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    FAQ/Move List by Chris

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    Story line:
    Geese Howard has hired a couple of thugs to do his dirty work while he is
    scheming up some nasty plans.  He has a couple of world hero type characters to
    battle your character(s).  If you beat all of them, you become the strongest
    fighter, and get to take on Geese Howard.
    1P mode:
    You vs. Computer -- first opponent is your choice
    2P mode:
    1P vs. 2P (combative)
    or first round is 1P + 2P vs. Computer (co-operative)
    watchout!  Your fireballs can hurt the other player even in co-operative mode.
    A = Punch
    B = Kick
    C = Throw (joystick must be forward)
    Down joystick = Crouch
    Up joystick = Jump
    (normal moves do about 1/9 - 1/7 of the total energy of the opponent, power moves
    do 1/5 - 1/4)
    The Characters (assume right facing):
    JOE HIGASHI (Youthful Muei-thai)
    Suss-Kick!  (Slash-Kick with a baaaaad accent)
    -O   \    + B
    (or -O \  |  /  O- quickly + B)
    (charging kick)
    Firepunches + Uppercut
    Tap A repeatedly
    Slowly  |  \   -O   + A
            O   O
    (Fireball type power move)
    Firebody kick
    Charge  /  , then   O + B
           O           /
    (knock out of air kick)
    Joe wants to become the strongest fighter, as Geese once used to be.
    TERRY BOGARD (the Young Street Fighter)
    Burning Knuckle
    slowly  |   /   O-  + A
            O  O
    (charging punch)
    Rising Tackle ("Heee-yah!")
    Charge  |   , then O  + A
            O          |
    Power Wave
    slowly  |   \   -O  + A
            O    O
    (Fireball type power move)
    Crack Shot (sonic air split)
    charge   /  , then  O  + B
            O          /
    (knock out of air kick)
    Terry wants to kill Geese to avenge his father's death.
    ANDY BOGARD (the Master of Koppo)
    Charging Elbow Slice ("Meeee-Esu!")
    charge O-, then -O + A
    Double Hand Air Slice
    charge | , then  O  + A
           O         |
    Fireball/Sonic Air Crunch ("Trolken")
    slowly  |   \   -O  + A
            O    O
    Acrobatic Aerial Foot Dive
    charge  / , then  O + B
           O         /
    (this move can do 100% enemy damage if not blocked -- can hit up to 3 times!)
    (knock out of the air kick)
    Andy wants to kill Geese to avenge his father's death.
    The Enemies:
    The first four:
    RICHARD MYER (Super Kickboxer)
     is the easiest by far.  Watch out for his spinning split kicks, both handstand
    and hanging.  The easiest way is to keep him at a distance (with low
    punches/kicks) and nail him with fireball type moves.  Charge moves have to be
    carefully timed.
    TUNG FU RUE (Mild mannered Kung Fu martial artist/Mr. Hyde in disguise)
     is the hardest.  If you take off more than 1/3 of his energy, he changes into a
    huge monster that throws fireballs and has a powerful spinning punch.  If you
    knock him down to 1/4 left, he changes back.  The easiest way to kill him is to
    hit him with 2 powermoves and walk up to him and low punch/kick him 2-3 times and
    he'll change back.
     is fairly difficult.  He is fast on the kick/counter-throw kick and he has a
    nasty roll which is invulnerable.  There's no cut and dry strategy to beat him,
    except that with Joe and Terry, you can charge punch/kick his roll and with Andy
    as soon as you've knocked him down, you run over him.
    MICHAEL MAX (Local power boxer)
     is pretty difficult with his TornadoCrusher Fireball.  Make sure you jump over
    them and kick him in the head, and also try to low kick him as many times as you
    can.  Charges are an ok trade vs. the TornadoCrushers.
    The next three:
    HWA JAI (The expert Muei-Thai)
    He's not that bad in the first 1/3, as he only jumps and kicks and punches.  But
    if you hit him and he drops below 2/3 max energy, he drinks this bottle which
    allows him to do a "ROCKET!" powermove which is similar to Joe's flaming body
    move.  It does a lot more damage though, and only the charges can beat him.  He's
    too fast to do any other moves, unless you carefully time them.  Andy's Acrobatic
    Aerial Foot Dive works well against HWA JAI.  Watch your moves carefully and time
    them because you will take a lot of damage against the ROCKET! if HWA JAI uses it
    against you.
    RAIDEN (the Circus Big Man/Wrestler)
    Raiden is particularly bad; he'll belly flop on you, his foot sweeps are long and
    hard hitting, if you jump in he'll head butt you.  He has a nasty flame breath or
    powder breath which is bad if you don't block it, but you can use it to your
    advantage.  Stick out a fist by pressing A while you are a distance away (about
    1/2 the screen), and Raiden will breathe flame.  Use your charge move near the
    end of the breath, and you will knock him down every time.  Repeat and kill.  If
    you're Andy, the Acrobatic Aerial Foot Dive must be carefully timed when Raiden
    is not breathing flame, and does a lot of damage; the Shadow Elbow Slice is much
    more useful as you can just run Raiden over (as any other character) when he
    gets up.
    BILLY KANE (the Nasty Stick Man)
    Billy is pretty nasty as he'll vault into you, and you must pull forward or
    be knocked down.  He has an aerial jump which you can throw him right
    before/during landing.  He has a lot of range with his stick.  His thrown
    twirl is pretty nasty too. Billy has one nasty weakness, and you must exploit it:
     whenever you can throw him, do it!  Right after he loses his stick, he'll be
    trembling and you can't throw him.  But when he jumps up and grabs another stick
    and comes back down, you can throw him.  You can make him lose his stick by:  1)
    throwing him, 2) knocking him down with a powermove, 3) make him jump up, and
    throwing him, 4) having him throw his stick at you.  Then you just grab him again
    and again when he tries to regain his stick and he dies.
    GEESE HOWARD (super martial arts champion)
    Geese is not easy to beat, and no powermove works particularly well against him. 
    He is fast, stronger than the characters by 20%, and has his own powermove:  Fast
    Powerwave (RAG-CHEW!) that does 1/3 of max strength.  He can grab you if you are
    within range, if you if you are attacking with any maneuvre.  Yes, he'll grab you
    out of a flaming body kick, or a Shadow Elbow Slice, or a Burning Knuckle.  Not
    to mention that his kick is super-long and can stay extended for the full time
    he's in the air.  The strategies that work:  1)  Jump up (if you've ever played
    Guile or Ryu or Ken vs. Zangief, you might have used this one) and nail him with
    a kick if you're Andy or Terry or a punch if you're Joe when he throws the power
    wave.  Repeat until dead.  2)  Calculate distance and jump in, walk up, throw. 
    Repeat until dead.
    The ending is quite a bore ... you kick GEESE HOWARD, and he falls out of
    the window and you don't see the splat.  The message sayd that GEESE HOWARD dies
    3 hours after falling from a high rise (or something like that) with the current
    date (when you played the game).  A new legend begins... (and it shows a picture
    of the character you won with, on a cliff, looking away... like the title
    screen).  Quite a disappointment.
    Well, that's all for now.
    -Chris :)

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