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    Save State Hacking Guide by TuxedoCyan

    Version: 2.2 | Updated: 04/04/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        | Final Fantasy V State Save Hacking Guide |
                        |             by TuxedoCyan                |
                        |           neocyan77@asia.com             |
                        |              Version 2.2                 |
                        |   Updated: April 04, 2001 09:50AM CST    |
                            1. Introduction
                            2. Version/Updates
                            3. GP/Gill Offset
                            4. Character Offsets
                            5. Item Offsets
                            6. List of Items
                            7. My own list of handy tricks and hints
                            8. Credits
                            9. Copyright Info
    | 1. Introduction |
       Welcome to my FF5 State Save Hacking walkthrough. I made this because
    I was impressed at how DracoStar made one for FF6. Being able to edit your
    characters and such seems too cool to pass up. So I decided to make one
    for FF5. Simply enough it only took me 20 mins. to figure out how to do this.
    ***Before reading on, be advised that you need the following so you can have
       the full extent of this guide in use!***
                            A. ZSNES Emulator
                            B. Final Fantasy 5 ROM (I used the FF5 Translated 
                                                    into English version.)
                            C. Save/Freeze State of your 4 Characters
                            D. A Hex Editor Of your Choice. But I would use
                               HexWorkShop which you can download for free at
                               www.bpsoft.com (I believe it's a 30 trial version)
                            E. Hopefully you know how to HexEdit. Because I
                               really don't feel like teaching, but I will
                               put a few pointers for you I suppose.
    All you have to do is open your Hex Editor program, open your save state
    file, Usually it would be ff5.zst or ff5.zs# (with # as 1-9) which is located
    in your zsnes directory. Then edit away!
    Any ways I hope you all enjoy this and e-mail me if you have any problems.
    @ neocyan77@asia.com
    | 2. Version/Updates |
    Version 2.2 ; Updated April 04, 2001 9:50AM CST
     - Discovered Spell Check for this guide ^_^;;
     - Added HexWorkShop download website.
    Version 2.0 ; Updated December 22, 2000 12:40AM CST
     - Added Exp. Offset
     - Added more Hex Help
     - Added more Examples
     - Added more copyright
     - Added more credits
     - Possible Final Update
    Version 1.1 ; Updated December 18, 2000 7:33PM CST
     - Added GP/Gill Offset
     - Added Job Offsets
     - Fixed some major errors under character stats
     - Fixed Doc. Layout
    Version 1.0 ; Created December 17, 2000 3:37AM CST
     - All 4 Character Offsets
     - Item List Offsets
     - List of items in the game and their offsets
     - Few handy tricks
    | 3. GP/Gill Offset |
       If you want lots and lots of GP's for your save state, but don't feel
    like selling coral rings over and over again like I said under my handy tricks
    and hints section, then this is for you, all you need to do is go to the following
    offset and type in the following hex digits. You should have however much GP you
    want then (listed below) Hope your happy!
    If you want ->        500,000 GP  Type  20 A1 07
                        1,000,000 GP  Type  40 42 0F
                        2,000,000 GP  Type  80 84 1E
                        4,000,000 GP  Type  00 09 3D
                        6,000,000 GP  Type  80 8D 5B
    If Your GREEDY get  9,999,999 GP  Type  7F 96 98
    | 4. Character Offsets |
       OK, Here we have the Offsets to each of the characters in FF5. One thing
    I have found is there is no point in editing the HP and MP to anything
    different because they will just reset once your change your job once your in
    the game. If you want to change your HP and MP, the best thing to do is make
    your level higher. All you do is go to that offset and change that hex number
    to whatever number you want (without going over the Max - listed below) And
    when you return to your game, the changes should be made.
    - Level
       Your Characters Level of course. If your are familiar to the Final Fantasy
    Series, then you should know that the highest level you can possibly get is 99.
    Therefore don't try to put anything over level 99 because I have no idea what
    might happen.
    - Total Experience points.
       This is your experience points. Instead of just editing your level, you could
    just add a ton of experience points on yourself. Then fight 1 battle and gain a
    few (or a lot) of levels via exp. You need to add to what your experience is at
    currently or you might not get what you want. Example would be if your character
    has 7777 experience points currently. And you want to let him have 2000 more exp.
    then you need to type the hex of 9777 to get the correct experience.
    - Hit Points
       Your characters hit points. Again, if you are familiar to FF, then you should
    know that the highest hp you can get is 9999.
    - Magic Points
       Your characters magic points. Again (this is getting old). 999 is the max.
    - Strength
       Your characters strength (duh). I'm very sure the Max is 99.
    - Agility
       Your characters speed. Max is probably 99, I tried it and I was going 
    very quickly already, almost too fast.
    - Vitality
       Your characters vitality. Not sure exactly what this does, but the Max is 99
    - Magic Power
       Your characters magic power. The strength of your magic. 99 Max.
    - Job Level
       Your characters job level. Example if your character is a knight and has 
    level 2 knight. That is what this offset is. I haven't really tried to edit
    the level to something higher or lower for the Job. So I think its more safe
    if you wish to master a job after 1 battle, do edit the ability points (below)
    instead of trying to edit the job level.
    - Ability points
       Your characters ability points toward your current job. This uses up 2
    hex bytes. This is the best way to master jobs after 1 battle. Type E7 03
    at the offset of your character to get 999 ability points when you reload 
    your state save. Then just fight 1 battle. and your get 1000 ability points
    and earn all (or almost all, in some cases) of the levels in that job thus
    mastering your job. Some jobs take more than 1000 ability points to master
    so all you need to do is save state, reopen your hex editor, and put 999 more
    ability points under that job, reenter your game, fight 1 battle, earn 1 ABP
    and thus you get another 1000 total and this should master your job.
    1115  Level
    1116  Total Experience points.
    1119  current hp
    111B  Max hp
    111D  current mp
    111F  Max mp
    1137  strength
    1138  agility (speed)
    1139  vitality
    113A  magic power
    114D  current job level
    114E  current ability points
    1165  Level
    1166  Total Experience points.
    1169  current hp
    116B  Max hp
    116D  current mp
    116F  Max mp
    1187  strength
    1188  agility (speed)
    1189  vitality
    118A  magic power
    119D  current job level
    119E  current ability points
          Galuf and Cara
    11B5  Level
    11B6  Total Experience points.
    11B9  current hp
    11BB  Max hp
    11BD  current mp
    11BF  Max mp
    11D7  strength
    11D8  agility (speed)
    11D9  vitality
    11DA  magic power
    11ED  current job level
    11EE  current ability points
    1205  Level
    1206  Total Experience points.
    1209  current hp
    120b  Max hp
    120d  current mp
    120f  Max mp
    1227  strength
    1228  agility (speed)
    1229  vitality
    122A  magic power
    123D  current job level
    123E  current ability points
    | 5. Item Offsets |
       Basically the same as above. You have about 255 spaces for items in the
    game. Below I have listed every (known) item in the game and their hex number
    so you are able to put anything you want and how ever many of that item you
    want. Know that the Max amount per item is 99.
    Example: If you want a Masamune Katana in your items list. Simply go to Offset
    1253, then type in 2F. Then go to Offset 1353, and Say you want 5 of these
    Katana's. All you do is type 05 on that offset. And your done!
    Another Example: Say you want 3 Excalibur's, 99 Elixir's, 4 Genji Armor's and
    35 Holywaters. Start at offset 1253, then type 15 (for excalibur), E3 (for
    elixirs), C8 (for genji armor), and E6 (for holywater)... Then go down to offset
    1353 and type 03 (for 3 excalibur's), 63 (for 99 elixirs), 04 (for 4 genji
    armors), and 23 (for 35 holywaters). And your done! Good luck.
    1253  beginning of item list (item itself)
    1352  end of items list (item itself)
    1353  beginning of item list (amount of item)
    1452  end of items list (amount of item)
    | 6. List of Items |
       This is the list of all items/weapons/armor/ect in the game. This is used
    with the above offsets to set your items and amount of items for your game.
    This list might be incomplete but I am very positive I have everything here.
    All of the weapons and armor are listed by weakest to strongest. This doesn't
    include the special advantages/disadvantages that each item may have.
    Example: The Thornlet Helmet may have a better defense than the Genji Helmet,
    but it's disadvantage is that your character gradually loses HP during battle.
    I also added a * (star) next to the 12 Legendary Weapons just for kicks. Enjoy.
    01  Empty (actually puts the word Empty in the slot)
    54  Sabre       (not sure about this weapon, you cant equip it ever, maybe mime?)
    02  Knife       
    63  Chicken     
    03  Dagger      
    04  Mithril     
    05  Kunai       
    06  MageMash    
    07  Guardian    
    09  Orialcon    
    08  Kodachi     
    6D  Dancing     
    0A  AirKnife    
    6C  Thief       
    0B  Assassin*    
    6B  ManEater    
    0D  Sasuke*     (even though it says Sasuke's Katana, it has a knife icon)
    0C  BroadSwd
    0E  LongSwd
    0F  Mithril
    10  Coral
    11  Ancient
    13  Slumber
    56  RuneEdge
    12  GreatSwd
    57  Flame
    58  IceBrand
    55  BloodSwd
    14  Defender
    5C  Excalipur
    6E  Enhancer
    15  Excalibur*
    61  BraveBld
    16  Ragnarok
    18  Spear
    19  Mithril
    1A  Trident
    1B  Wind
    1D  Heavy
    17  Javelin
    1C  Partisan
    1F  Holy*
    20  Hiryuu
    21  Battle
    22  Mithril
    23  Ogre
    24  Warhammer
    69  DoomCut
    25  Poison
    26  Earth
    27  Rune Axe*
    28  Thor
    6A  Giant's
    29  Ashura
    2A  AirBlade
    2C  Bizen
    2B  Kotetsu
    2D  Kiku
    2E  Murasame
    2F  Masamune*
    30  Nimbus
    60  Wonder
    31  Rod
    32  Fire
    33  Ice
    34  Thunder
    36  Lillith
    35  Poison
    37  Wizard*
    3A  Power
    3B  Cure
    38  Staff
    5E  Flail
    39  Mithril
    3C  Light
    5F  MornStar
    3D  Sage*
    3E  Judgement
    67  Mafuuji
    65  Silver
    3F  Flame
    40  Frost
    41  Thunder
    42  Darkness
    43  KillerBow
    44  Elfin
    66  Gust
    68  Avis
    45  Yoichi*
    46  Artemis
    47  Silver
    48  Dream
    49  Lamia
    4A  Apollon*
    4B  Whip
    4D  Blitz
    4C  Chain
    5D  Beastkill
    4E  Firebute*
    4F  Dragon
    50  Giyaman
    51  Earth*
    52  Rune
    53  Tinker
    81  Leather
    82  Bronze
    83  IronShld
    84  Mithril
    85  GoldShld
    86  Aegis
    87  Diamond
    C4  Flame
    CD  Ice Shld
    88  Crystal
    C6  Genji
    CE  Bloodied
    94  Hairpin
    89  Leather
    90  Feather
    8A  Bronze
    97  GrnBeret
    99  Lamian
    91  Tricorn
    8B  IronHelm
    CB  Hypno
    96  Headband
    92  Mitre
    8C  Mithril
    8D  GoldHelm
    C3  TigrMask
    93  Socklet
    8E  Diamond
    95  Ribbon
    98  Darkhood
    8F  Crystal
    C7  Genji
    CC  Thornlet
    9A  Leather
    A7  Cotton
    A1  Copper
    A8  SilkRobe
    9B  Bronze
    A2  Kenpo
    AA  Bard
    9C  Iron
    A3  Silver
    A9  Earth
    A4  Stealth
    9D  Mithril
    BB  AngelGwn
    AB  Lumina
    B9  Strength
    9E  Gold
    A5  DiaPlate
    AC  Black
    AD  White
    AE  Mirage
    9F  Diamond
    A6  DarkSuit
    CF  Rainbow
    A0  Crystal
    C8  Genji
    BF  BoneMail
    B2  Elf Cape
    CA  WallRing
    B5  Hermes
    C5  ConagoJr
    C0  Leather
    B4  Glasses
    B7  Silver
    BA  PwrWrist
    B6  Mithril
    B0  Thief
    B8  Diamond
    BC  AngelRng
    BD  FlameRng
    BE  CoralRng
    C2  Gauntlet
    C1  KaiserKn
    B1  Giant
    AF  Protect
    D0  RedShoes
    C9  Genji
    B3  Cursed
    E0  Potion
    E1  HiPotion
    E2  Ether
    E3  Elixir
    E4  FenixDown
    E5  MaidnKiss
    E6  HolyWater
    E7  TurtlShell
    E8  Antidote
    E9  Eyedrop
    EA  DragnFang
    EB  DrkMatter
    EC  Soft
    ED  LuckMallet
    EE  Dummy
    EF  MagicLamp
    F0  Tent
    F1  Cottage
    F7  DrgnCrest
    F8  OmegaMedl
    F9  Ramuh
    FA  Catoblepa
    FB  Golem
    FC  FlameTech
    FD  WaterTech
    FE  BoltTech
    FF  Efuefu
    F2  Giant
    F3  Power
    F4  Speed
    F5  Protect
    F6  Hero
    1E  TwinLance
    59  Cresent
    5A  Shuriken
    5B  Fuuma
    62  Soot
    64  RisingSun
       I'm not sure about the rest of this. But it seems like the original 
    programmer's didn't know what to do with the additional space so they made
    everything else say Item0000 with a sword icon next to it. Basically the
    rest of this is useless, unless you feel like seeing it for yourself.
         Weird Stuff
    6F  Item0000
    70  Item0000
    71  Item0000
    72  Item0000
    73  Item0000
    74  Item0000
    75  Item0000
    76  Item0000
    77  Item0000
    78  Item0000
    79  Item0000
    7A  Item0000
    7B  Item0000
    7C  Item0000
    7D  Item0000
    7E  Item0000
    7F  Item0000
    80  ________
    D1  Item0000
    D2  Item0000
    D3  Item0000
    D4  Item0000
    D5  Item0000
    D6  Item0000
    D7  Item0000
    D8  Item0000
    D9  Item0000
    DA  Item0000
    DB  Item0000
    DC  Item0000
    DD  Item0000
    DE  Item0000
    DF  Item0000
    | 7. My own personal list of handy tricks and hints |
    - Need some GPs?
       OK, Say you want to have a ton of money in your game. The best way to do
    this is to add 99 CoralRings to your inventory, and just sell them. I believe
    you will get about 4,000,000 GP for that.
       *Update* If you don't wish to do this, go to my GP/Gill Offset Section above
    and get however much GP you want right away.
       Here I have made a chart for converting dec. to hex. To get a certain amount
    of whatever stat. you want, look under the Dec side for the normal number, then
    look under the Hex side which are across from each other, to get the hex digit
    to type in order to get the right Dec number.
                                Dec   /   Hex
    For Level, Stats...          30       1E
                                 50       32
                                 70       46
                                 99       63
    For HP, & MP...             100       64
                                200       C8
                                300       2C 01
                                500       F4 01
                                700       BC 02
                                999       E7 03
    HP Continued...            1000       E8 03
                               1500       DC 05
                               3000       B8 0B
                               6000       70 17
                               9999       0F 27
    | 8. Credits |
    I would like to give credit to some people for helping me make this happen.
    - Everyone at Squaresoft (www.squaresoft.com)
    Because they make the best RPG's on the earth!
    - Gamefaqs.com (www.gamefaqs.com)
    For having such a great site with so many faqs.
    - The Team of Zsnes (www.zsnes.com)
    They have one of the best emulator out there on the net.
    - The creators of HexWorkshop (www.bpsoft.com)
    Because they have the best HexEditor Out there!
    - DracoStar (DracoStar@ignmail.com)
    For inspiring me to make a FF5 version of his FF6 Save State Hacking Doc.
      Well, How did I do? Have any problems? See anything I might have left out?
    e-mail me anything you think I should take a look at to see if I can add it
    to this doc. Send me a line @ neocyan77@asia.com
    If you enjoyed this document being able to edit your Final Fantasy 5 Save
    State, And would love to be able to do the same thing with Final Fantasy 6.
    (which is Final Fantasy 3 here in the U.S.) Then check out DracoStar's
    FF6 Save State Hacking Doc. You can get it on GameFaqs.com
    | 9. Copyright Info |
       This document is (c) copyright of TuxedoCyan 2000-2001.  This document
    and any part of this document is for public use on the www. and can not be sold, 
    reproduced, copied, edited, or re-written. DracoStar and his FF6 Save State
    Hacking Doc. are (c) to himself and are not in anyway connected to this doc.
    other than inspiring me to do my own version for a different game. This
    document was originally posted on www.gamefaqs.com and may not be posted
    on any other websites without my permission. In other words, DONT DO ANYTHING
    ILLEGAL WITHOUT MY PERMISSION PERIOD! Final Fantasy V(tm) and all related elements
    are a (tm) trademark of Square, and or SquareSoft. No copyright infringement
    is intended, or should be inferred.

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