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    FAQ by Eastpolar

    Version: 2.7 | Updated: 05/05/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Game:    FIFA international SOCCER
    System:  Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
    Author:  Eastpolar (=Mike Groels, maiic@hotmail.com)
    Version: 2.7 (probably the last)
    Date:    May the 5th 2002
    Release Date Game: June, 17, 1994
    _______________________AN AUTHOR'S NOTE_____________________________________
    Welcome to this FAQ for FIFA international SOCCER, which I'm calling from
    now on Fifa Soccer, otherwise it's way to long. You'll be thinking, a FAQ
    for a soccer/football game (for those English)? Yes, it is. In it are just
    some tips/tricks/team stats/formations etc. Maybe nobody plays this game
    anymore, but when I saw there wasn't a FAQ for this game on the web I
    thought, I have the game, why not write a FAQ about it? So I did, and
    here it is. And maybe it will really help some people to obtain the cheats
    legally, by completing a tournament, league or championship.
    Yes, back in 1994 EA Sports didn't have a proper license to get the real
    names in the game (costs too much money). So, the names are fake. Just
    in case you thought they were real. But, there's always a but, the teams
    are based on their qualities like the teams were at the World Cup '94.
    So when they played well there (Italy, Brazil), they're good in FIS as
    If you have any questions/comments/adds or whatever. Mail  me, but be
    sure to put in the subject line the version number plus 'Fifa'.
    Although, I don't think anyone will read this. So if you just read it and
    thought, mmmm.....  It's quite good, then mail me as well, because I'd
    like to hear some good stuff about my FAQ(s).
    Chapter List
       1.  Game Controls
       2.  Cups
       3.  Formations
       4.  Strategy and Coverage
       5.  Further descriptions on the options
       6.  Teams
       7.  Cheats
       8.  Home made Cups
       9.  Did you Notice? (a.k.a Odds)
       10. Tips 'N Tricks
       11. Links
       12. Version History
       13. Copyright Info
    So let's get started with chaptero uno.
    1. Game Controls
    This section is not really what you expect in a FAQ, but for those who lost
    there manuals, or just don't like manuals, here are the game controls....
    (straightly ripped off from the manual)
    A,B,X or Y	Kicking
    Y		Tackle or Header (depends on the position of the ball)
    B		Switch to the player who is the closest to the ball
    A		Speed up your run (elbow check when close to attacker)
    X		Sholder Check (most of the times you'll get a card fort his)
    Push up/down/left/right with the D-pad to control the player with the ball
    Y		Lob
    B		Pass to a player or pass by an enemy
    A		Shoot at goal
    X		One-Two (I don't know how to say this in English, but what I
    		mean is first you play to a player of your team, then you can
    		walk for a while and then he'll play it back to you, without
    		you have to do something, your SNES will do it.
    L or R		Control the ball after shooting (after-touch)
    A+D-pad in the opposite direction you walk
    		Little flick of the heel
    A,B,X or Y	Header (if the ball is above the sholders)
    		Volley (in the direction the player looks)
    		Backwards volley or half voller (in opposite direction the
                	player look)
    X		Throw ball on the field/Kick ball on the field (depends on
    		distance of the other players)
    Y		Throw ball on the field (low)
    A or B		Lob
    L or R		Call the point window
    L+R		Switch to control the keeper, only if nobody already
    		controls him/ Only works when keeper is set manual (see
                	options chapter)
    A,X or Y		Kick the ball
    B		Throw in
    L or R		Call point window
    Note: With the point window you can film panoramic through whole of the
           field, while your active player can still be seen in the little
           window. So your throw ins, corners and free kicks become more 
    2. Cups
    This section is dedicated to three of the cups you can play in Fifa Soccer.
    These cups are League, Tournament and Play-Off...
    A league is a group of eight teams. The teams in a league play two times
    against each team to decide the champion. The champion is based on the
    points which it'll get when it wins (2 points) or it draws (1 point). For
    losing, no points. The team with the most points will be the CHAMPION.
    If you think you are better then your SNES in playing soccer games, it
    is the best that you play in a game the first named Team, when these two
    teams play against eachother, you'll be first one team and then the other
    team, so it's a fair league, where not always your team will win.
    This cup is the best for playing just a competition without holding scores
    and so on. But it is also the longest during cup in the game, if you select
    eight teams you have to play (or watch) every game there is played, and
    that is 56, not very cool. But you can also select 1,2,3 or 4 teams so you
    have to play very less then 56 games, the other are just played by the
    SNES. Odd thing here is (also in later FIFA games) bad teams will often win
    from good teams.
    The score is held by a the SNES with this legend. The one at the top is
    number one (oh really...) and the lowest is number 8. Next to the teams
    are the games it has won, it has lost, it has drawn and its total points.
    When you have played a game you'll get a password, when you go on some
    other time you can import this at the restore box at the main screen.
    When you have finished a League you'll get a code (see codes chapter).
    Tournaments exist from six groups (A-F) with all four teams. After all
    the teams have played to the other teams in their group, there will go
    sixteen teams, the best two of every group and the 4 best numbers three,
    to the Play-Offs. Just like in the League games when you draw you'll get
    one point.
    In the tournament you can also select eight teams, but now you haven't
    got to play 56 games, but only 22 as highest or 17 as lowest. And after
    the tournament comes the Play-Offs where you have to play games.
    This cup is the best for playing a competitoon with many teams on it,
    in a league there are only eight teams, and in a Play-Off there are
    sixteen teams. And in the tournament there are twenty-four teams. That's
    why I think this one is the coolest, also because there at least sixteen
    computer-controlled teams.
    The legend here is the same as that from a League. First the teams at the
    left, then games won, then lost, then drawn and at last the collected
    When you have played a game you'll get a password, when you go on some
    other time you can import this at the restore box at the main screen.
    When you have finished a Tournament (although you can't finish it, you have
    to finish the Play-Offs after it) you'll get a code (see codes chapter).
    Play-offs are the last fase of a tournament, just like great soccer
    tournaments (like World Cups, European Cups or the Copa Americá etc.): One
    time lose and you're off. You can skip the tournament and just go directly
    to the Play-Offs. But most of the times I just begin to play the tournament.
    This is a very good cup to play when you are with a friend. You both pick
    two teams and go play. Hopefully you are both on opposite site of each
    other. Because then you will meet each other only in the final, if you
    reach it.
    The maximum teams here is also eight you can choose, if you're lucky
    these eight won't have to play against each other in the first round
    and when you win them all, there are no computer-teams in this cup for you
    and you have always won. The maximum games you can play is fifteen and the
    minimum is four (when you choose eight teams).
    When you have played a game you'll get a password, when you go on some
    other time you can import this at the restore item at the main screen.
    When you have finished a Play-off you'll get a code (see codes chapter).
    3. Formations
    This chapter is dedicated to the five formations there are in Fifa Soccer.
    The formations which you can choose either before or while the game are:
    3-5-2   4-4-2   Sweeper   4-2-4   4-3-3, for those who don't know yet. The
    first number is the defense, the second the midfield and the last is the
    attack. The keeper isn't counted in the formations...
    3-5-2 (second best formation)
    This formation is quite a good formation, the second in my opinion. Why?
    It's because of the very, very strong midfield, for the beginner I do not
    recommend this formation, but for a more experienced player, this is a
    good one. If you lose possesion, there is always a good midfield to take
    this up. But if they play on the long ball, and they have at least three
    attackers, you're bound to lose (unless it's Nigeria). The weak point in
    this one is the attack, with good teams as Belgium, Italy, Germany etc.
    That's no problem, but otherwise it is.
    4-4-2 (fourth best formation)
    This formation is low rated by me, because it has such a huge number of
    backward player. For defense this is second best formation, but your goal
    is scoring, not defending, we aren't Norway at the Euro2000 :-D. But if
    you have weak team to play with, such like Nigeria, Greece, Morocco, this
    will be good. I don not recommend this formation any other time.
    Sweeper (fifth and worsest formation)
    This formation is typically German, they are in real football the only ones
    who use it, and maybe some Taipei or Swaziland team. Why is it so bad? You
    already play with ten players, because of the libero who doens't do anything
    right, he just stands there and the attack will pass him. Here you also got
    two attackers, not bad if you have five midfielders, but you don't, only
    four are there. I only recommend this formation again to really bad teams
    like Nigeria (again).
    4-2-4 (best formation)
    This is the best formation there is (in the game), because of the large
    number of attackers. The midfield can't do much, but if the enemy plays a
    long ball, you'll be able to pick it up with your defenders. They just have
    to pass it forward and your attackers will do the rest. Very annoying
    formation when the other one has also this one, because you'll get kick and
    score soccer now, the ball will fly through the field. It's kind of
    English. That's why I recommend good teams as England, France and Holland
    with this one.
    4-3-3 (thirth best formation)
    This formation is good for teams with excellent 'outwingers', players who
    dash along the line and give the ball high for the goal, so the
    mid-attacker can put his head against it. Look for the speed with the
    players to run the defenders out. The problem here is when you give the
    ball high for the goal, there won't be more then three players to score,
    but one can score too, so... I recommend this formation to South-American
    teams as Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina. Also perfect for the beginning
    4. Strategy and Coverage
    This chapter is dedicated to the many stratagies in the game, which are the
    most important part in the game to win (after controlling), this is the key
    to succes. The strategies are:
    Auto, Long Ball, All out Defend, Attack, Defend, All out Attack.
    The worsest strategie I've ever seen, more for the beginning player. A
    soccer trainer won't say to his players, "Guys we're going to play auto
    today!" He'll get fired. But as I said for the beginner...
    Works very good with the best formation 4-4-2, if... the enemy hasn't go
    this formation. Then they got to many defenders. It is typically English
    this. Just kick the ball forwards and then try to score, midfielders don't
    exist. To bad for them.
    This is a very Norway-like strategy, maybe not in the game, but in the real
    time soccer... Just defend your own goal and make sure they won't score,
    maybe becomes handy in the Play-Offs, so you can score in Sudden-Death
    mode. But then I still won't recommend this, if you're trying to conquer
    the Play-Offs with some bad team like Romania, try just Defend, not this
    The best strategy I think, even with the 4-4-2 and 3-5-2 formations, it's
    just nice passing forward and let's see what the attackers make of it. The
    common play. But if you choose for the other attack, be careful to not send
    to many players forwards. That's why I recommend this strategy for almost
    all teams and formations.
    Also another good strategy for the less good teams like Columbia and Sweden.
    They can't attack very well and then they can go defending and just kick the
    ball forwards, try to score. Although, if you're having a very bad defense,
    it'll bound to go wrong...
    The BEST, you probably think. Is it? No. The enemy has just got to kick the
    ball over the middle line and they have almost scored already. You don't
    have enough defenders. Maybe with sweeper formation, it will work, because
    then the libero has something to do, since he is the only player who won't
    go forward.
    This thing isn't so important as the stratgey, since it'll be corected with
    the strategy at the same time, you don't have to mess it up, but if you have
    to score in the last minute you can out all your defenders forward. But the
    most common coverage is: the defenders till the middle line. The midfielders
    the whole field and the attackers from the end of the other half till the
    middle line. Nothing to say about this.
    5. Further Descriptions on the Options
    Maybe you think you know all the options at the options screen, but do you
    know what they mean and do you choose your favorites. Check it here.
    You can choose the type of game by Action or Simuation. Action is the
    default but not the best for a real sim-match. If you want to play a match
    nearest to the real, choose simulation. the differnce between them is, with
    Action the players won't get tired so they keep shooting powerfull and
    accurated. With sumaltion the players get tired, run slower and shoot
    weaker. But it's more real.
    You can choose between 2,4,6,8,10,20 or 45 minutes a half. The default
    here is 4 minutes. If you want to play a real match choose 45 minutes.
    But nobody want to play one hour and a half. So 10 minutes is the longest
    you should play, otherwise it's no fun anymore. I play 8 minutes myself,
    because 4 is to short. 10 to long and 8 is a nicer number than 6, so...
    This option can only be changed in the Game Set-up screen, not in the game
    Here you can choose on or off. With on, the referee will whistle for a foul,
    with off he doesn't. For the real match, of course, turn it on. I recommend
    this always on. Only when you are in a aggressive mood, turn on off and keep
    n pressing X.  :-D
    Here again you can choose on or off. On and the referee will whistle for
    offside (if you don't know what it is, just turn it off). Off and he
    doesn't. For the real-match turn it on, but I turn it most of the times off,
    because it's more fun to play with. Can only be changed in the Game Set-up
    screen, not in the game itself.
    Dry, Damp, Drenched or Hot. Here is the golden rule, the hotter the field
    the faster the ball. So I prefer a hot field. For the real-match here's
    nothing. Just look in your backyard and look what color the grass is. The
    greener it is, the wetter it is. This one can also only be changed in the
    Game set-up screen and not in the game itself.
    Choose Continuous or In Play. Continuous means, the clock goes on ticking
    if the ball is out of play. In play means, the clock only ticks when the
    ball is in the field. It doesn't matter what you choose, real-match is
    continuous, but inplay hasn't got Extra Time, Continuous does. Again can
    only be changed in the Game Set-up screen.
    Both automatic, both manual, team 1 manual or team 2 manual. With manual
    keepers it's more fun since you can control the keeper by pressing L + R.
    Then you can come out your goal and smuggle the ball. But you have to dive
    also, although the computer will help you. Automatic is for the beginners
    or wheenies, so...
    Stereo or Mono. Of course set Stereo. If you haven't got it, buy a new TV.
    On or off, Nothing to say about this, want to hear it or not.
    On or off again. Want to hear the players groan, turn it on. Have some cool
    music on the radio, turn it of.
    On or off. With this option on you can see a bar in the top of the screen.
    It is handy when you want to shoot hard, when you hold the A button it'll
    go to the right and when you release the button, it'll shoot. The longer
    you press, the harder you shoot. Just leave it on, it doesn't hurt anybody.
    6. Teams
    This chapter is dedicated to all the teams there are in Fifa Soccer, in
    total there are 30 teams, all of them are national teams. Next to them, my
    personal opinion. Maybe a bit space filling in, but whatever should I tell
    about a game with only 30 teams in it. Not that you gonna read it, but the
    opinions are sweet.
    shooting   -------   This is one of my favorite teams in this game, they can
    running    -----     play attractive soccer, especially from the ouwingers.
    passing    --------  They may not have such a good running, but the
    defence    -------   outwingers have it. The passing is very high, so use
    tackling   ------    it good.
    goalkeeper -------
    overall    -------
    shooting   ---      I think this team is rated very low, but play cool.
    running    ------   They have an attracting style of playing, probably
    passing    ----     caused by the running, but if they play against Brazil
    defence    ------   or so, they will lose, one of my favorite outsiders in
    tackling   ----     the game, although they'll never win a cup.
    goalkeeper ----
    overall    ----
    shooting   -----    I do not really have an opinion on this team, I
    running    ------   personally play very well with this team, but I don't
    passing    -------  like their style of playing. But if you want to win a
    defence    ------   cup, have Belgium in your team. Way overrate in this
    tackling   -----    game. In real they aren't so good.
    goalkeeper ------
    overall    ------
    shooting   ------   Most of the times, this team plays very well in cups
    running    -------  with me, but when I play with my friends, this one will
    passing    ------   never win. I also do not understand why EA Sports this
    defence    -----    team has made so good. In the real time Bolivia hasn't
    tackling   ------   played on any World Cup, I think.
    goalkeeper ------
    overall    ------
    shooting   -------  Not much to say about this one, in reality this is
    running    -------  one of the best, or THE best team in the world, they
    passing    -------- have won the most World Cups of all. In this game they
    defence    ------   are also very good, but not the best. Maybe because
    tackling   -------  this game was based (a bit) on Italy World Cup '90 and
    goalkeeper -------  Brazil didn't play that good then. Italy won.
    overall    -------
    shooting   ---      With some teams (like Bulgaria) I think, why have they
    running    ----     put this team in it. And then made it so bad, as it is
    passing    ----     in reality. Not worthy to play with. I'd rather play
    defence    -----    with Nigeria, because they are now good, they won
    tackling   --       Atlanta '96. Bulgaria hasn't reached anything yet,
    goalkeeper ----     except Stoichkov, which isn't in the game (there aren't
    overall    ----     any real players, but you get the point).
    shooting   ----     The makers of this soccer game thought, Cameroon did
    running    -------  well on Italy '90, so why not make them good in the
    passing    -----    game too, now Cameroon is quite good, but 10 years back
    defence    ---      Cameroon just played one good World Cup, with some
    tackling   ---      ferocious runners, as you can see in the stats. One of
    goalkeeper --       my favourite underdogs.
    overall    ----
    shooting   --       I don't know why EA Sports put this country/team in it,
    running    ----     they have NEVER played well, I think just because it's
    passing    --       the neighbour country of the USA, it's in the game.
    defence    ---      They don't play very well and all the players names are
    tackling   ---      people of EA Sports. Maybe they are all Canadian, this
    goalkeeper -----    team even sucks more than the stats do.
    overall    ---
    shooting   ------   Nice to play with, they are on almost every World Cup
    running    -----    there is, but they never do something spectacular,
    passing    ------   except from showing Valderama :-) In the game Columbia
    defence    ----     is especially a cup-fighter, you can win a cup with it,
    tackling   ---      and have a nice un-fake South-American playing style.
    goalkeeper ------
    overall    -----
    shooting   -----    Very good team, just the same as in real, can win a
    running    -------  World Cup, but just (almost) never win one, 1966 they
    passing    -----    did, yes. Here also, like Canada, the names have some of
    defence    ------   producers names. Just stupid, why didn't they gave them
    tackling   ------   more real look-like names? Too bad the English have no
    goalkeeper ------   good pass and shoot techniques, otherwise they would be
    overall    ------   a real top-team.
    shooting   ------   France, the ruling World and European champion ('98
    running    ------   and '00) is also good in this game, but not that
    passing    -------  sublime as it is now. It'll do in the top, and can win
    defence    -----    some tournaments but it's not my favourite, don't ask
    tackling   -----    me why, because I don't know. I just don't play good
    goalkeeper -------  with it.
    overall    ------
    shooting   -------- In this game the best of the best, in stats I mean,
    running    -------  because I play better with Italy and Brazil, it has only
    passing    -------- one '7' and Italy has got 2. When I wanted to play a
    defence    -------- real match between Germany and Greece (45 minutes a
    tackling   -------- half), it was 34-0 in the half-time. Then I cancelled
    goalkeeper -------- the game because my fingers were paralytic. In real-time
    overall    -------- they were good in the begin nineties, now the suck. They
                         didn't even got to the quarter finals at the Euro2000
                         (lost from Portugal and Romania).
    shooting   -----    Nice under-underdog, they don't play very well, they
    running    -----    actually never did. They only got one good attacker:
    passing    -----    Machlas. But no real players in the game... If you
    defence    ---      would play a cup with teams with an overall lower than
    tackling   -----    5, maybe Greece will win. They play very clear I think,
    goalkeeper --       but the keeper sucks.
    overall    ----
    shooting   -------  My absolute favorite, also the stats say Germany is
    running    -------- better, I play better with Italy, also caused probably
    passing    -------- by the usually dislike of Dutch people against German
    defence    -------- (not because of soccer, but of politics). I just hate
    tackling   -------  the German soccer. Italy isn't that better in real-time,
    goalkeeper -------- but in this game it is. It just has great outwingers.
    overall    -------- Nothing bad to comment about.
    shooting   ---      Japan always plays nice, but also dumb, they make a lot
    running    -----    of mistakes, so it's to easy to win. The stats say the
    passing    ----     goalkeeper is good, you don't see any of that in the
    defence    -----    game. Japan is also such as Columbia, plays at every WC,
    tackling   ----     but never does something special. Maybe in 2002 in own
    goalkeeper ------   country (with South-Korea).
    overall    ----
    shooting   ------   Nice team to play with, but no good really. In real
    running    ----     they have most excentrique goalkeeper there is, that's
    passing    -------  why they made the goalkeeping rather good, I think.
    defence    ----     Passing is, as you see, very good, but you can't do
    tackling   ----     much with it, without good players. Just an average
    goalkeeper ------   team.
    overall    -----
    shooting   ----     As you can see, the stats are very low and no... I
    running    ----     haven't forgot to fill in defence and tackling, they
    passing    ---      are just so weak in it, that there can't be given points
    defence             to. One of the worst teams in the game, after Nigeria of
    tackling            course, but second worst then. It isn't even a little
    goalkeeper -        fun to play with, but they are, just like Japan, on
    overall    --       every WC, so they had to be added.
    shooting   -------  My personal favorite, because I'm Dutch maybe. But
    running    -------- they play very well, better than Germany for instance.
    passing    -------- Italy is maybe better, but I don't play better with
    defence    ------   them. Since I'll do my best more when playing with my
    tackling   ------   own country. As you see, only the defence is bad (well
    goalkeeper -------- 6 points ain't bad). But the keeper is top and
    overall    -------  espacially the outwingers. Just like in real, they will
                         never win a tournament. Lose in the final or so.
    shooting   ----     This is the only team where you can score whithin 3
    running    --       seconds. You just kick the ball from the kick-off to the
    passing    -        goal of the Nigerian goalkeeper and if you are lucky it
    defence             will just roll in. The keeper is so bad... Only the
    tackling            shooting here a bit good, but you won't see any of it in
    goalkeeper          the game, since the Nigerians can't keep the ball stick
    overall    -        to their feet. I don't get why EA Sports made them so
                         bad. They won Atlanta '96 and the African cup several
                         years ago, almost all of them play in good Spanish,
                         Italian or English teams.
    shooting   -----    Maybe the most real-time looking team in the game, on
    running    -----    paper they are quite good. In real they always seem
    passing    -------  good if you look to which players they have in their
    defence    -----    team (Bergdolmo, the Flo's) but when they have to play,
    tackling   ------   they suck mostly. Just keep on countering and maybe
    goalkeeper ------   you'll score one or two goals. Fun in cups, but don't
    overall    ------   get angry if you don't reach the finals. Just like real.
    shooting   ---      As you can see, the keeper is very good. Back in '94
    running    -----    they really had a good goalie. Called the Iron Curtain,
    passing    ----     it is said that he just kept all balls out of the goal.
    defence    -----    But they were knocked out by Holland in the quarter
    tackling   -----    finals in '94. In the game the keeper is thus good
    goalkeeper -------  also. Play quite nice, but the shots are terrible. No
    overall    -----    good scoring then.
    shooting   -----    One of my favorite teams in this game, I don't get it.
    running    --       The stats are so bad, but I play well with them. They
    passing    ---      even have a 2 for running. Just like Australia (the
    defence    ----     third of my favorites, next to Romania and Holland) they
    tackling   --       don't play that good, but I make some good moves in the
    goalkeeper ---      match so I can wim with them. Most cool when playing
    overall    ---      against better teams.
    shooting   -----    I do not really have an opinion for this team, but they
    running    -------  play generally good. Running is great, but the defence
    passing    -----    sucks. Not good, not bad. They are just like Portugal,
    defence    --       sometimes they play on European Cups, than not.
    tackling   ----     Sometimes on World Cups, than not. Very changing.
    goalkeeper -----    Especially after they lost "their" supply-countries
    overall    -----    Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus. Just a team to forget
                         very soon.
    shooting   -        Just added to the game, because they are on every
    running    --       World Cup, this is only because there are no better
    passing    ---      Asian soccer teams, except from Japan and South-Korea
    defence    -        (which are in the game). And then it has to be in this
    tackling   ---      game to, but as you see, not good. Just like real.
    goalkeeper --       Sometimes (I see very sometimes) you can score here
    overall    --       also directly from the Kick-Off. Shooting and defence
                         are bad, can it BE any worse.
    shooting   ----      Have the worst competition in Europe (excpet from San
    running    ------    Marino, Luxemburg yes, but you get it). Have Celtic
    passing    -----     and Glasgow Rangers which always share the Cup and
    defence    -----     League. They play well in the game but not
    tackling   ------    spectaculair. I don't even can come up with good
    goalkeeper ---       points in the game or real, neither do I know a name
    overall    -----     of a good player. Invisible, it seems.
    shooting   --        One of the worst teams in the game, but as earlier
    running    ---       told, there have to be bad ones, if there will be
    passing    ----      good ones. And since there are no really better teams
    defence    ---       in Asia, this one is included. Although they can be
    tackling   ----      tricky to play against. If you just think, shoot and
    goalkeeper --        win. In real they ARE very technically, but as this
    overall    ---       cannot be seen in the game, don't get attached to
                          this team.
    shooting   -------   Very average good team, plays well, but just as in real
    running    ------    you won't ever get far with this team. But you can play
    passing    ------    very cool games with this team, they can score cool
    defence    ------    goals and make good runs along the lines. Then cross it
    tackling   ------    in, and header! They play a bit like South-American
    goalkeeper -------   street-soccer just kicking and playing nice, than
    overall    ------    scoring very nice goals.
    shooting   -----     Not to shabby, this team, in real they play much
    running    ------    worse, in this game one of my underdogs can reach the
    passing    ----      finals if they have lucky drawings. Also some good
    defence    -----     attackers, but to say that this is THE team, no.
    tackling   ----      Especially not when you see how bad they play in real.
    goalkeeper -----     Attackers are the only real good ones here.
    overall    -----
    shooting   ------    They play as they are, Neutral. Very boring, just like
    running    ----      in real. Sometimes they will do something good, but I
    passing    ----      won't wait for it, if I were you. Shooting and defence
    defence    ------    are just extremely high, for such a team as
    tackling   --        Switzerland, neutral. Let them make chocolat and
    goalkeeper --        watches. I'm sorry if you are Swiss, but they just
    overall    ----      can't play soccer, in real and in the game, neutral.
    U. S. A.
    shooting   ----      A very average team, sorry but it just is. Why do they
    running    -----     sometimes call this team TEAM USA? It's in Fifa 98 and
    passing    ---       99 so, but they just play for United States of America,
    defence    ----      don't they? Well, actually, it doesn't matter, they
    tackling   ----      just can't play soccer. You just play basketball and
    goalkeeper ----      baseball and ice-hockey, not soccer. There are some
    overall    ----      good players, but that's only because it were Americans
                          who made this game, just like Canada.
    So for those who don't feel like, or don't have the time, to look which
    team has the best overall and so on is the best team. Here's a list with
    the best:
    Overall: 8             Overall: 4
    GERMANY                AUSTRALIA
    ITALY                  BULGARIA
    Overall: 7             GREECE
    ARGENTINA              JAPAN
    BRAZIL                 SWITZERLAND
    NETHERLANDS            USA
    Overall: 6			Overall: 3
    BELGIUM                CANADA
    BOLIVIA                ROMANIA
    ENGLAND                SOUTH-KOREA
    NORWAY                 Overall: 2
    SPAIN                  MOROCCO
    Overall: 5
    COLUMBIA               Overall: 1
    MEXICO                 NIGERIA
    7. CHEATS
    This chapter is dedicated to, of course, the codes/cheats/tricks in this
    game there aren't many, but they are very funny. What is a game without
    In the option screen press:
    R,R,R,R,R,L,R          -     Super Offence (your attackers are super)
    B,A,B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B    -     Super Kicks (the shot rates are super)
    Y,Y,Y,X,A,A,A,B        -     Invisible Walls (fun for playing indoor)
    X,A,B,Y,Y,B,A,X        -     Crazy Ball (ball does crazy things)
    B,A,R,B,Y,L            -     Curve Ball (try the L and R buttons)
    A,A,B,B,Y,Y,X,X        -     Dream Team (your whole team is super)
    A,A,A,A,A,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y    -     Super Goalie (your keeper is super)
    8. Home made Cups
    This chapter is dedicated to the cups I've made and played. With them I
    gave the options you have to set. You just have to copy it and print. I
    also added my finals and stuff. So we can see how the differences are
    between Fifa players. (if you plan to play this, please mail me the results)
    WORLD CUP (of course...)
      4x4 minuts
      field dry, grass
      every team plays twice against another team (you be one in the first 
       the other in the second match)
      the numbers 1, 2 and 3 of every poule + the best number 4
      Finals, change team at half time
    Played: from march '96 till october '98 (bit long, wheew!)
    After the poules, you get the 1/8 finals. These go as follows:
    (Play two matches, with both teams one)
    (The places are based on their points total in the poules)
    (Behind them are my 1/8 finals)
    Best nr. 1 - Only number 4    (Canada - Saudi-Arabia)
    Second nr. 1 - Fifth number 3 (Belgium - Romania)
    Third nr. 1 - Fourth number 3 (Bolivia - Argentina)
    Fourth nr. 1 - Third number 3 (France - Russia)
    Last nr. 1 - Second number 3  (Italia - Columbia)
    Best nr. 2 - Best number 3    (Holland - Ireland)
    Second nr. 2 - Fifth number 2 (Germany - South-Korea)
    Third nr. 2 - Fourth number 2 (Brazil - Spain)
    After this, you might want to say, that either I would draw lots or just
    play the upper against the second (from above). But what I did is look at
    the scores and the one with the best aggregate will be playing against the
    team with the worst aggregate.
    When you get to the overtime of the game (after draws), play a 2x2 minutes
    game and change team in half time, to see which team goes through to the
    next round. When it is still tie after this, look which team can score
    the fastest against Nigeria (bit daft, but funny).
    Best Agg. - Worst Agg.     (Belgium - Germany)
    Second Agg. - Seventh Agg. (France - Bolivia)
    Third Agg. - Sixth Agg.    (Italia - Holland)
    Fourth Agg. - Fifth Agg.   (Canada - Spain)
    The same as above:
    Best Agg. - Worst Agg.   (Belgium - Bolivia)
    Second Agg. - Third Agg. (Italia - Spain)
    The same as above, but change at halftime, because you only need to play
    one game, two games in a final is a bit weird isn't it.
    Best Agg. - Worst Agg. (Bolivia - Italia)
    In my WC Italia won against Bolivia in the Final with 1-3.
    Maybe, I should post more Home Made tournaments here, but I don't think
    anyone is interested in it. So mail me if there should be more, then I
    certainly will place them all (about 5).
    9. Did you Notice? (a.k.a Odds)
    This section has been split in several section (in-game, manual, players),
    I just noticed some weird things in the game, maybe you have seen some more
    please mail me about them.
    (ST=Special Thanks)(FIS=Fifa International Soccer)
    Have you ever tried to get the ball after a long kick by the opponent's
    keeper? Doesn't work very well, does it. This is just a thing I noticed,
    because it's very irritating when you are waiting 3 seconds before the ball
    finally falls in the feet of the enemy and you can't do anything about it.
    Yes, you can press A, but the only thing that happens is that you will be
    pushed away by yourself.
    When you are playing a playoff, you can find yourself playing overtime, but
    it happens that there still isn't a winner in the game, then there will
    be sudden death, the first one who scores wins, but what if nobody scores,
    you will be playing for ages, because there isn't penalty kicking or
    wahtever. Really strange.
    When you make a substitution in halftime (begin of 2nd half), you can first
    see the pitch, whereafter you player will be substituted, this costs 4
    seconds, not that it matters, but you can change IN halftime, don't you?
    When the keeper has just shot the ball (out of his hands), you can push X
    as often as you please, because the referee doesn't think it is a foul,
    the keeper doesn't fall either, strange... you can push him but he doesn't
    get hurt, but if you do this to a player, you'll be sure to get a red card.
    When you are playing against weaker teams (especially weak keepers), you
    can score easily by shooting the ball staright to the, they will dive to
    the ground, like they are frightened (this is more a Tip). When you shoot
    the ball to the side of them, you can stop it (sometimes), but this way
    they almost ever let it go and crawl like a baby to the ground. Wheeny!
    For a win in the League or Tournament you only get 2 points, instead of 3.
      Page 42: On Page 42 you can see a picture of the options screen, but they
    have forgotten to place Field Type between Field Condition and Clock. Bit
    weird because Clock now is on the first page of the options and it should
    be on top of the second screen. Really a fake photo.
      Page 43: On Page 43 the manual says that in a tournament you have to play
    3 times against every team in your pool. They meant it well, you play three
    matches, but only 1 against 1 one time. Three in total thus.
      Page 65: The picture here says tha Mike Fellino is the Man of the Match,
    and that he is from Germany. First, he is American, second USA lost with
    2-0 and there can never be an attacker MOM when they lose without scoring
    any goals.
    3 Aejio Mardona (=Diego Maradonna)
    4 Fernando Perron (=Fernando Veron)
    7 Luis F. Batiste (=Gabriel Batistuta)
    5 John Graham (=Arnold Graham)
    17 Simon Molenaar (sounds Bolivian? More Dutch... it is Dutch.)
    12 J. Prudhomme (=Michel Preud'homme)
    18 Louis Deschamps (Didier Deschamps is French player)
    11 Enrico Senza (=Enrico Scifo)
    9  Julios Barbetto (=Bebeto)
    12 Branco Radicevic (sounds VERY Brazilian, more like Croatic/Yugoslavian)
    14 Peter Mueller (German guy?)
    8 Kristo Stankov (Stankov is real Yugoslavian player)
      CANADA !!!
    2  Jon Bruce (Lead Quality of EA Sports)
    4  Jan Tian (Special Thanks given to by credits)
    10 Ron McMillan (probably family of Bruce McMillan, the producer of FIS)
    19 Jeff Dyck (did the music and sound effects for FIS)
    6  Bill Fowler (programmer of FIS = Fifa International Soccer)
    20 Joel Pickell (probably family of Keven Pickell, programmer of FIS)
    4 Stan Cooper (very Cameroonish name)
      ENGLAND !!!
    8  Pete Webster (family of Matt Webster? Yes, one who is given ST to)
    16 Joss Ellis (another one that is given ST to (=special thanks))
    10 Bruce McMillan (THE producer, how could they do this :)
    5  Neil Cook (wrote the manual)
    14 Matt Webster (one who is given ST to)
    10 Dieter Myer (=Andreas Meier)
    17 Heiner Klingel (=Jurgen Klinsmann)
    9  Kevin Piknell (=Kevin Pickell, programmer of FIS)
    5  Johann Porsche (yeah right!)
    11 D. Aufdermauer (D. Onthewall, the Wall of Berlin? Anti-nazi those EA?)
    1  Henri Prudhomme (again! = Michel Preud'homme, Belgian keeper)
    8  J. Deschamps (=Didier Deschamps again)
    11 Marc Aubanel (=assistent producer of FIS)
    7  Yves Pompidor (to the former French president Pompidou... perhaps)
    9 Pavlo Antoniou (only surname not ending to -s)
    1 Terry Irish (you wouldn't be called Terry American, would you? :)
    6 David Pierce (=Stuart Pierce, English player)
    14 John Santamaria (tested FIS)
    10 Joe Della-Savia (one who is given ST to again)
    20 David Costa (tester of FIS)
    5 G. Kawaguchi (=Jonathan Kawaguchi, tester of FIS)
    10 Arnold Deboer (=Frank or Ronald de Boer)
    20 Daniel Winter (=Aron Winter)
    14 Peter Frankish (more an English name)
    19 Jon Baldekici (no! very unoriginal name)
    20 Valery Kravitz (Lenny Kravitz? How dumb these names :)
    9  Pavel Gargarin (didn't someone in your family make space flights)
    3  Boris Molotov (BOOM!!!)
    15 Kenneth Lam (developper of FIS)
    9  Alan Stewart (responsable for sound of FIS)
    8  Andy Webster (another family member again)
    9 Kim Tian Jan (may be... Jan Tian, right. ST given to again)
    14 Franz Josef (didn't this guy get shot 200 years ago as Kaiser)
    14 Chip Lange (product manager of FIS)
    9  Alex McMillan (yet another part of the family)
    10 Mark Pickell (it's all one big family here)
    After this Fifa Soccer game, there were made about 8 Fifa Soccer games.
    They are Fifa '96, Fifa '97, Fifa RTWC '98, Fifa World Cup '98, Fifa '99
    Fifa 2000, Euro 2000 and Fifa 2001, all of them on PC, some on PSX and
    till Fifa RTWC '98 on SNES.
    10. Tips 'N Tricks
    When you get a corner, what is not uncommon in this game, and you're lucky
    enough that it is in YOUR left corner of the field, you will score, no
    matter with what team, or against which team. You have to press A and move
    your window all to the right corner, then release the A button.
    Now the ball will just fall on the right side of the goal, where is a player
    of your team. When you press B once, you will control the ball, and since
    the keeper still is in the wrong end of the goal, you move to the goal, just
    press left and then up, and press A, you have an open goal to score, and it
    can't hardly ever miss target (sometimes the keeper will come to the ball
    With this action you are almost sure of a goal too. The point is that
    making a header will be more effective than controlling the ball. Try to get
    the ball as far as possible over the line, the best is just next to the
    corner flag, so the other team can throw in. But because all the computer's
    players are covered by your players you can score very easily. Just wait,
    you don't have to do anything, the thrower will probably just throw the
    ball on your head, because the player will come before his enemy, and the
    ball will fly into the goal (except when the keeper gets it, what is not
    likely, but against better teams it is).
    When nobody is around you, press B very short and you can go walk with
    the ball. Sometimes this works with the penalty as well, very handy.
    I mentioned this in the option section, then I said it isn't really
    worth anything, but that isn't actually true, because when you want full
    advantage of your opponent, look at this carefully. When it's red it's
    alomost sure your pass won't reach your players or when you shoot, you
    won't score, because it's more likely the ball doesn't go in the goal
    than that it does.
    The best is to get the power bar in the orange part, because then it goes
    as hard as you wish and finds his way to the goal or players you wish.
    When your keeper has got the ball and there is an attacker very near, I
    wouldn't press one of the buttons very shortly, since your keeper will
    roll the ball just in his feet, gives him the perfect oppurtunity to score.
    Also, you shouldn't throw the ball to a player that is covered by an
    opponent, because he'll make a header just like the THROW-IN thing. And
    this one will go in always, because your keeper isn't totally in his goal.
    When you have made a foul or when you have been offside, the other team
    will get a free kick (duh!), but this may not cause to unpossession, since
    you can come very close to the taker of the free kick. If you take your
    player that is nearest to the taker, run to there and just stand as close
    as possible before him (in the direction you think he will shoot, because
    that's the only thing, you need to do actually). Now, he'll shoot the ball
    against you and you probaly just walk along him (workd best when offside,
    since there is an open way to the goal).
    Have you ever got a pnealty kick? Probably you did, otherwise you haven't
    played with the good options I guess. But if you shoot this with the A
    button, the keeper will almost ever stops the ball (except when he is very
    bad), so what you have to do is shoot the ball with X, now you kick the
    ball so hard, the keerper won't hardly ever stop the ball.
    11. Links
      Well, this game is so unknown, that nobody would make a site for it,
      let alone, place anything on a page. Though - I've found two (!) screen-
    Official EA Sports Site: http://www.easports.com
    Screenshots: http://www.vgmuseum.com/images/snes01/01/FIFAinternational.html
    12. Version History
    Version 1.0 (2 august 2000) 25,8 kb
      Original Version
    Version 1.1 (3 august 2000) 26,0 kb
      Changed the formats, so the tabs were right
      Small changes
    Version 2.0 (24 september 2000) 39,1 kb
      Added a lot, this is not everything, I don't know what I've changed
      Removed all the tabs, because they just didn't fit in a faq
      Added the My Review chapter
      Added the personal opinions with the teams
      Added some owm made cups to play
      Added a site where this faq may be found
      Added a link
      Smallest changes ever seen
    Version 2.5 (17 october 2000) 39,5 kb
      Changed all the lines, so the fit into a FAQ-page (they were too long)
      Added a new realease in the Odds section
      Changed the formats agaon, hope they work now
      Changed some tiny, tiny thingies
    Version 2.51 (21 october 2000) 39,4 kb
      Just fixed some tabs and spaces, now they HAVE to be right
    Version 2.52 (January the 27th 2001) 39,7 kb
      Removed ICQ, It sucks
      Added a new permission gaved site
      Added a new FAQ written by me
      Some small changes
    Version 2.6 (June the 25th 2001) 44,5 kb
      Just needed an update after 5 months :)
      Added the section Tips 'N Tricks
      Added some odds
      Changed Nickname
      Finished World Cup
    Version 2.65 (June the 26th 2001) 51,5 kb
      Changed Odds > Did you Notice? (a.k.a Odds)
      Added some Tips 'N Tricks
      Added A LOT to Did you Notice?
    Version 2.7 (May the 5th 2002) 52,9 kb
      'Real' Copyright
      Added another site down here
      Changed around some things
      Minor tiny changes
      *Probably the Last Version of my Faq for FIS*
    13. Copyright Info
    (c) This document is copyrighted by Mike Groels.
    All rights reserved. Nothing from this document may be pluralised, saved in
    an automatic database or being published, in what way or form soever, either
    electronical, mechanical, by photocopies, recordings or in any other way,
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    Where the making of copies from this document is permitted based on article
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    In very English:
    This means that you may not publish this document anywhere without
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    here, BAD PUBLICITY (also being recognised by GameFaqs.com).
    If you want it on your site, mail to maiic@hotmail.com
    it's almost sure you'll get the permission (...it's just one mail).
    If you see this FAQ on any other page then:
    If you ask me, it's almost
    sure that I'll give you permission to place this one on your site.
    I've written faqs for these games:
      PC   ---Broken Sword: Shadow of Templars
              Ultimate Soccer Manager 2 (1996/1997 Season)
      SNES ---Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons
              FIFA International SOCCER
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