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    FAQ/Walkthrough Part 3/3 by ChrisK2018

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    _/   By: Chris Kohler (chrisk2018@aol.com)
    Final Fantasy Vj FAQ       _/  _/      : Nora Stevens (nestevens@aol.com)
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       _/_/        : Tatsushi Nakao
    Version: 2.0                                 (tatsushi.nakao@colorado.edu)
    PART 3
    PART 10: FFV Walkthrough Continued
    1: Tycoon/Death Valley/West Valley
    2: Ghido + Ancient Library
    3: Pyramid
    4: Elderly Tree
    5: Airship
    6: Pirates Base
    7: Koozer Castle
    8: Crescent + Illusion Towns
    9: Shrine of Solitary Island
    10: Koozer
    11: Fork Tower
    12: Airship
    13: The Great Deep
    14: Koozer
    15: Bal Basement
    16: Pheonix Tower
    17: North Mtn
    18: Sunken Tower of Walse
    19: Istory Falls
    20: Koozer
    21: Miscellaneous
    22: Cleft Of Dimension
    PART 11: Translations of Status Changes
    PART 12: Item List
    PART 13: Weapon List
    PART 14: Armor List
    PART 15: Dance List
    PART 16: Esper List
    PART 17: Chikei List
    PART 18: Animal List
    PART 19: Very Very Secret Things
    Part  Ten:  FFV  Walkthrough 
    World  3
    By Tat Nakao
    Editing by Chris Kohler
    1. Tycoon Castle, Death Valley, and West Valley (Party's Level: 31)
    After the dance party in Tycoon, leave the Tycoon castle and head to the
    Pirate's Hideout. Boko will once again join your party. Ride the chocobo
    north from Tycoon castle and you fight Antolion at the West Valley. Faris
    joins here.
    2. Ghido's Dwelling, and Ancient Library
    Exdeath returns here. After Exdeath leaves, head to the Ancient Library.
    When you arrive at the Ancient Library, make sure to get the "Maryoku no
    Uta" (Song of Magics) at top of the Library. Then get the "Fuuin no Sho"
    (Concealed Book). Once you got the book, head to the Pyramid.
    3. Pyramid (Party's Level: 32)
    Treasures: Noroi no Yubiwa (Cursed Ring), Ice Shield, Flame Shield, Dark
    Matter x 7, Shiro no Robe (White Robe), Kuro no Robe (Black Robe), Elixer x
    4, Ibara no Kanmuri (Thornlet), Kuro Shouzoku (Ninja Gear), Crystal Mail,
    9000 giru, 8000 giru, Daichi no Hammer (Hammer of Earth), 10000 giru,
    Cottage, Ribbon, Mamori no Yubiwa (Protection Ring), Kin no Kamikazari
    (Golden Hairpin), 12000 giru
    On the fourth floor, you'll encounter many "Machine Head"s. Since you can
    not run away from them, you have to defeat it everytime you encounter one.
    Stats for "Machine Head" is: Lv. 37, HP 7210, weakness: Water and Thunder.
    Use Sword Magic Lit3 to kill them. At the top of the Pyramid you'll find
    the first "Sekiban" (Stone Tablet). Also, Bahamut shows up and he flies to
    the North Mountain.
    ((Chris' note:  There are so many treasures here, try this:  don't collect any
    until you beat the pyramid and get Lenna back.  Then, go back and get the
    4. Elderly Tree
    On the way back from Pyramid (at the Elderly Tree) to the Library, you'll
    meet with Exdeath. Exdeath sucks Ancient Library into "mu" (Nothingness) and
    Meryujiinu appears. After the fight with Meryujiinu, Lenna joins your party.
    Boss of the Elderly Tree: Meryujiinu. Lv 29-33, HP 20000
    Note: Meryujiinu does barrier change and her weakness can be one of Fire,
    Ice, or Thunder.
    Normal way to beat Meryujiinu
    Before you fight, make one character that can use Peep or Scan to
    see her weakness. Then hit her weakness.
    Quick and dirty way to beat Meryujiinu
    Since Meryuujiinu's barrier change changes her weakness to one of Fire, Ice,
    or Thunder, attack with magics other than those (i.e. "Aeroga", "Bio",
    etc..). Use Sword Magic "Mute" to stop her magics.
    5. Getting Airship
    Once you beat Meryujiinu, head to east coast to get the airship. (You saw
    it from top of the Pyramid, right?) Ride the airship and some towns &
    castles will be sucked into the "mu" (Nothingness).
    6. Pirate's Base revisited
    Once you have Lenna and Faris in your party, you can obtain Summoned Beast
    "Syldra" here.
    7. Concealed Castle of Koozer (Party's Level: 34)
    Place the first "sekiban" (Stone Tablet) at central table at basement of
    Koozer castle. You can choose any THREE weapons for your use. Choose wisely.
    Here are the locations of the weapons in Koozer
    (Clockwise from Top)
    1. Excalibur : Attribute of Holy power.
    2. Assasin Dagger : Randomly kills target upon attacking.
    3. Sasuke no Katana (Sasuke's Katana) : Has evade rate.
    4. Holy Lance : Attribute of Holy power.
    5. Rune Ax : Use MP to do critical hits.
    6. Masamune : Always attack first in battle.
    7. Yoichi no Yumi (Bow & Arrow of Yoichi) : No special ability.
    8. Fire Byuuto : Randomly casts "Faiga" (Fire 3) against target.
    9. Kenja no Tsue (Wise One's Cane) : Increases damage of "Holy"
    10. Wizard Rod : Has every attribute, and increases magic's damage.
    11. Apollon no Harp (Apollon's Harp) : Critical hits against dragons.
    12. Daichi no Bell (Bell of the earth) : Randomly casts "quake".
    Nasty enemies of Koozer Castle
    * ExdeathSoul Lv.1, HP 20000, weakness: Holy power
    This is an armor that has soul of Exdeath concealed into it. Since his
    attacks are strong (Death, Degeon, Shinigami no Ken (Death God's
    Sword), etc..) I recommend you run. No exp.
    * Shield Dragon Lv. 29, HP 19999
    Since he is already in the "reflec" status, your magics will be
    reflected. I recommend "ayatsuru" (Control) the Shield Dragon and using
    "Honoo" (Flame) against itself. It will inflict 4999 damage.
    8. Town of Cresent and Town of Illusion
    Gather information about town of Illusion at Cresent. Then head to the town
    of Illusion by encountering at forest south-west of cresent. Gather
    information, buy equipments, and buy the level 6 magics. You can find the
    last "piano" here. Also, Black Chocobo is here, but not needed at this time
    (since you have airship).
    ((Chris' note:  You must dig around and find the secret doors to get to the
    level 6 magics.))
    9. Shrine of Solitary Island
    Treasures: 12000 giru, Elixer, 9000 giru, Rising Sun, Beast Killer, Etel
    (Ether) x 2, Ryuu no Kiba (Dragon Fang), Dark Matter, Circlet, Mamori no
    Yubiwa (Protoction Ring) Crystal Helm
    You have to move around through the air duct in this dungeon. Flip the right
    switch down to get Elixer, return to the switch room, flip the left switch
    down to get 9000 giru, and flip the right switch UP to proceed. You can
    steal "Eibis Killer" from "ToteEibis" ( Large bird looking enemy) which
    always results critical hits against Eibis enemies. I also recommend having
    "Otoshiana Kaihi" (Avoid Snare) ability here. At the very end, you'll fight
    Boss of the Shrine of Solitary Island: Stalker. Lv. 7, HP 20000
    Splits up into four segments. Only one of them is the true Stalker. If you
    use magics to all four segments, he'll revenge with "Blaze".
    Normal way to beat this boss:
    Use "Midareuchi" to inflict damages. If you like gambling,
    you may want to try using "Tameru" (Charge) on one target.
    Quick and dirty way to beat this boss:
    Make all members in the party that can use distant attacks. (i.e. Magics,
    Jump, Arrow, etc..) Then let each member of the party attack one unique
    ((Chris' note:  I gamble.  I attack until I hit the right guy, and then open up
    with magic until it changes.))
    10. Concealed Castle of Koozer (Party's Level: 35)
    Obtain additional three legendary weapons.
    11. Fork Tower
    Treasures: Etel (Ether), HiPotion, Wonder Wand, Defender
    You have to divide your party into two in this tower. One party goes up the
    "Tower of Magics" and other goes up the "Tower of Power". Note that only
    magics are allowed in "Tower of Magics" and only physical attacks are
    allowed in "Tower of Power". Also, you have to fight two bosses
    successively, so you cannot change the equipments around between the boss
    battles. After you beat one of the boss, quickly take the other. Otherwise,
    the tower will explode.
    Boss of the "Tower of Power": Minotaur. Lv. 37, HP 19850
    Normal way to beat this boss:
    When the battle begun, the "mute" magic is already in effect. Thus no magics
    can be used (including Mahouken). Heal your character with "HiPotion".
    Quick and dirty way to beat this boss:
    Just put Monk with "Mamoru" (Guard) ability and guard until Minotaur dies.
    Since "Mamoru" makes all physical attacks zero Monk won't get any damages,
    and Monk's "Counter" ability would counter-attack Minotaur's attack. This
    ensures your victory even with one character.
    ((Chris' note:  Use Coin Toss.))
    Boss of the "Tower of Magics": Subete wo Shirumono. Lv. 53, HP 16999,
    weakness: Wind
    Normal way to beat this boss:
    Note that if you do any physical attacks against "Subete wo Shirumono", he
    will cast "return" and resets the battle to beginning. (Very good way to
    recover your party if you get beated badly though) Since this will be magic
    battles, use "Earoga" (Aero2) against him.
    Quick and dirty way to beat this boss:
    Cast "Baasaku" (Bersk) to him first. Then he can't use his magics anymore.
    Then use "Golem" to guard his attacks. He can't even cast the last Flare due
    to berserked status.
    ((Chris' note:  The quick way gets me killed.  This way's MUCH better:
    Cast Reflect to your party AND him.  That way, HIS attack spells will bounce off
    YOU and hit HIM, HIS cure spells bounce off of HIM and hit YOU, YOU can bounce
    attacks off YOU and hit HIM, and YOUR cures can bounce off HIM and hit YOU.  
    (if that's confusing, just remember that all cures will hit you and all attacks
    will hit him.) You should never be damaged if you keep Reflect up all the time
    on both sides.  Also, his final Flare will kill himself.))
    12. Airship Modification
    Enter "Catapult" that was under the Fork Tower. Cid will modify your
    airship... and your new airship can transform into submarine as well.
    13. The Great Deep (Party's level: 36)
    Treasures: Suiton no Jutsu, Honoo no Yubiwa (Flame Ring), Ryuu no Kiba
    (Dragon Fang), Etel (Ether), Fenix Down, Kaizer Knuckle
    Go through the Dwarf Kingdom and head to the very bottom floor. After the
    battle with boss, you'll get the third "sekiban" (Stone Tablet) and
    strongest Jikuu magic, Meteo.
    Some notes about this dungeon:
    * Most of the monsters in this dungeon are undeads, so I recommend using
    "requiem". It costs no MP, but inflict alot of damage.
    * On the B4F, do not push the second switch. It will remove the bridge
    and you have to go around the magma.
    * On the B4F with five switches, push the one on upper left. This will
    make a bridge to the treasure box. Other four leads to the magma pond.
    * On the B8F, push three switches on the lower half of the floor to get
    access to the boss's room. Other one will open the door to Kaiser
    Bosses of the Great Deep
    * Toraiton (Red). Lv. 37, HP 13333, Weakness: Ice, Kearu
    * Neregeid (Blue). Lv. 20, HP 13333, Weakness: Fire, Kearu
    * Phorbos (Green). Lv. 39, HP 13333, Weakness: Earth
    Normal way to beat these bosses:
    Toraiton will absorb fire, Neregeid will absorb ice, and Phorbos will absorb
    poison magics. Thus, you can attack them with magics that have attribute
    other than the above one. Lit3, "Syldra"'s ThunderStorm, and "Titan"
    would work. If you get hit by "Delta Attack", heal with "Kin no Hari"
    (Golden Needle).
    Quick and dirty way to beat these bosses:
    Since two out of three are undead, use "requiem" with all members of the
    party. (Need Bard's ability to Sing).
    ((Chris' note:  This seems odd but it works EXTREMELY well.))
    14. Concealed Castle of Koozer
    Obtain additional 3 weapons. There should be only three weapons left when
    you leave this place.
    15. Basement of Bal Castle
    Enter this place by climbing the wall at deadend in Dungeon of Jacole. Go up
    to meet Odin, but make sure to unlock the door on bottom before you leave
    this place.
    Boss of Basement of Bal Castle: Odin. Lv. 2, HP 17000
    Normal way to beat this boss:
    You need to defeat Odin in 60 seconds... otherwise, his "Zantetsuken" (Iron
    Cutting Sword) will kill your party. Try casting magics on him (Holy or
    Flare would work), or throw Shurikens ("Nageru" (Throw) ability of Ninja
    Quick and dirty way to beat this boss:
    Use "Mahouken Bureiku"... this will petrify Odin and only requires 2 turns.
    If you have time, you might want to steal "Mamori no Yubiwa" (Protection
    Ring) from Odin.
    16. Pheonix Tower
    Treasures: 5000 giru, 10000 giru, 15000 giru, 20000 giru, 25000 giru
    You need to get Black Chocobo at Town of Illusion to reach this place.
    (Airship cannot land on the desert nor forest) Land your Black Chocobo at
    forest north-east from the Pheonix Tower (Tower you see in west from
    Carwen). Once you are in the tower, search the wall in middle for the hidden
    staircase. Each floor without staircase going up will have *two* staircase
    leading to upper floor. One of the door has enemies in it, and other
    doesn't. For the quick and dirty way to go through this tower, read the
    following line. Otherwise, skip the following line.
    Note: When you meet a monster named "Magic Pot", give him Elixer. When he
    escapes, he will give you 100ABP (Ablitiy Point). Also if you happened to
    have "Thief" in your party, try stealing the following items from enemies.
    * Sherry (Dancer with Red Dress): You can steal "Rainbow Dress" and
    occasionary can steal "Sango no Yubiwa" (Coral Ring).
    * Komusabera (Snake Lady): You can steal "Akai Kutsu" (Red Shoes) and
    occasionary can steal "Elf no Manto" (Elf's Cloak).
    * Chamukyubia (Floating Lady with Red Dress): You can steal "Reflect
    Ring" (You can sell it for money) and occasionary can steal "Rainbow
    * Why do I need these items anyway!?
    Rainbow Dress and Red Shoes can only be equipped by Odoriko (Dancer) [
    Suppin too. Suppin can equip anything ] and these two items increases
    the change of getting "Tsurugi no Mai" (Sword Dance) which quadruples
    your sword attack. Very useful dance.
    At the very top of the tower, you'll get Shoukanjuu (Summoned Beast)
    17. North Mountain
    North mountain is located north from the forest you landed your Black
    Chocobo. So, why not go there now? At the peek of the north mountain,
    Bahamut will fight you... and if you win, you'll get Shoukanjuu (Summoned
    Beast) Bahamut.
    Boss of North Mountain: Bahamut. Lv. 99, HP 40000
    Use "slow" and "stop" toreduce Bahamut's attacking oppotunities, and attack
    Quick and dirty way to kill Bahamut:
    Make 4 Time&Space Mages and use Meteo.
    18. Sunken Tower of Walse
    Okay, how many of you remember that tower of Walse sunk in World One? It
    sank, and it still exists underwater in World Three. You can enter this
    tower by using your submarine. You'll enter from top of the tower and make
    your way to bottom. However, since our hero cannot breath underwater, you
    must return to the submarine before time runs out. At the very bottom of the
    tower, you'll encounter Gogo. If you beat Gogo, you'll get the last piece of
    the Crystal and the last job of Mimic.
    Boss of Sunken Tower of Walse: Gogo. Lv. ??, HP ????
    When you attack him, he will revenge your party with "Meteo", "Holy" and
    "????". Listen carefully to what he say... "If you mimic me, you can win."
    So do whatever he does, and if he doesn't do anything, don't do anything.
    19. Istory Falls (Party's Level: 36)
    Treasures: Etel (Ether), Kame no Koura (Turtle Shell), AirKnife, Mamori no
    Yubiwa (Protection Ring), Refect Ring, Enhance Sword, 12000 giru, Artemis no
    Yumi (Bow of Artemis), Aegis Shield, Fuuma Shuriken, Kyojin no Ono (Ax of
    Giants), Rune Blade, Kyojin no Kusuri (Giant's Medicine)
    You have to enter this place from underwater cave. Look for a white spot on
    your underwater map near Istory Falls.
    * On B3F, you need ability "Dash" to get the treasure box behind the
    running water.
    * On B5F, you can go to lower floor by jumping down from the holes on
    lower left. Open the hole by using the switch.
    * Nasty monster of Istory Falls... Tonberi!
    Tonberi's level is 46 and has 39393 points of HP. Also his special
    attack "Houchou" (Cooking Knife : Ouch!) will randomly hit four times
    for significant damage. If you think you can't kill him before he
    approaches your party, run. But he will sometimes drop "Mirage Vest"
    (This vest has effect of "blink" and can evade one physical attack per
    battle with 100% evade rate).
    Boss of Istory Falls: Leviathan. Lv. 39, HP 40000, weakness Thunder
    He is weak against Thunder and has an attribute of water. So, Lit3 will work the
    best against Leviathan. If you were able to afford buy some "Sango no Yubiwa"
    (Coral Ring: Sold at Town of Illusion for 50,000 giru each), you can absorb any
    water attacks including Leviathan's Tidal Wave.
    ((Chris' note:  Try Meteo.))
    20. Concealed Castle of Koozer
    Get the last three weapons.
    21. Miscellaneous things you can do before going to final dungeon
    All of these are optional, and if you wish, you can skip this section
    1. Obtaining "Mighty Guard" (AoMahou : Blue Magic)
    To learn Mighty Guard, head your airship and land it on water near
    sunken tower of Walse. Occasionary, you will encounter an enemy named
    "StingRay" (Looks like blue ray). He only does normal attackes, but
    when you "Ayatsuru" (Control) him, and you will be able to use Mighty
    Guard. Make sure you have at least one AoMadoushi (BlueMage) or ability
    "learning" and beat this ray to learn it. He's HP is 30000. (Lv. 93)
    StingRay will also drop "Ryuu no Hige" (Beard of Dragon), the strongest
    whip, occasionaly.
    2. Learn the "Eiyuu no Uta" (Hero's Song)
    If you played all of the piano around the world, you can become
    PianoMaster. By obtaining this status, bard in Cresent will present you
    with "Eiyuu no Uta" which will raise your levels during battle (only
    during the battle, of course).
    3. How brave were you? Chicken Knife or Brave Sword
    If you go to the town of Muah, the locked door is now open. At the very
    end, you can choose either Chicken Knife or Brave Sword. Chicken Knife
    has strange property of running away even if you choose "fight", and
    Brave Sword has high initial attack power, but decreases everytime you
    run. (Chicken Knife's opposite. Attack power increases when you run...
    but only before you get it) So, evaluate your braveness here. : )
    4. How am I doing so far?? Monoshiri Jiisan's place.
    Head your airship to Karnak and dive in the bay south of Karnak. When
    you look around, you'll find one cave on right side of the bay. Enter
    there and old man will tell your progress up to this point. He will
    tell you:
    1. Number of Fights:
    2. Number of Monsters Slayed:
    3. Average EXP:
    4. Treasure Box Collection Rate:
    5. Number of Times You Saved the Game:
    5. Meet the Moai from Easter Island!
    Head your airship above the sunken tower of Walse (don't land your
    airship here). Then head directly north and dive as soon as you reach
    the ocean. Continue your way up north and you'll meet small Moai on the
    sea floor. This has nothing to do with the game.
    22. Cleft of Dimention (Party's Level: 37)
    The entrance to Cleft of Dimention is the hole where it used to be Tycoon.
    Fly over the hole to get into the Cleft of Dimention. Since this dungeon is
    long, I will seperate the walkthrough into following sections: The Ruins,
    The Forest, The Dungeon, The Towers, The Castle, and The Final Floors.
    Cleft of Dimention: The Ruins
    Treasures: Etel (Ether), Cottage, Elixer x 2, Dark Matter, Blood Sword
    There is nothing special here. You can climb to upper floor by hanging onto
    the moving chains. A monster called "Baldandells" (Looks like circle with
    skull on it) sometimes drops "Rune no Bell" (Bell of Rune) the strongest
    bell of all. (It does critical hit using MP and has all attributes) Once you
    are in the town, head to the exit.
    Cleft of Dimention: The Forest
    Treasures: Ryuu no Kiba (Dragon Fang), Riris no Rod (Rod of Riris), Enhance
    Nothing special about this place except that there is a boss in this forest.
    Boss of CoD Forest: Karophysteli. Lv. 68, HP 18000
    Normal way to beat this boss:
    When she uses Reflect, nullify it with "Dispel". Then use "Mute" to
    stop her from using the magics. Since she doesn't have any weaknesses nor
    attributes, any attack would work.
    Quick and dirty way to beat this boss:
    Sword Magic and Summoned Beast does not get reflect by reflect
    magic. So, use Sword Magic Mute to stop her magic and use Summoned Beast to
    attack her.
    Cleft of Dimention: The Dungeon
    Treasures: Honoo no Yubiwa (Flame Ring), Tenshi no Yubiwa (Angel Ring)
    You can enter the left most waterfall on upper level (the level you start
    with). Just after the save point, you will see "Omega" wondering. If you
    wish to try your strength, fight it. If you don't want to waste time, you
    can ignore it. For those of you who wished to fight, here is the stats. If
    you went past Omega's place, check the book on the table to fight the boss.
    Omega: Lv 119, HP 55530, MP 60700, Attack Power 115, Defence Power 190,
    Agility 76, Evade Rate 95%, Magic Defence 150, Attribute: Water, Wind,
    Earth, Holy Power, Poison, Ice, and Fire.
    * Omega: Lv. 119, HP 55530
    Omega has one weakness... that is Thunder. But casting Lit3 to
    Omega won't work that well. The secret to beating him is
    "Nitouryuu-Midareuchi-Mahouken-Sandaga". This ability combination
    allows you to attack 8 times with Mahouken Sandaga. However, this
    requires you to master Ninja (for Nitouryuu) and Karyuudo (Archer : for
    Midareuchi), and also have Mahouken Lv 5. (for Mahouken Sandaga). I
    recommend having three characters with these abilities. Once you got
    those abilities, follow the following procedures:
    1. Make three Suppin with Midareuchi and Mahouken as their abilities.
    Make fourth person Monomaneshi (Mimic) with Jikuu (Time & Space
    Magic (Lv. 5+) and Shiromahou (White Magic)(Lv. 5+).
    2. Equip everyone with armors that will increase their agility. (i.e.
    Kuroshouzoku) Also equip everyone with "Honoo no Yubiwa" (Flame
    Ring). Flame ring will absorb some of Omega's attacks.
    3. Encounter Omega. (Easiest step!)
    4. Let three suppins cast Mahouken Sandaga while Monomaneshi cast Haste2.
    5. On the next turn, let every suppin attack with Midareuchi. Let
    Monomaneshi cast "Kearuga" (Cure3) to party.
    6. Repeat the above step until you beat Omega.
    After the battle, you will get "Omega no Kunshou" (Decoration of Omega)
    which says: "Your wisdom, courage, and power have beaten the ancient
    Boss of CoD Dungeon: Apanda. Lv 59, HP 22200, weakness: Fire
    (No, it's not A Panda... it's Apanda)
    Normal way to beat this boss:
    Basic strategy is same as Biblos of Ancient Library. You can use Fire
    magics. But make sure not to use Ifrit, since he will heal himself with
    "Chiryou" (Cure).
    Quick and dirty way to beat this boss:
    Just cast "Baasaku" (Bersk) to Apanda and guard his attacks with "Golem".
    But make sure not to use Ifrit, because he will heal the berserked status.
    Cleft of Dimention: The Towers
    The roads are invisible, but you can see them with Thief's "Kakushi Tsuuro"
    (Hidden Route) ability. No bosses in this section, but enemies of this
    section can be tough. Read the following hints to help yourself.
    1. Ninja has high evade rate (70%). You can use BlueMagic
    "Goblin Punch" to inflict damages. Goblin Punch uses no MP, but can hit
    for about 3500+ points of damage.
    2. You can rarely steal "Artemis no Yumi" (Bow of Artemis) from Dragon
    Eibis (Looks like flying dragon). Also, if you have "Eibis Killer" (Bow
    you could've have stolen at Shrine of Solitary Island), you might want
    to use it.
    Cleft of Dimention: The Castle
    Treasures: Tooru no Hammer (Thor's Hammer), Erumesu no Kutsu (Hermes's
    Shoes), ManEater, Akai Kutsu (Red Shoes), Rainbow Dress
    Once you enter the main entrance, head straight and go DOWN the staircase
    and go left. There, you'll fight Apocaryopus, and after the battle, save
    point will open. Once you have saved the game, explore both wings of the
    castle (Right wing has Thor's Hammer and left wing has Hermes's Shoes). Once
    you got most of the treasures, walk right from the save point, and fight
    Catastrophe. (You can fight Arute Roite if you want to get Rainbow Dress and
    Red Shoes, (One in the jail) but I'm sure you stole these at Pheonix Tower,
    right?) Once you beat Catastrophe, go up the stairs until you reach outside.
    Make sure to get ManEater at end of the left staircase. Then enter the
    central door and you'll fight Harikarunassosu when you try to go up the
    staircase. After you beat Harikarunassosu, go up the staircase and face up
    at the top of the castle. You will fight Twin Tania here. Once you beat Twin
    Tania, you can followed the staircase up, and you'll warp to the last floor.
    One Note: On the staircase to the warp point, enemy called "Youjinbou"
    (Looks like samurai) will show up. Rarely, you can steal "Ame no Murakumo",
    the strongest Katana [stronger than Excalibur!].
    Bosses of CoD Castle:
    1. Apocaryopus. Lv. 57, HP 27900, Weakness: Poison
    He uses most of AoMahou (BlueMagic) and he also can "learn" your
    Normal way to beat this boss:
    Since his weakness is poison, Mahouken Bio can inflict 7000+ points of
    damage. Keep attacking, and there shoudn't be no problem.
    Quick and dirty way to beat this boss:
    Steal his "Kyojin no Kote" (Giant's Glove) first. Then let one of your
    member use "Jibaku" (Exploder) to Apocaryopus. He will learn it, and if
    you are in luck, Apocaryopus will scarifice himself. (One of your
    member WILL die) If this didn't work, just follow the normal way.
    2. Arute Roite/Jura Eibis: Lv. 58 - 61, HP 6000 - 15000
    He will transform into Jura Eibis after some amount of damage.
    Normal way to beat this enemy:
    When he is in Arute Roite's shape, Sword Magic Flare works. When you
    get hit by "circle" (Erases one of your character for that battle) use
    "return" to reset the battle. When he transforms, Fire, Ice, and
    Thunder magics will not work. Use "Bio" to attack then.
    Quick and dirty way to beat this enemy:
    "Quarter" works against Arute Roite. When he transforms into Jura
    Eibis, use Odin.
    3. Catastrophe: Lv. 71, HP 19997
    Normal way to beat this boss:
    There is no attribute or weakness so any attack would work. He uses
    "EarthShaker" and if you use "leviteto", he nullifies it with "Juuryoku
    100" (Gravity 100). Cure "Akuma no Hitomi" (Devil's Eye) with "Kin no
    Hari" (Golden Needle).
    Quick and dirty way to beat this boss:
    When you use "leviteto", Catastrophe will use "juuryoku 100". So, if
    you make one character into "leviteto" chanting character, Catastrophe
    can't do anything but "juuryoku 100"....
    4. Harikarunassosu: Lv. 97, HP 33333
    Normal way to beat this boss:
    If you get hit by "Kururururu!" cure him/her with "Otome no Kiss"
    (Lady's Kiss : Cure's Toad). Heal the character that got hit by "Holy"
    or "Power shuuchuu" (Power Concentration) with "Life". Since she has
    no attribute nor weakness, any attack would work.
    Quick and dirty way to beat this boss:
    Use Sword Magic Mute to stop her magics, and use "Minimum" to stop her
    "Power Shuuchuu". Then cast "Baasaku" (Bersk) to stop her "Kururururu!"
    5. Twin Tania: Lv. 39, HP 50000, weakness: Holy power, water
    After he "power up", he will use "Giga Flare", a flare rumored to be
    stronger than Bahamut's "Mega Flare".
    Normal way to beat this boss:
    Twin Tania's weakness is water and holy power. So use Mahouken Holy and
    Rivaiathan to attack. Use "shell" to guard your party against his "Giga
    Quick and dirty way to beat this boss:
    Twin Tania's hidden weakness is when he does his power up. When the
    message "Giga Flare no tameni power up!" (Powering up for GigaFlare)
    shows up, use Odin. If you have time, you may want to steal "Kyojin no
    Ono" (Ax of Giant) from him.
    Cleft of Dimention: The Final Floors
    Treasures: Fuuma Shuriken x 3, Ragnarok
    Once you arrive at the first warp site, you'll encouter Gilgamesh. (Remember
    that he was sent to Cleft of Dimention by Exdeath's Degeon??) After a while,
    he will run once again.... When you have warped twice, you'll see a treasure
    box on island like place (connected with staircase). That treasure box
    contains Ragnarok, but it is heavily guarded. The monster that guards this
    treasure box is called "Shinryuu" (God of Dragon) and he's stats are as
    Shinryuu: Lv. 97, HP 55500, MP 51000, Attack Power 175, Defence Power 60,
    Agility 87, Evade Rate 20%, Magic Defence 20, Attribute: Holy power. As his
    initial attack, he will do Tidal Wave, which inflicts 6000+ points of
    * Shinryuu: Lv. 97, HP 55500
    Shinryuu is dragon afterall.... Thus, if you can get "Hiryuu no Yari",
    this will always result critical hits. This is the key point in the
    battle. Get 8 "Hiryuu no Yari" (Flying Dragon Lance). To do this
    easily, optimize "return". Steal from Suishouryuu, and if you didn't
    get what you wanted, cast "return" and try again. Once you got 8
    "Hiryuu no Yari", you need to master Ninja (everyone). After you got
    this done, follow the following procedures.
    1. Make 4 suppin with "Jump" as their ability.
    2. Equip everyone with 2 "Hiryuu no Yari" (No shields) and "Sango no
    Yubiwa" (Coral Ring). Coral Ring will absorb Shinryuu's first
    Tidal Wave.
    3. As soon as the battle start, let everyone jump.
    4. Put down the controller and wait until everyone comes down... and
    Shinryuu should be dead by then.
    After the battle, you will get "Ragnarok" (Sword) and "Ryuu no Monshou"
    (Emblem of Dragon) which says: "This praises your honor of defeating
    the strongest dragon".
    If you go further into the last floor, you'll meet NecroPhobia. (Don't go
    straight!! Exdeath is there!) After beating NecroPhobia and saved your game,
    enter through the last warp zone to fight Exdeath. Around the save point,
    you'll rarely encounter enemy called "Mover" (It come in triplets). If you
    are able to defeat them, you will recieve 199ABP and 100000+ giru. Also, you
    can occasionary steal "Hiryuu no Yari" (Flying Dragon Lance) fom
    "Suishouryuu" (Crystal Dragon). Here's the stats for both of these enemies:
    * Mover: Lv. 52, HP 10000, Attribute: Poison, Weakness: Fire
    This comes in triplets.
    * Suishouryuu: Lv 62, HP 17500, Attribute: Fire, Ice, Thunder, Wind
    Bosses of CoD Final Floors:
    1. Gilgamesh: Lv. ??, HP ????
    Just make sure to steal "Genji no Kabuto" and attack normally. There
    shouldn't be no problem.
    2. NecroPhobia: Lv. 66, HP 44044
    Normal way to beat this boss:
    You must defeat all four segments of barrier before you can attack
    NecroPhobia. Use "shell" to minimize the magic damages, and "Golem" to
    guard against NecroPhobia's "Shinkuuha" (AirBlade).
    Quick and dirty way to beat this boss:
    Use same strategy for the barriers. Bahamut will also work well. Once
    NecroPhobia is alone, use Odin. It will kill him with high rate.
    It's not quick... but want to see the end of Gilgamesh!?
    You MUST follow these steps to see the end of Gilgamesh. Kill the
    barriers first. Then reduce NecroPhobia's HP to 5000 or so (by using
    very weak magics, I guess), but do NOT kill NecroPhobia. Wait until
    Gilgamesh shows up. After Gilgamesh shows up, make sure to steal the
    last piece of Genji equipment, "Genji Armor".
    The Final Battle with Exdeath
    I don't have Exdeath's stats handy right now. I'll update this section once
    I got the data.
    Round One: Exdeath
    Guard your party with "Mighty Guard" (Or use "shell" and "protesu" to
    everyone) and "Golem", then cast "Heisuga" to speed up your party. Use strong
    magics (Flare, Holy, etc..) to attack him.
    Round Two: NeoExdeath
    There is four sections to NeoExdeath, and back two are considered to be on
    back row, so all physical attacks can inflict half of the damage. Make sure
    that you can heal your party with "Esuna" at any give time in the battle.
    "Coin Toss" works pretty well if you have a lot of giru.
    The Ending....
    Put down your controller and enjoy!
    The multiple endings of Final Fantasy Vj
    FF5j has sort of multiple endings and it only depends on who was still
    standing (not dead, zombied, or stoned) at the time you killed NeoExdeath.
    Part  Eleven:  Status  Changes
    by Nora Stevens (nestevens@aol.COM)
    In a battle, your characters may be poisoned, turned into frogs, made to age
    rapidly, plus other various status changes.  Understand that some changes in 
    status may be automatically healed after the battle is over, and that some
    remain even after you're done fighting.
    Status Changes that Do Not Heal after Battle
    せんとうふのう:  生命値が0になってしまい何もできなくなる
    Fallen in Battle:  HP reach zero, and the character can do nothing.
    せきか:  体が石と化して固まってしまい何もできなくなる
    Petrify:  The body hardens into stone, and the character can do
    かえる:  攻撃・防御力が低下、トード以外の魔法は使えない
    Frog:  Offensive and Defensive power goes down, and oToad is the
    only spell that may be cast.
    こびと:  攻撃・防御力は低下するが、魔法は使える
    Dwarf:  Offensive and Defensive power goes down, but magic may
    still be used.
    どく:  毒が体中にまわりHPがどんどん減っていく
    Poison:  Poison courses throughout the body, making HP steadily
    くらやみ:  目の前が真っ暗になり、攻撃の命中率が低下する
    Darkness:  It becomes quite dark in front of one's eyes, and one's
    hit rate goes down.
    ゾンビー:  ゾンビとなって味方に攻撃。回復はせいすいのみ
    Zombie:  Turn into a Zombie and attack one's friends.  Can be cured
    by drinking Holy Water.
    Status Changes that Heal after Battle
    ろうか:  どんどん年をとっていき、能力値が低下する
    Aging:  As the years quickly add on, one's levels go down.
    ちんもく:  呪文を封印され全ての魔法が使えなくなる
    Silence:  A sealing spell that prohibits the casting of any magic.
    すいみん:  スヤスヤと眠りに入ってしまい何もできなくなる
    Sleep:  Enter a peaceful sleep in which one can do nothing.
    まひ:  体がしびれて動けなくなり、何もできなくなる
    Paralysis:  One is unable to move and can do nothing.
    こんらん:  頭がパニック状態を起こし味方に攻撃してしまう
    Confusion:  One becomes panicked and attacks other party members.
    Part  Twelve:  Item  List
    by Nora Stevens (nestevens@aol.COM)
    [Quick note: This is still not complete, but hopefully we can get a
    complete     one by the time of the next update. Translations and uses in JASCII
    brackets []are by Chris K. Notes in brackets [] are by Tat.]
    ** Recovery Items
    ポーション   Potion
    エーテル   Ether
    ハイポーション   HiPotion
    エリクサー   Elixir
    コテージ   Cottage [Cabin]
    テント   Tent
    フェニクスのお   Phoenix's Tail [Fenix Down]
    めぐすり   Eyedrops [cure Dark]
    どくけし   Antidote [cure Poison]
    きんのはり   Golden Needle [cure Stone]
    おとめのキッス   Maiden's Kiss [cure Toad]
    うちでのこづち   Magic Hammer [cure Mini]
    [Tat:  It's a hammer that gives items you say while you swing                  
    it.  Uchi means to hit (or swing in this case) and De means                    
    come out as in Deru.
    This was used in Japanese fairytale called "Issunhoushi" (Inch                 
    tall boy) and princess used this Kozuchi to make Issunhoushi                   
    larger by saying "Issunhoushi ookiku naare" (or something like                 
    that).  Thus, in FF, this heals the "minimum" status.]
    せいすい   Holy Water [cure Zombie]
    ** Chougou Items
    ダークマター   Dark Matter
    りゅうのきば   Dragon Horn
    かめのこうら   Turtle Shell
    ** Special Potions for the Chemist
    ちからのくすり   Strength Potion
    プロテスドリンク   Protesu [oProtect] Drink
    スピードドリンク   Speed Drink
    えいゆうのくすり   Hero Potion
    きょじんのくすり   Giant Potion
    ** Items to be Thrown
    しゅりけん   Shuriken
    ふうましゅりけん   Wind Shuriken
    らいじんのじゅつ   Raijin Scroll
    [Tat:  Raijin is god of thunder if it is spelled with Kaminari and God,
    but in this case, it's not written that way.  Rai is thunder, but Jin
    in this case, uses kanji of Jinsoku (move fast).  Thus, Raijin in this
    case means "Fast moving thunder" or "Lightening Thunder".  (I know this
    is hard... even I can't tell this from word Rainjin, but when it is
    used with Jyutsu (as in Raijin no Jutsu) it's usually written this
    かとんのじゅつ   Katon Scroll
    すいとんのじゅつ   Suiton Scroll
    [Tat:  Katon & Suiton:  Ka means fire and Sui means water here.  The
    keyword is Ton, meaning "hide behind something".  Thus, Katon means
    "Hiding behind fire" and Suiton means "Hiding behind water".
    Originally, Suiton is refered to hiding technique used by Ninja when
    they hid in the water (like moat of castle) with pipe in their mouth to
    breath.  There is also Doton (Do = tsuchi = earth), which is a
    technique to hide underground.  (Like under the leaves)]
    すす   Ashes
    Part  Thirteen:  Weapon  List
    by Nora Stevens (nestevens@aol.com)
    ** Half Moons and Similar Weapons
    えんげつりん   Full Moon
    ツインランサー   Twin Lancer
    ライジングサン   Rising Sun
    ** 短剣  Daggers
    ナイフ   Knife
    エアナイフ   Air Knife
    マインゴーシュ   Main Gauche (lit. "left hand")
    ダンシングダーガー   Dancing Dagger
    メイジマッシャー   Mage Masher
    オリハルコン   Oriharukon
    [Tat:  Oriharukon is a legendary metal that is often used in legendary
    weapons/armors.  It's kind of like Mithril.  Dragon Quest 3j's
    strongest weapons are made from Oriharukon too.  (It's supposed to be
    silver colored metal)
    ミスリルナイフ   Mithril Knife
    チキンナイフ   Chicken Knife
    さすけのかたな   Sasuke Katana
    [Tat:  Sasuke is a legendary ninja's name, Sarutobi Sasuke.]
    とうぞくのナイフ   Thief Knife
    ** 剣  Swords
    グレートソード   Great Sword
    フレイムタン   Flame Tongue
    アイスブランド   Ice Brand
    エクスカリパー   Excaliper  ¥ note the difference
    エクスカリバー   Excaliber  / between these two!
    ブラッドソード   Broad Sword
    ロングソード   Long Sword
    さんごのつるぎ   Coral Sword
    こだいのつるぎ   Ancient Sword
    ** 槍  Spears
    パルチザン   Partisan
    トライデント   Trident
    ** 斧  Axes
    ポイスンアクス   Poison Axe
    デスシックル   Death Sickle
    ウォーハンマー   War Hammer
    だいちのハンマー   Earth Hammer
    ** 刀  Katana
    まさむね   Masamune
    かぜきりのやいば   WindSlash Blade
    こだち   Kodachi [small katana]
    こてつ   Kotetsu [similar to Kodachi]
    きくいちもんじ   Chrysanthemum Blade [Blossom]
    [Tat:  Well in the Tsuba of this Katana, there is a emblem of
    chrysanthemum.  Ichimonji is blade.  Tsuba of Katana is the ring that
    seperates blade from holding place (Can't recall the English word at
    this moment ^_^;).]
    びぜんおさふね   Bizenosafune
    [Tat:  Bizen Osafune is name of Kajiya (Blacksmith) who made this
    あしゅら   Ashura
    ** ロッド  Rods
    ポイズンロッド   Poison Rod
    ほのおのロッド   Fire Rod
    こおりのロッド   Ice Rod
    いかづちのロッド   Lightning Rod
    ** 杖  Staffs
    つえ   Staff
    モーニングスター   Morning Star
    フレイル   Flail
    ちからのつえ   Strength Staff
    さばきのつえ   Judgement Staff
    いやしのつえ   Heal Staff
    ** 弓矢  Bows and Arrows
    くらやみのゆみや   Darkness Bow
    はやてのゆみや   Gale Bow
    ぎんのゆみや   Golden Bow
    こおりのゆみや   Ice Bow
    ほのおのゆみや   Fire Bow
    よいちのゆみや   Yoichi Bow
    [Tat:  Maybe it was name of person who shot the arrow at the battle of
    Genpei.  I think it was in "Ougi no Mato".  Mato = Target, and Ougi =
    fan.  The simple story was that Genji was fighting against Heike at
    Seto Naikai, and Heike was on the sea and Genji was on the shore (maybe
    it was other way around).  Since the sun began to fall, the one on the
    sea thought to have entertainment.  They let one woman with one pole
    aboard the small boat (and this pole had Ougi (fan) at the tip).  She
    rowed the boat near the shore and asked someone on the shore to shoot
    the fan.  And I think Yoichi was nominated to do so, and he did it.  I
    *THINK* this person was Yoichi, but I'm not sure....  It was 8th grade
    that I learned this in school.  (And I wasn't good at Kokugo)]
    ** 竪琴  Harps
    ラミアのたてごと   Lamia Harp
    ゆめのたてごと   Dream Harp
    ** 鞭  Whips
    むち   Whip
    でんげきむち  [Electric] Shock Whip
    ** ベル  Bells
    ギアマンのかね   Giyaman Bell
    Part  Fourteen:  Armor  List
    by Nora Stevens (nestevens@aol.com)
    ** 盾  Shields
    ゴールドシールド   Gold Shield
    ミスリルシールド   Mithril Shield
    アイスシールド   Ice Shield
    フレイムシールド   Flame Shield
    ダイアのたて   Daia Shield [short for 'Diamond']
    ** 兜  Helmets
    ゴールドヘルム   Gold Helm
    グリーンベレー   Green Beret
    クリスタルヘルム   Crystal Helm
    ヒュプノクラウン   Hypno Crown
    ミスリルヘルム   Mithril Helm
    リボン   Ribbon
    ラミアのティアラ   Lamia Tiara
    タイガーマスク   Tiger Mask
    ダイアのかぶと   Daia Helmet
    くろずきん   Black Hood
    ねじりはちまき   Twisted Headband
    げんじのかぶと   Genji Helmet
    いばらのかんむり   Crown of Thorns [cursed]
    さんかくぼうし   Tricorn
    はねつきぼうし   Plumed Hat
    きんのかみかざり   Silver Hairpin
    ** 鎧  Armor
    ブロンズアーマー   Bronze Armor
    アイアンアーマー   Iron Armor
    ミスリルアーマー   Mithril Armor
    ゴルドアーマー   Gold Armor
    シルクのローブ   Silk Robe
    ボーンメイル   Bone Mail
    クリスタルメイル   Crystal Mail
    ミラージュベスト   Mirage Vest
    ダイアのむねあて   Daia Breastplate
    ダイアのよろい   Daia Armor
    ちからだすき   Strength Dasuki
    [Tat:  It's originally "tasuki".  It's a piece of cloth used to tuck up
    one's sleeves.]
    しじんのふく   Poet Robe
    どうのむねあて   Copper Breastplate
    もめんのローブ   Cotton Robe
    しのびのころも   Spy Robe
    きんのむねあて   Silver Breastplate
    しろローブ   White Robe
    くろローブ   Black Robe
    くろしょうぞく   Black Costume
    でんしのはくい   Angel White Robe
    だいちのころも   Earth Robe
    ** アクセサリー  Accessories
    リフレクトリング   Reflecto Ring
    ミスリルのこて   Mithril Gloves
    パワーリスト   Power Wrist
    エルフのマント   Elf Mantle [Cape]
    コルナゴのつぼ   Korunago Pot
    ガントレット   Gauntlet
    ダイアのうでわ   Daia Bracelet
    きんぶちめがね   Silver-Rimmed Glasses
    かわのくつ   Leather Shoes
    とうぞくのこて   Robber Gloves
    まもりのゆびわ   Protect Ring
    ぎんのうでわ   Golden Bracelet
    のろいのゆびわ   Cursed Ring
    げんじのこて   Genji Gloves
    ** Miscellaneous
    まほうのランプ   Magic Lamp
    Part  Fifteen:  Dance  おどり 
    By Nora Stevens
    [Thanks to Tatsushi Nakao!]
    つるぎのまい  Sword Dance
    4x Damage to single enemy.  Must be equipped with sword-type weapon.
    ミステリーワルツ  Mystery Waltz
    Sucks MP from an enemy.
    ふたりのジルバ  Jitterbug Duet [lit. 'jitterbug of couple']
    Sucks HP from an enemy.
    みわこのタンゴ  Temptation Tango
    Confuses a single enemy.
    Part  Sixteen:  Esper  しょうかんじゅう 
    By Nora Stevens
    *  Level 1
    チョコボ   Chocobo      <Chocobo> チョコボキック "Chocobo Kick":
    A kick attack.
    シルフ   Sylph          <Sylph> かぜのささやき "Whisper Wind":
    Steal an enemy's HP and give it
    to the party.
    レモラ   Remora          <Mage> まとわりつき "Latch On":
    Drain some HP and immobilize an
    *  Level 2
    シヴァ   Shiva          <Shiva> ダイアモンドダスト "Diamond Dust":
    Ice attack.
    ラムウ   Ramuh    <Indra/Ramuh> さばきのいかづち "Judgment Bolt":
    Lightning attack.
    イフリート   Ifrit     <Jinn/Ifrit> じごくのかえん "Hellfire":
    Fire attack.
    *  Level 3
    タイタン   Titan  <Titan/Terrato> だいちのいかり "Earth Rage":
    Causes an earthquake.
    ゴーレム   Golem          <Golem> アースワォール "Earth Wall":
    Protects from physical attacks.
    カトブレパス   Catoblepas     <Shoat> あくまのひとみ "Demon Eye":
    Casts oBreak on all enemies.
    *  Level 4
    カーバンクル   Carbunkle   <Carbunkl> ルビーのひかり "Ruby Light":
    Casts oReflec on all enemies.
    シルドラ   Syldra サンダーストーム "Thunderstorm":
    Water/lightning attack.
    オーディン   Odin            <Odin> ざんてつけん "True Edge":
    Sword attack.
    *  Level 5
    レバイアサン   Leviathan      <Levia> だいかいしょう "Clean Sweep":
    Water attack.
    バハムート   Bahamut      <Bahamut> メガフレア "Megaflare":
    Flare attack.
    フェーニクス   Phoenix                                        Life.
    Part  Seventeen:  Chikei  ちけい 
    By Nora Stevens
    [Again, thanks to Tatsushi-kun!]
    Format:  Japanese - English - Location - Description
    Location key:  F = Field; B = Building; D = Dungeon; M = Mountain;
    T = Forest; S = Desert; O = Ocean; S = Seashore; N = Marsh;
    P = Pyramid; W = Waterfall
    1. とっぷ  Gale             FBM  Damage to single enemy.
    2. じしん  Earthquake       FM   Damage to all enemies on ground.
    3. かまいたち  AirBlade         FDB  Damage to all enemies.
    4. たつまき  Tornado          FBM  Decrease HP of single enemy to 1
    5. ブランチエアロ  Branch Arrow     T    Damage to single enemy.
    6. このはらんぶ  Leaf Storm       T    Damage to all enemies.
    7. ブランチスピア  Branch Spear     T    Damage to single enemies.
    8. つたじごく  VineHell         T    Casts oSlowGa; slows all enemies.
    9. さじん  Sand Storm       S    Damage + Kurayami to all enemy.
    10. りゅうさ  Quicksand        S    Like oDegeon; kills one enemy.
    11. デザートストーム  Desert Storm     S    Damage to all enemies.
    12. ねっさ  HeatSand         S    Damage to all enemies.
    13.                ?  FaenPhantom      OS   Damage or kill single enemy.
    14. うずまき  Whirlpool        OSW  Decrease HP of single enemy to 1
    15. つなみ  Tsunami          OS   Damage to all enemies.
    16. おおつなみ  LargeTsunami     OS   Damage to all enemies.
    17. おにび  Elf Fire         DMP  Damage to single enemy.
    18. そこなしぬま  BottomlessMarsh  M    Same as #10.
    19. ポイズンミスト  PoisonMist       MP   Damage + Poison to all enemies.
    20. ワーターファール  Waterfall        O    Damage to single enemy.
    21. しょうにゅうせき  Stalactite       D    Damage to single enemy.
    22. らくばん  Cave In          DMP  4 random attacks.
    23. ソニックブーム  SonicBoom        B    HP is reduced to 1/4 (GraviGa).
    Part  Eighteen:  Animal  どうぶつ 
    By Nora Stevens
    [Thanks to Tat again!]
    "Lv." is the level of character at which you can start using that animal.
    Japanese          English          Lv.  Effect
    ----------------  ---------------  ---  ------------------------------------
    りす  Squirrel          1+  Damage to single enemy on ground.
    ミシディアうさぎ  Mycidian Rabbit   1+  Nothing.
    はちのむれ  Bee Swarm         6+  Damage to all enemies + random stats
    of "Poison".
    ナイチンゲル  Nightingale      11+  Heals everyone's HP.
    モモンガ  Flying Squirrel  16+  Paralyzes all enemies for a time.
    ファルコン  Falcon           21+  Reduces an enemy's HP to 1/4.
    スカンク  Skunk            31+  Poisons all enemies.
    Wild Boar        41+  Damage to single enemy on ground.
    ユーニコーン  Unicorn          51+  Heals everyone's HP and MP.
    PART 19: Very Very Secret Tricks
    by Nora
    Whoops!  I forgot to include these in the last FAQ...  -Chris
    1: Legendary item called "Efu efu".
    2: Casting single target magic (Like Protesu) to everyone.
    1:  How to get "efu efu".
    Okay, first of all, "efu efu" is a bug item.  It's not supposed to
    exist, but it does.  Anyway, you need two things to get this.
    1.  You need Jikuu Mahou [Time/Space Magic] "Quick".
    2.  You need Jikuu Mahou [Time/Space Magic] "Meteo".
    You also need one person who can cast both of these.  "Renzokuma" [Continuous
    Magic] would be nice ability to have.
    When you have all of above, encounter enemy.  Then kill every one
    else except the person casting "Quick" and "Meteo".  If you
    killed other three members, cast "Quick" then cast "Meteo" to
    yourself.  You must kill yourself with this "Meteo".  Then,
    after the battle, someone will have an item called "efu efu"
    equipped.  (On their right hand...I think)  It doesn't
    always happen so if you didn't get one, try again.
    "Efu efu" makes all physical damages to zero.  But you can't
    equip any shield nor weapon.  Once you remove this, this
    item will be gone.
    Now, for #2.  This also has requirements.
    1.  You need one person who can do "Chougou" [Mixing].
    2.  You need one person who can do "Renzokuma" [Continuous Magic].
    Okay, then you encounter enemy.  Then do any "chougou" [Mixing] to anyone.
    Now, you're all set.  Choose single target magic as first magic for
    "Renzokuma" [Continuous Magic].  (I'll use Raise as example)  So, let's say
    Lenna chose Raise as her first choice of "Renzokuma" [Continuous Magic] and
    chose Butz as target.  Then choose some magic that can be casted to multiple
    target.  Okay, so Lenna chooses Kearu and casts it to everyone in the party.
    When it's Lenna's turn to use"Renzokuma" [Continuous Magic] you get Raise to
    every one in your party!!  This is especially useful during boss battles,
    because you can cast "Shell" to everyone in single turn!!  One note:  Don't
    cast Flare and Holy to multiple enemies.  The game screen will go wild.  (and
    This also works with "Mahouken" [Magic Sword], I think.  I'm not sure.  I
    think you can choose "Mahouken" [Magic Sword] during "Renzokuma" [Continous
    And, miraculously, that is that!  Until the next FAQ...

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