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    Low Level Walkthrough by samurai goroh

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 05/25/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Name: Final Fantasy V
    Console: Super Nintendo
    Version 2.5
    Written By:
    Samurai Goroh
     ___   _   __  _    __    _        ___   __    __  _   _____   __    ___  __  __
    | __) | | |  \| |  /  \  | |      | __) /  \  |  \| | (_   _) /  \  | __) \ \/ /
    | _)  | | | . ' | | ^^ | | |_     | _) | ^^ | | . ' |   | |  | ^^ | |__ |  )  /
    |_|   |_| |_|\__| |_/\_| |___)    |_|  |_/\_| |_|\__|   |_|  |_/\_| (___| /__/
                           ___    ___          _        _         ____
                           \  \  /  /         | |      | |       |  __|
                            \  \/  /          | |_     | |_      |  __ |
                             \    /           |___)ow  |___)evel \___| |ame
                              \__/                                   \_|
      Table of Contents
      1) Intro
      2) Updates
      3) Some Advices
      4) Learning Blue Magic
      5) Getting Abilities
      6) Walkthrough
      7) Credits
      8) Legal stuff
      1) Intro
       This FAQ will guide you through every forced battle + some optionals, like
    the Espers or the M-i-a-B. You can pass this game with a really low level
    (Lv 2,3), but it requires the best techniques you can do in such a low level.
    I'm going to put the ones that I used to pass every boss, but there could still
    be better strats, so just don't be afraid to experiment other strats by your
       You may wonder how can you be in such a low level, well most of the bosses
    won't give you experience & you won't fight normal battles, so that's how you
    don't gain exp.
      The list show the names of the Bosses on the Snes patch, so some names will
    be different if you play it in the PS or you have the latest patch.
      2) Updates:
     Version 1.0  27/04/2004
       First version of this FAQ, It has a strat for every Boss or forced battle.
    It also covers a walktrough for the 1st world & most part of the 2nd world.
    In the next update I will try to finish before the void.
     Version 2.0  09/05/2004
       Fixed some typos, added the Sleep Tactic in section 3, made the walktrough
    after the & Add some strats to some bosses. Also, after I finish the walktrough,
    I will make a list for a quick find of the places you've visited & find where
    you currenty are faster.
     Version 2.5  25/05/2001
       This is a pre-release of the version 3.0, it contains some typos fixed, also
    added the treasure list under the place you're visiting.
      3) Some Advices
    - The Bosses doesn't give you any exp., Including the Espers, except for
      Sergeant + Karnaks, Sol Cannon + Launchers & the ones in the Phoenix
      Tower. (So that's how you get such a low level)
    - On the Bosses that you can cast Lv2 Old, you can use it and then wait until
      their level are divisible by 5 & cast Lv5 Doom, it's very hard to pull it
      out, but it will kill anyone, except for Omega, who has a magic barrier.
    - On Bosses that are affected with Darkshock, you can then do the strat
      mentioned before to kill them easily.
    - On Bosses that have a high level you can give them some Dragon Powers
      (Potion+Dragon Fang) until their lever gets to 255 (It won't go further),
      then cast Lv5 Doom. (if the boss has a low level, you'll need to spend more
      Dragon Powers, that's all).
    - If you're going to master Caller Job then try just getting the next magic:
      Ifrit, Titan, Golem, Shoat, Garnet/Carbuncle & Odin.
      So then you can use Summon Ability & get nice magic w/o using MP.
    - The Blue Magic that I recomend you to have are the next ones:
      Condemn, Roulette, all Lv spells, Flash, Time Slip, Death Claw, Goblin Punch,
      Dark Shock, Mg Hammer & Blowfish.
      Though you can also get all the other ones, just for completing the list as
      a challenge.
    - If you can make a Boss/Enemy to Sleep, then use any of the next attacks to
      hit him & don't wake him:
      Goblin Punch, Terrain, DrgSword, Dance, Animals & Summon.
      Even though that they don't do much damage, you'll be safe & don't waist MP
      nor money. Just remember that in some cases Goblin Punch, Terrain & Animals
      will not be effective (will do 0 damage).
      4) Learning Blue Magic
      You can learn EVERY Blue Magic by doing centain things:
      (Though you won't need most of them)
    - You need to catch every monster, so that you don't learn any exp. Also
      Condemn does the trick (Because that way you don't get the exp.), if a
      mosnter runs it will not give you exp. so don't worry if that hapens.
    - For the Exploder you need to learn it from the Puroboros and Fusion you can
      learn it from the movers, because they don't give you exp.
    - For the Moon Flute you need to equip a Ribbon, so that it doesn't berserk
      that member & you don't end killing that enemy.
    - For the Lv spells, if you aren't on an exact Lv, you can mix either Dragon
      Powers (Potion + Dragon Fang), +20 Lv; or Samson Powers (Antidote+Holy Water)
      +10 Lv. Also usign Hero Potions or Hero Song will level you up.
      For Lv5 Doom, if your level isn't 5, then you'll have to level it up with the
      items to 255. (It won't go further)
      5) Getting Abilities
      Before starting with the guide, you need to know which abilities you need to
    get in order to make the strat work. Remember that most of the enemies will give
    you experience when you kill them, so you need to catch them or kill them with
    condemn or find an enemy that doesn't give you exp. (The enemies that run will
    not give you exp, so you may also try that)
     Job             Level   Total ABP
     Archer            1       15 /  600
     Bard              1       25 /  175
     Berserker         0        0 /  500
     Black Wizard      7!     730 /  730
     Blue Wizard       4!     350 /  350
     Caller            6!     750 /  750
     Chemist           2       45 /  630
     Dancer            0        0 /  400
     Dragoon           0        0 /  600
     Elementalist      3!     175 /  175
     Knight            0        0 /  690
     Mimic             1!     999 /  999
     Monk              7!     700 /  700
     Mystic Knight     0        0 /  680
     Ninja             4      240 /  690
     Red Wizard        4!    1159 / 1159
     Samurai           0        0 /  820
     Thief             7!     635 /  635
     Time Wizard       3       60 /  530
     Trainer           4!     460 /  460
     White Wizard      1       10 /  580
     Total            55     6353 /12853
      You can try to master any other job, but the process is so slow that you'll
    get bothered sooner or later unless you cheat or got nothing else to do.
      Now, I'll explain what you need of each Job, at least what I used:
     -ARCHER: For this Job you only need Animals.
     -BARD: For this one you only need Conceal ability, but you can go mastering
     this job just for the Sing ability.
     -BERSERKER: This one is useless, even in a normal game, the only safety way to
      master this job is by fighting the Galuras.
     -BLACK WIZARD: Though you may only need to get at Lv 4 is good to master this
      one because you'll get +30% MP which you can combine with mimic job to call
      strong magic like Odin.
     -BLUE WIZARD: Though you don't need to master this one, you may want to prefer
      learning Blue Magic without beeing a blue wizard nor equiping the learning
     -CALLER: Even if the strongest call you may use is Lv 4, you may want to learn
      the Summon ability which you can randomly call any monster w/o using MP.
     -CHEMIST: The only abilities that you may need are the 1st 2, but you can try
      mastering & getting the effect of medicine without a job or reviving people
      with the Revive command.
     -DANCER: Though getting the ability of equiping the Ribbons with any class, you
      wouldn't like to waist a slot, getting the Dance ability may be good, because
      when a monster/boss is sleeping, hitting with that command he won't wake up.
     -DRAGOON: Though Jump & Dragon Sword are good abilities, you don't need them to
      kill a boss, so it's up to you deciding to get this abilities.
     -ELEMENTALIST: A must mastering job, terrain will help you a lot & getting the
      other abilities will be useful to.
     -KNIGHT: Though mastering this job may be helpful because of the Cover &
      Protect abilities you'll require to spend time. Other FAQs recommend you to
      get those 2 abilities for some bosses, I didn't use them, so again it's up
      to you mastering this job.
     -MIMIC: Though you get this ability at the last world is one of the most useful
      to use, trying to master this job will take you a lot of time & it's better to
      use the job instead of the ability, so decide what is better to you.
     -MONK: Even if you don't really need to master this job, you may want the extra
      HP when you master this job.
     -MYSTIC KNIGHT: Though I didn't use this job at all, mastering this job will
      give you the ability of setting a barrier when you are near-death, which
      comes a lot in this game, again not a must mastering but may be useful.
     -NINJA: Though all the abilities may be useful, you may annoy when you master
      this job & every time you change your equipment a 2nd weapon equips instead
      of a shiled, which in most of the cases is more need it. So, if you don't
      worry about that ability then it's good to master this job.
     -RED WIZARD: Even if this job is the slowest one to master, it's useful to
      have the X-magic ability, so try getting this job mastered.
     -SAMURAI: Even if GP toss, evade & Slash are good abilities, it's a waist of
      time mastering this job, so don't try to master this job unless you want to
      waist some time.
     -THIEF: Also a must mastering job, every ability will be useful & when you
      master this job you'll get the agility of the thief, which is the fastest
      one, really helpful with such a low HP.
     -TIME WIZARD: Even if it's a really good job & getting the ability to equip
      rods with other jobs so you can break them is also a good idea, it's not a
      need, so you decide if you want to master this job or not.
     -TRAINER: Another must mastering job, when you're going to gain some ABP points
      and the enemies give you exp. you can catch them, this way you'll won't get
      the exp, also releasing monsters is an excelent way to kill some bosses; a
      must mastering job.
     -WHITE WIZARD: You won't be using white magic, so you'll prefer to get the
      white/black ability from the Red Wizard, even if you can only do lv 3 spells
      at max.
      6) Walkthrough
       Before starting giving the strat, I'll mention the exp. you get by fighting
    forced battles or because of some bosses.
       The lowest level that you can is 3 for Faris & 2 for the others, but you may
    not be able to do it because it requires to to certain things in some battles.
    Anyway a level 6/7 is also low, but isn't the lowest.
     Enemies                 Exp   Level    Place
     Goblin x 2                6   1        Inside Tycoon meteor
     Goblin x 2                6   2        Broken part
     Goblin x 2                6   2        Broken part
     Goblin                   24   2,1,1,3  Beginers room (Optional)
                                                          (to learn Goblin Punch)
     Sergeant + Karnaks      900   4,4,4,5  Karnak Castle (Kill the Iron Claw)
     Sol Cannon + Launchers   40   5,4,4,5  Lonka Ruins Airship
     Lil Charriot x 3        225   6,6,6,7  The Bridge
     Sergeant + Karnaks       40   2,2,2,3  Karnak Castle (If you only killed the
                                               Sergeant and let all the Karnaks run)
     Sol Cannon + Launchers   40   2,2,2,3  Lonka Ruins Airship (if you let the Hero
                                                                        & Faris die)
     Lil Charriot x 3          0   2,2,2,3  The Bridge (If you free some Gargismaka)
      Before starting the walktrough I will only mention more or less where you
    need to go. I recommend you to finish the game a few times before attempting a
    LLG, because this is going to be hard, harder if you don't know the weakness of
    some bosses.
    NOTE: Bosses that have ! in their name means that I haven't double checked their
    level & HP, that's all.
     World 1
     Tycoon Meteor
    Treasures: Fenix Down
      You'll start in a forest near Tycoon Meteor, go there & you'll find out that 2
    monsters will be attacking a girl then you'll fight 2 goblins, this battle is
    easy just hit them w/o loosing time, you'll win easily. Here's where you gain
    the 1st time experience, you can't avoid this. Then you'll meet Lenna & Galuf.
    Before leaving the meteorite look the the right where there's a tree & you'll
    find a treasure which contains a Fenix Down.
      Now leave the meteorite and go north to the mountais where you fight again 2
    goblins, but this time you fight 2 battles. Your main character will level up,
    then you'll pick up Lenna & Galuf which they join the group. Continue going
    North & you'll find a cave, go there.
     Pirate's Cave
    Treasures: Leather Helmet
      You'll find a spring which recovers you HP & MP complete, now you'll fight
    random battles that you need to escape, so you don't gain more exp. In order to
    escape you need to press L+R buttons, you have to do this in every randomn
    battle until you get some abilities later. Continue through the cave & you'll
    find a pirate opening a secret door, before entering there grab the treasure
    that contains a Leather Helmet. Continue & you'll see a ship, which you need to
    take it to go to the Wind Shine. Board the ship & when you're about to use it
    you'll be taken prisoner but later you'll be free & now you can go to the Wind
    Shine, but don't go yet, instead go to the 1st town, Tule Town which is to the
     Village of Tule
    Treasures: 100 GP, 150 GP, Ether, Leather Ring , Fenix Down x2, Potion x2, Tent
      All the pirates will inmediately go to the bar to drink some beer, even Faris.
    Enter the Beginners House to collect some prices, but don't bother going
    upstairs because the treasure is a M-i-a-B, just grab the next items: A tent in
    the box, a Fenix Down in the barrel, a potion in the jar, a ether in a chest,
    which you have to get it passing the secret passage & at last 100 GP in the
    other treasure chest.
      Now leave the house & look for the other hidden items. A tent in a box & a
    Potion in a barrel which you'll find near the Magic Shop, a Fenix Down in a
    bush behind Zokk's House, a Leather Ring in a box near the windmill & at last
    150 GP founded in a barrel near the Inn. (Now you should have 810 GP).
      Go to the Armor Shop & buy 3 Leather Shields & 2 Leather Caps. At last enter
    the Weapon Shop & buy 1 Broad Sword, you'll have now 160 GP, before leaving town
    play the Organ in the Pub, now leave & go to the Wind Shine which is Northeast
    from where you are.
     Wind Shrine
    Treasures: Broad Sword, Potion x5, Leather Helmet, Staff, Tent
      Go to the left & talk to a schoolar, he'll give you 5 potions, also next to
    him there is a Jar which complete restores HP & MP, use it everytime you need
    to instead of using tents or going to the Inn. Now head up to the stairs on the
    right, in the next floor you'll find a chest that contains a tent, grab it &
    continue going to the boss, in the next floor you'll find a recovery zone, you
    can save there if you hadn't, next get the Leather Helmet which is in the right
    door founded in a chest. Continue going & you'll find the 1st boss Wing Raptor,
    which isn't hard.
      Before Battling him be sure that you have equipped everything you have founded
    & bought, now fight him, also enter the room to the right for a Broad Sword.
    *Wing Raptor
    Level: 1
    Hit Points: 250
    Location: The Wind Shrine
    Strategy: Just attack him, but don't attack him when his wings are closed, only
    attack when they are open, this should be easy, if someone dies (which shouldn't
    happen), just don't revive him & finish the battle.
      Now continue to the next floor & grab the Staff that is in a chest in the
    corner, you need to pass a hidden path. Now enter the Wind Crystal room & the
    crystal had been shattered & you can now have access to the 1st set of Jobs.
    Leave the Wind Shine with the help of the warp that is in the North & return to
    the village of Tule.
      Before returning to Tule set all your team with Thiefs, now you can steal
    items which you should do if you want to win some money. Steal Potions from the
    Nut Eaters & refill you HP with the help of the jar inside the Wind Shrine.
     Village of Tule (Again)
    Treasures: Torna Canal Key
      Enter Zokk's house & he will give you a key to open the Canal & then you can
    get to Worus Town. Enter the Magic Shop & buy Bolt, Cure & Pure magic, you can
    also buy the others but you need to steal more potions. Also you don't need to
    buy weapons at all, but it's a good idea to have at least 1 of everyone. Now
    leave the town & go again to the Pirate's cave to gather some hidden treasures
    that you couldn't before.
     Pirate's Cave (Again)
    Treasures: 300 GP, Ether, Potion x8, Tent
      Go to the screen where you found the ship, now search to the left & you'll
    find a skull that opens a room with 3 treasures: a Tent, Ether & 300 GP. Talk
    to the 1st pirate that you see & he will give you 8 Potions, now leave the cave
    & go to the Tornal Canal which is near the Wind Shrine.
     Torna Canal
    Treasures: None
      Set all your team of Black Wizards, then go all the way to the right & then
    down, you'll meet the next boss, before entering the battle move all your team
    to the back, so they can take less phiscical damage & be sure that everyone has
    all their MP full.
    Level: 5
    Hit Points: 650
    Location: The Canal
    Strategy: Hit him with Bolt magic, since that's his weakness. Nobody should die,
    if so then just continue fighting unless Faris is the one that it's death.
      You'll loose Faris' monster/pet (Syldra), & the ship will be cast away until
    you arrive to the Ship Graveyard.
     Ship Graveyard
    Treasures: *990 GP, Antidote x2, Fenix Down, Flail Cane, Potion,*Tent,World Map
      You'll wake up & found out that you're in the Ship Graveyard, you can enter
    your ship & restore your HP & MP, so you can steal potions from Carcursers. Go
    down jumping the rocks & find a hidden treasure which contains a Flail Cane.
      Enter the next ship, grab the Tent that is in a treasure, then pass the water.
    Get the Fenix Down in a chest while you pass the water & a Potion, also in a
    treasure chest. You'll finally get to a safe place where you can rest & refill
    your HP & MP. Save in the recovery zone & continue your way.
      Grab the World Map, that you found inside another ship, then pick up the
    treasure chests that contains 2 antidotes & a Fenix Down. Now go to the last
    ship & before jumping the rocks set your party to Black Wizards.
    Level: 2
    Hit Points: 900
    Location: The Ship Graveyard
    Strategy: Use Fire Magic when she's at her Undead form (2nd form), Cure spell &
    Potions, Hi-potions will also damage her.
    If you learned Goblin Punch with the M-i-a-B at Tule, use it when she's normal
    (1st form), for some good damage.
      Now get out of the Ship Graveyard & go to the East then to the South & you'll
    find the next village.
     Town of Carwen
    Treasures: 1000 GP, Antidote, Ice Rod
      Go to the Inn if you need it, then to the Armor Shop to buy Bronze Shields for
    everyone, then go to the Magic Shop & buy the Sleep magic, play the Organ in the
    Pub & look in the jar for 1000 GP (you have to pass a secret passage). Found an
    Antidote in a barrel near a stair & get the Ice Rod that is in a box at the
    buttom of the screen. Buy some antidotes in the Item Shop & also some Fenix Down
    if you need them.
      You can fight a Galura in the beach next to the Town & gain some ABP & steal
    a Maidenkiss, since he doesn't give you exp. it doesn't matters if you kill it,
    but it will run after a while. Later, when you get Elemental Job, you can use
    Terrain to speed up the battles & kill him fast. (Just 2 Gusts or 4 tsunamies)
      You may want to learn right now the thief ability escape, so you can run from
    battles easily.
      Now leave the town & go North to the mountains where you can find a Hyryuu to
    then go to the next town.
     North Mountain
    Treasures: Fenix Down, Soft, Mythril Helmet
      Enter the door & grab the 2 treasures that contains a Fenix Down & a Soft.
    Continue going through the caves & then you'll find some plants, do not touch
    them otherwise you'll get poison & you need to use an antidote. When you fight
    some blocks you can steal some Glasses which be helpful at this moment.
      Just continue & when you get to the recovery zone, save & change all your
    characters to any job, but be sure that at least someone can equip rods. Now
    you'll fight the next battle, in which is easy if you picked up the rod in
    Level: 8
    Hit Points: 650
    Location: The Northern Mountain (She Can Call Forza to her aid).
    Strategy: Break the Ice Rod & you'll kill Magisa really fast. (You can learn
    Aero if you use Blue Wizards)
    *Forza (Magisa may call him)
    Level: 8
    Hit Points: 850
    Location: Northern Mountain
    Strategy: If he ever appears, just put him to sleep.
      When you kill Magisa you'll recieve a whip which it will be very useful in the
    next boss battle; continue through the mountain & you'll find a Hyryuu which is
    your new transport to the next town which is south from where you are. BTW, the
    headgear you've just picked up is the Mythril Helmet.
     Town of Worus
    Treasures: Glasses
      Get to the house that is surround by water, enter & you can find some Glasses
    in the jar. Enter the Armor Shop & buy some Iron Shields. Use the Inn if you
    need it & leave the Town, you can buy some Magic but you don't need any right
    now. Leave the town & go to the Castle.
     Worus Castle
    Treasures: 490 GP, 1000 GP x2, Elf's Cloak, Fenix Down, Tent
      Meet the king & then suddenly a meteor will fall from the sky, go to the
    storage part where you can find some hidden treasures. A Tent & a Fenix Down in
    a barrel & some money (490 GP) in a box. Enter the floor B1 where you'll find
    one of the most annoying enemies there will be, the Garkismaras, you will need
    the escape ability to run from this battles, here you'll find some useful stuff:
    in 2 jars you'll find 1000 GP & in the other you'll find Jikuu Magic Regen, also
    in the treasure you'll find a very important item the Elf's Cloak. Now leave the
    castle & head up to Tycoon Castle instead of where the meteorite felt.
     Tycoon Castle
    Treasures: Ashura, Cottage, Cure Staff, Elixir x2, Ether x2, Fenix Down x2,
               Giyaman, Hi-Potion, Maiden Kiss, Shuriken
      Talk to the Chancellor & you'll see a scene, now when you wake up, go to the
    next floor & grab a Hi-Potion hidden in a jar. Climb to the 4th floor & grab the
    hidden treasures: An Ether, Elixir, Fenix Down & Maiden Kiss all of them inside
    jars. Now head to the right part of the castle for more secret stuff: An Ether
    inside a jar, a Cottage, Fenix Down & Elixir inside a some barrels.
      Now go outside of the castle but don't exit, instead head to the left where a
    guard was blocking the way & you'll have access for more free stuff. You'll find
    a switch & then you have to walk through a secret passage, there you'll find the
    chancellor which give you the Sttaf & permition to grab those treasures, which
    contains: Ashura, Shuriken & Giyaman. Now leave the Castle & go near where the
    meteorite felt. You'll find a Tower in which you have to fight another boss.
     Worus Tower
    Treasures: Ether, Maiden Kiss, Silk Robe, Silver Ring
      Enter the tower & you'll fight some Ice soldiers, which you can steal a
    Mithril Sword that will be useful agains the next boss. Keep going until you
    find the King lying in the floor, you'll see wall that you can climb, climb it
    to get the treasure that it's there (Silkrobe), now get the other treasure that
    contains a Maiden Kiss, save & continue through the tower. Get the next 2
    treasures that contains a Silver Ring & a Ether. Now you'll get to the Water
    Crystal room where you found the next boss.
    Level: 3
    Hit Points: 1,200
    Location: Water Crystal room
    Strategy: Make all your characters pass to the 1st row, now hit him using the
    whip that you won in Magissa's fight which will paralize him, also equip the
    Cure cane to recupare energy. If someone dies don't revive him unless the one
    that died was the person holding the Whip.
      After you beat him, the crystal will shatter & you'll gain access to the next
    set of jobs. Then when you're about to exit the tower, this will sunk & Sildra
    will save you from dying, though he will die to never come back. (not really).
    Now you can also fight here some Galuras to gain some abilities, but you don't
    need them now, except for escape which you should have gotten right now, maybe
    trying to get steal command would be a great idea.
      Anyway, enter the Worus Meteor & when you enter you'll be warped near Tule
    Town, you'll get to Karnak meteorite, get out & go North then West & South to
    find the next town & Castle.
     Town of Karnak
    Treasures: None (Right now)
      Go to the weapon/armor shop & try to buy something, then you'll be arrested &
    taken to the Castle prison. You'll meet there and old guy, Mid, he will help you
    along your mission for a long time. Now you'll be free & now you can leave the
      Head again to the town & buy some Mithril Shields; again you can buy anything
    else but try not to waist the money, also buy at least 4 Ice rods, because you
    will need them for the next boss. You can also buy new Magic, but again you
    don't need it right now. Now exit the town & go where the ship is.
     Steam Ship
    Treasures: Cottage, Crescent, Elixir x3, Fenix Down, Green Beret, Mithril Ring,
               Thief Ring
      Enter the ship, enter the 1st door to find a treasure with a Mithril Ring, now
    head to the left & climb the stairs where you'll find a chest with an Elixir,
    now return to the entrance & grab the treasure that contains a Cottage. Head to
    some stairs going down to open another chest with anther Elixir, now enter the
    door where you'll find an elevator. Get a Fenix Down in the treasure you find
    there & enter the next elevator. Get through the ventilator conductor & get to
    another elevator, which will take you to a puzzle.
      Throw yourself in the 3rd conductor to grab a Thief Ring which it's going to
    be very useful, get again to the puzzle part & now take the 4th conductor to
    find a chest with a GreenBeret inside, get for the last time to the puzzle part
    & now throw yourself in the 2nd conductor to find the exit. Instead of taking
    the door, go to the stairs where you can find yet another treasure, this time
    with a Cresent.
      Now go back to the door, save in the recovery zone & prepare for the next
    battle, again set any job that has the ability to equip rods. Before facing the
    boss you need to pass another puzzle but this one is easy ,just move all the
    switches, here you can find the last treasure another Exilir. Now be ready to
    fight the boss.
    Level: 19
    Hit Points: 3,000
    Location: Steam Ship Power Room
    Strategy: Break an Ice rod & he'll transform, break another & you'll kill him,
    unless he transform to a Hand which is inmune to Ice. Hit him it he transform
    to a hand until he changes to another figure. If someone died, again don't
    revive him unless it was going to break a rod & it was the last one.
      Now that you've taken him down, move to the next screen where the Fire crystal
    is. (Fire Crystal room). Then again the crystal will shatter but this time you
    don't have time to gather the new abilities, you have to escape before the
    castle explodes.
     Karnak Castle
    Treasures: 2000 GP x3
      You'll have 10 minutes before getting out of the castle, if you had explored
    the castle you'll notice there's a lot of treasures all over the castle, the
    problem is that most of them contains a M-i-a-B, just 3 of them will not. Anyway
    chech the jar if your HP/MP isn't full.
      The 1st box contains 2000 GP which you'll find in floor B4, then go directly
    to floor 2 where you can find the other 2 treasures with money (2000 GP each
    one). Now that you have gotten the only treasures that doesn't have a M-i-a-B
    leave the castle & you'll fight another boss.
      This boss is tricky because if you don't want to earn a lot of exp. you need
    to take out the Sergeant & leave the karnaks alive.
      If you want to get the exp. just break an Ice rod, then let the Sergeant
    change his form to Iron Claw, here be sure to learn DeathClaw Blue spell & now
    break the last Ice rod to kill him & win the battle. This will set your team at
    level 4 for everyone but Faris, which it'll be at level 5.
    *Iron Claw (Transform of Sergeant) !
    Level: 39
    Hit Points: 500
    Location: Karnak Castle, During The Countdown
    Strategy: Break another Ice rod and he's dead. (Don't forget to learn Deathclaw)
      Anyway, if you're attempting the lowest level then follow the next strat.
    *Sergeant + Karnaks !
    Level: 0, 19
    Hit Points: 400, 140 (Each one)
    Location: Karnak Castle, During The Countdown
    Strategy: Use sleep to make everyone to sleep, now with the whip hit the
    Sergeant hoping to paralize him, just hit him like crazy & you'll take him off.
    You can also Poison him to make more damage. After you kill the Sergeant be sure
    to wake the Karnaks so they can escape, just un-equip your weapon & hit them
    with the bare hands. (so you don't kill them)
      After you finish him you'll still get some exp. but just 40 exp. which is
    enought to make Galuf & Lenna level up, now your team is in Lv 2 for everyone &
    Lv 3 for Faris.
      Now that you have beated the boss, you can return to the castle to steal from
    the M-i-a-B, it's not a must but it's a good idea to do. Now that you have more
    or less 1 minute, escape & the castle will explode, letting you grab the next
    set of jobs.
      You can steal MageMash from Sorcerers & Elixirs from Gigas. I was able to
    steal 25 MageMash & 2 Elixirs, which sells for good money, leave at least 4
    MageMash because most of the jobs can equip knifes.
      Now that the castle was blown up, you'll get the next set of jobs. I recommend
    you to master from this moment Trainer & Elementalist jobs, this 2 will be handy
    later in the game.
     Town of Karnak (Again)
    Treasures: Fire Rod
      Enter the Town again & now you can grab a Fire Rod that is a barrel near the
    entrance, also a new guy will sell you weapons, buy Kunais for an extra speed &
    Whips for paralizing enemies. Play the organ if you hadn't & now leave the town
    to go the ship to talk to Cid then again in Karnak town, but this time he will
    be in the Pub. Now leave the town & go South to enter the Ancient Library.
      Before you go be sure that you have bought at least 2 Ice rods & 3 Fire rods,
    so you can use them in the next boss battles.
     Ancient Library
    Treasures: Ether, Fenix Down, Stealth Armor
      You'll find here just enemies that are called Page X, if you have the control
    & catch abilities you can learn some Blue Magic, but they aren't important right
    now. However you can steal Green Berets from Page 32 & Silver Rings from Page 64
    but they are rare steals, so don't bother stealing unless you really want them.
      Go to the 2nd floor if your HP & MP isn't full, now go back to the 1st floor &
    enter the door. You'll now will be in a puzzle which isn't so hard, pass it &
    continue & open the bookshelf to find a path to another room. Grab the treasure
    that contains an Ether & get out of that room.
      Now go to the stairs to open a hidden path, enter & you'll find a book when
    you try to grab it you'll fight the next boss.
    Level: 22
    Hit Points: 3,000
    Location: The Ancient Library
    Strategy: Break the 2 Ice rods & you'll kill him really quick. Again if someone
    dies, just continue the fight & kill him unless the one who has been killed has
    the last Ice rod.
      Now that you've beaten him, he will join your team as a Call magic. Return to
    the stairs & now enter the door, the bookshelf will let you pass because of
    Ifrit, if you look carefully, you'll notice that there's a path going down,
    where you can grab another treasure that has an Stealth Armor.
      Return to where the bookshelf is & continue going. You'll find another
    treasure, this time with a Fenix Down in it, continue & you'll find another
    room with moving bookshelfs, in the 3rd one you'll fight some enemies, but
    instead of doing that just run from the battle & you won't gain exp. You will
    now find a recovery zone, save & continue. You'll find someone reading books &
    when you try to talk to him a boss will appear to fight you.
    Level: 24
    Hit Points: 3,600
    Location: Ancient Library
    Strategy: Break 3 Fire rods & he's dead. If you learned Deathclaw, it also works
    on him, so you can kill him fast. Learn Mg Hammer Blue spell, because it will be
    useful later. Again, if someone dies don't revive him unless he was equipping
    the last rod that you need you kill Byblos.
      Now that you have defeated Byblos, talk to Mid to get out of the Library, he
    will run to talk to Cid, so the next step is returning to Karnak Town.
     Town of Karnak (Again)
    Treasures: None
      Enter the Pub, go to the 2nd floor & you'll find Cid. Mid will also come to
    cheer up Cid so he doesn't give up. Both will have an idea to make the stamship
    to move w/o using the wind. Go outside, enter again the Stamship, they will
    repair the ship & let you use it to go to towns that you couldn't before. Now
    with the ship you can go to 3 different towns. Go to Jacole's Town, which is
    Southwest from where you are.
     Town of Jacole
    Treasures: None
      The weapons here are expensive, just buy the armors for everyone. Enter the
    magic shop if you want to buy some white magic. Enter the item shop if you need
    to buy some items. Enter the Pub & play the organ. Enter the Inn if you need to
    rest & then leave the town.
      Outside the town you'll meet some BioSoldiers & Bombs. You can steal Battle
    Axes as normal steal & War Hammers as rare steal from the BioSoldiers, Bombs
    will just have potions.
      If you notice, there's a cave near the town which contains some good items,
    you can grab them now, but I should wait until you have the flying steamship.
      Now return to the ship & go to the next town, which is on crescent island,
    just go to the west & you'll find it.
     Town of Crescent
    Treasures: Life Song
      When you enter you'll see an scene where you ship will sink, then you may
    wonder how can you leave the town, wait a little & you'll find out.
      Anyway, go & buy anything you need, rest in the Inn if you need it & head to
    a house in the right corner. You'll get to the Troubador's house, where you can
    learn several songs, learn the Life song, play the organ & leave the town. Now
    go to the forest in the South & you'll enter the black chocobo's forest, where
    you meet a black chocobo, which it will be the next transport, also you'll
    gather more abilities, archer & bard. leave the forest & go to Karnak town to
    buy some Fire Rods, like 7. Leave the town & go Northwest to the next town,
    village of Istory
     Village of Istory
    Treasures: Frog Spell, Love Song
      You can buy some real useful rings but they are really expensive, I recommend
    you to return before you go to the next world & buy at least 1 of each ring. You
    can buy some Jikuu magic if you want in the Magic Shop. Go up & talk to a bard,
    but 1st let the sheep kick you so you can jump the fence, he will teach you a
    new song. If you looked carefully, you'll see some flowers near the Armor shop,
    walk in them & a frog will pop up leaving the Black Spell Frog, after that
    leave the town & head to the forest where you can fight an esper. You can steal
    Hi potions from him & then run so you can steal more when you battle him again.
    Level: 21
    Hit Points: 4,000
    Location: The Forest East Of Istory, Across The Bridge.
    Strategy: Break 5 fire or ice rods (Doesn't mind) or use Doomclaw, and then just
    hit him. You can learn the Blue Magic Flash here.
      After you beated him you can now beat another esper. (well, you could defeat
    it before, but you needed to walk a few...). Anyway, return to Worus castle, go
    to the back of the castle & enter in a cascade where you found a secret door.
    You'll enter to Worus Castle - Watertower, here you'll find Shiva, she's easy
    to take if you have brougth some Fire Rods.
    *Shiva + Commander
    Level: 11 & 4 (Each one)
    Hit Points: 1,500 & 600 (Each one)
    Location: Walse Castle
    Strategy: Break 2 or 3 Fire rods & you'll kill her very fast.
      You can leave the watertower if you walk down to a door where you'll fall off
    the cascade, now leave the castle and go to the next town which is near to the
    Wind Shrine.
     Village of Lix
    Treasures: Charm Song
      This town is where Butz (the hero) lives, everything in the shop will be
    halved, so I highly recommend you to buy here whenever you can. Visit your house
    & you can learn another song. You can buy Esna magic if you want, it's the only
    place in world 1 where you can buy it. Go to the Item shop & buy anything you
    need. Also buy 3 or 4 Water & Lightning skills, you'll need them for the
    next bosses. Now that you bought anything you needed, leave the town & return to
    the Ancient Library. Here Cid & Mid will tell you to go to the quicksand desert,
    so go there. (It's west from where you are)
     Quicksand Desert
    Treasures: None
      Here you'll notice that you can't cross the desert, so Mid & Cid will come to
    fix this inconvenient, but you will fight a monster, so prepare everyone with
    the Ninja Job so you can throw stuff.
    *Sand Worm
    Level: 18
    Hit Points: 3,000
    Location: Quicksand Desert
    Strategy: Throw 3 water skills & he will be dead.
      Now that you beated him, pass the desert running from the monster, you'll find
    a Pyramid when you're about to leave the desert, don't bother to go, because you
    can't do anything there right now. Go South until you find a town, which it's
    called Ruined City.
     Ruined City
    Treasures: Mini Spell, Shuriken x2
     There's nobody there except for the King of Tycoon. Follow him & you'll fall
    in a hole. You will fall in a strange place, use the warp there & you'll appear
    below Crescent Island. Sleep in bed if you need to rest, go to the left & pull
    the level to open the path & gather the treasures, you'll find 2 Shurikens &
    White Magic Mini. Leave the room & use the level to open the door, save in the
    recovery zone, then you'll find your ship & also another one with some
    propellers. Mid & Cid will fall & they fix the ship so you can use it. When it
    starts to fly something will stop you from going anyway, here's where you'll
    fight another boss.
    *Cray Claw
    Level: 43
    Hit Points: 2,000
    Location: The Launch Site Of The First Airship.
    Strategy: You can steal a Coral sword if you want, now break 2 Lightning rods or
    throw 2 lightning skills then just hit him to take him off.
      After you killed him you'll have control of the new steamship. Return to the
    ruined city to find out that it can fly. Go back to crescent island & Cid & Mid
    will tell you to find some Adamantium, Galuf knows where to find it, so return
    to the meteor where you found him. Before you go, buy 3 Ice rods, you'll need
      Also if you want, you can go near Crescent Island to fight a MachinHead, you
    can steal an Ether & then sell it for good money, anyway go to Tycoon's Meteor.
      If you hadn't go to Jacole's Cave for the treasures now is the moment to do
    it, you can fly in the cave & go backwards. Remember that if you free the wolf
    in the prison, he'll take some of the treasures, so never release him.
      Enter in the meteor & you'll find the Adamantium, but you also find the next
    boss, so be prepared.
    *Adamant T.
    Level: 20
    Hit Points: 2,000
    Location: Tycoon Meteor
    Strategy: Just use Lv 5 Doom if you had learned it, Or break 3 Ice rods.
      Return again to Crescent Island so the Ship can be repaired to fly higher &
    catch the flying city. Before you go there you need to buy some lightning rods
    & lightning skills to take down the cannons & the boss.
    *Flame Gun
    Level: 22
    Hit Points: 2,400
    Location: Lonka Ruins Airship
    Strategy: Break 4 Lightning rods or throw 3 or 4 lightning skills. You can
    learn the Blue Magic Emission here.
    *Rocket Launchers
    Level: 23
    Hit Points: 2,500
    Location: Lonka Ruins Airship
    Strategy: Break 4 Lightning rods, you may be able to kill them with just using
    Terrains --> Gale Cut, also you can throw 3 or 4 Lightning skills. You can learn
    the Blue Magic Missile here.
      After you defeated all the cannons, the boss will finally appear; a tip when
    you're fighting the Flame Guns & Rocket Launchers, fly near the Wind Shrine, so
    you can refill you energy w/o using Fenix Downs & Potions, just go back every
    time you need to.
    *Sol Cannon + Launchers !
    Level: 36 & 50
    Hit Points: 22,500 & 10,800
    Location: Lonka Ruins Airship
    Exp. Points: 40
    Gold Pieces: 40
    Strategy: If you have learned L5 Doom use it to take out the 2 Launchers then
    doomclaw to weak him & kill him with another hit, anyway just throw 10 Lightning
    Skills & then break 2 Thunder Rods to finish the battle before the Sol Cannon
    can do his surge beam attack, you can try throwing 3 more skills to take him,
    but he may be able to make his attack, it's up to you.
      After you take out the boss you'll gain 40 exp. in total which it's enoght to
    make the hero level up, to prevent this he need to be death, you can also take
    Faris if you want, but the other 2 must be alive. So your level should still be
    3 for Faris & 2 for the rest of the team.
      Before you enter the ruins you may want to learn some abilities right now,
    because once you enter the Earth Room, Galuf will leave you & in the 2nd world
    you can only gain ABP if you catch every enemy. Be sure to learn Darkshock from
    the Black Flames, they appear in crescent island or.
     Lonka Ruins
    Treasures: 5000 GP, Ancient Sword, Cottage, Crescent, Elixir, Ether, Fenix Down,
               Gold Armor, Gold Shield, Hi-Potion, Power Wrist, Shuriken
      You can learn some good Blue Magic here, so you need to already master trainer
    job so you can catch the monsters & don't gain exp. You can learn White Wind
    from the Whirldemon (fight it when it appears alone), also Blowfish which you'll
    need in the next boss battle, you can learn it from Lamia.
      After you've learned those magic, return to the Quicksand Desert to catch a
    Sand Bear, you can catch 2 if you want, now return to the ruins.
      In the 2nd level you'll find the 1st treasure, it contains a Gold Armor.
    Continue through the 3rd level, you'll find 3 treasures, but you can only get 2
    right now, anyway the 1st one contains an Elixir & the 2nd a Fenix Down, you can
    save if you go downstairs to the 2nd level, where you find a recovery zone,
    after you've saved, continue going right & down to collect the other treasure,
    this contains a Gold Shield which you may want to equip it ASAP. Go back where
    you found the save point, but now use the other stairs to go up.
      Continue until you find another treasure in level 4, you'll find a Hi-potion,
    now, don't pass the door yet, use the stairs to later find a room with 5 chest,
    they contain 5,000 GP, Shuriken, Ancient Sword, Crescent & a Power Wrist.
      Now go back where you found the door in the 4th level to go through it, keep
    going & then you'll find another recovery zone, save & go through the door, once
    again you'll get to the 4th level, use the stairs to grab the last 2 treasures,
    they contain an Ether & a Cottage, go back again & use the switch to open a way
    & get where the king & the boss are.
      Prepare yourself with Terrain ability for everyone, Blue for Faris & Catch for
    those who caughted the sand bear(s). You can also try using Throw if you hadn't
    caughted the Sand bear(s).
    *ArcheoAvis (Part 1)
    Level: 21/19/23/24
    Hit Points: 1,600 per transformation (6,400 total)
    Location: Lonka Ruins
    Strategy: Break some Fire rods, then if you see that he stop a bit, start to
    break other rods and so on, OR use just use Terrain until you take him off.
    You can use flash to prevent getting hitted, use it if you want to.
    *ArcheoAvis (Part 2)
    Level: 20
    Hit Points: 2,500
    Location: Lonka Ruins
    Strategy: Just cast Lv5 Doom and he's dead. If you don't have it, then release
    a Sand bear & then release a Lamia or use Blowfish to take him off definitive.
    Instead of returning to catch a Sand bear, you can catch 3 Lamias also. You can
    also try throwing Shurikens, but they'll do ~ 200 damage each.
    (Mg Hammer affects on him...)
      After you taked him off, this is your last time to return before Galuf leaves,
    I recommend you to learn all the abilities that you need before entering the
    Earth Crystal room.
      Now that you had to do everything you need to come back & enter the room,
    Galuf will have to leave, making your team with only 3 members at the moment.
      After the last crystal is shattered, you'll get new jobs & Exdeath will free
    from his prison & return to his world.
      Return to Tycoon Meteor to find that Mid & Cid will help you going to Galuf's
    world, Now go to the next meteor you found to fight a boss there.
    *Puroboros x 6
    Level: 22
    Hit Points: 1,500
    Location: The Worus Meteor
    Strategy: Throw 3 Skills (Doesn't mind which) to take out 4 of 6 of them, you
    may kill them all but if that happens start again, now control them and use
    Exploder on theirselves. Don't forget to learn Exploder here, it's very
    important. If you know that you'll take all of them, then use a Potion or
    Hi-potion on someone, so he could resist the 3rd skill & then he'll use exploder
    on someone.
      After you beated him, instead of going to the next meteor, go to North
    Mountain to control a Gala Cat, to make your team float. Now go to the Quicksand
    Desert to catch a Sand Bear or 2. You may wanna 1st catch the monsters & then
    control the cat, because if you go to a Inn, use tents/cottages or the Jar, then
    you'll loose the fly ability & need to do the process again.
      Anyway, after you're done, continue to the next meteor, which it's in Karnak,
    near Tule town.
    Level: 1
    Hit Points: 2,500
    Location: The Karnak Meteor
    Strategy: Throw a Sand Bear to do heavy damage (~ 2,000 damage), then if you
    didn't caughted another Sand bear, throw skills to do ~ 500 damage, that should
    take him. If you didn't caughted the sand bear, then throw 5 or 6 skills to kill
    him, if someone dies is not necessary to revive him, unless you want to be sure
    to kill him before he kills your party.
      After you beat him, he will join you as an esper & you can now call him.
    Anyway, go to the last meteor, which is in Ruins' Meteor.
      This boss may be easy, but most of the time he'll start killing someone, you
    can try restarting the battle to avoid this. I recommend you to have Jikuu &
    jump abilities, so you can learn Aqua Breath, though you never need it.
    *Chim. Brain
    Level: 19
    Hit Points: 3,300
    Location: Ruins' Meteor
    Strategy: Use Doomclaw, then just hit him. If you don't have it, then use Demi
    several times, Stop & Slow works here, so you may want to try this too. Throwing
    Skills will do ~ 400 damage. You may want to use Demi 3 times & then throw a
    skill to finish him. Rememer that you can learn Aqua Breath, it's not necessary
    but if you're going to get every blue magic it's better to learn it here.
      Now that you beated the last boss, there a lot to do before getting to the
    2nd world, getting more or less 15-20 rods & skills of each one, getting money
    for the other world if you want, learn blue spells that you've missed & catching
    some Garkismaras if you want to stay in Lv 3 for Faris & 2 for the rest of the
    team, so go to Worus Castle to find them in the basement. You can steal some
    Dragon Fangs from the Minidragons & with the mix ability you can learn L5 Doom.
    *Garkismara (An enemy)
    Level: 20
    Hit Points: 666
    Location: Worus Castle
    Strategy: You need to catch him so you won't gain any exp. with the enemies Lil
    Charriots. If you don't want to waist money buying shurikens to weak him, you
    can try using Dance ability & hit him with sword dance, it will do ~70 damage,
    so you need to do this 9 times in order to catch him. To catch it he needs to be
    at least at 1/8 of his max HP, which is from 583 to 665 of damage. BTW, the
    shurikens will do ~110 damage, so you'll need 6 per monster. When you throw or
    do the dance ability you won't loose the control & when it's the time of the
    controler to attack just use circle on him, it will do nothing to the monster.
      Now that you've caughted 3 of this monsters, you'll be ready to leave this
    world, but remember to bring lots of Fenix Downs, Potions, Ethers & Tents
    because you'll need them.
      Your levels should still be 2/3/3/3 if you're going for the lowest or 5/4/4/5
    if you killed the Iron Claw.
     World 2
      When you wake, you'll get in the Solitaire Island, there no much to do here,
    just use a tent & you'll fight a boss.
    *Abductor !
    Level: 22
    Hit Points: 1,500
    Location: Solitary Island
    Strategy: Just die, you can try stealing something if you want to.
     Exdeath Castle
    Treasures: Crystal Shards
      After the fight, you'll wake up in Exdeath Castle & Galuf goes to the rescue
    alone. When he arrives, he'll picked the stuff that was stolen (you can't see
    this). Use the door to save if you need to, use the stairs to go down where
    everyone is taken prison.
      You'll fight here a Jail Bear along with other monsters, you need to catch it
    for the next battle. He has 380 HP so you need to weak him 333 to 379 damage to
    catch him.
    *Gilgamesh !
    Level: 26
    Hit Points: 11,500
    Location: Exdeath's Castle (1st time)
    Strategy: Doomclaw then just hit him, or throw the Jair Bear. Mini also works.
    If you don't want to catch the monster, then throw 3 skills, you have more
    chances of getting killed this way.
    He'll run after you make ~1,500 damage.
      Now that you've beated Gilgamesh, be sure to capture another Jair Bear for
    the next battle agains him. Now leave the Castle & go to the Bridge
     Big Bridge
    Treasures: None
      Save before you enter, because this is one of the most annoying part of the
    game, in the 1st part you'll fight the Lil Charriots, then you may fight some
    random battles you can't escape from those random battles, so you have to be
    luckly to avoid them. (They will give you exp.)
    *Lil Charriots
    Level: 8
    Hit Points: 480
    Location: The Big Bridge
    Exp. Points: 225
    Strategy: If you want the Exp. (Which you wouldn't), break a Thunder rod or
    throw a Lightning Skill to kill them.
    But if you're going for the lowest levels, which you should, then you need to
    release the garkismaras, each one has to hit each monster, to prevent this, you
    can use conceal ability to hide yourself until condemn kills a Lil Charriot &
    repeat the process with the other 2.
    (If you get the exp., then you'll levels will be 7 for Faris & 6 for the others)
    I think that you can also use the Sing ability to calm them down, have to try.
      Revive anyone that where killed & continue going, hoping that you don't face
    anyone as you pass the bridge, try running & change to the right part of the
    bridge. Once you get to the 1st half, you'll enter a door where you'll fight
    Gilgamesh, since you can only release a monster with Galuf, this battle will be
    Level: 28
    Hit Points: 6,500
    Location: The Big Bridge
    Strategy: Blind him with either a Dark Sight (Eyedrop + Dragon Fang) or with
    Dark Gas mix (Eyedrop + Dark Matter), now you can break some rods for ~750 of
    damage. Break 5 rods before you release the Jail Bear, so you'll do more damage
    before he can go into his hyper mode, He'll have more or less 1,200 HP remaining
    breaking more rods will do ~350 damage, so you'll need to break 4 more to finish
      Now that you've beat him, hope again that you can pass the 2nd part w/o
    getting a random fight. When you're about to get to the other side with Cara,
    Exdeath will make an explotion & you'll be launched out of there & get to the
    continent of Grociana. Go East to find the first town.
     Village of Rugor
    Treasures: None
      Go to the Armor Shop & buy the Gold Shields, buy anything else if you want to,
    now go to the Weapon Shop to buy the Chain Whip for each one. Go to the Magic
    room & buy the new magic there, not a must but it's a good idea to have it.
    In the Item Shop you can buy new stuff, buy them if you want to, no go to the
    Inn for a free rest, it will only happen once, then you need to pay for it.
      Go to the Pub to play another organ, but this time is hidden, you need to
    pass a hidden path, if you decide to dance in the Pub you can get 100 GP, it's
    not much but if you're bothered of stealing, you can win money here. Once you
    do that, leave the town & continue your jorney.
      Go South & you'll find a castle, right now it's useless, but you can fight
    some ShieldDragons, you can steal from him a Mythril Shield as normal steal &
    Gold Shield as a rare steal, so you can get some money this way. Anyway, leave
    the castle & continue going South, then East to get to a forest. There you'll
    find a Moggle, talk to him & he'll fall in a hole, you must follow him.
     Moogle's Cave
    Treasures: 4400 GP, Fenix Down
      Use the water to move, you'll face some tedious monsters, just run from the
    battle, the items that you can steal doesn't worth the trouble, you can find 2
    treasures here, the 1st one contains 4,400 GP & the other one a Fenix Down,
    which is exactly what you need in the next boss.
      After getting the 2 treasures you'll find the Moogle, he's with a monster, so
    your duty is to kill it before it hurt the moogle.
    Level: 29
    Hit Points: 5,000
    Location: The Moogle Cave
    Strategy: This is a quick battle, he is an Undead Boss, so giving him a Fenix
    Down will kill him. (You can learn here the Blue Magic ????, that's how it's
      After beating him, the moogle will tell you how to get to his forest, so do
    what he says, otherwise you'll fight a monster which you can't run & you'll end
    winnnig exp.
     Moogle's Village
    Treasures: 1 GP, 10000 GP, Cottage, Dancing Knife, Elf Cape, Ether, Fenix Down
      When you finally get to the Moogle Village, talk to the moogle that you saved,
    enter to his house & grab the treasures he has, they'll contain the next items:
    An Ether, Fenix Down, Dancing Knife, Cottage, 10000 & 1 GP. Now exit his house
    & enter to another where you can put a Moogle Suit, which you can use to get
    more treasures. Put the Moogle suit & go to the next house, a moogle will give
    you an Elf Cape, which it's very useful in your situation.
      After getting all the treasures, talk again to the moogle you saved & he'll
    call another moogle which make Cara come for you. You'll now return to Galuf's
    Castle, buth the Hyryuu will be so tired that you can't use it right now.
     Val Castle
    Treasures: AngelGwn, Exit Magic, Hero Potion, Great Sword, *Lamia's Harp
      You'll find out that Galuf is the King of that castle, anyway if you go to the
    left you can see some treasures, you can only grab 2 of them, the 1st one
    contains a Hero Potion & the other one contains the Jikuu magic Exit.
      Now go to the roof to find out that the Hyryuu is dying because he won't eat
    anything, so your next mission is to find the Hiryuusou, a plant that they can
      Go out & enter the left part of the castle, here you can buy the same as the
    village of rugor, the only thing new is the Gauntlet Ring, which you don't need.
    Go in the back to climb the stairs, then you can find a hidden stairs outside,
    use them to get in the back of the store where you can find a treasure, this
    contains an AngelGwn. Then go to the south wall, look for a switch & you'll open
    a path to the counter, a merchant will get annoyed & give you a Lamia's Harp.
      Now, get again ooutside but before you leave go down where there's a part with
    water, place there & you'll be taken outside of the castle, go to the right part
    of the castle to find a secret weapon down there, is the Great Sword, now go
    back & use the switch to return inside the castle, now prepare for the next
    battle, which it will be taken immediately when you get out of the castle.
    Level: 29
    Hit Points: 2,500
    Location: Outside Val Castle.
    Strategy: Doomclaw, then just hit him. If you don't have it, then use Terrain,
    it will do a Tornado, which make the boss HP go to single digits, so then just
    hit him & you'll kill him easily.
      This battle was easy, now that you are out of the castle go North to find the
    next town.
     Village of Kelb
    Treasures: 10000 GP, Cornago Jar, Potion x24, Requiem Song
      You'll see nobody here but you can't get out, enter a house to find a wolf
    that wants to fight Butz alone, you'll beat him & he will let you pass this
    town. Before you do that go to the Weapon/Armor shop, you can buy some skills
    if you're low in that, you can buy Poison rods, which you can break to do Bio
    to one enemy, I recommend you yo buy some, just in case you need them.
      Go outside, look in the well to find out an old guy who want to eat a frog, so
    your job is to capture a Conago frog & bring it to him, in exchange he will give
    you 10,000 GP & a Cornago Jar, which let you catch any enemy at 1/2 of his max
    HP instead of 1/8. You can use terrain to make a tornado which make an enemy's
    HP to single digits, then you'll just catch him quickly, BTW, you can learn the
    Blue Magic Frog Song if you hadn't earlier.
      Now instead of paying for the Inn, talk to a wolf in a table, he will give you
    8 potions & refill your HP & MP complete, you can do this up to 3 times. Now go
    to the back of the town, talk to one of the wolfs there, he will teach you a
    song that you'll need in the next battle. Now leave the town & go North into the
     Valley of the Hyryuu
    Treasures: 5000 GP, 7000 GP, Airblade, Bone Mail, Cottage, Fenix Down, Hypno
      You can steal some good items here, you can steal Bard Robes from Drippys,
    Dark Matter & Dragon Fangs from the ZombieDragon & get one of the best espers,
    Golem. You'll fight him several times & then he'll run, but when you also fight
    2 other monsters, you'll need to save.
      Anyway, go to the 1st cave to find a treasure with money, 5000 GP to be exact,
    get out & continue through the other part, you'll find another treasure with a
    Cottage inside. Pass the bridge & enter the cave, after you pass this part you
    can save golem from the dragons & he'll join you as an esper.
    *Golem + ZombieDragon + BoneDragon
    Level: 3/71, 37, 37
    Hit Points: 2,500/30,000 & 4,000 & 3,000
    Location: Valley of the Hyryuu
    Strategy: 5 Requiems should kill both dragons & golem will be with almost with
    all his HP & you'll get the esper Golem.
      After you get Golem, look in one of the bones & you'll find the Bone Mail,
    which it's very strong buth it makes you in undeath status. Enter the cave &
    look careful to open a hidden hole & get to the switch to open a new path,
    you'll find money in the way, 7000 GP to be exact. now leave the cave & go to
    the new cave.
      Go 1st to the left to open 2 chests, they'll contain a Hypno Gear & Airblade,
    the Hypno Gear will increase the chances of controling an enemy. Now go back &
    take the right, you'll find a Fenix Down, now enter the door that it's down, to
    find a recovery zone, prepare for the next battle.
      When you find the Hiryuusou, this one will attack you, so that's why the
    dragons haven't come back to eat this plant.
    *HiryuuSou + Hiryuuka
    Level: 33 & 31, 33 or 35
    Hit Points: 12,000 & 100 (Each)
    Location: Valley Of The Hiryuu
    Strategy: Doomclaw, then throw a Fire Skill or break a Fire Rod. If you don't
    have doomclaw then use Demi several times, you can also mix a Dark Elixir
    (Elixir + Dark Matter) or a Death Potion potion to kill him quickly.
      Once you've kill it, you can use the Jikuu spell Exit to leave the mountain &
    go back to the castle. Sleep in Kelb's Inn if you need to, now enter the castle
    & the guards will not let you in, so you need to use the switch in the water to
    enter. Now give the plant to the dragon & you can now use it to go to different
    places, next stop it's Guido's Island.
      Before you go there you can find a cave near the castle you can fight a nasty
    boss here it's optional but it's very hard, even in a normal game, I'll just
    mention, since I have never beated him in this situation.
    Level: 57
    Hit Points: 32,768
    Location: Near Exdeath's castle
    Strategy: I haven't found a strat to kill him, but this may help you:
    You can Mix a Dark Sight (Eyedrop + Dragon Fang), it's supposed to blind &
    confuse the enemy, althoug it will hit you anyway, also try using Golem to stop
    phisical attacks. If you mastered Chemist job you can mix 2 hi-potions to do
    1800 of damage on him, maybe if you berserk him & equip the Cure cane, you can
    do the guard/cover strat, it's just a though but if you want to beat it you may
    need to do this strat.
      After you got your butt kicked, exit the cave & go North to escape from that
    island, then go north to find a cave in a forest, this is Guido's Shrine. When
    you enter, Exdeath will sumerge the entire island. Now w/o having the chance to
    talk to Guido, you'll need to go to the West, where you'll find another castle.
     Surgate Castle
    Treasures: 5000 GP, Float Magic, Speed Song
      Use the switch to enter & a guard will tell you that Zeza is fighting Exdeath,
    before leaving the castle, enter the King's room to find a book which make you
    learn another song (Speed Song). If you go to the right from the Throne Room,
    you'll get to the weapon/Armor/Item/magic shop, there's also an Inn there, after
    you bought anything you've missed go back to the Throne Room, but this time go
    to the up to the left, continue going & you'll find a library organize the books
    there & the librarian will open a hidden path, go there & later you'll find a
    treasure with 5000 GP, go outside to the left to find a door, enter & there
    you'll find a treasure with the Jikuu Magic Float, now that you've got
    everything leave the castle & go where exdeath castle is. You'll find some ships
    in the ocean, decend in the biggest to arrive Zeza's Ship.
     Zeza's Ship
    Treasures: None
      You'll meet Zeza here, he will tell you to go to sleep, you can use the Hyryuu
    to leave the ship, but you don't need to. Now go & try to get some sleep,
    suddently, the monsters will attack the ship & is your work to trash the bad
    guys. You'll find some Goblins, these aren't bosses so you need to catch them so
    you don't gain any exp.
    *Gabbldegak (an enemy)
    Level: 24
    Hit Points: 1,200
    Location: Zeza's Ship
    Strategy: Control him, then catch it using the Cornago Jar. You can learn Goblin
    Punch here if you haven't yet.
      Now that you catch the only monster that was bloking the way to Gilgamesh,
    prepare your team for an easy battle.
    Level: 31
    Hit Points: 8,888
    Location: Zeza's Ship
    Strategy: Mix a Doom Potion (Dark Matter + Phoenix Down) & he's finished.
    Remember to steal the Genji Glove. (you can learn Death Claw if you haven't yet)
    *Enkidou (Gilgamesh calls him)
    Level: 29
    Hit Points: 4,000
    Location: Zeza's Ship (With Gilgamesh)
    Strategy: Control him, and use demi on him, Missile also works here
      If you killed Gilgamesh with the Doom Potion, then Enkidou will not appear.
    Anyway enter the ship & go to the left, there you'll find that the Ship is just
    a decoy, the main attack will be underground. You'll use a submarine to take
    out the Barrier that it's bloking the way to Exdeath castle.
      If you need to rest, you can use the submarine you refill your HP & MP, now
    enter the tower.
     Barrier Tower
    Treasures: 9000 GP, 18000 GP, BloodSword, Hairpin
      Save your game in the 2nd floor, now continue & you'll find 2 treasures, one
    will contain a M-i-a-B so it's your choice if you want to get the treasure,
    anyway the 1st one you'll get 9,000 GP & in the 2nd one you'll get a BloodSword.
    *Red Dragon (An enemy)
    Level: 30
    Hit Points: 7,500
    Location: Barrier Tower chest
    Strategy: Equip the Cornago Jar, now control him & use L3 Flare 2 or 3 times &
    catch him. You can learn L3, buth you need to cast reflect on him.
      You can learn several blue magic: Flash from Neons, Time Sleep from Travelers,
    Lv 4 & Lv 2 from Tricksters, buth for Lv 2 you need to be figthing a WallKnight
    he'll reflect the magic to one of your members.
      Anyway, continue climbing until you get to the 6th floor, there a chest also
    it contains 18,000 GP. In floor 9 go 1st to the right to save & then return &
    go to the left to fight a M-i-a-B. This time you can either fight a red dragon
    or 2 yellow dragons.
    *Yellow Dragon x2
    Level: 38
    Hit Points: 8,500
    Location:Barrier Tower chest
    Strategy: Again, just control them, use Tornado on theirselves & catch them.
      After you beated either the red or the yellow dragons, you'll get a Hairpin,
    which makes all the magic cost half, this items is tremendous useful in this
    game so you should get it at all cost.
      Now, return to the recovery zone, save & prepare for the next battle, a hard
    one if you don't know what to do.
    Level: 41
    Hit Points: 19,997
    Location: Barrier Tower
    Strategy: Use Darkshock and then cast Lv5 Doom to kill him quickly, but if you
    don't have both magic, then use Sleep until it works and then attack with
    Terrain, so you won't wake him, this will take some time but is safer. Goblin
    Punch, DrgSword & Dance can also do the trick.
      Now that you've beated him you'll have access of the submarine. Go to the
    North to find an island, there you can get another esper, but you need to do
    something before.
      As you get there, restore your health in the sub & make all your characthers
    with the Control & Catch abilities, in the cave you'll find some Iron Dress,
    these guys are hard, you only need to capture 1. These guys have 2,200 HP &
    their levels are multiple of 4, so you should know what to do. They are also
    affected to Doomclaw, so there's another option.
      Now that you've got at least one is the time to go up in the island, where
    you can find Shoat as a random battle. You've also find a Chocobo Forest, but
    you can't use the Chocobo there as a transport.
    Level: 38
    Hit Points: 5,000
    Location: Forest of Moore
    Strategy: Release an Iron Dress & he's finished.
      Now that you got him is time to find Guido, board the submarine & ser your way
    East to find a subterrain cave, enter & be prepared for another mission.
     Guido's Shrine
    Treasures: None
      Enter the cave & go directly where you find 5 treasure chest, thist chest
    will move a door when you put the rock on them, so grab the rock that is in the
    middle & put it in the upper left chest to open the door & push the switch. Now
    return to the chest, grab again the rock & place it in the bottom left chest.
      Continue, & in the next room there's a hidden path where you need to go to
    push the switch & open the door to the next floor. Here you'll need to pass 3
    hidden paths, after that jump in the pond & you'll meet Guido, which BTW is a
    turtle. After you talk to him, he will give you the Elder Branch to pass the
    forest of Mua, now use the Jikuu magic Return to go back to the submarine.
      Go to the 3rd spot that is marked (is west from where you are), once you
    arrived, you'll emerge near the last town, enter there.
     Village of Mua
    Treasures: Guardian Knife
      In the 3rd world you can grab the Chicken Knife here, right now is locked,
    Anyway, enter the Armor Shop to buy new shields, also buy the Lumina robe, buy
    anything else that you want. Now go to the Weapon Shop if you want to buy
    something, nothing there is necessary at all.
      After you bought all you needed, go to the Magic Shop to buy the new magic
    that they have. Play the organ at the Pub & leave the town, if you need to
    refill your HP & MP, use the Sub if you don't want to pay money at the Inn.
     Great Forest of Mua
    Treasures: 2500 GP, 4900 GP, 9500 GP, Aegis/Flame Shield, Cottage, Elixir,
               Fenix Down, Flame Sword, Giant Drink, MornStar, Soot
      Now that you have the brach that Guido gave you, the forest will accept you &
    you can now enter.
      You'll find several treasures there, the 1st one contains 2,500 GP, the 2nd
    an Ether, now chech the tree there to find a secret door, enter & you'll be
    taken to another part of the forest. Here you'll find 3 treasures, 2 of them
    will contain money (4,900 & 9,500 GP) and the other one will contain a Fenix
      Again, look in the tree there to find a secret path that will take you to
    another part. Here you'll find more treasures, 5 to be exact, also you'll find
    a recovery zone, save & later the forest will set in fire. the 1st 4 items are:
    Cottage, Giant Drink, Elixir & MornStar.
      After the forest is burning a moogle will help you, now you have to decide if
    you want a Aegis Shield or Fire Shield, to get the 1st one pick the treasure
    before you enter the cave with the moogles & for the Fire Shield, wait after
    the forest has been burnt.
      In the cave you can enter the water to refill your status, now leave the cave
    & you can grab 2 more items, grab them, them leave the forest & save, because
    you're going to face 2 bosses here. BWT, the items are a Soot & a Flame Sword.
      Enter the Eldest Tree, set your team with the Mix ability, also make sure that
    Galuf has the Blue magic ability, now it's time to fight.
    *Seal Guardians
    Level: 77 (Each one)
    Hit Points: 7,777 (Each one)
    Location: Eldest Tree - Interior
    Strategy: !Mix four Doom Potions (Dark Matter + Phoenix Down) to kill them one
    by one.
      If you want to learn Aero 3 & Aqua Breath 1st kill the Up and down ones, then
    conceal yourself and just let them run out of magic and then appear, this will
    take up to 90 mins. so it's not worth the troube.
      You can also use Quarter, equip some flame rings, then use Quarter on the
    upper enemy & he'll use Fire 3 & you can be re-filled. You can also use Flash
    to make them miss their physical attacks.
      After you taked down the seal guardians, Cara will try to help you, then
    Galuf will save your party and sacrifices himself to take off Exdeath alone.
    *Exdeath !
    Level: 63
    Hit Points: 25,000 (50,000?)
    Location: Eldest Tree - Interior
    Strategy: If Galuf has the Blue magic then just simple use Exploder to finish
    the battle, if you didn't learned it, then use Darkshock 2 times then L5 Doom.
    If you also didn't have those magic then you can mix a Explosive (Turtle Shell +
    Dark Matter), to kill yourself & finish the battle. If you yet didn't had that,
    then just Drink some Hero Potions & then hit him until you beat him.
    BTW, don't worry if you have 0 HP, Galuf can't loose the battle.
      After that, Galuf will die & Cara decides to join you. Now you can enter
    Exdeath's Castle, you'll have the control of the Hyryuu, now before you go to
    his castle I recommend you to catch 3 Iron Dress, to take care of the next
     Exdeath Castle (Again)
    Treasures: 8000 GP, 9900 GP, Elixir x2, Escalipur, Ether x2, Fuuma, Gust Bow,
               Ice Shield, Icebrand Sword, Kotetsu Katana, Partisan, TwinLance
      This castle has 14 floors & you can fight 3 bosses here, this is going to be
    a long way to reach to the top. In the 1st floor you can go to the back & save
    if you hadn't yet, now go to the 2nd floor where you can find 2 treasures,
    these will have an Ether & a Diamond Shield. Use the stairs & in the 3rd floor
    you'll face a death end, but when you're about to leave the room, Galuf & the
    wolfs of Kelb will disperse the illution, now you can continue.
      In the 4th floor you can grab an Ice Shield, only if you press the switch,
    also there's a hidden path that will short the last turn. In the next floor
    (5th), there's 2 hidden paths an a treasure, you can take any of the paths,
    now grab the treasure, this will also contain an Ether.
      In the 6th floor there are 2 treasures, but if you want to pass the Lava w/o
    taking damage you'll need either have an Elementalist on the group or master
    this job & use the DMGfloor ability with another job. Now, jump in the lava &
    go down to find a secret path to the treasure (Gust Bow), return & get the
    other treasure which contains an Elixir, now to the next floor.
      In this floor (7th), there's a moving bridge, if you stop it in a collumn
    you'll fight an enemy which btw is hard & you can't run from that battle, so
    beware of that, the treasures contain an Icebrand Sword & a Kotetsu Katana. Now
    if you want to make Carbuncle appear you need to pass the plathform right in
    the middle. After you pass the plathform you can save & heal, now continue to
    the next floor
      Here in the 8th floor you can grab 2 more treasures, one will contain an
    Elixir & the other will contain GP, 9900 to be exact. When you climb to the 9th
    floor & then the 10th you'll see an esper if you pass correctly in the 6th floor
    you can't fight it from there, you need to find a warp to get there, now descend
    again to find a floor full of lava.
      In this part (9th floor), you can catch some Yellow Dragons that when you
    release them, they'll do 1/4 of the total HP, in order to catch them 1st control
    them & then use their Hurricane on themselves to set their HP to single digits &
    catch them easily. BTW, you'll need them for Gilgamesh & Exdeath, you can't use
    it on Carbuncle because he'll reflect them.
      Anyway go to the rigth & you'll find a warp that will take you a chest in the
    floor 10, it contains 8,000 GP. Now go back & use the stairs to appear in the
    middle of the floor 10, you can find a TwinLance here & also the warp to fight
    Carbuncle, is in the Upper crane, just beware that you can fall here.
    Level: 44/1
    Hit Points: 15,000
    Location: Exdeath's Castle
    Strategy: If you caughted the 3 Iron Dresses just release them to finish him, if
    you didn't, then try to call Shoat it can work like 10% of the time, the main
    problem is that you need to use Summon ability because you won't be able to use
    him unless you equip Faris with the Hairpin, which only has the MP enought to
    call him once, so if it fails you need an Ether to try again.
      Equip the Fire & Ice Shields & you maybe won't be killed by his spells, Also
    if you bought Coral & Flame Rings now is the time to wear them.
      After you beated him use the stairs, step on the crane & you'll be warped out
    to the 9th floor again, save ASAP & get back to the 9th floor to catch 4 Yellow
    Dragons, now get to the 11th floor & you'll see another treasure, but this one
    doesn't have anything instead you'll fight Gilgamesh.
    *Gilgamesh !
    Level: 53/67
    Hit Points: Around 19,000 (55,000/60,000?)
    Location: Exdeath's Castle
    Strategy: Throw 2 Yellow Dragons & then just wait 'till he transforms, then just
    hide (with the Conceal ability) & wait until Exdeath send him to the Clift of
    Dimentions. Don't forget to steal the Genji Helment AFTER he change his form.
    Remember that you need to open the empty chest to make him appear, otherwise
    you'll not face him nor here nor again.
      You'll receive the Escalipur sword, this isn't the legendary Escalibur & if
    you try to attack with this sword you'll just make 1 damage, pretty useless
    unless you're trying to catch a weak monster in a normal game. Anyway, Go back,
    save & catch 4 more Yellow Dragons, before you go to fight Exdeath, there's
    another room with treasures if you go to the right in floor 11, you'll get a
    Fuuma & a Partisan, now that you've grabbed all the treasures there are, prepare
    to fight Exdeath in the 13th floor. Remember that once you beat Exdeath you
    can't return, so if you forgot to do something in this world, you better do it
    now because is your last chance.
    Level: 66
    Hit Points: 32,768
    Location: Exdeath's Castle
    Strategy: Just release the 4 Yellow Dragons & you'll beat him.
    Don't forget to learn Condemn here, it's very important for the next world.
      Now that you've beated him you'll appear near Castle Tycoon, this is where
    the 3rd world appear.
     World 3
      Right now you can't fight any enemy so you'll wondering if this nightmare is
    finally over, so make yourself to Tycoon Castle, you can't do anything else.
    Just remember to save ASAP, you wouldn't like to fight Exdeath again if
    something bad happens, huh.
     Tycoon Castle
      Once you enter, the chancellor will make a welcome party, so Faris & Lenna
    will stay in the castle meanwhile Cara is worried about something so you & her
    decide to leave & search the world. When you're about to exit the castle, a
    guard will tell that the Bridge to the west is finally completed, so cross the
    bridge to find Boko (your Chocobo), here's near the Pirate's Hideout.
      As you're about to enter the cave, Boko will come out & now you can cross the
    rivers with him, so make your way to Tule Town (The 1st Town), if you didn't
    fought the Goblin in the Beginners House you can Catch him & throw it in the
    next boss battle, although you don't need to do this. Continue to the West &
    you'll fall in a cave where you'll fight the next boss.
    Level: 34
    Hit Points: 8,100
    Location: Western Valley
    Strategy: Use the Blue Magic Time Sleep to make him sleep, then just use the
    Goblin Punch, Terrain, Dance or anything that doesn't wake him to kill him.
    If you don't have that magic then try using Flash, then throw water skills or
    break some rods to kill him.
    Another strat is to use L2 Old, then hope that his level is multiple of 5 to
    kill him quickly with L5 Doom.
      Now that you've kill him, Faris will help you out of the cave & join again,
    continue your journey until you find a cave.
     Guido's Cave
    Treasures: None
     Enter tha cave & you'll find Guido (the turtle), after you talk for a while
    Exdeath will appear telling you that the reason that both worlds are back as
    one is because his true objective is to obtain the power of the Void that is
    sealed in the Cleft iof Dimension, then he'll use that power to disappear
    Tycoon castle with the power of the void. Exdeath will kick you out of the cave
    and send you to where the Ancient Library is.
     Ancient Library
    Treasures: Magic Song
      After an event there, you'll obtain the Sealed Book, which you'll use to
    obtain the 4 tablets & get the 12 legendary weapons, before you leave, remember
    to get the Magic Song in the roof.
      Now make your way to the desert, you can also go to Surgate Castle & the Town
    of Karnak, so if you need something there go, otherwise just enter the forest
    that is just before the desert. Make sure that you have 15 Fire rods, you'll
    need them later.
      As soon as you enter the desert you'll notice that the sand isn't moving, so
    you can walk in the map, before you enter the Pyramid, go west to the Village
    of Mua.
     Village of Mua
    Treasures: Brave Blade/Chicken Knife
      Finally you can get the most powerful knife there is & the 2nd most powerful
    weapon you can get, the chicken knife, you can also get a Guardian knife in one
    of the barrels near the house where you get the chicken knife. Now that you've
    this buy anything that you've missed & return to the desert & make your way to
    the Pyramid, save before you enter because as soon as you enter you'll fight
    the next boss. BTW, the Chicken Knife is in the right box, in the left is the
    Brave Sword, which is useless for you.
    Treasures: 8000 GP, 9000 GP, 10000 GP, 12000 GP, Black Robe, Crystal armor,
               Cottage, Cursed Ring, Dark Matter x7, Dark Suit, Earth Axe, Elixir x4
               Flame Shield, Hairpin, Ice Shield, Protect Ring, Ribbon, Thornlet,
               White Robe
      As soon as you enter you'll see 2 gargoyles where the door is, you have to
    beat them in order to enter, so be prepared. BTW, this is the most annoying part
    of the game because you'll only have 3 party members & there's a lot of monster
    around. If you want to grab all the treasures here I recommend you to return
    when you have the 4 member, that way you can take care easier of the M-i-a-B.
    Level: 33 (Each one)
    Hit Points: 5,000 (Each one)
    Location: Pyramid in desert
    Strategy: Just use the Black Magic Sleep , then use Terrain, Goblin Punch,
    Dance, etc. to don't wake them, you can also poison them.
    Another strat is to Mix Death Potions (Fenix Down + Dark Matter) for a quick
    finish. Also you can try to use Shoat 2 times before they re-appear, if they
    are sleep they wont re-appear, so try 1st sleep them & then use Shoat.
      After you've beated them, you'll use the Sealed Book to open the door, enter.
    If you want to get everything here then don't enter the door, press the 1st &
    the 3rd switches to make a path where you can pass, fall in the sand cascade to
    appear in floor B1.
      Here you'll fight a M-i-a-B if you want the treasure, the chest contains an
    Ice Shield.
    *Cursed one x4 (an enemy)
    Level: 44
    Hit points: 1,980
    Location: M-i-a-B Inside Pyramid in desert
    Strategy: Use the Blue Magic L4 Grav2 two times to weak them enought to catch
    them. If you didn't learned condemn this is the time to do it, because you'll
    use it a lot, you can also learn Guard Off if you hadn't yet.
      After you've beated them, continue & 2 mosnters will appear from the wall,
    with this enemies you can't escape nor catch, so you'll wondering how can you
    pass them; is simple, you need to Condemn them and let them die. You can also
    try not to look at their head otherwise you'll fight them even if it is from a
    long distance.
    *Aspis (an enemy)
    Level: 35
    Hit points: 1,280
    Location: Inside Pyramid in desert
    Strategy: Release a Cursed one if you have one to Condemn them or use Blue
    Magic Condemn, hide or control them so you don't get hitted while you wait.
      Use the stairs to appear again in Floor 1, use the stairs to get to Floor 2,
    here you'll fight again 2 Aspis, you know what to do. After you've pass them
    use the stairs to appear again in Floor 1, you'll see a Coffin, go there to
    fight a Boss, this isn't a hard battle.
    *Grand Mummy
    Level: 0
    Hit Points: 6,000
    Location: Inside Pyramid in desert
    Strategy: Just use a Phoenix Down for a quick finish, Slash & Condemn also
    works. If the phoenix down doesn't work at the 1st time try it again, same with
    If you don't want to do that, then the song Requiem will do ~900 damage, if you
    have Fire rods, break them for ~1,500 damage & if you throw fire skills it will
    do ~950 damage.
      When you beat him you can enter the Coffin to find a room with a chest, this
    will contain a Cursed Ring. Go back to the beginning, save outside if necessary,
    (You can use the Jikuu Magic Exit)& now enter the 1st door & use the stairs to
    go up.
      In this room (floor 2) you'll fight again 2 Aspis, so be prepared for that.
    After you've beated them press the switches to open the doors & continue through
    the stairs.
      Now in floor 3 you'll find 3 chest, all of them M-i-a-B, also if you try to
    get them 2 Aspis will pop up from the wall, anyway if you're going for the
    treasures in the 1st 2 of them you'll fight Cursed ones & in the other an
    *Archeosaur (An enemy)
    Level: 35
    Hit Points: 9960
    Location: M-i-a-B inside Pyramid in desert
    Strategy: He can appear with 2 Niles, run if that happen & try again. Don't
    think that L5 Doom will help, he will just re-appear if you use it. Control him
    & use the song Requiem to deal ~900 damage & when is time for the character who
    control it, use his L3 Flare to pass the turn w/o loosing the control. BTW, you
    need to catch him so you don't gain exp, so 9 requiems should be enought if you
    didn't equip the Cornargo Jar.
      The treasures contains a Flame Shield, Dark Matter & White Vest, after you get
    them, watch out for the spikes because if you didn't mastered Elemental Job, you
    could be hitted & your HP will drop to single digits, use the stairs & prepare
    for some tedious monsters.
      In this room (floor 4), you'll find some Machine Heads, Mummies & Aspis,
    there are also some treasures here, but you may want to pass this room ASAP so
    you could save & then just return. You can fight up to 6 Machine Heads & 4
    aspis. Remember not looking directly to their face if you want to avoid them.
    Anyway, here are the strats for this pseudo bosses.
    *Machine Head
    Level: 37
    Hit Points: 7,210
    Location: Inside Pyramid in desert
    Strategy: Just Control them & then use their ???? and Terrain or any other
    attack that doesn't loose the control. Condemn also works.
      The mummies will appear if you look in a Coffin, so you can skip them, save &
    then return to fight them.
    *Mummy x 3
    Level: 27 (Each one)
    Hit Points: 2,900 (Each one)
    Location: Inside Pyramid in desert
    Strategy: Use the same strat as for the Grand Mummy. Also, have someone sing the
    Love Song to stop them from hitting you.
      There are 4 chest, but in one you will fight an Archeosaur (the one that you
    have to pass the spikes), don't press the switch because you'll free 2 Aspis
    from the wall, instead just cross the spikes having equipped the DfmFloor
    ability. The items you can get are: Black Vest, Thornlet & 2 Elixirs. Save in
    the next room & continue going. Just never equip the Thornlet because it causes
    HP leak & will surely kill you instantly.
      In the next floor (5th) you can fight another pseudo boss, Sekmet; you can
    steal from him a Thief's Ring as a rare steal, then you can escape & fight him
    again to steal another ring, anyway, here's the strat to defeat him.
    *Sekmet (An enemy)
    Level: 41
    Hit points: 6,000
    Location: Inside Pyramid in desert, 5th floor, random fight
    Strategy: Control him & then use attacks that doesn't loose the control on him.
    Also, you can try to use Flash, Dark Sight mix (Eyedrop + Dragon Fang) or Dark
    Gas mix (Eyedrop + Dark Matter) to make him miss his attacks. You can also try
    to mix a Failure (Elixir + Turtle Shell) to confuse him. The Jikuu Magic Slow
    also affects him, so you can also try that.
    BTW, he gives you 1 exp. so you need to catch it, so equip the Cornargo Jar.
      You don't need to beat him, so you can skip it if you want. Now in this
    floor you can find several treasures, but for most getting most of them you
    need to fall from the next floor. If you caughted him, wait until the next boss
    (Merugene) & release it, you'll damage her ~5,000 HP
      Anyway, if you want more treasures go to the left, but running so you can pass
    before the Aspis appear.
      In this part of Floor 6 are 2 treasures & a wall that will pop up 2 Aspis,
    both of the chest have M-i-a-B. In the left you'll fight cursed ones & in the
    right you'll fight some statues, here's the strat for them.
    *Statues x 5 (An enemy)
    Level: 45
    Hit Points: 3,300
    Location: M-i-a-B inside Pyramid in desert
    Strategy: 1st use Flash to make them miss, then Control them & at last use the
    Blue Magic Condemn to take them off. You can also try to use the Jikuu Magic
    Demi or Quarter & then catch them with the help of the Cornargo Jar, but this
    magic can only be casted on 1 monster & often misses, also use Slow2 to slow
    all the monsters, though some can evade it, repeat it if happens.
      The treasures contains a Dark Matter & a Crystal armor, now return & save if
    you need to, go to the other stairs to get to another part of the floor 6.
      In this part of Floor 6 there are 3 sand cascades in which you can fall to get
    to a room in Floor 5 with a chest (just the 1st 2), in the 1st cascade you can
    fight some Cursed One & in the next one, you can fight some Fall Guards, here's
    the strat to beat them.
    *Fall Guard x 3 (An enemy)
    Level: 47
    Hit Points: 4,000
    Location: M-i-a-B inside Pyramid in desert
    Strategy: Sing the Love Song to stop them from hitting you & then use the Blue
    Magic Condemn & use Flash to make them miss. You can try to control them &
    catch also.
      You can receive a Dark Matter & Dark Suit from the treasures, now return to
    the 6th floor & enter the door at the middle to get more treasures, press the
    switch on the left to open the path, the treasures from the left contains some
    M-i-a-B & the ones on the right have money. You'll fight more Cursed One, so
    you know how to take them out, the items you'll recieve are: Dark Matter x2,
    8,000 & 9,000 GP. Now exit, save again if you want to & use the stairs to get
    to the next floor.
      Just pass this part & use the stairs to get to the next floor, now fall to get
    to the middle of the room in Floor 7 to get an Elixir, go to the right to open
    more treasures & get a Cottage & 10,000 GP, now return & you'll find another
    treasure, but this time you have to fight if you want the what's inside, you'll
    fight again some Cursed One, after you beated them you'll get an Earth Axe. Now
    go to the next floor.
      In this floor (8), you'll find 3 treasures, all of them are really good, so
    get them, you'll get a Ribbon, Protect Ring & Hairpin, now that you've got them
    use the stairs to the left.
      In this room you'll find 4 more treasures, 2 of them with a M-i-a-B. In the
    1st one you'll get an Elixir, in the next you'll fight again Cursed Ones &
    you'll recieve another Dark Matter, now slide an get the other treasures,
    you'll get 12,000 GP & in the other you'll fight more Cursed One & you'll
    receive another Dark Matter. Now go back to floor 8 & use again the stairs in
    the left to finally pass the room.
      Now at last you'll find the Fist Tablet in the middle of the room, once you
    take it, you'll be rised to the roof of the Pyramid, where you'll see how
    Bahamut wakes up & challenge you at the Northen Mountan. You also see that the
    ship is washed up & arrive near the Ancient Library. Go back to the Village of
    Mua if you need to buy some items, now prepare to fight the next boss at the
    Oldest Tree.
     Oldest Tree
    Treasures: None
      Here, the Hiryuu will bring Lenna but she's unconcient, then Exdeath will
    appear to possess Lenna's Body & bring Merugene from the Cleft of Dimentions,
    then the Hiryuu will attack in desperation to separate the monster from Lenna's
    body & finally fight Merugene. Also Exdeath will disappear the Ancient Library
    with the powers of the Void.
    Level: 29
    Hit Points: 20,000
    Location: Oldest Tree
    Strategy: 1st speed up your team with the Jikuu Magic Fast2, then break 13 Fire
    Rods before she change her defense to beat her.
    You can also try the combo Darkshock + L2 Old + L5 Doom to kill her fast, but
    is hard to pull it out.
      After you beat her, Lenna will join your team. Now go where the ship is &
    you'll see an event where Exdeath will control the power of the Void & start to
    suck some towns. (Worus Castle, Worus Town, Village of Istory, Moogle Village &
    the Village of Lix)
      Now that you have the control of the Airship, you can go to many places, 1st
    get 3 of the 12 legendary weapons which are sealed in the Castle of Kuzar.
    (Go southwest from where you are now)
      You can also go to the Cleft of Dimension, the entrance is where Castle
    Tycoon was before, you don't need to go now, so head yourself to Kuzar Castle.
     Seal Castle Kuzar
    Treasures: 12 Legendary Weapons (3 per Tablet)
      In this castle you can re-fill your HP & MP if you talk to a Schoolar, he
    brougth the jar from the Wind Shrine. Now get to the back of the castle where
    you can get 3 of the 12 legendary weapons. Here's how they are sorted.
               01              01) Excalibur          07) Yoichi's Bow
            12    02           02) Assassin Dagger    08) Firebute
         11          03        03) Sasuke's Katana    09) Sage Staff
      10                04     04) Holy Lance         10) Wizard Rod
         09          05        05) Rune Axe           11) Apollo's Harp
            08    06           06) Masamune           12) Earth Bell
      Get the Masamune, Assasin Dagger & Wizard Rod. Why this? because with the
    Masamune you'll attack 1st in any battle, the Assasin Dagger has +1 speed & can
    also randomly kill someone & the Wizard Rod will boost elemental magic attacks.
      The next time you'll go here grab: Excalibur, Sasuke's Katana & Holy Lance.
    And for the 3rd & 4th time grab any of the rest weapons.
      Now that you grabbed them, exit the castle & use the airship to go to the last
    town, is to the South from where you are.
    Town of Mirage
      This town is hidden in the forest, so you need to walk there until you enter
    (Is near the Town of Crescent). In this town there's 2 merchants selling stuff,
    buth 1 is hidden. In this town you can buy some really good stuff, buth is so
    expensive that you need to steal for a while to buy here.
      1st go to the Armor Shop, buy the shields & pretty much anything you can
    afford, check the box to open the way & buy some rings. I recomend you to buy at
    least 1 of each. expecially the Hermes Ring, which haste you when equipped.
      Now go back of the Magic Store to find the secret path, here you can buy some
    powerful magic, buth you won't use it at all because of the MP need it.
      Go to the Weapon Shop if you want to buy something, nothing here is need it,
    now enter the Pub from the back, use the stairs & talk to the guy & he'll
    challenge you to walk around the world with a Chocobo, if you do it you'll
    receive a Mirage Vest, which it will be useful in some battles. Go out & enter
    the house. You can re-fill your status so you won't need to use the Inn.
      Enter the Basement & go left to find the last Organ, play it & you'll master
    it if you played all the other organs. Go all the way back to the right & use
    the stairs to appear in the other side of the Weapon Shop, here you can buy some
    skills & other throwable stuff.
      Return to the basement & use the stairs in the middle to finally get the black
    Chocobo. He will be only useful to fight Bahamut, so use your airship & go to
    Town of Crescent to learn the last 2 songs.
      Before you go there, do the Chocobo tour & also get the Magic Lamp, which is
    in the Istory Falls, just remember to charge it again here if you want to use it
     Town of Crescent
      You'll find Mid, he tells you that Cid is trapped in the Catapult, you can't
    do anything now until you get another tablet, so enter the house where the
    troubador is living, play the organ & then talk to him to learn the 2 songs.
      Now that you've got the last 2 songs go to the Solitaire Island Temple to get
    the 2nd tablet, is northwest from where you are.
     Solitary Island Temple
    Treasures: 9000 GP, 12000 GP, BeastKill Whip, Crystal Helmet, Dark Matter,
               Dragon Fang, Elixir, Ether x2, Protect Ring, RisingSun, Socklet
      As soon as you enter you'll see 2 more Gargoyles, you need to kill them to
    enter, so here's the strat. BTW, is the same strat as the fight at the Pyramid.
    Level: 33 (Each one)
    Hit Points: 5,000 (Each one)
    Location: Solitary Island Temple
    Strategy: Just use the Black Magic Sleep , then use Terrain, Goblin Punch,
    Dance, etc. to don't wake them, you can also poison them.
    Another strat is to Mix Death Potions (Fenix Down + Dark Matter) for a quick
    finish. Also you can try to use Shoat 2 times before they re-appear, if they
    are sleep they wont re-appear, so try 1st to sleep them & then use Shoat.
      After you've beated them, you'll use the Sealed Book to open the door, enter.
    In the next room you can see a hidden path, go there to open a chest with 12,000
    GP, also in this part you can fight some Ixecrators to learn the level spells,
    you can condemn them, so there's no need to catch them. Use the stairs & enter
    the air conductor.
      In this room you'll need to move the switches to go to another room. 1st press
    the right switch to get to a room with an Elixir inside the treasure. Now go
    back & press the left one to get a room with 9,000 GP inside the chest, go back
    to the other room for the last time & press the right switch to finally get out
    of this part.
      Now, you'll appear in a room with a M-i-a-B treasure, you can fight a
    Invisible, use the next strat to take him down. Sometimes you can also fight
    another enemy but I don't remember who.
    Level: 52
    Hit Points: 7,000
    Location: M-i-a-B in Solitary Island Temple
    Strategy: You have to take him 2 times, so berserk him with the Kiss of Blessing
    Mix (Maiden's Kiss + Holy Water) so he can't split himself & just kill one, now
    use L2 Old & at last L5 Doom & hope it worked to kill him ASAP.
      After you beated him you'll receive the RisingSun, save in the next room &
    enter the next floor.
     In this floor (2) you can grab 3 treasures, but in one you'll fight a Machine
    Head, you know how to take him down. (look at the Pyramid if you forgot).
    The left one contains an Ether, the right one will contain a Crystal Helment &
    the one in the middle will have the M-i-a-B & a Protect Ring.
      After you've got them, continue to the next floor. In this floor (3) you can
    fall down if you try to go where the hidden path is, there's nothing there so
    don't worry, just go to the door to find a chest with a BeastKill whip, return
    & use the stairs.
      Pass this floor (4), there's nothing to do here. Now in floor 5 there are more
    treasures, but there's also trap holes, so careful where you walk. Grab the 2
    treasures from above, they'll contain an Ether & a Dragon Fang.
      Save in the next room & prepare for the next boss, but before that in the next
    floor there are 2 treasures & the 2nd Tablet, the treasures contains a Dark
    Matter & a Socklet. When you're about to pick up the Tablet, the boss will fight
    Level: 7 (Each one)
    Hit Points: 20,000 (Each one)
    Location: Solitary Island Shrine
    Strategy: Sleep them all, then use Terrain, Goblin Punch, etc. to hit 1 of them
    and don't wake it. After you kill one wake another, so they all just desappear.
    You can also mix a Dragon Power (Dragon Fang + Potion) & give it to each one
    (the bosses), then cast Lv3 Flare (Equip with Ice shields).
    Don't forget to learn Mind Blast.
      After you beated him, just use the Jikuu Magic Exit to escape from this
    dungeon. Also, the door to the Fork Tower in which the ultimate Black & White
    Spells rest has been opened.
      Now is time to open more legendary weapons before you go there, so make your
    way to Kuzar Castle & grab another set of weapons.
      After you got more weapons, go to the catapult (near the Town of Crescent),
    you'll find the next dungeon.
     Fork Tower
    Treasures: Defender, Ether, Hi-Potion, Wonder Rod
      Before you enter there are several things you need, since in this tower you
    will separate your team in 2 teams, the best you can do is 2 teams of 2 members
    instead of 1 & 3 members. So have Faris & Cara go to the left & Lenna & the Hero
    go to the right. Make sure that Faris & Cara has Blue ability & maybe also +10 %
    or +30% MP, and for Lenna & the Hero Image & maybe Drink abilities.
      Once you enter, you can't go back, not even with the Jikuu Magic Exit. So,
    have the right equipment before you enter. This towers are so lineal that you
    won't need a detail walktrough.
      1st, you'll climb the Magic Tower, that means that Faris & Cara will go first.
    You will fight monsters that can only attack with magic, so equip something that
    protects you from that (like Angel Rings if you bougth some).
      Climb all the way & in the 4th floor you can grab an Ether from a chest, & in
    the 7th floor a Wonder Rod, when you get to the tower, prepare your team before
    you advance, because later you won't have much time. Now, move & the other team
    will now climb the tower.
      In this tower (Power Tower) you'll fight monsters that will only hit you with
    physical attacks, so equip something that protects you from that (like the Elf
      Climb all the way & you'll find also a treasure in the 4th floor, it contains
    a Hi-Potion, in the 7th floor, you can get a Defender Sword. When you get to the
    9th level you'll fight Minotauros, prepare for a long battle.
    Level 37
    Hit Points: 19,850
    Location: The Tower Of Power (Right tower)
    Strategy: Equip Mirage Vest, use Image ability & also use Summon or the Magic
    Lamp to try getting Golem. Now brake A LOT of rods (Like 25). You can level up
    with Hero Drinks, so you may want to do that 1st & then break less rods. Also,
    make sure to drink a Giant drink to double your HP. (If you drink like 5 Hero
    Potions, you will only need to break like 9 rods)
      After you beat him, you will need to take ASAP the other spell, otherwise the
    towers will collapse & you'll inmediately loose, so hurry up to take the spell.
    When you take it you'll fight Omniscient, this fight can be fast if you're lucky
    Level: 53
    Hit Points: 16,999
    Location: The Tower Of Magic (Left tower)
    Strategy: Dark Shock, Lv2 Old & count like 2 secs. & now use Lv5 Doom, if it
    didn't worked, you have to repeat Lv5 Doom until it kill him. (Equip Hermes
    Rings to be hastled)
    You can try to use Return Jikuu magic if you have been missing the Lv5 Doom.
      Now that you took this 2 bosses, the tower will disappear & now you can enter
    the catapult where Cid was trapped. He will modify the Airship & now you can get
    under the water.
      Go where the Walse Tower was in the 1st world, near the desert with a Tower.
    Sumerge & you'll find the Walse Tower.
     Sunken Walse Tower
    Treasures: None
      This castle is the same as when you pass it in the 1st world except that
    *Gogo !
    Level: 77
    Hit Points: 47,714
    Location: The Sunken Walse Tower (World 3)
    Strategy: DO NOTHING!!! Well you can try to steal a Hairpin as a rare steal...
    Level: 33 (Each one)
    Hit Points: 5,000 (Each one)
    Location: Great Trench
    Strategy: Just use the Black Magic Sleep , then use Terrain, Goblin Punch,
    Dance, etc. to don't wake them, you can also poison them.
    Another strat is to Mix Death Potions (Fenix Down + Dark Matter) for a quick
    finish. Also you can try to use Shoat 2 times before they re-appear, if they
    are sleep they wont re-appear, so try 1st sleep them & then use Shoat.
    *Neregeid (Blue) + Triton (Red) + Phobos (Green)
    Level: 20, 37, 39
    Hit Points: 13,333 (Each one)
    Location: The Great Deep
    Strategy: Call Odin & mimic it or use the magic lamp to call Odin to slash them
    & finish the battle.
    Level: 33 (Each one)
    Hit Points: 5,000 (Each one)
    Location: Istory Waterfalls
    Strategy: Just use the Black Magic Sleep , then use Terrain, Goblin Punch,
    Dance, etc. to don't wake them, you can also poison them.
    Another strat is to Mix Death Potions (Fenix Down + Dark Matter) for a quick
    finish. Also you can try to use Shoat 2 times before they re-appear, if they
    are sleep they wont re-appear, so try 1st sleep them & then use Shoat.
    Level: 37
    Hit Points: 40,000
    Location: Istory Waterfalls
    Strategy: Equip with some Coral rings, then mix Dragon Powers (Dragon Fang +
    Potion) and give them to him, mimic it 10 times, then just call Lv5 Doom.
    Level: 2
    Hit Points: 17,000
    Location: Jacole Dungeon
    Strategy: Speed up your team, then Call Shoat with x-magic 2 times and mimic
    it again and again until it's works.
    Level: 99
    Hit Points: 40,000
    Location: Northern Mountain
    Strategy: Equip Wallrings, mix Dragon Powers (Dragon Fang+Potion) and give them
    to him, mimic it 7 times, then just call Lv5 Doom.
    (¿Quiet Sword?. DarkShock x2, L2 Old, L5 Doom)
    Now to the Cleft Of Dimension
    Level: 68
    Hit Points: 18,000
    Location: The Cleft Of Dimension Forest
    Strategy: Mix Dragon Powers (Dragon Fang+Potion) and give them to her, mimic
    it 9 times wait until her wall magic ends, then just call Lv5 Doom.
    (for advice, mimic Lv5 Doom again & again until it's works)
    (¿Quiet Sword?, ¿Poison & MgHammer several times?)
    Level: 59
    Hit Points: 22,200
    Location: The Cleft Of Dimension
    Strategy: Call Ifrit with X-magic, mimic it all over until he's dead. But do
    it paused. (This way you stop him from attacking for a while).
    Level: 57
    Hit Points: 27,900
    Location: The Cleft Of Dimension Dungeon
    Strategy: Explode yourself & wait until he uses it.
    (You can learn almost all of the blue spells here, even Big Guard)
    (Equip some wall rings & use L3 Flare & just let him die)
    Level: 71
    Hit Points: 19,997
    Location: The Cleft Of Dimension Dungeon
    Strategy: Equip with some Wallrings & Float, he wont't harm you at all
    (DarkShock + L5 Doom)
    *Arute Roite
    Level: 58
    Hit points: 6,000
    Location: The Cleft Of Dimension Dungeon
    Strategy: Call Odin with X-magic & repeat it with mimic.
    *Jura Avis (Transform of Arute Roite)
    Level: 61
    Hit points: 15,000
    Location: The Cleft Of Dimension Dungeon
    Strategy: Call Odin with X-magic & repeat it with mimic. It should slash him,
    if not repeat it until it does.
    Level: 97
    Hit Points: 33,333
    Location: The Cleft Of Dimension Throne Room
    Strategy: Mix Dragon Powers (Dragon Fang+Potion) & give them to her, mimic it
    6 times then just call Lv5 Doom. (You may want to equip some ribbons).
    *Twin Tania
    Level: 39
    Hit Points: 50,000
    Location: The Cleft Of Dimension, Just Before The Final Floors
    Strategy: Equip some ice shields & coral rings, then when he says "Powering up
    for Giga flare", you can kill him with the Odin spell or Magic Lamp --> Odin.
    Now to the Floors of the Void
    *Gilgamesh !
    Level: 59
    Hit Points: Around 15,000
    Location: The Cleft Of Dimension (In the warp)
    Strategy: Use slow, then Cast Golem, then Meteo or Odin 2 times with x-magic &
    mimic it all over.
    (Remember to steal the Genji shield)
    Level: 66
    Hit Points: 44,044
    Location: The Cleft Of Dimension (In a save spot)
    Strategy: Wait until you defeat the barriers, Equip Wall ring & hit your team
    with the strongest magic that you have or you can cast Lv2 Old and wait until
    his level is divisible by 5 & cast Lv5 Doom.
    Level: 44 (Each one)
    Hit Points: 8,800 (Each one)
    Location: The Cleft Of Dimension (With Necrofobia)
    Strategy: Cast Shoat in each barrier before they cast any spell, Rulette also
    works here or conceal yourself and wait untill they run out of magic, then
    reappear and attack them with anything you want. I've heared that Odin also
    works here, not sure though.
    Level: 93
    Hit Points: 55,000
    Location: The Cleft Of Dimension (With Necrofobia)
    Strategy: Let him kill Necrofobia. (Remember to steal the Genji armor)
    Level: 77
    Hit Points: 49,001
    Location: At the end of the void
    Strategy: First of all cast Haste2 to speed up your team, then call Golem, mix
    Kiss of Blessing (Holy Water+Maiden's Kiss) and give it to Exdeath, now cast
    again Golem + Odin (Or other strong magic) with x-magic to attack him, just
    mimic this again and again until he's dead. (You can call Golem normally and
    then Odin twice to do more damage). You can also level him up to 255 and use
    L5 Doom.
      If Exdeath is Berserked when you killed him, Neo Exdeath won't appear, so if
    you want him un-berserked just mix a Panacea (Fenix Down + Turtle Shell) to
    heal all his status ailments.
    *Neo Exdeath (Top Right)
    Level: 81
    Hit Points: 50,000
    Location: At the end of the void
    Strategy: 1st, before you kill Exdeath, you need to level everyone of your
    party to 255 so that your Mg do massive damage, now just call Bahamut with
    x-magic and mimic it 5 times.
    (This magic should kill the 4 parts at the same time).
    *Neo Exdeath (Lower right)
    Level: 67
    Hit Points: 55,000
    Location: At the end of the void
    *Neo Exdeath (Center)
    Level: 83
    Hit Points: 55,000
    Location: At the end of the void
    *Neo Exdeath (Lower left)
    Level: 86
    Hit Points: 60,000
    Location: At the end of the void
    Strategy: Use Odin to slash him.
    Ultimate Bosses
    *Omega !
    Level: 119
    Hit Points: 55,550
    Location: The Cleft Of Dimension
    Strategy: Mix the Kiss of Blessing (Maiden's Kiss+Holy Water), then speed up
    your team call Golem + Odin with x-magic and mimic it LOTS of times. You can
    try leveling up each member with dragon power to deal more damage.
    *Shinryuu !
    Level: 97
    Hit Points: 55,500 (59000?)
    Location: The Void, In a Treasure Chest
    Strategy: Same as Omega's. (Equip everyone with coral rings). You can also
    level up him to Lv255, then just cast Lv 5 Doom.
      7) Credits
      I would like to thank GameFAQs for posting this FAQ.
      Square for making this game.
      And the people who is reading this FAQ :)
      8) Legal stuff
      Final Fantasy V is copyright (c) of Square.
      This work is copyright (c) of me, Samurai Goroh.
      The latest version of this walkthrough can always be found at GameFAQs.

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