Remove Paralysis and a Key, one of the
    main items you came here for.
    But most importantly, you want to get ready for the Royal Skeletons as this
    will be the room you'll ideally do battle in. They like to focus on a single
    guy in the front ranks and so it's imperative that you find who that guy is
    and cast some kind of protective spell on him. Your scroll of Protect Evil 10'
    works wonders here. Next, basically just start launching stuff at him and
    repeatedly casting attack spells. Since he's not a person, Hold Person won't
    work, but you might get sort of lucky and score a Turn Undead with your
    cleric(random chance) and be able to whack him from behind.
    Just duke it out with all three, restarting if necessary and then search the
    third cell on the right for some bones and a Grail, which is a good indication
    that this is the body of a cleric. And you'll be able to ressurrect it later,
    too, because we're going to find a Cleric Scroll of Resurrect on this level.
    But you'll only want to do that if you lose one of your current guys of
    course. So now it's time for a little backtracking and then some exploration
    of a new area. If we leave the way we came and head past the first
    intersection, the second intersection should have a path leading straight and
    The left path is our goal now(remember I said it would lead you in a circle?
    Well it does but it also leads to a staircase). So follow this path as it
    bends left briefly, ignoring the locked door(it only contains arrows and we
    have better uses for this Key) as well the next turn-off to the right.
    However, when we see a way to leave the corridor on the left side, we'll want
    to take it because that is where a set of stairs leading down is.
    Walk straight ahead when you get down here until you bump into a wall. Fork
    off the to the right now and you will come across a key and a gem. This is
    actually a Drow Key.  Go back to where you forked to the right and take the
    stairs leading down which are immediately visible across from you.  Head right
    here and open the door you come to with your Drow Key. A massive room opens up
    here, but the only points are of interest are on the far right wall, where
    we'll find a slot. Stick your gem in this slot and push the nearby button to
    produce a Jeweled Key.
    This will allow you to open the door on the other side of this massive room.
    There's another door past it, too, but that one isn't locked. Take the stairs
    up. In this area, there's another slot but we don't have a gem to put into it
    -- fortunately, we don't need one. We have the Key you got earlier from the
    Royal Skeleton area, or if not that, hopefully a Dwarven Key or Silver Key or
    something! If not, you're going to have to journey pretty far back to find one
    unfortunately :(
    But chances are you will have at least one key, and so you'll be able to stick
    in it the slot, push the button and create a gem. With this gem you can open
    the nearby door by mounting it in the big gray circle by the door. As the door
    opens, you'll notice the final type of key lying on the ground -- a Royal Key.
    But instead of going up one of the nearby staircases, we're going to backtrack
    all the way back to where we first descended any stairs. You know, right after
    the longer first level where we found the Mage Scroll of Fireball.
    Well, on the second level of level seven, right by those stairs, is a rune on
    the wall, which looks like a Dwarvish Rune of Passage but is instead probably
    some weird kind of Drow rune. It doesn't matter, though, because all we need
    to know is that it's possible to walk through it and arrive at door. And this
    door can be opened by -- you guessed it -- the Royal Key! Inside we'll find a
    Drow Bow, a Mage Scroll of Vampiric Touch and another Royal Key. Wow! We
    didn't even lose our key for doing that!
    After this it's time to go back to where we mounted the gem to open the door.
    In this segment there is a staircase both to the left and right. For now,
    we're going to take the one to the right. It leads us along a corridor and
    through three unlocked doors before finally bringing us to a hole in the wall,
    in which we're supposed to make a "sacrifice". Thankfully, Eye of the Beholder
    considers items as small as stones to be sacrifices, so just plunk down
    anything you don't care about in the hole and then advance through the passage
    that opens up to the left.
    The next intersection has a path leading straight and left, but the one
    straight has a pit blocking it. Head left, grab the ring and then go ahead and
    hop in the pit. After a short fall, we'll find ourselves near a teleporter.
    Use it and then open the next door to locate a hidden treasure room! We're
    really raking in the treasure now, so keep up the streak by grabbing the
    Potion of Extra Healing and the CLERIC SCROLL OF RESSURECT! YAY! With this we
    can bring back to life those piles of bones if we need to. 
    Use the teleporter again and you'll find yourself in a familiar section of the
    of the maze. Just head back to the intersection of staircases leading up(past
    where we mounted the gem) and take the left one this time. Finally, we've 
    almost made it to the end, but there are still got some very tricky battles
    ahead of us and unfortunately they don't involve creatures as simple as Drow.
    Save your progress and rest before progressing.
    Once you're finished, press forward through the two doors(noting the first is
    one-way) and push the button on the opposite wall once you enter the room.
    This opens up four secret passages, the left and right ones having 5 rooms on
    each side. These are opened by way of buttons and contain not only useful
    items but also keys necessary for leaving the level. There are also up to two
    Royal Skeletons in each, though.
    Keep in mind that no matter what door you open on one side, the exact same
    door is opened on the other side, making what you have to look forward to in
    the other hallway a lot worse the more doors you open on one side. Fireball
    can be a good means of crowd control, though, so you might not need to worry
    about things like that assuming you picked up the scroll. If you want to get
    all of the good and necessary items, you're going to need to open all of the
    My best suggestion is just to take things slowly and rest between each segment
    of battles. The only doors that don't have Royal Skeletons behind them are the
    first doors on the south-sides. But that only yields two keys, whereas the
    rest of the rooms will provide 3 more keys, Banded Mail(equip it on your
    fighter using Chain Mail), Mage Scroll of Lightning and Mage Scroll of Fear.
    Once you've gotten everything(and it will take a while), head into the other
    passages to reach a segment of locks. The order is this - Jeweled - Drow -
    Drow - Jeweled. Then you'll be in a bigger open room. There are cubby-holes on
    the left side, with the useful items in them being a magical rock and a wand.
    If you plug three Stone items(ring, sceptre, necklace, dagger, etc.) into
    these holes, you'll also be rewarded with three scrolls which read as follows:
    Scroll #1: Around the neck made of gold the sign of Dwarves you've been told.
    Scroll #2: The light of the stars sparkles in the gem. Follow one to see the
    Scroll #3: The orb leads to great evil.
    You can open the door just past these holes with a Ruby Key and then you'll
    finally have the stairs down in sight -- but we don't want to go there just
    yet. Why? Because there is another treasure room we've yet to explore. open
    the door straight and ahead and walk down the curvy hallway. At the end of it
    is an intersection with a door(leads to monsters and nothing else) and a
    teleporter. Take the teleporter to reach the treasure room. STOP!
    You're only allowed to take one of the treasures here. Here is a list of what
    you can get, from closest door to furthest.
    Closest door: Magic ring
    Second closest: Magic Bracers
    Furthest: "Slicer +3"(Magic Sword)
    My suggestion is to get the bracers since you already have nice magic weapons
    and plenty of rings already that you have no clue what their function is(
    what's another one, right?). Bracers are few and far between in the dungeons
    of Waterdeep, and it's likely that neither of your guys in front has them, but
    by all means get what you want. When finished, head back out through the
    teleporter to appear right beside the other teleporter from earlier. Journey
    back through the twisting hallway and finally, DESCEND! And wipe that sweat
    from your forehead while you're at it; this was a hard level and you earned a
    -=LEVEL EIGHT /\ Monsters: Driders, Hell Hounds =-
    Thankfully, level eight cuts you some slack. There aren't any locked doors,
    there are fewer twisting passageways and the monsters don't inflict negative
    status effects. But it's still the type of level you'd want to map if you
    weren't using a solution.
    Anyhow, out of the gate(well, they're stairs up but gates sounds a little
    cooler...at least I thought so) take your first right. Follow this path until
    the first branch-off, which happens to be another right. Open the door you
    come to and enter. This is another one of those silly rooms with a twister in
    the middle; so once you step into the middle of the room, turn around and walk
    the way that appears to be where you came from. It's not.
    Just beyond here is another room with multiple twisters. Grab the Sceptre of
    Kingly Might and possibly Robe(if you want it) from here. When ready, leave
    the room and head back in the direction of the stairs. Once you get to the
    intersection where the stairs are just to your left and there's a door in
    front of you, take a right. There's yet another intersection up here, except
    this time there is a door on either side of you. It doesn't matter which you
    take first because they both contain items; one a Plate Mail of Great Beauty
    and the other a flail. Equip the Plate Mail on a fighter and the Flail on a
    Cleric(it's better than the mace).
    After getting both of these, make your way past whichever room you were in and
    head in the direction away from the stairs. You should bump into a door here
    just as the path bends. Prepare for a battle before you open this door as once
    you do, you'll be introduced to both of the creature types on this level:
    Driders and Hell Hounds. There are three of the former but only one of the
    latter. You'll find that they're surprisingly easy once you do actually fight
    them; Driders can't paralyze you and though they can hit characters in the
    back with thrown spears they don't do so often enough to present serious
    concern. And Hell Hounds are just weak. 
    Once the room has been cleared, open the door on the opposing wall to find
    Drow Boots(very nice footwear) and a rather useless scroll of Protection from
    Evil. Leave the room where you fought the creatures now and continue following
    the hall as you were before. When you come to the next intersection there will
    likely be Drider on each side of you, so back up after popping out into view
    in order to take them one at time. 
    There should only be two, so turn left at the intersection of killing that
    number and continue on your way. This ends up being a very long corridor, but
    just keep following it until you see a circular button on the floor. Ignore
    all doors along the way. Once you get to that circular button, step forward
    and stand on it to close the pit immediately beyond. Walk across this section
    of tile now and then continue following the hallway as it continues to your
    Up ahead is a small cranny in the wall holding a wand. Scoop this up and
    continue. Open the next door and you come to and head right in the room.
    There's another door that you will encounter shortly and just past there is a
    choice: will you open the right or left door? You can only pick one and since
    the left contains lockpicks and the right contains a Mage Scroll of Ice Storm
    your choice is obvious. Besides, lockpicks never seem to work in the first
    place. But you will have to contend with a single Hell Hound if you choose the
    scroll path.
    It's at this point that we've gotten everything we can without going through
    the so-called "Gauntlet of Flame", so head all the way back to where you
    entered the level from and sto pat the first intersection. There is a hallway
    on one side and a door you haven't been in on the other. Open the door and
    proceed to the next open; open it, too, and then approach the wall where
    you'll find a button just ahead. Push the button, go through the door and
    quickly duck into the hideaway on the left side.
    Advance once square and look to the right. Once you see a fireball fly past,
    move out into the main corridor and proceed. There's a pit in the next
    hideaway on the right, but only in the first square. So hastily enter into it
    via the second square to avoid the next fireball, which when you see pass by
    should prompt you to once again enter the main hallway. There's only one more
    hideaway left before the end of this whole mess, and it actually has a pit in
    the second square which makes things easier for you than the last hideaway
    did. Repeat the same trick and you will find yourself at an intersection.
    Don't dawdle here because fireballs will still strike as the button-looking
    thing spits them out; instead, turn right and hike down the corridor to
    procure a ring from the room. You'll likely fight a Hell Hound on your way
    back and this is because of a weird mechanism in this hallway that teleports
    you to the path opposite the one you imagined yourself on. So you will merely
    need to turn around after backtracking to the intersection to find yourself on
    the left path this time around.
    Journey down it and keep going and going, ignoring the door to the right as
    you momentarily pass through a room. When you finally hit a wall, it will have
    a scrawling on it but don't read it; it will only confuse my directions as
    it's nothing more than a glorified twister. Turn right in lieu and follow the
    path as it curves, ONCE. When you get to the next curve, continue as if path
    were straight to find a secret. On the other side of this false-wall is a "
    Night Stalker" sword.
    Bend right out of the false-wall and continue, ignoring the next right branch
    (leads to a door, then in a circle) and curve with the path once more to reach
    a door that you should take. Fortunately, we're almost out of this level once
    we arrive here, but there are still some secrets we can find. So open the door
    and head left out of it for the first one, but make sure to heal and save
    first. Go to the end of this hall, push the button and do a 180 degree turn.
    Five Hell Hounds have just been released. It shouldn't be difficult to kill
    all of them, especially with nasty spells like Lightning Bolt at your
    disposal, but you did save just in case.
    What they were guarding was a medallion and ring. Equip these on some of your
    middle or rear-ranked characters since they likely need jewelry the most. Now,
    go all the way down the hallway you came from, ignoring the Hell Hound pens,
    the turn-off with the open door(just came from it) and even the next path to
    the right, which leads to the exit. But at the next decision point, cut right.
    Open the door ahead and go into the room to collect three scrolls; the most
    notable being a Cleric Scroll of Cure Critical(the others are Meditation and
    Neutral-Poison which kind of suck).
    Cool. Now we're ready to head down to level 9, which will mean we're only a
    few levels away from the conclusion of the first Eye of the Beholder!
    -=LEVEL NINE /\ Monsters: Displacer Beasts, Rust Monsters =-
    Level nine can be another quicky assuming you know a few shortcuts. From the
    start,  head out into the open room where are are four different doors. Coming
    from the stairs, take the one in the upper-left corner. Go all the way down
    this hallway, ignoring the doors for now, and walk under the holes above you.
    Two rocks should fall. Pick them up and then backtrack to the doors you just
    ignored. Each can be opened by placing one of the rocks in its hole. The door
    closest to where you got the rocks has no monsters and contains a Mage Scroll
    of Stone Skin. The other door has 2 Displacer Beasts in it and holds a Drow
    Once you've gotten the Drow Key and the scroll, go back to the main room and
    immediately turn right as you enter it. Walk forward until you hit a wall and
    then turn right again to find yourself gazing at another door. Open this one,
    too,  and trek down this massive hallway. The first room you come to contains
    4 Displacer Beasts and the second room is locked. Use your Drow Key here to
    get past. Much further down this corridor you'll bump into a wall and be met
    with the first fork of corridors on this level. 
    Don't bother with the left one and instead go right. There'll be a small
    shelter from the main path coming up on your right. Enter it and walk through
    the wall to circumvent all of the traps here(even though only the last seems
    to do anything in the SNES version) When you come out of the secret wall, you
    should be right in front of a big stash of items. Unfortunately, half of it is
    useless to our suggested party. There's a Paladin Grail(who needs it?), Plate
    Mail(worth equipping on your cleric), a helmet(give it to some guy in the
    middle who'll probably never fight anyway), Human Bones(you can resurrect
    these to have a paladin join you... or not) and a 'Severious' Sword which
    might be better than the Night Stalker but honestly who knows?
    I've done tests and can't notice much of a difference.
    After adequately robbing the grave, keep going forward until you're standing
    on the circular button. Immediately turn right and head in that direction, and
    if you're quick enough you won't get hit by some darts, but it really isn't a
    big deal if you do. Keep going through the level, passing over another button
    and then you should be in a very large room. Magic Missiles are flying about
    here like crazy, so it's in your best interest to quickly grab the Drow Key
    tucked away to the right and then go to the upper-left of the room(from where
    you came in) and open that door with the key.
    There's not much left to this level, but this last part can be highly tricky
    with no signs to really guide you. At first you will only see a sealed door
    and a corridor to the right. So go down the corridor until you're in front of
    a pit. Turn to your right and face the wall. Launch an object. As you turn
    back to face the pit, you will notice a wall has opened and the button across
    from the pit now has whatever you threw on top of it.
    But that's not all that has happened. Go back to where the sealed door was to
    find another door visible now. Open it, go through, grab the darts and Cleric
    Scroll of Cure Serious if you want and then face the wall right across from
    where the darts were. Walk through here to find yourself on the other side of
    the pits!! There are two relatively useless scrolls here, so ignore them if
    you wish. When ready, go into the path open in front of you to find the stairs
    down! Wow, was that a record level completion or what?
    -=LEVEL TEN /\ Monsters: Thri-Keen =-
    This level can be conquered quite quickly, but there are some key things we
    need to do before dropping down(floors this low are still under construction,
    you see, and there are no stairs) to eleven. Beware of the Thri-Keen
    inhabiting this place as you journey around. They can paralyze you quite
    easily with a single hit, and even though they only fight you one at a time,
    still travel in large groups.
    Start out by following the corridor you begin in. The first right branch off
    leads to an arrow if you want it. Much further down the corridor is another
    intersection right as you hit a wall. Take the right path here and go through
    that particular door. Straight down this pathway it begins to bend(ignore the
    first turn-offs you see), so follow it. There will be a bunch of Thri-Keen
    grouped here. You're advised to be prepared.
    Four of them, in fact. Basically, just sling fireballs for quick kills or 
    otherwise rely on the traditional melee and projectile approach. After passing
    the Thri-Keen, take the second right path you see. Follow this one, ignoring
    any turn-offs until it dead-ends. There should be Human Bones and a Skull Key
    here. Trek back past the first left turn-off you see until you come to a
    three-way intersection. Turn left, make an immediate right and then walk
    straight to reach a door. Open it and proceed through to the next intersection
    where a door will be right in your face.
    Make a left at this point and continue straight for a ways, passing through
    three doors. After going through the third, You'll be in a large room with a
    lot of doors; all but one have traps behind them, however. So go to the one on
    the right wall with a keyhole beside it. Pop in your Skull Key and bingo --
    you've gained entrance. Just inside will be Shindia, whom we understand up to
    this point to be a Drow operative. That's cool though, just don't attack her.
    Instead, listen to what she has to say; there's a lot of it.
    When done, you have three options, but the two optional ones aren't terribly
    lucrative. Nonetheless here they are:
    1) Straight = A maze of teleporters and levers. It's hard to explain how to
    get through it except that some levers need to be up and some down. But the
    only prize for getting through it all is Plate Mail and Resurrection Scroll up
    some stairs, so you be the judge.
    2) Left = This is easily the most disappointing path. Fight four Thri-Keen for
    Poison, Flame Blade and Cure Critical scrolls, and a wand. Not really worth it
    but again, up to you.
    The third path is one we definitely want to take though. It's to the right(
    there's also another Flame Blade Scorll plus a Remove Paralysis one in the
    niche on the right wall) and leads to a room with a wand a dwarf in the
    corner. This turns out to be Prince Kirgar. Definitely have him join you.
    Back out of the room and then backtrack a long ways. Go through the skull
    door, the three doors you passed through to the left of that and then make the
    next right. There will probably be some more Thri-Keen stirring by this point,
    so eliminate them. Continue backtracking, ignoring the first right turn-off
    but taking the second.  Navigate this corridor and follow it as it bends to
    the right. 
    You're almost at where you came in now, but you'll find a lever hidden to the
    right just as you head back in that direction. Pull this one twice to open up
    a hidden wall across from it. Enter that hidden area and pull the lever on the
    left twice to transport yourself to a new location. There are some niches
    here. Grab the ring(s) and jump in the pit. And there we go: level 11!
    -=LEVEL ELEVEN /\ Monsters: Stone Golems, Mind Flayers =-
    This level may seem tricky at first, but once you realize how to progress it's
    easy. Well, except for the monsters -- they're almost impossibly difficult if
    approached incorrectly(and only close to it if not). To go forward, you just
    need to enter the center room and press all the square buttons consecutively
    on one wall. Which wall is accessible, though, is determined by where the star
    of navigation is located. It'll be opposite the accessible one.  You'll end up
    pressing three in a row before you reach a door. There are four doors like
    these that lead to different areas of this dungeon level(north, south, east
    and west, obviously).
    You don't necessarily need to go west unless you want either a ring, Slasher
    +4 or Banded Mail. But, for the purposes of this walkthrough, we'll take the
    western path first. It's quick and easy anyway.  Start by lining up the star
    of navigation on the eastern wall. Do this by pushing all three buttons on the
    wall opposite where the star currently resides until it's lined up. Then
    proceed. This area is actually enemy free, and contains a ring, Slasher +4(a
    worthy replacement for an older sword) and Banded Mail(likely has a use for at
    least someone in your middle ranks). Leave when you've gotten all of these, or
    at least what you wanted.
    East is next.  And this is where you meet the first enemies: Mind Flayers.
    These things are particularly unfair, to the point of being annoying. They
    have an attack called Psychic Blast which has a chance of paralyzing everyone
    in your party. It's instantaneous even from range and can be recast every few
    turns in battle. Needless to say, you'll often have to retreat. A good tactic
    is to memorize two Remove Paralysis spells with your cleric and use those if
    one of your front-men gets paralyzed. However, if your cleric gets paralyzed
    along with at least one of the two guys in the front row, it's best just to
    run. These things can output 30 damage easily in a single hit. Luckily, they
    never appear in groups.
    You first encounter with a Mind Flayer will be at the first fork you come to
    after entering the eastern door. It is lurking just to the left and will
    Psychic Blast the instant you step into view. Turn around and start whacking
    it with fast-hitting swords. Don't bother with magic because 1) these things
    are nearly immune to it and 2) it'll slow down your sword assault. After
    you're finished, turn right and proceed through the door at the end of the
    bending hallway. In here will be a sign immediately in front of you on a stone
    island. Ignore it and, instead, proceed towards the second stone island in
    this narrow room. Around back is a hidden button. Press it, and a door will
    open to your left. 
    Just past this door is the second enemy on this level: Stone Golems. These
    things are significantly easier than Mind Flayers, but often travel in groups.
    They can also easily overwhelm you if you're not careful. Thankfully there's
    only one in this room. Kill it off and take the door to the right inside the
    secret room.  Another Mind Flayer is in here. But there's also a Drow Key,
    which is vital to getting down to the next dungeon level. Go through the other
    door in the secret room when you've collected it. In here, continue forward
    through as many doors as necessary until you're at a fork. Take the right
    At the end of this hall is a room. Yet another Mind Flayer is in here, but
    also a very important item: Stone Grail. Some other things are here, too, like
    bracers(very useful), bones(to save your butt if you didn't bring a mage for
    the final showdown), a dagger and a spellbook. Return to the room with the
    three stone islands and the writing now. Take the non-hidden door in here this
    time. Turn right at the fork, and you will enter a room. Inside is a secret
    button on one of the walls. And past that, Orb of Power(yet another crucial
    item)Go back  to the beginning of the dungeon level after getting everything.
    The northern route is next. It contains one of the trickier tactical battles
    in the game. First start by proceeding down the hallway and taking the first
    door on the right. It will lead you to a Dwarven Potion of Healing, a crucial
    Go back to the hallway. The door immediately in front of you now will take you
    to a scroll of ressurection, BUT there are two Stone Golems in the room, so
    choose wisely. Otherwise, continue down the hallway, but don't enter the
    intersection yet. As you can see, there are Stone Golems patrolling both
    halls. This makes for an interesting predicament. What you really need to do
    is face the right wall right before the intersection. This will allow you to
    see what is occupying the first square of the right fork. 
    You want to get the pattern of the creatures down in your head, so when you
    bolt in that direction there won't be anything in your way. Saving is, of
    course, essential before attempting this. But when you do, and you do get
    past, keep running forward and a bit to the left to find a door. Go inside and
    await any monsters before searching for a hidden switch on the west wall. This
    leads to the Stone Orb and a Drow Key, your tickets to dungeon level 12. But
    first, we need to make a trip back to the dwarf area(assuming, of course, that
    you have Kirgar)
    To do this, run all the way back to the start of the level, near the center
    star of navigation. Notice the gate here? Plop your Stone Grail into the empty
    slot. You'll end up in a spacious area with a lot of similar teleportation
    gates(this is the area I notated far earlier in this guide as an important
    place) Go to the far right and search for an area with an empty spot where the
    Stone Medallion should be. This is how you reach the dwarves' lair. Well,
    after a bit of walking. If you don't have the Stone Medallion, even more
    walking, since you need to trudge all the way back to dungeon level five.
    But assuming you take the Stone Medallion teleporter, you're close to the
    stairs down to five already. Just head straight down the long hallway, turn
    left and continue walking until you see the stairs to your left or right.
    You'll have to pass down a few hallways first, but don't worry, the spiders
    won't hurt you too much at this point. When the stairs are found, descend and
    then go through the rune of passage on the right wall. This leads you
    basically to the dwarve's lair. Just go through one of the open doors in the
    series of locked ones and find the middle of the room, where the hideout will
    be on the right.
    When you get there, assuming you have a Dwarven Healing Potion and Kirgar,
    you'll be given the Wand of Silvias(i.e. the way to kill the Beholder). Go all
    the way back to level 11 now and prepare to take the southern door.  This
    leads to the first location where you insert your Drow Key. Past that locked
    door is a hallway, where you can go either right or left. Left is how you get
    to level 12, but to the right is a medallion, res scroll, wand and Mage Scroll
    of Hold Monsters. The only problem is that the room is real confusing and
    requires you to circle around it a bunch to find all of the items.
    When you're ready, take the left branch, though, ignoring the first door you
    see and going through the second and third. Take the right door on this
    hallway and you should be in a massive room. On the west wall of this room is
    another secret button. And past that, two Stone Golems and a locked door.
    Finish off the golems and prepare to fight a Mind Flayer once you open the
    locked door. Use the usual tactics and then insert your Stone Orb in the
    teleporter gate to reach, The Final Level!!!
    -=LEVEL TWELVE /\ Monsters: Steel Golems, Xanathar(boss) =-
    This level is pretty straightforward as long as you press some levels in the
    right order. For starters, throw an object at the center western wall. It will
    trip a switch and let you past. Go through two more rooms to reach a series of
    Steel Golems. Just fight your way through them, casting Stoneskin on one of
    your front row guys and launch lightning bolts/throwing weapons. One will drop
    a Skull Key. Take it. After beating them, turn left down the hallway, pass
    through the door and enter the next door on your left. These are the important
    levers I was talking about. The order you press them in determines where you
    can go in the level. We want to go straight to the beholder.
    So press the center one, then the left one, and finally the right one. Now
    leaves this room and go back towards the Steel Golem Room. Take the door
    directly across from the door you came from. This will put you in a room with
    four doors. The Beholder is in the one to your right. But first, equip the
    Wand of Silvias on a mage. Revive the mage bones from the last level if you
    don't have one yet. Now, definitely save. Xanathar can kill up to two people
    at once, instantly. Thus, we're not really going to fight him in the truest
    sense. Instead, we're going to take advantage of the dumb AI and the Wand of
    Silvias and have a trap in his throne room do the dirt for us.
    So proceed into the next room, cast Protection from Evil 10' on the party, and
    then enter the next door. Take one step forward and there he is. After
    selecting "Attack", immediately back up. Your goal is to get past him by
    luring him into the center of that room and then sneaking by. Get him to
    follow you, though, just don't stay in range of his projectile magic. In his
    lair, there's a long hallway. You want him to follow you down it. Once you get
    in the final room, all you need to do is line Xanathar up one square forward
    and to the right. Once he's there, use your Wand of Silvias twice to push him
    into the red trap against the wall. He will die. You will win.
                                 IV. APPENDIXES
    iva. SPELLS
    Armor - Improves a character's armor class.
    Detect Magic - Glows blue all the party's magic items.
    Fear - Makes the enemy run away.
    Fireball - Deals heavy damage to all enemies in square.
    Hold Person - Paralyzes a humanoid enemy.
    Hold Monster - Paralyzes a monster.
    Icestorm - Long range; damages all squares adjacent to impact point.
    Invisibility - Makes a character impossible to see from short range.
    Invisibility 10' - Makes a character impossible to see from longer range.
    Lightning Bolt - Fires projectile lightning at enemies for heavy damage.
    Magic Missile - Fires a missile for light damage.
    Melf's Acid Arrow - Fires an inaccurate arrow for medium damage.
    Shield - Casts a protective shield upon the caster.
    Shocking Grasp - (Must have a free hand) Causes light damage.
    Stoneskin - Provides an intense AC boost to a single character.
    Vampiric Touch - (Must have a free hand) Causes heavy damage.
    Aid - Increases hitpoints of single character.
    Cause Light Wounds - (must be in front row) Causes light damage.
    Cause Serious Wounds - (must be in front row) Causes medium damage.
    Create Food - Fills food meter of whole party.
    Cure Light Wounds - Heals a single target for a light amount of hitpoints.
    Cure Serious Wounds - Heals a single target for a medium amount of hitpoints.
    Detect Magic - Glows blue all the party's magic items.
    Dispel Magic - Gets rid of negative spells affecting whole party.
    Empower - (?) Affects all party members.
    Flame Blade - Summons a flaming blade in the caster's hand.
    Hold Person - Paralyzes an enemy.
    Magical Vestments - Decreases caster's AC.
    Meditation - Improved version of Aid; affects whole party.
    Neutral-Poison - Removes poison from single target.
    Protect-Evil - Imbues a single target with protection from evil
    Protect-Evil 10' - Imbues party with protection from evil
    Remove Paralysis - Removes the paralyze status effect from whole party.
    Ressurection - Revives bones of a character.
    Slow Poison - Lengthens the periods between poison damage rolls.
    ivb. ARMOR LIST
    (lower AC is better)
    Robe - AC: 10
    Leather Armor - AC: 8
    Scale Mail - AC: 6
    Chain Mail - AC: 5
    Banded Mail - AC: 4
    Plate Mail - AC: 3
    Potion(unlabeled) - Serves as food.
    Potion of Cure Poison - Cures poison.
    Potion of Extra Healing - Heals medium hitpoints.
    Potion of Giant Strength - Huge boost in strength.
    Potion of Healing - Heals light hitpoints.
    Potion of Poison - Poisons you!
    Dwarven Potion of Healing - Dwarven remedy. Cures the king of his injuries.
                                 V. PLOT ANALYSIS
    *****BIG SPOILERS****
    *****BIG SPOILERS****
    The Lords of Waterdeep appear to be the governing body of Waterdeep. They
    commision you(the adventurers) to rid the area underneath the city of an "
    evil". What, they are not certain. Or maybe they are. When the game is over,
    they definitely seem to have an idea of who was behind it all. Or maybe the
    adventurers just told them. Still, the Lords of Waterdeep seem like a highly
    shady group.
    There is a sub-plot involving the dwarves. Apparently they were searching for
    their ancestral home. They slept by a portal, and drow came through. The drow
    fought the dwarves, and the dwarves finally drove them back. But not without
    their king being grievously injured(in actuality, poisoned). The king is later
    cured by you. The dwarves possessed the secret to killing Xanathar the
    Beholder(the "evil") all along. Xanathar knew this, but did the drow?
    Another player is involved in the whole mess: a drow named Shindia. She serves
    Xanathar and is behind the kidnapping of Prince Kirgar. It seems she tried to
    frame the drow. Or maybe not. But either way, the dwarves suspected the drow
    kidnapped Kirgar when, in fact, Shindia had.
    The drow are enigmatic, indeed. It's assumed by a very powerful mage foe met
    in the middle of the dungeon that they, too, are plotting. The thing is,
    according to the mage, their meddling will cause the Lords of Waterdeep to
    take notice of a sinister plot. How, no one knows. Or maybe the mage just
    doesn't realize the Lords of Waterdeep already suspect something.
    Nevertheless, this mage seems to be in good graces with Xanathar, although it
    appears he plans to betray him eventually.
    Xanathar himself is moderately uninteresting. He's driven by power and greed,
    and thinks himself invincible.  The adventurers prove him wrong. For their
    efforts, they of course get to keep all of the treasure found. They are also
    proclaimed heroes for "a day". Not that great of a reward, but then again, the
    "Lords of Waterdeep" seem quite manipulative and insensitive.
    *****BIG SPOILERS****
    *****BIG SPOILERS****

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