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    FAQ/Move List by bhuj

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    Fatal Fury Special FAQ
    (Super Nintendo Version)
    Version 2.0 [FINAL!]
    By V. Haalgard
    (The Super Nintendo Edition)
         a.	Terry Bogard
         b.	Andy Bogard
         c.	Joe Higashi
         d.	Mai Shiranui
         e.	Big Bear
         f.	Jubei Yamada
         g.	Cheng Shinzan
         h.	Kim Kaphwan
         i.	Duck King
         j.	Tung Fu Rue
         k.	Billy Kane
         l.	Axel Hawk
         m.	Laurence Blood
         n.	Geese Howard
         o.	Wolfgang Krauser
         p.	Ryo Sakazaki
    C.	CODES 
    	Fatal Fury Special [Edition] was the last SNK game ever released 
    on the Super Nintendo (or "Super Famicom" in Japan). It featured 15 
    fighters, plus one hidden. It was released in America by the company 
    Takara, who translated it from its original Japanese Neo-Geo format. 
    Fatal Fury Special doesn't have a role in the Fatal Fury/King of 
    Fighters storyline; it was mainly a game to please fans. It's pretty 
    much an expanded version of Fatal Fury 2, where Geese Howard returns 
    from the original Fatal Fury as a playable fighter, Ryo Sakazaki (from 
    the Art of Fighting series) was added as a hidden fighter, and the 5 
    unplayable bosses from FF2 were made playable.
    This is the orientation of the Super Nintendo controls:
               UpBk          Up           UpFwd
               Bk                         Fwd
               DwnBk         Dwn          DwnFwd
    P- Any Punch button.
    K- Any Kick button
    HP- Heavy Punch
    HK- Heavy Kick
    LP- Light Punch
    LK- Light Kick
    Hold Bk (2 sec.) Fwd + HP- Hold the Back button for 2 seconds, then 
    press Forward and Heavy Kick together.
    *Other stuff you can do in FFS:
    Bk, Bk- Jump back, useful when too close to opponent or when opponent 
    does a dash move.
    DwnFwd- Crawl-walk, you can duck and walk at the same time.
    3D Move: Jump to the other part of the stage.
    3D Attack: Smack your opponent to the other part of the stage.
    (Note: The following stages are not two-part: Billy Kane, Axel Hawk, 
    Laurence Blood)
    Also, in order to do a super move, your vitality bar must be flashing 
    black to red.
    From: U.S.A.
    Storyline: Terry Bogard and his brother Andy were orphans living on the 
    streets of Southtown until Martial Artist Jeff Bogard adopted them. 
    Jeff and Geese Howard were both taught the arts of Hakkyokuseiken by 
    Tung Fu Rue. Seeing Geese's evil intentions, Tung Fu Rue taught Jeff 
    the secrets of Hakkyokuseiken instead of Geese. When Geese found out, 
    he became enraged and killed Jeff Bogard, and vowed to kill Tung Fu Rue 
    as well. Terry and Andy vowed to avenge their father's death and began 
    to train hard to defeat Geese Howard. They eventually faced him in the 
    original Fatal Fury.
    After FF2: Terry was taught by Tung Fu Rue until Tung's untimely death. 
    (Or disappearance, as some say.) In Real Bout Fatal Fury, Terry finally 
    avenges his father's death and defeats Geese. However, Terry did not 
    want him dead because he considered that to be evil deed, and did not 
    want to be like Geese. Geese fell of his tower after a Power Geyser 
    from Terry, but Terry tried to save him in time. But Geese rejected his 
    help and fell to his death. Since then, Terry has been fighting with 
    his brother Andy, his friend Joe Higashi, and later Andy's girlfriend 
    Mai Shiranui in the King of Fighters tournaments. Between the KoF 
    tournaments and the Real Bout Fatal Fury tournaments, Terry learns he 
    has an admirer by the name of Blue Mary, whom he later joins in the KoF 
    tournaments proceeding KoF 2000. Also, Terry is the caretaker and 
    trainer of Rock Howard, who is Geese's orphaned son. (Rock's mother 
    died...or did she?)
    My opinion: Terry's probably the best-looking hero for the era of this 
    fighting game. He looks convincing as a hero, and has pretty good moves 
    to go with it, he and Geese Howard are a perfect hero and villain. His 
    personality is the highlight of his character.
    Special Moves:
    BURN KNUCKLE: Dwn, DwnBk, Bk + P
    Description: Terry dashes forward with his fist outstretched.
    RISING TACKLE: Hold Dwn (2 sec.) Up + P
    Description: Terry jumps up upside-down, spins and hits the opponent 
    with his outstretched arm.
    CRACK SHOOT: Dwn, DwnBk, Bk + K
    Description: Terry flips forward and kick-chops the opponent.
    POWER WAVE: Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd + P
    Description: Terry pounds the ground with his fist and a fuse-like 
    ground fireball roars towards the opponent.
    Desperation Move:
    POWER GEYSER: Dwn, DwnBk, Bk, DwnBk, Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd + LK + HP
    Description: Terry pounds the ground and a flame pillar rises from the 
    ground. It stays in place, and it works best close and with jumping 
    From: Italy (really from the U.S., but stays in Italy.)
    Storyline: Andy Bogard is Terry Bogard's brother. (Actually, it's 
    unknown whether or not these two are related, but they were adopted 
    together.) He's highly skilled in the arts of Hakkyokuseiken and Koppo. 
    He trains hard to one day face Geese Howard, who killed his foster 
    father, Jeff Bogard. He also attended Jubei Yamada's school of Judo and 
    ninjitsu along with Mai Shiranui. He also learned from Mai's 
    grandfather, Hanzoh.
    After F.F.2: Andy fights alongside his brother Terry and friend Joe 
    Higashi in all of the King of Fighters tournaments. He denies he is 
    Mai's fiance, but he is very close to her. Andy also has some sibling 
    rivalry with Terry, believing Terry is paid more attention to. Other 
    than that, Andy doesn't have much going for him story-wise. He's the 
    master of Hokutomaru from Garou: Mark of the Wolves, of whom many say 
    is the son of Andy and Mai, but more credible sources say this is not 
    the case.
    My opinion: Andy's pretty boring compared to Terry. His moves are all 
    right, but he doesn't have much personality, and his costume's boring.
    Special Moves:
    SHOULDER DASH: Hold Bk (2 sec.) Fwd + P
    Description: Andy slides forward very fast and rams the opponent with 
    his shoulder.
    RISING SLASH: Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd + P
    Description: Andy rises upwards, his arms spinning into helicopter-like 
    SONIC SPLIT: Hold DwnBk (2 sec.) UpFwd + K
    Description: Andy leaps upward in arch-formation, feet-first.
    ENERGY WAVE: Dwn, DwnBk, Bk + P
    Description: Andy throws a small wave of energy at his opponent.
    Desperation Move:
    CHO REPPADAN: Hold Dwn (2 sec.) DwnFwd, Fwd + LK + HK
    Description: Andy does a Sonic Split surrounded in flames.
    From: Thailand (Japanese, actually...but hangs out in Thailand.)
    Storyline: Joe Higashi is a champion fighter in the art of Muay Thai. 
    He enjoys fighting and is a bit of a show-off at it as well. He only 
    wants to be the champion by defeating Geese Howard and Wolfgang 
    After F.F.2: Joe Higashi teams up with his friends the Bogard brothers 
    to fight in the KoF tournaments. His life's pretty uneventful apart 
    from that.
    My opinion: Joe was very boring in the first few Fatal Furys. It was 
    later when he gained that cocky personality and those humorous moves 
    and stuff (not to mention his moon taunt in KoF '96 - '99) when he got 
    more interesting. But his simple costume's the same, just boring.
    Special Moves:
    SLASH KICK: Hold DwnBk (2 sec.) UpFwd + K
    Description: Joe spins around and dashes forward with his legs 
    RAPID PUNCH: Tap P rapidly.
    Description: Joe does a standing barrage of punches.
    TIGER KICK: Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd, UpFwd + K
    Description: Joe does a jumping knee, surrounded by flames.
    HURRICANE UPPER: Bk, DwnBk, Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd + P
    Description: Joe throws a small tornado-like projectile.
    Desperation Move:
    SPIN UPPER: Dwn, DwnBk, Bk, DwnBk, Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd + LK + HP
    Description: Joe throws a large, thin tornado-like projectile that 
    doesn't go far, but does a lot of damage.
    From: Japan
    Storyline: Mai is a ninjitsu fighter trained exclusively by Jubei 
    Yamada along with Andy Bogard. She and Andy became good friends, but 
    she soon became obsessed, by way of a misunderstanding, that she was 
    going to marry him. Andy denies this, but Mai continues to believe so. 
    She fights to prove that she can be as powerful as any man.
    After F.F.2: Mai continues to wait for Andy's announcement, but not 
    much happens. She remains optimistic (and determined), however, and 
    teams up with other female fighters like King, Yuri Sakazaki, Blue 
    Mary, Kasumi Todo and Chizuru Kagura as all-women teams in the KoF 
    tournaments, and also joined Andy, Terry and Joe in KoF '99. SNK of 
    America made her the object of desire for Art of Fighting's Eiji 
    Kisaragi, but SNK of Japan denies that this is canon.
    My opinion: Besides her eyebrow-(and other things)raising outfit, Mai 
    does have more good points. Her moves are pretty useful and not too 
    complicated, and her personality is nice. She gets much better in the 
    later Fatal Furys and KoF, but she's okay here, I say. I wish they'd 
    change her more in KoF, though.
    Special Moves:
    FLAME SPIN: Dwn, DwnBk, Bk + P
    Description: Mai spins round and hits the opponent (if close enough) 
    with a flaming fan.
    FAN THROW: Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd + P
    Description: Mai throws her fan at her opponent.
    BEE STING: Bk, DwnBk, Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd + K
    Description: Mai cartwheels forward and does a flying elbow.
    SQUIRREL ATTACK: Hold Dwn (2 sec.) Up + HP
    Description: Mai jumps over to the wall and then dives at her opponent. 
    (Note: In her own stage, Mai will jump onto one of the staffs on the 
    raft then dive at her opponent.)
    Desperation Move:
    Description: Mai does a Bee Sting, only this time her flying elbow is 
    surrounded in flames.
    From: Australia
    Storyline: Also known as Raiden, Big Bear is a henchman of Geese, 
    determined to defeat Terry Bogard out of revenge.
    After F.F.2: Big Bear somewhat disappeared after this game, but re-
    appeared in Capcom vs. SNK as his original persona, Raiden. He also 
    appeared in the ill-fated 3D Fatal Fury game, Wild Ambition, also as 
    My opinion: I hate this guy. He's just so pathetic as a wrestler, and 
    his outfits are dumb. His personality is humorous as Raiden, but as Big 
    Bear, he's pathetic, simply pathetic.
    Special Moves:
    GIANT BOMB: Hold DwnBk (2 sec.) Fwd + P
    Description: Big Bear positions himself, saying "Ready!" then dashes 
    forward and shoulder-rams his opponent.
    DROP KICK: Hold HK for 8 seconds.
    Description: Big Bear jumps up and hoverkicks his opponent
    BEAR BOMBER: Fwd, Dwn, Bk, Up + HP
    Description: Big Bear grabs the opponent and slams them back down with 
    a small explosion.
    Desperation Move:
    FLAME BREATH: Fwd, DwnFwd, Dwn, DwnBk, Fwd + LK + HP
    Description: Big Bear exhales a cloud of fire.
    From: Japan
    Storyline: Jubei Yamada is an elderly and strong man who excels in the 
    art of Judo. He trained Mai and Andy for a short time. He fights in the 
    tournament to, well, basically to show off. He's also a pervert, 
    according to five million sources, plus Mai's ending in Real Bout Fatal 
    After F.F.2: Jubei Yamada disappeared after this game for some strange 
    reason; which is a pity, because I'm sure he would've made a great 
    addition to the Real Bout Fatal Fury series. But he disappeared anyway. 
    (Sigh) (Well, he does have cameos in other games, in the background of 
    certain stages in KoF and some endings in other Fatal Fury games.)
    My opinion: Seriously, I think he was worthy enough to stay on as a 
    character in RBFF and so forth, but noooo. He's pretty cool as a Judo 
    wrestler, even better than that boring old Goro Daimon from KoF. He's 
    unique, fighting with cookies and that silly personality, but he 
    should've at least had a better standing animation, he just stands 
    there and doesn't move! SNK could've made him breathe or something!
    Special Moves:
    NIHON SEOI DASH: Hold Bk (2 sec.) Fwd + K
    Description: Jubei slides forward and if he reaches his opponent, he 
    grabs them and slams them backwards.
    SENBE CUTTER: Hold Bk (2 sec.) Fwd + P
    Description: Jubei throws a cookie at his opponent.
    IZUNA GRAB: Hold Dwn (2 sec.) Up + P (Right next to opponent)
    Description: Jubei grabs his opponent, jumps up and then slams them 
    down, upside-down.
    TWIST TRICK: Fwd, DwnFwd, Dwn, DwnBk, Bk + HP (Right next to opponent)
    Description: Jubei grabs his opponent, jumps up, and spins forward into 
    the air, eventually slamming them onto the ground.
    Desperation Move:
    DYNAMITE IZUNA OTOSHI: Hold DwnBk (2 sec.) Dwn, DwnFwd + LK + HP (Right 
    next to opponent)
    Description: Jubei does an Izuna Grab, but this time he slams them down 
    with an explosion, causing much more damage.
    From: Hong Kong
    Storyline: Cheng Shinzan is a wealthy businessman who values money more 
    than himself. Tired of hearing pestering about his health and his large 
    belly, he enters the tournament to prove he's just as fit (and just as 
    powerful) as anybody else.
    After F.F.2: Cheng doesn't have a role in any other canon games, other 
    than his involvement in Fatal Fury 3. He comes back in Real Bout Fatal 
    Fury 2 and Special, basically with the same "storyline."
    My opinion: Well, he's not too bad. Much better in the later Fatal 
    Furys, obviously. He's a bit stereotypical, with the belly flop move 
    that he has, but he still has his good points. He's original, his moves 
    aren't too bad, and his personality is amusing.
    Special Moves:
    KIRAI BLAST: Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd + P
    Description: Cheng throws an energy ball at his opponent.
    BODY BLAST: Hold Dwn (2 sec.) Up + P
    Description: Cheng jumps into the air and, busting his shirt open, 
    slams himself on his opponent.
    GROUND CANNON: Hold Bk (2 sec.) Fwd + K
    Description: Cheng powers himself up, then rolls forward strongly and 
    knocks his opponent down if he comes into contact with them.
    Desperation Move:
    BAKURAI HOH: Hold DwnBk (2 sec.) Dwn, Fwd + LK + HP
    Description: Cheng throws a more energetic and bigger energy ball at 
    his opponent.
    From: South Korea
    Storyline: Kim is a Tae Kwon Do champion. He is prideful over this 
    achievement and is determined to become a hero. He detests evil, and is 
    determined to destroy any fiends he encounters.
    After F.F.2: Kim basically becomes famous, and continues his crusade 
    for good. He joins the KoF tournaments with two outlaws, Chang Koehan 
    and Choi Bounge, who he takes into his home and begins an attempt to 
    reform them into civil, honest beings. In KoF '99, his former training 
    partner, friend, and probably now his rival, Jhun Hoon, joins his team 
    when KoF starts have four-member teams. Jhun then agrees with Kim to 
    take one of the two outlaws and see who can reform them. Jhun takes 
    Chang, and Kim takes Choi. Then, in KoF 2001, (as you can see, a long 
    amount of time has passed since I started this FAQ) Jhun gets into a 
    car accident, and is replaced by a newbie to Tae Kwon Do, a girl named 
    Mei-Li. Also, Kim is in all the other Fatal Furies. He apparently gets 
    seriously wounded by Freeman in the most recent Fatal Fury game, Garou: 
    Mark of the Wolves, and his two sons, Kim Dong-Hwan and Kim Jae-Hoon, 
    replace him as the Korean fighters to avenge him. Those two also 
    appeared in an intro of Kim's from RBFFS, when they were young boys, 
    not teens. Another member of Kim's family who's been in a fighting game 
    was his descendant, Kim Sue-il, who was in a not very well known game 
    called Kizuna Encounter, also by SNK. Sue-il is Kim's special striker 
    in KoF 2000. In the first 3D KoF game, KoF: Maximum Impact, the Tae 
    Kwon Do character is a pupil of his named Chae Lim. Her gloves are a 
    gift from him.
    My opinion: Kim was pretty boring at the start, but he was the first of 
    his kind. I say he was best in Capcom vs. SNK. His moves are cool, and 
    his personality gets better in every game.
    Anyway, now for the Special Moves:
    CRESCENT SLASH: Hold Dwn (2 sec.) Up + K
    Description: Kim does a rising back-flip kick. (Like Guile's flash kick 
    in Street Fighter, know what I mean?)
    RAIN KICK: (In air) Dwn + HK
    Description: In the air, Kim dives down and does a bicycle kick on the 
    opponents face.
    LEG DROP SLICE: Dwn, DwnBk, Bk + K
    Description: Kim flips his leg onto his opponent.
    Desperation Move:
    PHOENIX FLATTENER: Dwn, DwnBk, Bk, DwnBk, Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd + K
    Description: Kim raises his leg, dashes towards the opponents, and does 
    a mix of kicks and punches, ended by a Crescent Slash. 
    From: U.S.A.
    Storyline: Duck King is an avid dancer that also likes fighting. 
    Recently he took on Terry Bogard and lost. Now he buffs up his skills 
    to take on Terry Bogard once more and this time beat him.
    After F.F.2: Duck King is in all the rest of the Fatal Furys (minus 
    FF3), with pretty much the same storyline. He also appears many times 
    in the backgrounds of Kings of Fighters. He was in the Fatal Fury 
    Team's stage in KoF '94, the Women's stage in '95, and the China stage 
    in '97. (I'm sure he's in '96, I'm still looking for him. If anyone 
    knows, e-mail me.) After the last RB Fatal Fury, he disappeared for a 
    while, but he returns in the latest KoF installment, KoF XI!
    My opinion: This guy is nuts! His personality is pretty cool, and he's 
    very original. His moves are weird, but they're original too.
    Special Moves:
    HEADSPIN ATTACK: Hold Bk (2 sec.) Fwd + P
    Description: Duck King rolls himself into a ball and launches himself 
    at his opponent
    BREAK STORM: Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd, UpFwd + K
    Description: Duck King jumps up in the air with his knee up.
    DANCING DIVE: Dwn, DwnBk, Bk + K
    BEAT RUSH: Fwd, Bk, Fwd + HP
    Description: Duck King does a quick dancing Combo with some punches and 
    a kick.
    Description: Duck King does a spinning break dance. It's not much 
    different from his Bk + HK move.
    Desperation Move:
    BREAK SPIRAL: Bk, DwnBk, Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd, UpFwd, Fwd, DwnFwd, Dwn + HP 
    + LK
    Description: This sequence didn't work for me, but Harry Zheng sent it 
    and Proved to me that it worked, so this has gotta be the darn 
    sequence. Duck King grabs his opponent, tosses them up into the air and 
    does a multi-hit breakdance as they come down. This is apparently one 
    hard move to pull off, even HZ says, so good luck with it. Even better, 
    HZ even sends us a hint:
    "The standard way to do it: Do the Bk, BkDwn, Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd, and 
    when you press FwdUp, Duck will jump in the air, and while you're in 
    the air, do F, FD, then at the same instant as you land, press Dwn + HP 
    + LK. Remember, you have to land right next to your opponent, coz it's 
    a throw.
    Alternatively, you can walk right up to your opponent, jump up, and 
    while in the air perform the direction move, then do that D + heavy 
    puch + light kick thing at the same instant that you land" -Harry Zheng
    From: China
    Storyline: Tung Fu Rue is the master of Hakkyokuseiken. He was the 
    teacher of Geese Howard, Jeff Bogard, and later Terry Bogard. Tung, 
    seeing the amazing progress of two of his students, Geese and Jeff 
    (especially Jeff), decided to bestow upon them the honor of teaching 
    one of them the secrets of Hakkyokuseiken. Tung eventually decided to 
    teach only Jeff, because he sensed Geese's evil intentions. Geese found 
    out, and in a rage, (literally) backstabbed Jeff. Tung, being so wise, 
    knew he was probably going to be hunted down by Geese, so he went into 
    hiding deep in the mountains of China. If he were younger, he would've 
    been able to destroy Geese, but since he was so old and frail, and 
    Geese has such dark power, Tung had to hide. However, he was later 
    found by Terry Bogard, the adopted son of Jeff Bogard, who begged Tung 
    Fu Rue to teach him. Tung, seeing the fighting spirit and benevolent 
    aura in this young man, agreed, and taught him what Jeff Bogard didn't. 
    When the first Fatal Fury tournament arrived, Terry joined his brother, 
    Andy, and friend Joe in the tournament. Tung decided to challenge Terry 
    to see how skilled he was, and to his amazement, was defeated by him. 
    Later on, Tung learned that Geese Howard was defeated, and supposedly 
    killed by Terry. Tung was overjoyed, and free from his self-exile. When 
    the second Fatal Fury tournament arrived, Tung decided to join it, and 
    challenge new fighters to see what other fighting styles people used in 
    the tournament. Imagine his surprise when he learned Geese was still 
    After F.F.2: Tung stays on a bit longer, and according to storyline, 
    continued to train Terry Bogard, but died before he could've taught 
    Terry the secrets of the martial art. Actually, It's not certain if he 
    died or not. Some say he went on a trip somewhere and didn't 
    return...weird. He did die in the anime, but those are rarely canon. 
    However, he was in RBFF2 and RBFFS, so that's good.
    My opinion: Tung's original in a way. The way he makes himself bigger 
    and that powerful close attack (Fwd + HP) are pretty cool. Some say 
    he's a clone of Gen from Street Fighter, but I think he developed into 
    a different person later on. He's not a mysterious and deadly assassin 
    now, is he?
    Special Moves:
    SEN-SHIPPO: Dwn, DwnBk, Bk + P
    Description: Tung lunges forward and strikes his opponent with his 
    GEKIHOU: Tap HP rapidly
    Description: Tung ducks down, and in a fit of strength, a giant man 
    made out of energy rises out of him. Good as an anti-air move.
    THOUSAND-HIT KICK: Hold DwnBk (2 sec.) UpFwd + K, close to opponent
    Description: Tung jumps up to the opponents face, and kicks them 
    SHOUHAI: Hold DwnBk (2 sec.) Fwd + P
    Description: Tung releases a fireball that doesn't go very far.
    Super Moves:
    SENPU-GOU-KEN: Fwd, DwnFwd, Dwn, Up + LK + HP
    Description: Tung rises into the air and spins around as shirt rips 
    open and his arms grow large muscles.
    From: England
    Storyline: Billy Kane is the bodyguard and top henchman of Geese. He 
    seeks revenge from Terry Bogard for defeating him and his boss in the 
    first Fatal Fury tournament.
    After F.F.2: Billy Kane is featured in KoF '95, in the same team as 
    Iori Yagami and Eiji Kisaragi, still wanting revenge from Terry. But in 
    the end he is defeated by Iori when he tries to challenge him. He then 
    comes back in '97, with a stylish new suit, in the same team as the 
    secret agent Blue Mary, and the insane and violent gangster Ryuji 
    Yamazaki. He is there in '97 to investigate the Orochi phenomenon (for 
    Geese) that is in both Iori and, as Billy later finds out, Yamazaki. 
    When Billy reports to Geese, they are mauled by Yamazaki, who demands 
    pay for being in the '97 tournament. Billy is also in all other Fatal 
    Furys, going through a costume change in some of them. He's been in 
    recent KoFs, which totally rocks.
    My opinion: Billy is one of the coolest fighters in the SNK world. The 
    way he fights is pretty cool, even for this game. In later games and in 
    KoF, he was even better. He is definitely one of my favorites. His 
    personality is pretty funny, and later on, it becomes even better! 
    Definitely a great design.
    Special Moves:
    POLE NUDGE: Hold Bk (2 sec.) Fwd + P
    Description: Billy stretches his staff out and attempts to hit the 
    POWER CLUB: Hold DwnBk (2 sec. UpFwd + P
    Description: Billy does the pole nudge, except up diagonally into the 
    STAFF SPIN: Tap HP rapidly
    Description: Like the name implies, Billy spins his staff around.
    SPARROW DROP: DwnBk, Dwn, Dwn, Fwd + K
    Description: Billy vaults with his staff, and jumps high in the air, 
    coming down with a spinning staff. 
    Desperation Move: 
    CHO-KAEN SENPU-KON: Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd, DwnFwd, Dwn, DwnBk, Bk, UpBk + LP 
    + HP
    Description: Billy spins his staff, which has flames around it, around 
    rapidly, then throws a ring of fire at his opponent. The ring does not 
    go far, but does a lot of damage.
    From: U.S.A.
    Storyline: This simple-minded, but powerful boxer works for Wolfgang 
    Krauser. He was hired to join the tournament and try to get rid of the 
    Bogard brothers. Of course, he failed.
    After F.F.2: He just disappeared. He was only in F.F.2 and this game. 
    That's it. According to another source, he was actually tricked into 
    the tournament, and is actually a good-hearted soul with no evil 
    My opinion: I don't think he was all that original. I kind of see him 
    as SNK's rip-off of Street Fighter's Balrog. (M. Bison in Japan.) 
    Special Moves:
    TORNADO UPPER: Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd + P
    Description: Axel throws a mini tornado at his opponent. Similar to Joe 
    Higashi's projectile. Very exciting.
    SMASH BOMBER: Hold DwnBk (2 sec.) F + P
    Description: Axel dashes a short distance, performing a swift uppercut.
    BOXER'S BARRAGE: Tap P rapidly
    Description: Axel does a quick three-punch medley.
    Desperation Move:
    AXEL DANCE: Bk, Fwd, DwnFwd, Dwn, DwnBk, UpFwd + LK + HP 
    Description: Axel slides across the screen and does a barrage of 
    From: Spain
    Storyline: The right hand-man of Wolfgang Krauser, and a vicious and 
    arrogant bullfighter with a wicked sword, Laurence is there to prove 
    his deadliness with any fighters that go as far in the tournament as 
    he, for he is the last challenger before Krauser himself! (FF2, because 
    Geese is after him in FFS.)
    After F.F.2: Laurence appeared in Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 and RBFF 
    Special, which actually have no connection to the Fatal Fury storyline. 
    So, technically, he disappears altogether. 
    My opinion: Laurence is an interesting fighter in my opinion, but when 
    you think about it, FFS is kinda similar to Street Fighter 2, by 
    looking at the last four bosses. First we have a boxer, (Axel Hawk = 
    Balrog/[M. Bison in Japan]), a Spanish guy who is vain and has a deadly 
    weapon (Laurence = Vega [Balrog in Japan]), a guy who was the boss of 
    the first game in the series (Geese = Sagat), and a guy with deadly 
    power (Krauser = M. Bison/[Vega in Japan]...though that might be a 
    stretch). So Laurence may not be completely original. But I think he's 
    still interesting.
    Special Moves:
    SABRE DASH: Bk, DwnBk, Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd + P
    Description: Laurence dashes forward with his sword out and stabs the 
    opponent. Tells you something about Laurence, eh?
    BLOODY SPIRAL: Hold Bk (2 sec.) Fwd + K
    Description: Laurence does a move, similar to M. Bison's psycho crusher 
    in Street Fighter, but without the aura. He spins horizontally in mid-
    RED ASSAULT: Hold Dwn (2 sec.) Up + HP
    Description: Laurence leaps up into the air, upside down, and with his 
    cape hanging down and attacks his opponent's head.
    Desperation Move:
    BLOODY FLASH: DwnFwd, Bk, DwnBk, Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd, DwnBk, Fwd + HK + LK
    Description: Laurence does a series of Sword Slashes at his opponent. 
    This is apparently one hard-ass move to pull off. I couldn't do it, but 
    Harry Zheng proved to me that it was possible, so this is the sequence. 
    Same as the Neo, so if you kicked butt on the Neo, you should kick butt 
    From: USA
    Storyline: Geese is the evil, power-hungry and just plain powerful 
    crime-lord of Southtown. He is well-learned in many forms of martial 
    arts including Hakkyokuseiken, Aikido, and Kobujutsu. He learned 
    hakkyokuseiken from Tung Fu Rue and was at the top of his class, along 
    with a man named Jeff Bogard. When the time came for Tung to choose who 
    he wanted to teach the secrets of hakkyokuseiken to, it was no surprise 
    he chose Jeff, because Geese's evil intentions were already apparent. 
    When Geese learned of this, he was enraged, he hunted Jeff down and 
    stabbed him in a cowardly manner, instead of challenging him to a 
    death-match! He then sought out Tung, but by then the old man had hid 
    himself. Geese, through dirty deals and battles with gangs, soon gained 
    control of his hometown of Southtown, and made it a living hell. He 
    hosted the first Fatal Fury tournament (or Sultan of Slugs tournament) 
    out of boredom, and was surprised to find out that Jeff Bogard's two 
    adopted sons were competing! He was later "killed" by Terry Bogard when 
    he was Power Geyser-ed out of his skyscraper window. But he cheated 
    After F.F.2: Geese keeps a low profile for a while, even during the 
    main Fatal Fury 3 tournament, but comes back in the very end, to steal 
    the Sacred Scrolls of Immortality from the Jin twins. He postpones 
    using their power by seeking the Orochi power, by entering KoF '96 with 
    Krauser and Art of Fighting boss Mr. Big. He later tries to get it from 
    the dark Iori Yagami by sending Billy, the wily gangster Yamazaki, and 
    the secret agent Blue Mary in KoF '97. But finally, in the Real Bout 
    Fatal Fury tournament, he is once again knocked out of his tower by 
    Terry Bogard, but when Terry tries to save him at the last second, he 
    rejects his help and falls to his death, this time letting death claim 
    him. However, his last gift to Terry Bogard is Rock Howard, his 
    orphaned son, who may seem good at first, but his inner emotions that 
    he inherited from his father seem to lead him astray.
    My opinion: Whoo, I typed a lot! I think Geese is so cool. His 
    personality is so bitter and arrogant, and his fighting style rocks. 
    His Raising storm gets better and better in every game. In Capcom vs. 
    SNK, he was the best he ever was, rivaled only by his "Nightmare" 
    version in RBFFS. He is definitely one of the best bosses in the 
    history of SNK.
    Special Moves:
    REPPUKEN: Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd + LP
    Description: Geese throws a ground wave.
    DOUBLE REPPUKEN: Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd + HP
    Description: Geese throws a reppuken, but adds another reppuken to it, 
    making it bigger and twice as powerful.
    SHIPPUKEN: (In air) Dwn, DwnBk, Bk + P
    Description: Geese throws a energy ball at his opponent from the air.
    ATEMINAGE: (Counter) Bk, DwnBk, Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd, UpFwd + K
    Description: This must be done quickly just before the opponent attacks 
    you. Geese will grab his opponent, and throw them over his shoulder 
    onto the ground. A pretty cool move.
    Desperation Move:
    RAISING STORM: DwnBk, Fwd, DwnFwd, Dwn, DwnBk, Bk, DwnFwd + LK + HP
    Description: Geese slams his hands onto the floor as a cage of energy 
    spikes surround him. Good against jumping and dashing opponents. Really 
    cool move, if you can pull it off in time.
    From: Germany
    Storyline: Krauser is the heir to a powerful bloodline known as the 
    Strolheim bloodline. His wealth is enormous and his appearance kingly. 
    After hearing of his half-brother Geese's "death" at the hands of a 
    young but determined fighter, Krauser hosts the second Sultan of Slugs 
    tournament to find him. 
    After F.F.2: Krauser, according to storyline, simply lost to Terry and 
    shrugged it off after a while of sore loss. But he returned in KoF '96, 
    along with Geese and AoF boss Mr. Big. But in that tournament he was 
    used by Geese to get the Orochi power. After that, Krauser doesn't 
    appear in any other storyline-related game. He was again the boss of 
    Real Bout Fatal Fury 2/Special, for the Neo-Geo, though.
    My opinion: Krauser was the best he ever was in RBFFS. He was pathetic 
    in '96 and in this game. He's simply not evil enough, even though he 
    looks the part in the intro to RBFFS. His moves are awkward and you 
    can't even tell if he's supposed to be a wrestler or not. I think he 
    just looks cool with that armor on. So I'm not too crazy about him.
    Special Moves:
    HIGH BLITZ BALL: Dwn, DwnBk, Bk + P
    Description: Krauser throws a fireball.
    LOW BLITZ BALL: Dwn, DwnBk, Bk + K
    Description: Krauser throws a fireball, but obviously lower than the 
    High Blitz ball.
    TOMAHAWK KICK: Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd + K
    Description: Krauser does some weird scissor kick side-flip. Hey, YOU 
    try to explain it.
    ATEMINAGE: (Counter) Bk, DwnBk, Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd, UpFwd + P
    Description: Yes, Krauser has this move too. Remember, just before your 
    opponent attacks, pull of this move. Krauser will counter his opponent 
    by grabbing them, walking forward a bit, then slamming them into the 
    ground. Not as cool a move as Geese's.
    Desperation Move:
    KAISER WAVE: Hold Bk (2 sec.) UpFwd + LP + HP
    Description: The easiest super move to pull off in the game, Krauser 
    stands tall and proud with his hands spread out and some weird energy 
    glow at his head, then throws a gigantic fireball at his opponent.
    (Hidden Character)
    From: Japan
    Storyline: Ryo doesn't have a single thing to do with this game. He's 
    just in it to excite fans. All he did in Art of Fighting was, with his 
    friend Robert Garcia, save his sister Yuri from Mr. Big and Geese. He 
    also rides a sweet motorcycle, so he's cooler than he looks.
    After F.F.S: Ryo was in every Art of Fighting game, every King of 
    Fighters game, and this Fatal Fury game. So he has been in the mighty 
    three SNK fighting games! The only other character to have been in all 
    three was Geese. Ryo was also in Capcom vs. SNK. 
    My opinion: Ryo's pretty boring, you can just tell he was a rip-off of 
    Ryu and Ken. Orange gi and short blond hair, not to mention similar 
    moves, besides the Zanretsu-Ken. Street Fighter's Dan is a rip-off of 
    him and Robert Garcia. Ryo's much better, in my opinion. I still think 
    it's neat that he rides a motorcycle, though. You wouldn't expect it at 
    first glance.
    Special Moves:
    KOH-KEN: Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd + P
    Description: Ryo throws a fireball.
    KOHOH: Fwd, Dwn, DwnFwd + P
    Description: Ryo does an air uppercut similar to Ken/Ryu's shoryuken, 
    but instead of pointing his fist straight up in the air, he folds his 
    elbow behind his back.
    ZANRETSU-KEN: Tap HP rapidly
    Description: Ryo does a barrage of punches in place.
    HIEN-SHIPPUU-KYAKU: Hold DB (2 sec.) F + K
    Description: Ryo does a flying leg kick, his foot wrapped in energy, 
    and then does a mid-air roundhouse.
    Super Move:
    RYUKO RANBO: Dwn, DwnBk, Bk, DwnBk, Dwn, DwnFwd, Fwd + LK + HK
    Description: Ryo does a series of punches and kicks, and finishes of 
    with a Kohoh uppercut. -(NOTE: This is unblockable, that's what makes 
    it such a special move to use in battle. Credit GalFord)
    How to play as Ryo Sakazaki:
    At the Takara logo, quickly do the following command:
    Down, Down-Right, Right, Down-Right, Down, Down-Left, Left + X. You 
    will hear Ryo say his taunt (Ora! Ora!)
    These are the screens that you will see when you beat the game with 
    your desired character:
    Shows him sitting in the Pao Pao Cafe next an unidentified girl, 
    calling out to Richard Meyer (first boss in the first Fatal Fury, 
    manager of the Pao Pao cafe) 
    -Caption: "Keep it coming, Richard I'm starving."
    Shows him walking down a street with normal clothes on, a rucksack on 
    his back and a thoughtful look on his face. 
    -Caption: "More training, but first, some ice cream."
    Shows him in a ring kicking an opponent. 
    -Caption: "Hyaah. The legend of Joe Higashi begins a new chapter."
    Shows her on a mountain clearing, Andy's in the background, she is 
    taken aback by a giant flame blast in front of her. 
    -Caption: "Maybe I should be a bit less masculine."
    Shows him in his dojo, standing over his two sons, who are on the 
    ground, one's exercising, the other's exhausted. Kim's wife is in the 
    background, watching from a window. Kim is coaching his sons. 
    -Caption: "No, kick with one leg, not two!"
    Shows him at a table, piles of money on the table, his arm's around a 
    woman in a red dress. He giving the camera a peace sign, and he's 
    wearing sunglasses. 
    -Caption: "The world is mine!"
    Shows him in the middle of a group of schoolgirls, who are impressed by 
    him, and pulling his cheeks, etc. He looks in pain, but enjoying it. 
    -Caption: "At this pace, I may never see 73. Oh, so what."
    Shows him in a hospital bed, holding his head, bandages on his arms and 
    such. Andy and Terry are visiting him.
    -Caption: "Ouch, from now on, it's feeding pigeons for me."
    Shows him riding a bike next to a friend of his, he's thinking up a 
    Mohammed Ali-esque boxing quote. 
    -Caption: "Float like a feather, sting like a hornet. No, that's not 
    Shows him in his stage, his truck in the background, he has Terry in a 
    -Caption: "Terry Bogard! One more match!"
    Shows him in a spotlight, hands on his head, freaking out. 
    -Caption: "I'm the strongest in the world! Now what?"
    Shows him walking to a dance hall, duffel back slung over his shoulder, 
    a blimp in the sky. 
    -Caption: "Now, to pursue my true calling - dance."
    Shows him sitting in Krauser's throne, pointing to himself, very angry-
    looking. He's obviously addressing the defeated Krauser. 
    -Caption: "Krauser! I'm not a cream puff! Got it!" [sic]
    Shows him looking very annoyed, looking at the camera, his hoodlums in 
    the background, in disbelief. 
    -Caption: "Over so soon? Geez!"
    Shows him sitting in his throne, drinking wine. His orchestra is in the 
    -Caption: "Wow. What a tough!" [sic]
    Actually doesn't have an ending. How odd.
    Very first edition: Faq started. Every character tested on both SNES 
    and Emulator for correct moves and Desperation Moves. Storylines added, 
    thanks to Kailu Lantis' beautiful storyline FaQ. Duck King, Big Bear, 
    and Laurence Blood moves unconfirmed. Personal opinions on each 
    character added. 
    Version 1.5: Big Bear moved tested and confirmed! Version history 
    added. FaQ reformatted to look more organized on GameFaqs.
    Version 2.0: Thanks to Harry Zheng, the Desperation moves for Duck King 
    Laurence Blood were confirmed! Thanks, man! Also, minor corrections 
    here and there.
    Final Edition: Fixed everything that needed fixing, updating character 
    stories, fixing typos andother mistakes. Should be done for now. Unless 
    I need to update more stories...
    I would like to thank:
    -SNK, for making such great fighting games.
    -Takara, for translating Fatal Fury Special into a SNES game I find 
    more interesting than Super Street Fighter 2. (But only slightly. :P)
    -Kailu Lantis, for his wonderful Fatal Fury and King of Fighters story 
    FaQs that explain everything. Thanks very, very much!
    -Kao Megura, because everyone else keeps thanking him, so I should too 
    then. :-)
    -The VGMuseum, for help with the ending screens on my FaQ. 
    -GKomatsu, because his Faq cleared some stuff up on my game, even 
    though his faq is for Neo-Geo. Your Faq will always rule the FFS scene!
    -GalFord, who sent me info regarding the missing moves, which were 
    still difficult to confirm until Harry Zheng e-mailed me. He DID help 
    me confirm the Bear Bomber, though.
    -Last but definitely not least, I want to thank Harry Zheng for 
    confirming the Desperation Moves for Duck King and Laurence Blood. The 
    sequences didn't work with me, but I suck at SNES and Emulation, 
    too...but without you, this faq couldn't have been finished. Thanks a 
    lot, man!
    -And you, if you took the time to read this.
    My e-mail address is vicemature787@earthlink.net
    Oh yeah, and Legal Stuff:
    I don't care. This FaQ is for the rare owners of Fatal Fury Special for 
    the SNES, you can do what you want, within reason. 
    (End of FAQ)

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