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Reviewed: 07/10/01 | Updated: 07/10/01

We Asked 100 People Name a Gameshow Video Game Worth Getting

Family Feud is the game taken from the gameshow of the same name. Fortunately, the game was made long ago, when Ray Combs was the host for the show, and has the old comely set. Survey questions were asked to 100 people, questions like ''name something that turns from green to yellow''. 2 players from each team (or you versus a computer player--you can play the game alone) buzz in to give an answer on the board. Whoever gives a more popular answer gets control. At this point, you have to guess the most popular answers that those 100 people gave when they answered the same question--do and you get points. Give an answer that's not on the board and you get a strike. 3 strikes, and the other family gets a chance to ''steal'' all the points accumulated in the round by giving only ONE correct answer left on the board. After that, a second round is played, with all points doubled. For each successive round until someone gets 300 points, the points in each round are tripled. The first family to get 300 points wins.

The winning family gets to then do the bonus round, where you try to come up with the most popular answer to 5 questions quickly. Then another member of your team goes to answer the same questions again (or you again, if you're playing alone). Get 200 or more points in this round, you win $5000 (or possibly more, if you decide to play the optional Bullseye round). Get less than 200 points, you win $5 for every point you have.

Ah, yes, the optional Bullseye round. In this round, you go head-to-head 5 times against another team (or the computer) to give the most popular answer to 5 questions. Giving that most popular answer puts more money in the bank you can win at the end of the game, up to $20,000!

There is at least one detraction to the game, however--synonyms are usually not accepted. For example, if you type in ''job'', but the game has it as ''work'', you earn a strike, and vice versa (and guess what? Both are used in the game, for different questions, and you can only tell which is right by trying both). It is irritating guessing which synonym you have to use to get it marked as correct. Spelling something wrong usually counts as correct though, but not always. Another detraction is that the computer is a little TOO good, rarely getting any answers wrong, meaning if you're playing against the computer, to win, you have to either be a very good player, or very lucky. Also, a few of the questions are super-tough, and I'd have to wonder how they found 100 people who were able to answer!

Graphics (9/10)--The graphics, though not perfect, are great! The set looks much like the actual set used in the Ray Combs era. Some, like the bullseye graphic, the strike graphics, and the ''DOUBLE'' and ''TRIPLE'' at the side of the board look almost just like on the show! Also, the bonus round ''computer-y'' board look GREAT, just like on the show! Some of the graphics aren't as good, though, namely, Ray Combs himself. You can tell it's him, but he looks a little weird or something. The same can be said for the rest of the families--they all look a bit strange.

Music/Sound (7/10)--Well, I'd really be tempted to give music and sound two separate scores for this game. The music, a derivative of the main theme, sounds like it came off the NES, not the Super Nintendo! I've heard what this system is capable of, and it could've sounded much better. The ''think'' music (when you type in an answer) sounds very generic. The sounds, though, are great! The ding of getting an answer correct in the regular rounds AND the bonus rounds, getting a top answer in the bullseye round, and strikes are all spot-on!

Control (10/10)--it would be easier to have a keyboard to type in the answers, but for what you have, a controller, it's very responsive. Just left, right, up, down, and A to type in responses. Pretty simple.

Fun (9/10)--The game can be extremely fun, especially competing against other players! The only problem, as in most games with questions, is that they eventually repeat. However, it's really not too bad, since you only get like 3 or 4 questions per game, and 5 for the bonus round--with 4500 questions, there will always be plenty that you haven't seen... it's just too bad the game doesn't ''remember'' which questions you've had before.

Overall (9/10)--Great, just great, especially with at least another player!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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